Bluetooth Speakers That Charge Your Phone

How Do I Connect A Bluetooth Speaker With My Tv

Charging your smartphone with a bluetooth speaker – How to

Well, first of all, you need a TV, video streaming device or set-top cable or satellite box that has Bluetooth. You connect a Bluetooth speaker just like you do Bluetooth earbuds — through the Bluetooth settings menu on your TV or those aforementioned devices .

The only issue with connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your TV is that there can be some audio-video syncing issues due to Bluetooth lag. In some cases, where your Bluetooth speaker has an audio input , you can use a wired connection to the speaker via the audio outputs on your TV.

Soundbars tend to use the optical or HDMI connection on your TV to get sound. Many soundbars have a Bluetooth option so you can wirelessly stream music from your phone to the soundbar.

How To Make A Bluetooth Speaker Last Longer

In this section, Ill provide you with some tips which will help you to do the following:

  • Increase the overall lifespan of your Bluetooth speakers battery
  • Maximize the battery life of your speaker
  • Avoid prematurely wearing out the battery in your Bluetooth speaker

Firstly, building upon my previous point about the finite number of full charge to full discharge cycles a Bluetooth speaker battery is capable of, there is a reliable method for prolonging its lifespan.

You might potentially have heard of people using this method for charging their mobile phones to prevent their batteries from wearing out. It involves not charging the device beyond 80% of its total battery life and never allowing it to be discharged between 20%.

The reason that this is effective is that if the battery in your Bluetooth speaker has, for example, a total of 300 charge cycles before it wears out, by charging the battery to 80% and never letting it drop below 20%, you are reducing the range to 60% of its total battery life.

  • The trade-off is that you must charge the Bluetooth speaker more frequently, but the benefits it provides for the overall lifespan of the battery make this worthwhile.

It will ensure that your speakers battery lasts longer and that you dont prematurely wear it out by constantly giving it a full charge then draining it completely.

See If There Is A Wireless Charging Option

Sometimes, speakers will have a wireless charging option that we dont use because we dont have a wireless charger. Over time, we forget that they even have this possibility. Look in your user manual to see if your speaker can be charged wirelessly. Speakers that are a few years old may not have this capability, but newer ones will.

Once you know whether or not it can be charged wirelessly, you can buy a wireless charger or use one that you already have. Another option is to go to a restaurant that has wireless charging pads, such as a Panera or a McDonalds.

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What Should You Get Instead Of The Jbl Charge 5

Listeners who want something with an even louder output should look at the JBL Xtreme 3. Like the LG XBOOM 360, the Xtreme 3 isnt a truly portable speaker, but you can transport it and it has a long battery life of 15 hours. It has a USB-C in/out port and USB-A out port, so you can either charge two external devices simultaneously or charge the speaker while charging an external device. Unlike the Charge 5, the Xtreme 3 has an aux input and is very hefty at 2.68kg. Listeners who like the JBL sound but want something a bit more portable than its Charge or Xtreme line should look at the JBL Flip 6 instead.

If youre looking to stray from the JBL brand, check out the UE MEGABOOM 3. This speaker takes a different approach to its design as it delivers 360-degree audio, but is similar to the Charge 5 in many other ways. It has an IP67 rating, can be paired to another MEGABOOM 3 for a more powerful sound, and has a strong bass response. The cylindrical speaker has a 20-hour battery life and you can set it up for one-touch access to your streaming service of choice.

Boomtouch Wireless Portable Speaker

Bakeey 3 in 1 NFC Qi Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker ...

This unit amplifies your devices sound without using any wires, connecting stand or Bluetooth. Just place your phone on top of this speaker and itll start playing the music from your device.

Manufacturer BoomTouch, says the speakers use Near Field Audio technology to sense and boost sounds from external speakers nearby. Think of it as a loudspeaker for your phone or tablet.

Bluetooth streaming is convenient, but sound can be spotty or distorted if you dont have a good connection. Plus: using Bluetooth will drain your phone battery. This portable speaker eliminates those problems.

You can still use the speakers even if you have a larger device . Just use an AUX cable to plug your computer into the back of the BoomTouch.

The BoomTouchs durable shell makes it a no-brainer to take to parties, barbecues, road trips and more. Its small enough to be used as a main speaker in bedrooms, dorms and offices too. Three colors available.

PROS: Super lightweight and portable weighing just 13 ounces and measuring just 4 x 4 inches.

CONS: Sound is decent but hollow wont be as clean or dynamic as other speakers on this list.

Courtesy Amazon

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What Happens When You Leave The Battery Plugged In For A Long Time

Your Bluetooth speaker battery has a cathode and an anode. To generate power, ions are pushed from one electrode to the next and the ions respond by pushing back, in the process of pushing back, they generate energy.

