Can Bluetooth Give You Brain Cancer

How Bluetooth Pairing Affects The Brain

Do AirPods Cause Cancer? Are Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Safe?

Radiation from Bluetooth headphones can still reach your brain, but Bluetooth devices have a low power output as well. In other words, they wont produce enough heat to cause permanent brain damage even after hours of use. As a result, Bluetooth headphones will not interfere with your brains ability to function.

Can My Cell Phone Cause Cancer

Cell phones emit low levels of non-ionizing radiation when in use. The type of radiation emitted by cell phones is also referred to as radio frequency energy. As stated by the National Cancer Institute, there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk in humans.

What Is The Radiation Produced By A Bluetooth Devices

Like televisions, alarm systems, computers, and all other electrical devices, Bluetooth headsets and Cell phones are radio devices that use Radiofrequency energy emit electromagnetic radiation

The damage to the dna molecules is thought to be the cause. The radiation that a cell phone uses is also part of the same electromagnetic spectrum, but is not ionizing. For this reason, the US FDA can regulate these devices to ensure that the radiation doesn’t pose a health hazard to users, but only once the existence of a public health hazard has been established. , RF energy was mistakenly thought to similarly cause cancer.

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Cell Phones And Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy. It comes from natural and man-made sources and can vary in strength from low to high energy. EMR takes many forms, including microwaves, radio waves, and X-rays.

There are two main types of EMR:

  • Ionizing EMR: Has a relatively high frequency and has the potential to be damaging to human cells and DNA. Common sources of ionizing EMR include sunlight, suntanning beds, and X-ray machines.
  • Non-ionizing EMR: Typically low frequency and generally does not cause adverse reactions in humans. Sources of non-ionizing EMR include cell phones, Bluetooth devices, WiFi networks, and computers.

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncologists, radiation exposurewhether through radiation therapy or other causesmay increase the risk factors in developing a meningioma.

A meningioma is a slow-growing tumor that forms on the surface of your brain. It is the most common type of tumor that forms in the head, though nearly 80% of meningiomas are benign .

Some people believe that non-ionizing radiation from cell phones and cell towersreferred to as radiofrequency radiation is as harmful to the human body as ionizing EMR, and may cause meningiomas. However, the research suggests otherwise.

A Radiation Oncologist Says Everything You Need To Hear About Wifi And Cancer Risk

Will wireless earbuds give you cancer or rot your brain ...

Can WiFi cause cancer? originally appeared on Quorathe knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Gary Larson, Medical Director at Procure Proton Therapy Center, PI for Proton Collab Grp-OKC, on Quora:

WiFi operates in the 2 to 5 GHz range — part of the microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is in the same part of the spectrum where cell phones operate so I may refer to WiFi or cellphone electromagnetic radiation interchangeably. These are radio waves — no different from those used to broadcast television programs, except that they are higher in frequency. They aren’t nearly as high a frequency as visible light, and no one worries about getting cancer from visible light . There is no credible evidence that non-ionizing radiation has any adverse health effects at all. There is no radiobiologic mechanism that could explain such an association — and absolutely no scientifically valid evidence that this has ever happened.

There has never been a randomized trial assessing the cause and effect relationship between radio frequency emissions and neoplastic disease. In order to have a randomized study, half of the randomly selected subjects would need to avoid cellphone use and that’s not going to happen.

Humans have been exposed to man-made radio frequency radiation for over 100 years and we have always been exposed to microwave radiation from the cosmos.

So let’s review:

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What Are Other Possible Health Effects From Cell Phone Use

The most consistent health risk associated with cell phone use is distracted driving and vehicle accidents . Several other potential health effects have been reported with cell phone use. Neurologic effects are of particular concern in young persons. However, studies of memory, learning, and cognitive function have generally produced inconsistent results .

Can Airpods Cause Cancer

Jessie RichardsonRead more December 13, 2020

Every time a new device appears, some people may start spreading rumors that it can cause various ailments. That can be a typical human reaction to things to which were unfamiliar. Its normal to be skeptical up to a certain point. Remember what they were saying about mobile phones when they first appeared, that they cause cancer? Despite several studies, there has been no conclusive evidence that a user contracted cancer due to their mobile phone.

But this time its different. For the first time, were not only carrying a device near our skin, but we actually put them in our ears. Could AirPods be more dangerous than regular earbuds? Could they cause cancer? In this article, well explain everything you need to know.

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Can Airpods Cause Cancer Source Of The Myth

The myth that wireless headphones can cause cancer gained traction in 2015.

