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Vibration Sensor SW-420 and Bluetooth HC-05 , Vibration App for Alarm

Aside from bridging the gap between you and a long distance partner, app-controlled toys are awesome when:

  • You want to indulge yourself in discreet, public pleasuring
  • Your partner is up for some public teasing play
  • You want to create your own vibe patterns as seen with the apps for We-Vibe, Lovense etc.
  • You prefer to control your sex toy remotely rather than from the manual navigation buttons that come with most.
  • Some people even like to digitally hook up with people from top hookup sites and give them access to their sex toys via apps for a unique sexual thrill.
  • So while LDR sex toys are mainly aimed at far-apart couples, they have plenty of additional uses to explore too.

    Bonus Features To Look For


    Some sex toys are meant to be worn, even for the entire day. With these, your lover can decide when you should get a little stimulating tickle or when you should have a massive orgasm.

    This adds a little surprise to your playtime, because it could begin at any time.

    These devices are normally tucked into your underwear, and some even come with special panties with a pocket built-in to hold that little wonder right where it needs to be.

    Men can wear these also, as they make stretchy cock rings with attached vibrations that are meant to be worn all day.


    Some of the more adventurous sex toy enthusiasts might go for an insertable vibrating toy.

    They have many of these for women, and they are designed to be inserted into the vagina and held there.

    They are specially shaped to stay comfortable tucked completely inside of you while they await the signal to turn on and begin sending powerful vibrations right to your G-spot.

    They also make insertable vibrating butt plugs, which are intended to be worn inside the anus, with a narrow end extending out for comfort and a thick plug that ensures it stays inside as long as you want it to.

    For men, these can suddenly send powerful vibrations directly to the prostate which is the male version of the G-spot.

    It is becoming more socially acceptable for men to explore the magic of prostate stimulation and it is a far more common practice among men in heterosexual relationships.

    Connectable to other toys

    Sexual enhancers

    The Best Smart Vibrators And Sex Toys

    Stephanie Osmanski NewsSex ToysShopping

    Sexy time just got a tech-friendly upgrade! Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or you’re simply looking to try something new in the sheets, smart vibrators and smart sex toys are where it’s at these days. Incredible for spicing things up in the bedroom, these techy toys are app-controlled and have the capability to measure all kinds of thingsincluding how long you orgasm and how strong your pelvic floor is! Pretty impressive what technology can do these days, huh?

    So, without any further ado, let’s skip the foreplay and get right to it. Here are the best smart vibrators and sex toys according to customers who love a little foreplay. So that you can get your freak onWi-Fi not included. As always, the prices listed may fluctuate over time as products go on sale.

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    Are Sex Toys A Good Way To Spice Up Long

    Definitely, yes! Sex toys bring back the fire in your relationship when distance sets you apart.

    They help to keep you both connected by sharing sexual intimacy, albeit through virtual mediums.

    Given that option or the indefinite dry spell that hits most long-distance arrangements, youll see that these devices can help you maintain a healthy sex life.

    Maybe its time to introduce cock rings, bullet vibrators, or butt plug toys into your LDR!

    Lelo Hula Beads Best Remote Vibrator Beads

    SKF Pulse CMDT 390
    • Vibrating Beads
    • 8 intensity settings

    The Hula beads have multiple uses, stimulating both the G-spot and the clit. You can use this waterproof model in the bathroom, as well as in the bedroom and in public places.


    The beads themselves are unusual in that they both rotate and vibrate. However, keep in mind that the remote itself is not app-controlled, so your partner will need to be in range to use the device.

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    Remote Control Vibrators By Lovense

    Lovense have been at the forefront of bluetooth and app controlled vibrators for over 10 years.

    During this time theyve not only created a range of options but theyve continued to update them with better features and technology, which they proudly display on their product pages.

    Lovense also continues to develop an amazing remote experience for local and long distance play through their application, Lovense Remote.

    Lovense Remote App

    Long Distance Control

    Sync to Music

    The screenshots above are just three of the many ways you or your partner can control Lovense devices through the app. Others include:

    • Traditional remote control
    • Sound activated control , and
    • Session recording for future use!

    You wont need to worry about your device being compatible. Lovense Remote is available on iOS and Android devices plus Macs and PCs.

    Its a super simple app to use and pairs seamlessly with their range of bluetooth vibrators below.

    Issue #: Piezo Sensor Sensitivity

    We used several different types of Piezo vibration sensors before deciding to use this particular Piezo Element model. The other sensors seemed to generate a lot of noise and provided inconsistent resulting voltage values. It took thorough testing in real-time to decide on an appropriate minimum threshold value to use. If the threshold was too low, false positives would occur through ambient vibrations or noise in the readings. Yet, a threshold that is too high would not trigger the sensor during a knock, in some cases. Eventually, through trial and error, an appropriate threshold value was decided on.

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    Chorus For Couples By We

    • Takes some trial and error when using for intercourse
    • Internal vibration is weak
    • Can’t use music mode internationally

    The We-Vibe Chorus can be used for solo-sessions or with your partner as a wearable vibrator to provide extra internal and external stimulation during penetrative sex.

