Bluetooth Suitcase That Follows You

Smart Luggage That Follows You Premieres At Ces

The Cowa Robot is a smart suitcase that follows you

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This week marks one of the biggest times of the year for technology announcements, with the beginning of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, or simply CES. On the first day of the show, weve already heard about an interesting development for travelers: two companies will be unveiling smart suitcases that have the capability to follow you around. Yes, thats right.

The first product, designed by Travelmate Robotics, was originally announced during an Indiegogo campaign in 2016 and will finally be shown off this week at CES, according to VentureBeat.

The suitcase has multiple functions but its most impressive one is its ability to follow the user wherever they go. It can travel either horizontally or vertically and includes sensors that will make sure it avoids crashing into people and other obstacles. Youll even be able to command the suitcase with voice or hand commands.

Travelmates Indigogo page says that the estimated delivery time is February 2018, with prices for the smallest suitcase starting at $1,099.

The Verge is reporting that Chinese company 90Fun is showing a working prototype of their autonomous smart suitcase called Puppy 1.

Featured image courtesy of Travelmate Robotics.

Are Smart Suitcases Worth It

The purpose of smart suitcases is to make your traveling easier as we all know how difficult it is to move from one terminal to another terminal while carrying the suitcase.

If you use the smart suitcase, it will automatically follow you around, and if you pick the one with the motor, you can simply ride on it and go from one terminal to another more quickly without getting tired. If you are a frequent traveler then you should invest in a good smart suitcase.

Is Smart Luggage Legal

Only smart luggage with non-removable batteries is banned. Smart suitcases with removable batteries are allowed, but the removable battery can only be carried on-board and cant be checked in. This rule applies to lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries, not regular AA batteries. Youre also limited to 100 Watt-hours on lithium-ion batteries and 2 grams of lithium metal on lithium-metal batteries.

Up until 2017, smart luggage was still new, and no airline batted an eye on its legality. But in 2015 and 2016, a few incidents started to appear with lithium batteries in electronics. In 2015, a couple of the largest airlines banned hoverboards on airplanes because of possible links between spontaneous fires and lithium-ion batteries. And in 2016, the TSA banned Samsung Galaxy 7 phones on all airlines because they had a production issue that resulted in spontaneous fires.

This caused a significant shift in airline policies, and now airlines are extra cautious about any built-in lithium batteries, including smart luggage. In 2017, American Airlines banned all smart luggage with non-removable batteries, which went into effect on 15. January 2018. All the other major airlines soon joined the ban, and now smart suitcases with non-removable batteries are useless.

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Design: Modern But Not New

HOP! The Suitcase That Follows You Everywhere

Visually, the 4.5 kg suitcase is based on many other modern suitcases that can be found at the airport. A hard plastic shell, telescopic aluminium handle, the wheels of the case can rotate 360°. And you already have a suitcase. The driving style is supposed to be able to adapt to the ground automatically. This is also a point that has to be confirmed in various tests. The same applies to the specified water and shock resistance.

To protect the contents of the case, it is equipped with an electric safety lock. This can only be opened by entering a pin code or using a smartphone app. LED lights indicate whether the lock is currently open or closed and whether a connection to the app exists. A promotional video for further information:

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Are Smart Bags With Removable Batteries Always Allowed

Unfortunately, no. Because the smart luggage ban went into action recently, some airline employees dont yet know all of the rules or laws. Even if the rules state that smart bags with removable batteries are okay to use, sometimes the airline employees dont allow them anyway.

Heres an American Airlines passenger complaining that their smart luggage with a removable battery was denied entry.

Or here’s another one! Actually removing the battery from your smart luggage and watching your plane sit at the gate and STILL be denied entry.

Chaunna Michole

That said, in 2022, the situation has improved drastically. Now, most airline employees know which smart luggage is allowed and which isnt.

The Best Stuff We Saw At Ces 2019

Smart suitcases first emerged five years ago, promising to save holiday-makers from the more tiresome aspects of travel. Some of them weighed our luggage, others charged smartphones in transit, and many featured built-in scales so they need never be overweight.

