Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

What Is Stereo Mode And How Does It Work

WATERPROOF Bose Soundlink Flex Bluetooth Speaker! – Unbox This!

Stereo Mode, as the name suggests, enables a stereo audio experience via two Bose Bluetooth speakers from the following list: SoundLink Flex, SoundLink Micro, SoundLink Color II, SoundLink Mini II, SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ . The primary method of entering this mode is through the Bose Connect app.

If you did not yet download the Bose Connect app, you can still enable this mode by first configuring Party Mode as described above. Then, toggle to Stereo Mode by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button and volume up until you hear Stereo Mode.

Pressing Bluetooth and volume up again will toggle back to Party Mode.

Can I Use The Bose Portable Smart Speaker Without Wi

Yes. When no Wi-Fi is available, you can use the Portable Smart Speaker as a powerful Bluetooth speaker by connecting to it through your mobile devices Bluetooth settings. Wi-Fi is required for smart features such as voice control through Google Assistant or Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2, Bose Music app control and content browsing, multi-speaker grouping, and more.

Add More Sound Around The House

Use Bose SimpleSync technology to pair your SoundLink speaker with a member of the Bose Smart Home Family to play the same song at the same time. So you can get the party started and keep the good times â and the tunes â rolling.

What is the wireless range of SoundLink Revolve II speakers?

The speakers have a wireless range of up to 9 m . Performance can be affected by obstacles such as walls, interference from Wi-Fi or other wireless devices.

How many devices can pair with SoundLink Revolve II speakers?

SoundLink Revolve II speakers keep track of the last eight devices that were paired and connected to them, dropping the least recently used device when a new one is paired.

Can I stream music from my computer to the speaker?

Yes, as long as your computer is enabled for Bluetooth and is within 9 metres of the speaker.

What is the battery performance of the SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ II Bluetooth speakers?

In typical usage, the SoundLink Revolve II battery lasts up to 13 hours and the SoundLink Revolve+ II lasts up to 17 hours. Battery performance can vary depending on the content played and the volume at which it is played.

What kind of audio sources can I use with the SoundLink Revolve II speakers?

The audio connection options for the SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ II are Bluetooth and 3.5 mm stereo audio cable. NFC can also help facilitate Bluetooth pairing.

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What Is The Purpose Of The Built

The microphone in the speaker acts as an extension of the microphone in your smartphone. Its activated when you make or take a call and when you use the multi-function button to access the voice control capabilities on your device to ask Siri or Google Assistant to play music, tell you the weather, give you the score of a match and other common tasks.

The Soundlink Micro Speaker Is Waterproof And Ip67 Rated What Does That Mean For How I Can Use It

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

For SoundLink Micro, weve stretched beyond the required testing parametersin this case an IP67-rated productto ensure that your speaker will long outlast an accidental drop into water or getting exposed to a dust storm. The SoundLink Micro is completely dust-tight and can be immersed in water up to 1 m deep, for up to 30 minutes.

IP67, the IP Code , classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects , dust, accidental contact and water in electrical enclosures. In the case of SoundLink Micro, the IP67 rating indicates that the enclosure is dustproof and provides protection against the harmful entrance of water when getting fully submerged under specified conditions .

Two things to keep in mind when the speaker gets submerged:

· If the product is playing when it gets submerged , the Bluetooth connectivity will be lost almost immediately. Its possible that the product will reconnect automatically to the Bluetooth device it was connected to when you pull it out of the water, but its not a guarantee. · If the product is completely saturated with water, the audio may sound crackled or distorted at first. It will eventually clear itself either with shaking it, blowing on it or playing audio at a loud enough level.

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What Is The Acoustic Technology In The Bose Portable Smart Speaker

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker applies unique Bose portable speaker acoustic technology in a new, more powerful form factor. An ultra-efficient, high-excursion transducer aims downward into an acoustic deflector to radiate rich sound uniformly in every direction, while three passive radiators deepen the bass by increasing the vibrating surface area of the speaker. Just like with our SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ portable speakers, this 360-degree design avoids the positional sweet spots and frequency drop-offs of speakers that just aim forward but this time, with the extra power and stronger bass that comes with a new shape and a third passive radiator. Placed in the middle of the room, a corner, or anywhere in between, the Bose Portable Smart Speaker delivers the same impressive audio experience for everyone. Music is clear, surprisingly spacious, and remarkably loud for a product of this size.

From Which Sources Can I Play Music

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker can play music directly from streaming music services over Wi-Fi, controlled either by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa , or using the Bose Music app. The Bose Portable Smart Speaker also has Bluetooth capability. Additionally, you can play music on the Bose Portable Smart Speaker from the Spotify app on a smartphone, tablet, or computer using Spotify Connect, and from an Apple device via Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility for streaming content like Apple Music.

