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Talking to fellow riders, making phone calls, listening to music its all possible with the BMW Motorrad communication system. Whats more, the rider can do all this without taking their eyes off the road. The BMW Motorrad communication system facilitates wireless verbal communication between two helmets. Its also possible to connect the BMW Motorrad Navigator with your smartphone, your bikes TFT display or the audio system of any BMW motorcycle. The systems are designed to make communication as easy as possible out on the road: theyre lightweight, easy to use and deliver outstanding sound quality.

Bmw Motorrad Navigator Vi

Not only touring fans get their money’s worth with the Navigator VI. The system makes route planning child’s play and offers numerous additional functions that make every tour an experience. The five-inch touch screen is waterproof, easy to read even in direct sunlight, and guarantees the necessary overview.

Product Details

  • Intuitive user interface allows smooth handling of route planning, Bluetooth pairing and many other functions
  • Robust and waterproof device according to IPX7 standard, designed to withstand typical motorbike stresses such as vibration and weather influences
  • Five-inch touch screen with excellent readability even in difficult lighting conditions
  • Optimised route planning and guidance
  • Numerous route options that can be combined with each other, e.g. “Avoid major roads” or “Winding roads”
  • Weather and traffic jam information as well as music streaming via smartphone
  • Control via multi-controller on the handlebars
  • Planning of demanding tours with the free Basecamp software can be done conveniently from your computer

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Navigation & Communication

Communication Systems Bmw Motorcycle Helmet

Find all BMW Motorcycle helmet communication systems.BMW motorcycle helmet communication systems are specially designed to fit your BMW motorcycle helmet.At BMW Motorrad you will find 4 models of communication systems but 2 technologies: – BMW V3 communication system which is a very high-end communication system with the most advanced technologies in terms of connectivity. This communication system is available for 3 BMW helmet models: V3 for System 7 Helmet, V3 for GS Helmet, V3 for Airflow Helmet. – Fit for All communication system which is a mid-range communication system which can be adapted to any type of motorcycle helmet. It has less advanced features than the V3 communication system but has a more attractive price.A question about BMW Motorrad Communication Systems? Contact our team of experts by chat, email or phone.

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Staying Connected With Bmw Motorrad: Communication

The new BMW Motorrad Fit-for-All communication system fits into virtually any helmet. The Bike-to-Bike communication module enables group communication with other motorcycle riders.

BMW Motorrad simplifies wireless communication between motorcyclists with two new products. The new Fit-for-All communication system can be integrated into virtually any helmet. Connecting this up to the new Bike-to-Bike communication module also allows group communication with other motorcyclists.

The BMW Motorrad Fit-for-All communication system enables riders to stay in contact with each other, to listen to their favourite music, to conduct phone conversations and to stay on course with the BMW Motorrad Navigator. The new Fit-for-All system fits all BMW motorcycle helmets and can also be integrated into a number of current helmets by other manufacturers. The Fit-for-All starter kit is offered in addition to the already available BMW Motorrad communication systems.

The helmet-independent communication system has been conceived as a rider-passenger communication system, however, it can also be extended to communicate with up to six motorcyclists in private mode using the Bike-to-Bike communication module. The Fit-for-All system is also compatible with already existing BMW Motorrad communication systems

Bmw Motorrad Introduces New Bluetooth Communication System

Casco System 7.

– Used to establish a connection with other motorcyclists

– Can also be used to listen to music, attend calls and receive navigation updates

– Communication with up to six motorcyclists achievable in private mode

In order to offer better connectivity options to its buyers, BMW Motorrad has introduced a new Bluetooth communication device that can be installed onto virtually any helmet. This wireless device is compatible with all models of BMW motorcycle helmets and a variety of helmets offered by other manufacturers.

The wireless module can establish a bike-to-bike communication with a maximum of six riders within the range of 300 meters, which, we feel, is adequate when riding with your buddies. Besides that, when riding in a group and using an app that is free of charge, connections up to a distance of two kilometres can be bridged under optimum conditions. In public mode, the device lets the rider connect to more than six riders. This Fit-for-All wireless device is also compatible with already existing BMW Motorrad communication systems.