    Wearable vibes like this arent new but the Chorus has made a big improvement: its bendable. While most of the toys in this design are flexible, they have set shape that doesnt fit all body types.

    The Chorus is poseable. You can bend it and the toy will hold its shape meaning you can make it wider, tighter, or anything in between to match your particular body shape and reach all the right spots.

    The customization doesnt stop thereyou can adjust the strength and vibration patterns of the Choruss two motors independently in realtime on the We-Connect app. There is a motor in both ends of the toy, one for the external clitoral arm and one for the internal g-spot arm. The vibrations on the external arm are significantly better than the internal one, but the external is really where it counts so the just-okay internal vibe doesnt bother me.

    For use as a couples toy, dont get discouraged if it isnt fireworks on your first go. Communicate with your partner so you can make some adjustments and test it out again. Because its so customizable, its natural that youll need to experiment to find the settings and shape that you both love.

    Best Sellers For Bluetooth Vibration Sensor

    SKF QuickCollect sensor – Bluetooth Vibration Advisor

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    Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator Remote Control Rabbit Vibrator

    Price: $199

    • Rotating head for G spot
    • Blended orgasms
    • Smartphone controlled

    The Lovense Nora is an app-controlled rabbit vibrator that connects to the Lovense Remote app, allowing you to sit back and relax while controlling the vibrations with the swipe of your fingers.

    Noras rotating tip massages your G-spot while the clitoris arm tickles you pink. The Nora can be synced up with the Lovense Max 2 so you can both enjoy remote control sex in unison.

    Thatll heat up your video calls!

    Lovense Ambi Best Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

    Price: $69

    • 4 x more powerful than other bullets
    • Broad or pinpointed stimulation
    • App controlled

    Though there isnt a huge demand for app-controlled bullet vibrators, lots of people nonetheless love the Lovense Ambi. This uniquely designed sex toy has broad and pinpointed areas that allow for varied clitoral stimulation.

    If youre having a boring day, why not slip this bad boy into your panties and tease yourself in the line at Starbucks? Thats one way to spice up your day!

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    Lovense Hush Best Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

    • Vibrating butt plug
    • App-controlled
    • Unlimited vibration patterns

    With 827 ratings averaging 4.5 stars, the Hush is a crowd favorite. It comes in 2 sizes, at 1.5 and 1.75 inches. Both sizes offer neck spirals, helping to keep lube trapped inside your sphincter for many hours at a time.

    This way, you can wear the Hush all day pretty comfortably.

    Able to sync to music and connect by either Bluetooth or WiFi, the Hush is a strong choice if youre into camming. It has a relatively low price at $119 and comes with a one-year warranty too!

    Best For Small Size: Cpvan Bluetooth Wireless Vibration Sensor

    Popular Bluetooth Vibration Sensor

    Cpvan line of sensors comes in a pretty wide variety of styles, so you can definitely find one that suits your individual preferences and needs. The Cpvan Bluetooth Wireless Vibration Sensor would be perfect with excellent quality, is super easy and it is made for the bottom line. Cant beat indoor motion sensor alarm systems can be mounted everywhere in your home. The private motion sensor alarm can be operated directly on the device or with a remote control.

    Above all, the cpvan bluetooth wireless vibration sensor is not waterproof, make sure to use it outdoors without rain.

    Most customers opine that the sensor will detect from floor to ceiling. Moreover, a few say that the sensor is triggered by motion sensing, it will detect motion through a window. And, a few strongly agree that the sensor is great for a boat sitting on itssssss trailer. I envisioned a lot of false alarms on a boat that is tied up in a moorage and bumping into the dock anytime the wind turns up.

    Top Customer Quotes:

    The Guardline Bluetooth Wireless Vibration Sensor is suitable and reliable and fits well with your regular use. The guardline bluetooth wireless vibration sensor can be trusted with excellent customer service, It has led light and is very happy with design. Fully expandable so you can cover multiple areas of your property and be notified in several places around your home. Also, it is very effective, is easy to program and it buy again.

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    So Many Ways To Enjoy The Pleasure

    Control from anywhere in the world: Sync the Lovense Lush vibrator with the app and control it from anywhere. Excellent for partner games and strengthening your relationship

    Unlimited adjustment: Create your own vibration patterns in the app and save them for later. Try new combinations and find out what you like best

    Music Sync: Sync the vibrator to your favourite music and enjoy a slow set-up session with a tempting climax. Enjoy music in a whole new way!

    Lelo Lyla 2 Best Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

    • Love Egg Style
    • 8 vibration settings

    The standout feature of the Lyla 2 is that it responds to your movement, expanding its pre-set 8 settings to an infinite number of choices.

    This adaptability is unusual in any sex toy but is especially useful in a love egg, which works as both a G-spot vibrator and a panty vibrator depending on your preference.