If your battery drains completely, or you charge up to 100%, the ions will be on one electrode, and they will not have enough space to anchor themselves. The ions then get restless and they start releasing kinetic energy, which can destroy the cells of your battery.

The energy can destroy the anodes to a point that the battery dies. However, most Bluetooth speakers today have battery protection circuit that ensures that does not happen. The circuit disconnects your battery once it gets to a certain charge percentage before it runs flat.

Again, when the battery is almost charged to full capacity, the charging rate reduces to a trickle. If you keep the battery plugged in, the trickle charge might charge the battery to full capacity, and this is not what you want. In most cases, however, your battery is safe when you leave it plugged in for a short while.

Unless your Bluetooth speaker has an old battery, most newer batteries have protection against damages.

Consider Replacing The Battery

Another option for why your BlueTooth speaker wont charge is that the battery has gone bad and it wont charge at all. You can get your speakers battery replaced pretty easily at many different stores. If you have a newer speaker, this could be a great investment.

If your wireless speaker wont charge, even with the cord, there is something else going on.

Just make sure that the problem isnt the charging port or the cord before you take this step. Many people will invest in speakers where the batteries can be taken out and recharged just so that they dont run into problems with charging ports or cords.

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Use Your Smartphone To Charge Bluetooth Speaker

Do you know you can learn how to charge a Bluetooth speaker with a phone in minutes? Perhaps you have heard that many wireless speakers double as power banks as well. But you can use your smartphone to charge them too over a USB cable without looking for a charger. Most modern phones that have been tested work as power suppliers. However, the life span of their batteries while playing music varies considerably. The size of the in-built battery determines whether you can use it to charge your speakers as you listen to your favorite music for a few hours or over one day. Phones are light and compact you can carry them in a briefcase, handbag, or pocket. You can even use a car seat to bring your phone along for the drive. The point is, you can take your phone wherever you go.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy

Bluetooth Speaker with Phone Charger
Reasons to avoid

The Sonos Roam is our pick for the best Bluetooth speaker on the planet, with a powerful sound, rugged design, excellent connectivity features, and smart home control. A bass-heavy audio performance makes it ideal for use outdoors, while a clever Automatic Switching feature means it’s easily used indoors, too though audiophiles may dislike the overwhelming low frequencies and rhythmic handling.

Following in the footsteps of the Sonos Move, the Sonos Roam comes with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which means it can work as a portable speaker as well as part of your wider multi-room Sonos system and with Google Assistant and Alexa onboard, it doubles up a smart speaker too.

In spite of its low price youre getting a lot for your money here. Its slick design means the Sonos Roam wont look out of place in your home, while a rugged, waterproof and dustproof build and a decent battery life make it ideal for listening to music outdoors.

Reasons to avoid

Heres the thing about the Sonos Move its so good, you might want to consider it not only as your on-the-go party station, but also as your main in-the-home wireless speaker too.

Its not perfect its heavy as a byproduct of its incredible sound, its expensive due to its rich feature set, and it sadly cant be used as rear channels for a home cinema set-up. But if youve got the money, its hard to fault the Sonos Move when it comes to hunting down the very best Bluetooth speaker in the world.

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Portable Braven Bluetooth Speakers Will Also Charge Your Phone

6:00 am, April 16, 2012

Bravens new Bluetooth speakers are like feature packed JamBoxes, only with a slightly more confusing product lineup. They are all marked by a great 12-20-hour battery life, can also be used to charge your USB-powered gadgets and heres the neat part can be daisy-chained together using their 3.5mm audio-in and audio-out jacks.

There are three speakers in the range. The baby 600 is made from aluminum and runs for up to 14 hours. The next up is the 625 which is has a rugged, shock-absorbing exterior, a 16-hour battery life and comes with a USB flashlight and a waterproof bag. This is the one you will take camping with you.

Top of the range is the $200 650, which is aluminum, has a 20-hour battery life and supports aptX lossless streaming, should your sound device also support it. And all three speakers can double as hands-free speakerphones thanks to their built-in mics.

In the end, itll all come down to how good these sound. The features are certainly right, letting you take one box to use as backup battery, speaker and even flashlight. But if they dont sound at least as good as the $200 JamBox, then why bother buying one? Hopefully well get a review unit to test out alongside the current market champ.

The speakers will begin shipping June 1st.

Professional Methods For Charging Your Smartphone And Bluetooth Speaker

1.Your Battery

This is a pretty common way to charge your device, but its not the best. The battery will eventually run out and youll need more power than what you started with in order for this method to work again.