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Darkblue Portable Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

The DarkBlue Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. Coming in at just under $50, its great value for money. While it is a budget speaker, the IPX6 waterproof rating still provides waterproof protection. Its surprisingly loud for its size and price, making it a great choice if youre buying on a budget.

Bose Soundlink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Water

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker | Rugged & Waterproof
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    What Is The Purpose Of The Multi

    When in audio playback mode, the multi-function button allows for play , pause , track forwards and track backwards . Pressing and holding the multi-function button will activate the voice control capabilities of your device. Pressing the multi-function again will exit the voice control mode.

    When there is an incoming call, pressing the multi-function button will answer the call. Pressing and holding it will reject the call. During an active call, pressing the multi-function button will end the call.

    The Street Party Celebration

    Seasons are marked by the memories we create. Summer celebrations before the kids are back at school, the best back-garden weddings and family reunions with matching neon t-shirts. Large gatherings of loved ones create stories that will be passed down and shared. The S1 Pro system is the largest and most powerful battery-powered Bluetooth® speaker for any large outdoor event. Make announcements clearly with the microphone jack, prove youre the familys best DJ with wireless Bluetooth streaming or let the local band jam out. This portable speaker ensures that every event has a professional and high-quality feel.

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    Astonishing Sound Wherever Life Takes You

    Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker

    The SoundLink Flex portable speaker does more than just immerse youâit provides a deep connection to your music. Tilt it, flip it or hang it: PositionIQ technology will detect its orientation for optimal sound in any environment. Any positionâsince itâs an IP67 waterproof speaker, and fully protected against dust.

    Immersive sound

    The SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker plays astonishing sound wherever you are. The audio is crisp, balanced and free from distortions, so you can hear every detail of your music. Powerful enough to fill a room, the wireless speaker can play over ambient noise while youâre working or entertainingâand project loudly during outdoor activities.

    PositionIQ technology

    It doesnât matter whether the portable Bluetooth speaker is upright on the kitchen worktop, hanging from a shelf or flat on its back: PositionIQ technology detects its orientation and provides natural, lifelike sound. And that happens automaticallyâyou donât have to do a thing. Even if youâre holding it, carrying it or wearing it.

    IP67 waterproof speaker

    This portable speaker meets IP67 waterproof standards. Got it dirty? Just rinse it off. It even floats, so it wonât sink to the ocean floor if it falls off your board.

    How Does The Bose Portable Smart Speaker Compare To The Bose Soundlink Revolve+ Ii


    The Bose Portable Smart Speaker has noticeably more powerful acoustic performance than the SoundLink Revolve+ II and is a bit larger, with a different visual design. Both products work as a Bluetooth speaker in any environment, but when you bring the Portable Smart Speaker onto a Wi-Fi network, it also works as a smart speaker with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa plus all the other features of a Bose smart speaker . The SoundLink Revolve+ II does not have any built-in voice assistants, smart features, or Wi-Fi access. Finally, the SoundLink Revolve+ II has a battery life up to 17 hours, while the extra acoustic power and voice assistant functionality of the Portable Smart Speaker limit its battery life up to 12 hours at loud volumes.

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    Best Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker For : Jbl Bose Sony And More

    Looking for a wireless speaker to take on the road and don’t want to spend too much? Here are our top picks for affordably priced mini and micro Bluetooth speakers.

      Aside from a good pair of headphones, a portable Bluetooth speaker is the best way to hear music whenever and wherever you are. Not only can you stream your tunes from a phone, tablet or computer, but some of the best Bluetooth speakers also have built-in microphones so you can use them as a speakerphone for .

      Luckily, wireless Bluetooth speakers have improved with time, and now offer better sound, longer battery life, increased Bluetooth range, more reliable connectivity and increased durability, particularly when it comes to water resistance. In fact, several models are fully waterproof and a few can even float.

      Prices have come down a bit too, so you’re getting more for your money. True, when it comes to smaller portable Bluetooth speakers — I call them mini or micro speakers, depending on how small they are — there are some limitations to their sound usually they can only output just so much bass and volume. But for their compact size, many models manage to exceed expectations when it comes to sound quality.

      What Technologies Are Used In The Soundlink Flex Speaker

      SoundLink Flex features one custom-designed transducer and two small passive radiators to deliver the clearest possible sound and strong, deep bass for a product of its size. The speaker also features PositionIQ technology, which automatically detects its orientation and optimises the EQ to ensure natural, lifelike sound no matter the orientation. Together, these technologies enable the SoundLink Flex to deliver an exceptional music experience with remarkable simplicity.