In terms of specs, the module comes with automatic noise suppression, clear music playback with high speech quality for clear audio while riding. On a full charge, the devices 560 mAh, is reported to offer an operation time of eight hours.

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Munich Bmw Motorrad Has Expanded The Application Spectrum Of Its Bluetooth Communication System And Now Offers It With Its Bmw Motorrad Sport Helmet The Sport Helmet Is Already Designed For Immediate Integration Of The Bmw Motorrad Communication System With Its Excellent Aerodynamics And Exceptional Aeroacoustics It Is Perfectly Suited To The New Communications System And Its Outstanding Sound Quality The System Employs Bluetooth Standard 20 To Allow Wireless Voice Communication Between Two Helmets As Well As Other Bluetooth Equipment Such As Navigation Systems Mobile Telephones Or Mp3 Players

Munich. BMW Motorrad has expanded the application spectrum of its Bluetooth communication system and now offers it with its BMW Motorrad Sport helmet. The Sport helmet is already designed for immediate integration of the BMW Motorrad Communication System. With its excellent aerodynamics and exceptional aeroacoustics, it is perfectly suited to the new communications system and its outstanding sound quality. The system employs Bluetooth standard 2.0 to allow wireless voice communication between two helmets as well as other Bluetooth equipment, such as navigation systems, mobile telephones, or MP3 players.

The BMW Motorrad Communication System comprises a main circuit board, a boom microphone, and two loudspeakers which are installed in the helmet, plus two NiMH rechargeable batteries, which enable constant operation for periods of ten to twelve hours. The system is controlled by a three-button module, which fits snugly into any Sport helmet, irrespective of the shell’s dimensions.

The BMW Motorrad Communication System in the Sport Helmet is compatible with the communication system in the BMW Motorrad System 6 Helmet.

Bmw R 1250 Rt Vs The Streets Of London

The primary function of this comms system is to talk to your pillion passenger, who is likely going to be your spouse. But if you get bored with your other half, and hook up to the Fit-for-All BMW Bike-to-Bike communication module you can talk to up to six of your besties.

This function allows either group or private conversations with your pals. It sounds like an Xbox party or something could get pretty hilarious.

Normally the range of the system is about 300m but by forming a party of riders in single file extends the range to just over a mile, as each rider acts as a relay.

Bimmer says the system is easy and straightforward to use has any BMW multimedia system been easy to use though? Regardless, it only has three buttons to control volume, on and off, and the configuration menu – so it should be coolio.

Also, the device is weatherproof and UV resistant. It will need a charge before use but that will give you 8 hours of conversation time.

Sadly for you eager beavers theres no exact release date for this top BMW tech, nor is there an exact RRP, but its probs going to be around $199 as some websites have the item in stock.

Find out more here:

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Bmw Motorrad Introduces New Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

BMW Motorrad has introduced a new bluetooth communication device that can be installed on any motorcycle helmet. This device is compatible on almost all BMW models and it offers a variety of connectivity options to the user. The communication system can be used to establish a one on one connection with a maximum of six motorcyclists within the range of 300 metres and when riding in a group the communicator can be used to connect riders up to 2 km by using a bridge system under optimum conditions, via an App that is free of charge.

The wireless device is compatible with the BMW Motorrad communication systems. The communication system also has a public mode through which the device can be connected to over six riders.

The BMW Motorrads Bluetooth communication device can also be used to attend phone calls, listen to music or recieve navigation updates from the BMW Motorrad Navigator. For ease of operation the device has three buttons which are used to power on/off the device, control the volume, access the menu or pair the intercom systems.

The communication module features a 560 mAh battery which claims an operation time of 5 hours and it has automatic noise cancellation system that provides with clear audio playback and speech quality while riding. The device is made of UV resistant weatherproof materials and can be mounted on the side of the helmet.

Who Makes The Bmw Bthsg

How to Play and Control Media via Bluetooth on Your BMW Motorcycle

2018 BMW System 7 helmet

Quite a few people are asking, who makes the BMW BTHSG-2 bluetooth Communication System? Well, I can answer that question so read on.