2.Plugging In

You can plug in an AC adapter into your speaker or smartphone so that they are able to get recharged when plugged into a power source! This means that if there isnt any electricity nearby, then these devices wont be charged at all unless theres some on hand.

3.Portable Chargers

A portable charger is something like a phone case which has batteries inside of them and provides extra storage for energy as well as charging ports where cables can connect up with them.

4.Battery Packs

The battery pack is very similar to the portable charger, but its usually a bit larger and can be used as an emergency power source if there isnt any electricity nearby. Youll need to charge this first before you use it!

5.Solar Power Chargers

Solar powered chargers are designed in order to get their energy from light rather than requiring an external power supply like the ones discussed earlier on in this article. These devices work great for those who live or travel outdoors often! The downside of these types of chargers is that they tend not have much storage capacity for extra energy when compared with other methods such as phone cases which contain batteries built inside them.

6.Solar Powered Speakers

7.Phone Cases With Built-in Batteries And Charging Ports

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Create Your Own Wireless Charger

Finally, you can try to make your own wireless charger. This is definitely a bit more difficult than some of the other steps and it would be quicker to just go buy a charger. However, it could be a fun task for those who like to build techy things.

You want to be sure that you have all the tools that you need, including your speaker, an inductive charging set, a soldering tool, and a 9v charger. These things can take some time to gather, but you should be able to get them at a big box hardware store.

Read through the steps before starting, just to be sure you understand what you will do. Then, disassemble your speaker and put everything out in front of you. Your job will focus on the circuit board. Be careful with the input line because this is often a weak spot.

Solder the two +5V wires on the boards reception and connect 9v on the side of the emitter. Be sure that your hands are steady and that you dont accidentally touch any other part of the board, or you can cause damage.

Once you have completed this step, you should be able to test to see if your device will charge. If it does, you need to tape the coil to the bottom of the case and then fit it onto the printed circuit board. This will take some finessing and it will probably be pretty touchy for some time.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

JBL Charge 3 JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth ...

An affordable Bluetooth speaker with a weighty sound and good battery life.

Reasons to avoid

Ultimate Ears has really made a splash in the Bluetooth speaker market with a number of colorful, fun-sounding and portable models. One its most biggest hits? The impressive Wonderboom 2.

It’s waterproof, sandproof, dustproof and is also designed to float, so it should withstand the most lively of pool parties. Battery life is 13 hours and a full charge takes just under three.

Sonically, the Wonderboom 2 is an exciting listen. Bass is impressive bass given its small dimensions and there’s plenty of detail and a fine sense of attack. You also get a boost button on the underside of the unit. When pressed, it restricts the bass frequencies, allowing the UE to play louder through the midrange, which in turn makes the sound easier to hear when the unit is used outdoors.

There’s no built-in mic or app, but despite its relative age the Wonderboom 2 is still one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers you can buy for the money.

Read the full review: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

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How To Enable Pairing Mode On A Speaker

Before you pair anything, place the Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode, allowing it to be discovered by your phone for the initial setup. While each speaker enters pairing mode in a different method, these two suggestions should enable you to figure out how to get your speaker to comply quickly. If the tips below don’t apply to your device, check the speaker manufacturer’s user guide for further instruction.

  • Press and hold the Power button: Many Bluetooth speakers switch into pairing mode by turning the speaker off, then turning the device on while pressing and holding the Power button. When the speaker is in pairing mode, it typically emits a sound, or its light indicator flashes rapidly.
  • Press and hold the Pairing button: Some Bluetooth speakers have a dedicated button that places the device into pairing mode. Find a button on your device with the Bluetooth symbol next to it, then press and hold it until the speaker emits a sound, or its light indicator flashes rapidly.

With your Bluetooth speaker now discoverable, pair it to your iPhone or Android phone.

Use A Power Bank With Connections On It

The first solution is to use a power bank. There are some power banks that have multiple connections already on them, so you can just plug that into the charging port. Now, this will only work with speakers that have a working port.

These power banks tend to be a bit more expensive, and they arent future-proofed, but they can be a great option for people who travel frequently and have a wide range of devices.

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Opt For Wireless Charging Instead

If you dont like the hassle of constantly plugging in and plugging out of your charger, then this is an option for you. There is plenty of new, wireless innovative technology that can charge your Bluetooth speaker. Check your Bluetooth model and see if it supports wireless charger. You can find an appropriate one for your speaker online.

Top 5 Bluetooth Speakers In 2020

How to pair JBL Charge 3 bluetooth speaker with Nokia Phone

Now that you know that you have no problems with using your Bluetooth speaker even when you are charging it, the next thing will be to talk about the very best Bluetooth speakers in the market. The following sections will focus on the most outstanding of these and why they deserve to be on the list.

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