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      What Should I Do If The Bose Music App Doesnt Find My Portable Smart Speaker During Setup

      First check if your speaker is in Setup Mode: the upper and lower portions of the light ring should be glowing an amber color. If this is not the case, please follow these three simple steps to make sure your speaker is in Setup Mode:

      1. Connect the speaker to a power outlet using the USB-C cable and power supply2. Turn the speaker on by pressing the power button3. Simultaneously press and hold the volume down and the play/pause buttons for six seconds. While youre doing this, the sides of the light ring should glow white and increase in size

      Jbl Charge 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

      Bose SoundLink Flex Waterproof Speaker Review

      The JBL Charge 4 is popular for a reason. Its a great-sounding, reliable Bluetooth speaker which is lightweight, portable, and most importantly, fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating. This is a great waterproof Bluetooth speaker for playing background music in a dorm, at a BBQ, or even around the pool. The speaker is loud without being too loud that youll bother the neighbors. The Charge 4 comes in at just under $180 which I think is excellent value for the quality you get.

      If youre looking for an ultra-portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker , then the Bose SoundLink Micro is one to check out. This incredibly small speaker weighs just 10.24oz which is the same as some over-ear headphones.

      The SoundLink Micro is IPX7 rated but doesnt float. So if you drop the SoundLink Micro in water thats deeper than 1m, you could damage the speaker. Also, if the water is murky, like the ocean, dam or river, theres a good chance you wont be able to see the SoundLink Micro to retrieve from the bottom.

      The SoundLink Micro features a silicone rubber coating around the entire speaker. This obviously makes the speaker waterproof but also gives the SoundLink Micro a premium look and feel. On the rear of the Bluetooth speaker is a silicon strap to attach the SoundLink Micro to a backpack strap, bike handle or even a hook in the shower.

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      Can The Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker Ii Be Used To Provide Audio For Video Such As Watching A Movie On A Tablet

      Yes. However, the quality of the experiencespecifically, synchronization between audio and videocan be influenced by the implementation of Bluetooth on the device, and the best performance will occur when wireless interference is minimized by keeping the SoundLink Color II and the device in close proximity, less than 6 ft , with no objects between them. Use of a Wi-Fi® network in the area may also affect performance.

      Can I Make Or Take Calls From The Bose Portable Smart Speaker

      Yes. Using Alexa only, you can directly call Bose smart products, Amazon Echo products, and anyone in your contacts list. Simply say, Alexa, call Mom, to initiate a call. Or say Alexa, answer, to accept an incoming call. You do not need your phone to make or take a call, and its free of charge. However, when calling products, both parties are required to have this feature set up in order to use and be on Wi-Fi.

      Currently, Amazon Alexa works with QC35 headphones II, QC35 II Gaming Headset, Headphones 700, Home Speaker 300, Smart Speaker 500, Portable Smart Speaker, Smart Soundbar 300, Soundbar 500, and Smart Soundbar 700.

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      Anker Soundcore Boost Portable Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

      If youre after a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with premium features but at an affordable price, then the Anker Soundcore Boost is just what youre after. The Anker range is extremely popular with thousands of good reviews. You do need to accept the fact that this is a budget speaker and wont have the same audio quality as premium models. Having said that, youll only really notice the difference if you perform a comparison test.

      The Soundcore Boost is ultra-lightweight and compact, small enough for a backpack, laptop bag, or even handbag making it the perfect travel companion. For under $60, the Anker Soundcore Boost delivers excellent value at an affordable price.

      If youre after something trendy, then anything from Ultimate Ears is going to be a good option. The UE Wonderboom 2 resembles something like a tubby soda can with woven rubberized exterior over the speakers and silicon rubber on the top and bottom. Even the buttons and logo on the UE Wonderboom 2 add both style and function to this waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

      Although small, the Wonderboom 2 is surprisingly loud and powerful enough to easily fill a small to a medium-sized room. Whats great about the Wonderboom 2 is that the drivers are located on opposite sides giving you 360° sound. Great if you want to place the speaker in the center of the room so everyone can enjoy the music.

      Bose Bluetooth Speaker Features

      Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

      If you plan take your portable speakers to the beach or pool, make sure they’re, at the very least, water-resistant. To prevent water damage entirely, choose a Bose wireless waterproof speaker. This has a rugged build suitable for outdoor adventures and can survive rain and brief immersion in water. For units you wish to leave out on your porch, by the pool, or on a boat, consider Bose outdoor speakers. These stereo speakers have weather-resistant shells and can survive rain, sun, snow, and seawater spray.

      One optional feature to look for in Bluetooth speakers is a hands-free speakerphone function. Models with this capability have built-in microphones and let you take phone calls. They also seamlessly switch between music playback and incoming voice calls. Other key features to consider are battery life, USB ports for charging the speaker or your smartphone, NFC for quick wireless pairing, and 3.5mm audio input for connecting non-Bluetooth audio sources.

      Enjoy high-fidelity sound wherever you are with Bose Bluetooth speakers. Browse the complete selection of Bose audio products at B& H Photo and Video to find the right speakers for your needs.

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