Their promise was so great that research firm Global Market Insights predicted the market for smart luggage would reach $US2 billion by 2024. But then came the crash.

Several American air carriers banned smart luggage with non-removable batteries from their cargo holds, and both Qantas and Virgin Australia followed.

Arguably the biggest player in the market, Bluesmart, responded last year by closing down its business, ending warranty support, and selling its intellectual property.

But it seems that all is not lost for the smart suitcase dream. Innovative new designs promising removable batteries are emerging to take the companys place. One of them will even follow you, while another provides some of the transport itself.

Here are some of the smartest suitcases to ease your future travel.


This feature-packed suitcase isnt just a little bit smart. Its programmed to recognise and follow its owner.

ForwardX showed off its Ovis suitcase at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, and the bag has become smarter and more useful since its early prototypes.

Ovis exceeded its crowd-funding target last year, and is set to start shipping shortly, with a retail price of $US799


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This Smart Suitcase Is Able To Follow You Around The Airport

The TravelMate is a smart suitcase that can follow you around.

Travelmate Robotics

Luggage technology has not changed much over the last few decades, but there is one San Francisco startup that is aiming to bring innovation to the industry. TravelMate Robotics has created a smart suitcase called the TravelMate that follows you wherever you go. And you can control the TravelMate settings with your smartphone.

The TravelMate has a GPS chip so you can track it if it gets lost and it has a USB port for charging your devices. The battery life is about four hours , but you can hold it like a regular suitcase after that. There are a number of sensors built into the TravelMate so it will not bump into obstacles and the wheels lock up if an unauthorized person takes it. And it can roll flat or upright.

There are a number of other sophisticated features built into the TravelMate. You can say “stop” or use hand-based commands. A digital scale can tell you how much the TravelMate weighs. And you can lock/unlock the TravelMate with your fingerprint. Another great feature is the ability to name the suitcase . The LED turning signal lights aren’t too shabby either. The maximum speed of the TravelMate is 6.75 miles per hour. And in future versions of the smart suitcase, TravelMate plans to add a voice assistant for booking tickets and locating restaurants.

What are your thoughts about the TravelMate suitcase? Please leave a comment!

This Smart Suitcase Literally Follows You Around So Youll Never Have To Drag Or Carry A Bag Again

Luggage that follows you around

NUA Robotics/Screenshot

At CES 2016, theres no shortage of wacky smart home gadgets.

The biggest tech companies are unveiling everything from a TV screen you can roll up like a newspaper to a fridge that lets you see whats inside without even opening the door.

One of the cooler things weve seen is a piece of smart luggage. NUA Robotics, an Israeli robotics company, has been showing off its smart suitcase prototype at CES this week.

The premise of the carry-on suitcase is that it connects via Bluetooth through a smartphone app, so youll always know where your suitcase is.

The suitcase itself has a built-in camera sensor, and it can follow you around on flat surfaces like through an airport. If NUA Robotics suitcase goes to market, you might never have to drag your own luggage around by yourself ever again.

Besides being able to follow you around, the NUA carry-on suitcase promises to charge your devices, and it has an anti-theft alarm.


This smart suitcase follows you around so you dont have to drag it.

In addition, the company has wider hopes for its technology. Bluetooth pairing and built-in sensors could allow any number of devices to become automated. Think of the manual work you have to do at the store when you push around a shopping cart. If that becomes automated and connects to your phone via Bluetooth, it could just follow you around the store as you do your grocery shopping for the week.

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Xiaomi And Cowarobot Present A Suitcase That Follows Its Owner

Most of you probably wont be able to do anything with the manufacturer name COWAROBOT. But: The Chinese company is the inventor of the COWAROBOT R1, the first suitcase that automatically follows its owner. So you dont have to pull the suitcase behind you anymore. The tech giant Xiaomi probably became aware of this and is now launching a travel suitcase on the market in joint cooperation that is capable of just this and even more.