I just bought a new BMW System 7 helmet from my local dealer because my previous Shark helmet is a few years old and needs replacing. I have always used a wired Autocom system and Ive decided its high time I went wireless and go for a bluetooth system. Seeing as I was buying a BMW helmet I decided to check out the BMW Bluetooth communications system made for the System 7 helmet. I tested it in store and was really happy with the audio quality of both the music and phone calls. I paired it to a Google Pixel 2 XL and the music quality was more than acceptable and the person at the other end of a couple of phone calls couldnt tell I was handsfree so I was happy with that.

The button module for the 2018 Communication System

The salesman didnt know a great deal about the system so couldnt answer any questions about who makes it, what features it has or how to use any of them beyond pairing and using the basics.

Whilst I was in the shop I asked to look at the box and was a bit concerned to see the picture was of the original communications system which is a few years old now. I was also a bit cheeky and asked if i could see the actual circuit board and grabbed some pictures of it.

Circuit board on connector side

Circuit board back side

In the 2018 RIDE BMW accessories brochure the advert for the system says,

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Bmw Motorrad Teams Up With Sena Bluetooth

BMW Motorrad has now teamed up with Sena Bluetooth communication to provide special a Fit-for-Allmotorcycle helmet two-way intercom system that can be extended up to six people.

Basically its a Sena 10 series intercom with a BMW badge and probably a BMW price!

We asked BMW Motorrad Australia how much they cost and when they would be available. We are still awaiting a reply, but the standard Sena 10S costs about $250.

BMW has slapped its blue roundel logo on previous collaborations including Navigator GPS units which are Garmin Zumos and BMW 2-in-1 gloves which are Held Air-n-Dry gloves.

The Sena 10S is the simple, bargain version which is easy to operate and very reliable.

BMW Motorrad also has a Bike-to-Bike communication module that extends the basic Fit-for-All intercom from two-person communication to up to six riders and range to 300m.

That means that when used in a group the front rider can still communicate wth the rear rider up to 2km in optimum conditions.

Riders can choose between a private and the six-member public mode using a free app.

The UV-resistant and weatherproof communication system uses only three buttons to handle most functions.

It has eight hours of battery life and can also receive and make phone calls, provide GPS spoken directions and play music from a Bluetooth device.

Sena Is The Exclusive Rider Communication Provider Of The Bmw Motorrad Int Gs Trophy 2020

IRVINE, Calif. Sena Technologies, Inc. the global leader in Bluetooth communication solutions for Powersports is proud to announce its support for the upcoming International GS Trophy 2020 as the official rider communication sponsor. As the industry leader in providing communication solutions for motorcycle enthusiasts, Sena is now thrilled to take part in the pinnacle of Adventure riding, the BMW Int. GS Trophy.

About Sena Technologies

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Please Order #commfit At Checkout For Us To Fit Before Shipping The Helmet

New communication system with enhanced speech quality and extended battery life from 2018:

Simple operation on helmet for maximum safety and practicality

Up to three connections possible per helmet

NiMH battery pack, three AA batteries , up to 14 hours operating time

Charge time from empty: approx. 3.5 hours

Suitable for use in temperatures from -20 to 50 °C

Bluetooth protocols: headset, hands-free, A2DP, SPP

Weight approx. 150 grams

Helmet complies with ECE 22-05

The buttons of the BMW Motorrad communication system allow users to switch between music/intercom and control the volume.

Can connect with the BMW Motorrad Navigator or your bikes TFT display. A Navigator linked to the communication system will relay its instructions directly to the helmet. It can also be used as an MP3 player and to control a connected mobile phone. If the communication system is connected to your TFT display and a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can use media playback and telephony features. The free BMW Motorrad Connected app includes a highly practical arrow navigation system via your TFT display with navigation instructions relayed to your helmet. If your BMW motorcycle is navigation ready or boasts a TFT display, you can adjust the volume easily using the bikes multi-controller.

Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones can be connected to the rider and pillion passengers communication systems, either directly or via the BMW Motorrad Navigator for the rider.

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