At that time, more than 200 scientists from around the world wrote an appeal to the World Health Organization and United Nations to impose stricter international guidelines for electromagnetic radiation.

In the appeal, the scientists mention that numerous studies have found that radiation well below the current guidelines has the potential to have damaging effects on human health.

The idea that AirPods might cause cancer gained popularity in 2019 after an article on Medium alerted people of the 2015 appeal. However, the 2015 appeal was warning against all wireless devices, not specifically AirPods.

The strength of radiation released by Bluetooth headsets is significantly lower than other forms of radiation such as cellphones, X-rays, or ultraviolet light.

Wireless devices produce non-ionizing radiation, meaning that radiation is too weak to remove electrons from atoms. The amount of radiation released by Bluetooth devices is relatively low compared to cellphones.

One 2019 study found the amount of radiation in Bluetooth headsets was 10 to 400 times lower than phone radiation.

At this time, theres no evidence that Apple AirPods or other Bluetooth devices cause cancer. The amount of radiation produced by these devices is relatively low compared to the amount of radiation released from the cellphones to which theyre usually paired.

Are Headphones Bad For Your Health

Can using your cell phone give you brain cancer?

While most research on headphones is inconclusive, a study in 2011 demonstrated some correlations between heavy cell phone users and an increased risk of glioma . This research prompted the International Agency for Research on Cancer to classify EMFs as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

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What About Cordless Phones

Cordless phones, commonly used in homes, have base units that are plugged into telephone jacks and wired to a local telephone service. They are not considered cell phones. Cordless phones operate at about 1/600 the power of cell phones, so they are much less likely to be a concern in terms of health effects.

Alternatives To Bluetooth Headphones

Alright, now its finally time to talk about ways we can protect our head and body from Bluetooth radiation from devices like headphones. While there are many options, and MANY products on the market that claim to protect the user, I want to be practical and realistic about what is available.

First, lets just talk about the different types of Bluetooth headphones, because they pretty much all fall into one of two categories.

When Bluetooth headsets first came to market, they were pretty much all designed the same. There were two earbuds, one in each ear, connected by a wire. The wire usually hung behind the neck, and contained a transmitter in it. This meant that the majority of the radiation was emitted from the transmitter, which was against the neck, but at least was not as close to the brain.

Although this wasnt a healthy option, it is still better than some of the options today. Airpods and other newer Bluetooth earbuds dont have any wire connecting them, and instead go directly in the ear. This means that they are transmitting data back and forth in extremely close proximity to your head, maximizing the amount of radiation youre exposed to.

Wired Headphones

A better alternative to Bluetooth headphones, is to use traditional wired headphones. The primary reason that simple wired headphones are at least better, is that the distribute some of the radiation away from the brain.

So, there is radiation being emitted throughout the entire wire, and in the headphones.

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Safe Alternative To Bluetooth Headphones

One thing that makes Bluetooth headsets or earbuds particularly dangerous is because we stick them in a hole in our head. That is right, our ear. Then there is only soft tissue between this microwave radiation source and our brain. A corded headset is not really any better. The RF Radiation from your cell phone runs right up the corded headset like an antenna into your ear.

A cell phone emits 2.4 GHz frequency RF Radiation. So it is microwave radiation as well. Radio waves from the frequencies of about 1 GHz all the way up to 300 GHz are considered microwaves. And in this area of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous RF Radiation is to living organisms. So holding a cell phone up to your ear is just as bad.

Safest Option

So what can you do? By far the safest way to talk on a cell phone is to use an Air Tube Headset with a Ferrite Bead on the bottom of the cord right next to the cell phone. An air tube headset works similar to the way a stethoscope works. You get great sound, but there is no wiring going all the way up to your head.

The reason that you need to have a ferrite bead on the bottom of the cord is because the RF Radiation will still travel up the cord of an air tube headset until the air tubes start. The cord will be an RF Radiation antenna and will be emitting radiation into any part of your body that it touches.

Second Best Option

Aulterra Bluetooth Neutralizing Sticker

Importance Of A Shielding Cell Phone Case

Can Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Cause Cancer

Do wireless Bluetooth headphones cause cancer?

From the information provided above, it is obvious that there is no established scientific evidence to prove that wireless Bluetooth earbuds result in cancer. So, the answer to the question is no wireless Bluetooth headphones do not cause cancer.

Lets dig in further!