    With 3x the range of other wireless toys, the Lyla is remote-controlled, though it charges by USB. The $159 device comes with a warranty, while the company also offers payment plans.

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    Lovense Lush 2 Best Remote Controlled Vibrator Overall

    Price: $119

    • Very popular with camgirls
    • Great for a long distance relationship
    • Infinite vibration patterns

    The Lovense Lush 2 is one of the most popular vibrators with remote control capabilities.

    First off, you can control it via the Lovense Remote app on your smartphone. With this app, you can control your own Lush or use Wi-Fi to have your partner control your vibrator in real-time from 1,000s of miles away.

    Lovenses G-spot vibrating egg is also compatible with camming sites like Chaturbate and Cam4, where it can be programmed to respond to peoples tips with different vibration strengths and durations. Some camboys even use it anally, though this isnt recommended due to the lack of a flared base.

    The 5 Most Common Features

    vibration sensor to phone over bluetooth


    This is becoming more common among all sex toys, and remote control sex toys are no exception.

    Some people find using sex toys while in the bath to be an unbeatable experience, and you need a waterproof toy for that.

    At the least, most sex toys are at least resistant to water because sex tends to get messy.

    Cordless control

    This is common among nearly all remote control sex toys available today wireless technology is so common that you arent tethered to a cord anymore.

    Wires can get in the way, and nothing should get in the way of your pleasure.

    Local control

    All remote control sex toys are controllable when youre in the same room, either with an included controller or via smartphone. These are meant for in-bedroom play.

    You can use these toys to warm up for a traditional sexual experience, or the toys can be the entire experience.

    Long distance control

    More toys every year can be controlled via an Internet connection via a smartphone app.

    You can turn over control of your device to your lover in a hotel room, or even spice up some flirty phone calls with a potential lover.

    Its a safe and secure way to feel a little slutty by turning over control of your sex toy to someone you just met.

    It will be enjoyable for them as they can bring you to a screaming orgasm while they listen on the other end. Would you turn over control and let someone you just met pleasure you?

    Custom vibrations

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    Issue #: Android App Testing Inconvenience

    Because the app was designed to function only when connected to the HC-06 Bluetooth module, that was the only way to test whether or not the app was functioning properly. Since Andrew had the hardware components to the Bluetooth module and the vibration sensor, it was inconvenient at times when it comes to testing. We were only capable of testing the app once a week to analyze whether or not the feature worked. The solution to this was pretty simple and straightforward. Understanding the fact that we were going to meet on a weekly basis during our lab hours, we set milestones for ourselves to accomplish. That way, every time Friday came around, we would have completed our set of milestones to test our project accordingly.

    So Whats The Deal With Wireless Remote

    Getting yourself off by experimenting with different techniques and methods is just a playful way to see what your body likes, and you might find that with a remote vibrator, you actually dont need your hands to get the job done. If youre using a sex toy with a remote control, Bluetooth, or app, this just gives you even more control when youre going solo. And these high-tech devices are great for partnered sex as well.

    If youre both game, you can give up some control and let your partner be in charge of the settings, which adds a little zest and spontaneity to your sexy time. Its also a creative way to stay intimately connected if youre in a long-distance relationship or regularly traveling since you can use certain apps paired with toys to control settings no matter where you are.

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    Portable Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer

    The WiSER 3X is designed for route based and off-route analysis. This wireless triaxial accelerometer is fully compatible with the free WiSER Vibe and WiSER Balance Appsand Digivibe application compatibility. It is the latest generation of wireless accelerometers, capable of sending 4 vibration channels in real time for X, Y and Z axes as well as an additional reference channel for phase comparison. In addition to being ultra-portable, WiSER 3X incorporates start and stop functionality in the same power button, to save valuable time during data collection.

    How To Choose The Remote Control Vibrators

    SKF Pulse CMDT 390

    The lust and demands from a relationship are now way different from what it was even a decade back. So, when its your turn to make your LDR guy/girl happy, keep no stones unturned.

    Always choose a sultry and sensational gift that your lover can crave all season through.

    Lets face it, nothing could be more important than a real orgasm for the long distance spouses.

    In fact, virtual intercourse could play a real catalyst to keep your compatibility quotient steady with your partner.

    So, pick a sex toy and get ready to say goodbye to your everyday effort to feel close to your partner.

    However, picking one from the palette might not be as easy as it sounds.

    Also, each model packs quite a punch in terms of its larger-than-life features.

    So, lets look at the 6 following tips to help you shop smart

    1. Make your choice qualitative than quantitative.

    There are many competing brands offering myriads of accessories to help you play with your partner in real-time. But make sure to pick only what suits your sexual needs the best.

    For example, if you and your love fantasize public play, a good choice would be the Lush 3

    However, you two prefer to have some mutual stimulation, Max 2 & Nora would be a better option. So, its all up to your taste for the choice :).

    Example Remote-Control Toys from KIIROO

    2. Only look for sex toys that are pharmaceutical graded and patented.

    Choose the toys that come with hypoallergenic substance or medical silicon-based material.

    Example APP Functions

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