Looking For Luggage That Will Follow You On Its Own Or Maybe A Rideable Suitcase To Save You From A Long Walk Across An Airport Or A Bag That Weighs Itself And Never Gets Lost Maybe Having Baggage Isn’t So Bad After All

Traveling can be fun or annoying, and sometimes certainly both. While traveling, all kinds of things can ruin the mood over-packing , losing your luggage, or running the distance of a marathon between all your gates and all your connections, dragging around a heavy suitcase the whole time. Thanks to advances in technology, a number of startups are offering smart luggage that can take a lot of the unfortunate torture out of travel. From foldability and GPS tracking to built-in weight scales and robot bags that follow you around like good puppy, here are a few smart luggage solutions to consider for your next trip:

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The ‘smart Suitcase’: Hands

Samsonite working with Samsung to Create Smart suitcases ...
Soo Kim

    Equipped with a camera sensor inside the case and Bluetooth technology, the new luggage is designed by NUA Robotics, an Israeli-based company, and able to travel automatically alongside its user once activated by a smartphone app.

    Currently at a preliminary prototype stage, the carry-on suitcase is designed with a “proximity detection” feature, allowing it to move at the user’s pace, while avoiding any obstacles along its way. At the moment, it is limited to a speed of up to 5km/h but will be designed to move much faster in the future, Alex Libman, co-founder and CEO of NUA Robotics, said.

    Other highlights include a built-in rechargeable battery, lasting between 60-90 minutes per charge, which will be made removable at a later stage, but is currently charged by plugging it into an outlet. The suitcase can also be used to charge any device with a USB input.

    • Link

    The suitcase also features an anti-theft alarm and can also send real-time data, including its weight and location, to your smartphone.

    Currently made with ABS materials, which are said to be known for their tough, impact resistant properties, the later model will be made with waterproof materials, according to Mr Libman.

    Weighing around 1kg more than an average cabin bag, and featuring a pull-out handle which can be used to pull it in manual mode, the NUA luggage has a sleek and sturdy appearance, similar to a mini icebox.

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    How We Picked The Best Smart Luggage

    There’s a lot out there, so to find the best smart luggage we looked at what customers and experts were saying. We looked at the top picks from the likes of Travel + Leisure, Forbes, TripSavvy, and other travel sites, as well as the top-selling smart luggage models on Amazon.

    From there we were able to narrow the list down to the following models, taking into account smart features, price, practically, and other key factors.

    Reasons to avoid

    Away is the cult favorite when it comes to smart luggage. Its sleek design, multiple size options and practical features made it the first suitcase to successfully break into the influencer market.

    Founded by former Warby Parker executives, the Away delivers on design while keeping your devices charged for any adventure. The Bigger Carry-On’s compression bag gives you maximum packing capacity while still fitting into overhead bins, but the battery pack pops out quickly if you need to check the bag. The exterior is scratch-resistant, but if there’s any kind of issue with your Away, you’re covered with a lifetime warranty.

    What reviewers say:

    Tom’s Guide: ” a well-designed smart suitcase with plenty of room and a removable battery for charging your gadgets.”

    WIRED:The hard polycarbonate shell wiped clean and didn’t show any scuffs on the matte surface after a week of being chucked into trunks, kicked around a hotel room floor, and being checked and tossed onto a baggage carousel.”

    Reasons to avoid

    What reviewers say:

    Reasons to avoid

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    Hop: The Suitcase That Follows You

    Smart Luggage Bag from the Future – It Follows you Everywhere!

    Hop, the following suitcase. At first the concept of a suitcase that follows you around seems like a cool idea but after giving it some thought, it might not be as useful as one thinks.

    I personally hate carrying things around with me and Im not a big fan of backpacks, so the Hop suitcase seemed like a good idea. The suitcase comes with three built in sensors that search for the owners phone using Bluetooth. The bottom of the case has built in Caterpillar-style tracks and it follows its master around where he/she goes. The suitcase follows the owner at a constant distance and sends a vibrating signal to the phone if the signal is lost .


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