Even though the radiation of EMF might affect your head and brains in some ways we have seen, the ability of Bluetooth from wireless earbuds to cause harm depends on its ability to affect DNA and cells. Radiation has to break your DNA molecular bonds to a point where the information is changed before it can cause cancer in a cell.

This can only happen through ionizing radiation, which expels electrons from molecules and atoms. When the properties of the DNA atoms are changed, and its molecule bonds are broken, the cell tries to reproduce, and tumor cell growth can potentially occur during the process. But Bluetooth is non-ionizing radiation that cant break bonds of molecules and atoms in your DNA. So, it does not lead to the growth of tumor cells that can cause cancer.

Final Words and Advice about Wireless Earbuds

If you go to Google and try finding out the possible health concerns surrounding wireless Bluetooth headphones, you will come about the following:

  • Bluetooth causes the death of nerve cells and depression
  • It increases the risk of cancer and rare tumor
  • They are dangerous, but you can use protective trinkets to keep yourself safe
  • They can microwave your brain

Oh! Let me drop these words for you:

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Never Use Your Phone When The Reception Is Poor

This one shocked me you would expect it to be the opposite way around. It seems that poor reception can increase your radiation exposure by up to 10,000 times!! Man, Im screwed.

Put simply your phone emits way more radiation to reach the cell phone tower when the signal is poor.

As a rule, steer clear of your phone when the signal is under two bars.

Side Effects Of Bluetooth Devices On Human Health

In the age we live in, the life has become fast and we have to manage multiple tasks at a time. Smartphones are without a doubt making the life simpler, but when you are on call with someone, it is really hard to do any other tasks as you have to hold it. Even before smartphones came into existence Bluetooth technology was making the life of mobile phone owners a little simpler. Nowadays Bluetooth devices have become a necessity. They not only allow your hands to stay free while on a call but also do not have limited reach like the wired earphones.

You can place the Bluetooth earphone in the outer ear. The device forms a wireless connection with your phone. Apart from earphones, there are many other devices that run on Bluetooth technology like speakers etc. No matter how useful they are, these bluetooth devices are not as safe as we think especially for those who use them constantly every day. For example, these Bluetooth devices expose the human body to microwave radiation which can cause health issues. In this article, we will discuss the health issues that are or can be associated with the Bluetooth devices that we use on the daily basis.

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What Do The Experts Say

In 2015, a group of 250 scientists signed a petition to the United Nations and the World Health Organization communicating their serious concern about the health risks related to the electromagnetic fields that are released by wireless devices. The scientists pointed to data showing electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones, wi-fi and baby monitors may impact human health. Their petition noted that children may be more susceptible to the negative effects of electromagnetic fields than adults. Cancer, structural and functional changes to the reproductive system, neurological disorders, and learning and memory deficits are among the potential harms associated with electromagnetic fields, the scientists wrote.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified electromagnetic fields, especially from cell phones, as possibly carcinogenic. Noting that there could be some risk, the IARC concluded in 2011 that we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk.” IARC Director Christopher Wild, PhD, called for additional research on the long-term, heavy use of mobile phones and recommended the use of pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting.

Fcc And Fda Background Information

Could Using Wireless Earbuds Be Putting You At Risk For Cancer?

FCC Policy on Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

The FCC is required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 to evaluate the effect of emissions from FCC-regulated transmitters on the quality of the human environment. At the present time there is no federally-mandated radio frequency exposure standard. However, several non-government organizations, such as the American National Standards Institute , the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. , and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements have issued recommendations for human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields. The potential hazards associated with RF electromagnetic fields are discussed in OET Bulletin No. 56, “Questions and Answers About the Biological Effects and Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.”

OET RF Safety Bulletins, Fact Sheets, Guides and Reports

OET Bulletin No. 56: Questions and Answers About Biological Effects Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

OET Bulletin No. 65:Evaluating Compliance With FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

Information on Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields from Cellular and PCS Radio TransmittersThis page explains technical information on cellular and PCS base stations, mobile, and portable telephones.

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Then There Is The Ferrite Bead

Weve all seen that little black bead at the end of our charger cables, and probably never even gave it a second thought. Well, as it turns out, these nifty little things can actually protect you.

Their function is to reduce the radiation output traveling through any cord as much as possible, and serve as an antenna that produces the lowest needed frequency to get the job done.

Its thus a good idea to keep the ferrite bead away from your body, as thats essentially where all the radiation is going.

If your cord doesnt have a ferrite bead built-in, dont worry, you can get one here . This little miracle is made of iron and ceramic, allowing it to absorb harmful radio waves.

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