Clarity Bt914 Amplified Bluetooth Phone

Clarity Bt914 Cordless Phone Bundled With Bt914hs Handsets

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  • Bundle of Clarity BT914 and BT914HS
  • Bluetooth Connection for Mobile Phones
  • Digital Clarity Power Technology -Increases Volume for Soft Sounds -Decreases Volume for Loud Sounds

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Page 5: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Page 56 BT914 cannot improve the reception. However, if there is a location in your house with better reception, you can leave your cell phone at that location while you use the BT914 cell line. In order for this to work, the telephone base must be within 30 feet of the cell phone.
  • Page 57 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Make sure the power adapter is securely plugged into an outlet not controlled by a wall switch. Make sure the telephone line cord is plugged firmly into the telephone base and the wall jack. Unplug the electrical power to the telephone base. Wait for approximately 15 seconds, and then plug it back in.
  • Page 58 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Eliminate any background noise. Mute the cordless handset before dialing, or dial from another room in your home with less background noise. If you have changed your telephone service to digital ser- vice from a cable company or a VoIP service provider, the telephone line may need to be rewired to allow all existing telephone jacks to work.
  • Page 59 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS activate your voicemail, contact your telephone service provider. If there is a fax machine connected to the same telephone line, try disconnecting the fax machine. If that solves the problem, consult your fax machine documentation for infor- mation on compatibility with answering systems.
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    Page : Important Safety Instructions

  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 6. Unplug this telephone from the wall outlets before clean- ing. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners on the telephone. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. 7. Place this telephone on a stable surface. Serious damage and/or injury may result if the telephone falls.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 13. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not take this phone apart. Opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltages or other risks. Incorrect reassembly can cause electric shock when the appliance is subsequently used.
  • Page 6 21. Discontinue use of product and contact Clarity if the prod- uct overheats, has a damaged cord or plug, if the product has been dropped or damaged or if the product has come into contact with liquids.
  • Page 7 Use the phone on the lowest volume setting as possible. Limit the amount of time you use the telephone at high volume levels. 25. If you experience a skin irritation after using this product, discontinue use and contact Clarity. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS…
  • Clarity Professional Xlc34+ Amplified Phone

    Clarity BT914 Amplified Cordless Bluetooth Phone


    The XLC3.4+⢠cordless phone with Caller ID amplifies incoming sound up to 50+dB and outgoing speech up to 15dB making it an ideal solution for severe hearing loss and low speech. Four tone settings large font and a high contrast screen also assist individuals with low vision and limited mobility.Hear Clearly:50+dB amplification of incoming so…

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    Clarity Jv35 Amplified Braille Phone


    The JV35 phone is an excellent choice for those with both hearing and vision loss. Each conversation is louder and clearer to understand with up to 50dB of amplification tone control and Clarity Power technology. Calls are easier to place with a talking keypad and large high contrast braille keys.Features:50dB amplificationTone controlClari…

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    Smpl Amplified + Hands


    The Smpl photo phone is amplified making it ideal for hard-of-hearing and for those who wear hearing aids. It has an adjustable earpiece that has 4 volume levels and a 3-level ringer volume so it can be heard from far away. In addition it has a flashing incoming call light and a bright call indicator light to alert the hearing impaired and eas…

    FutureCall Picture Dialer Box

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    Clarity BT914 with captions

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    Clarity Xlc7bt Amplified Bluetooth Phone


    This âCellphone at Homeâ amplifies both your landline and cell phone calls giving all your calls the same high-quality amplified sound Clarity phones are known for. You could also save money by cancelling your landline service and use the Clarity XLC7BT with just your cell phone.Connect up to two Bluetooth cell phones so both you and your part…

    Clarity Professional XLC2+ Amplified Phone

    Futurecall Picture Dialer Box


    Memory Photo Keys dial with an easy one or two touches. The dialer box remembers the last phone number dialed.THE FC-2409-2 can be used as a dialer with any other phone on the same landline. The unit provides a toggle switch to select between using âNormalâ or âOne Touchâ dialing modes. It plugs into and powered by any home or office phone j…

    Amplified Big Button Phone with Caller ID and Speakerphone

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    Clarity Amplified Bluetooth Cordless Phone With Answering Machine

    Enjoy amplified calls without a landline. The BT914 pairs with your cell phone or other mobile device to make calls.

    Cellphone At Home allows you to make calls with or without a landline connection Pair up to two Bluetooth phones, headsets or accessories Patented Clarity Power technology clearly amplifies incoming sounds up to 40dB Download up to 1,000 contacts from your cell phone via BluetoothDECT 6.0 interference-free technology

    For Low Vision Mild To Moderate Hearing Loss And Pairing With Cell Phone

    Clarity BT914 Amplified Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering Machine ...

    BT914 Expandable Handset FEATURES:

  • Amplifies incoming sounds up to 40dB or 20 times louder than standard phones
  • Cellphone At Home® allows you to make calls with or without a landline connection
  • Pair up to two Bluetooth® Phones, Headsets, or Accessories
  • Patented Clarity Power technology clearly amplifies incoming sounds up to 40dB
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    Clarity Bt914 Bluetooth Cordless Phone

    Product Code: BT914

    • Amplified Bluetooth Cordless Phone with answering machine
    • Cellphone at Home allows you to make calls with or without a landline connection
    • Pair up to two Bluetooth phones, headsets or accessories
    • Patented Clarity Power technology clearly amplifies incoming sounds up to 40 dB
    • Loud and clear handset speakerphone
    • Easy-to-read Caller ID display that flashes as a visual ringer
    • Ten loud-and-clear ringtones that can be programmed for each line or paired device
    • Large, easy-to-use keypad
    • Expandable up to five total handsets
    • One year warranty


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    How To Set Up And Use Your Clarity Bt914

    Pair and connect your Bluetooth enabled cell phoneTo use a Bluetooth enabled cell phone with your BT914, you must first pair and connect your Bluetooth cell phone with the telephone base. All BT914 handsets can be used to make or answer calls on the cell line. Your cell line is the telephone line associated with your cell phone service.

    Bluetooth wireless technology operates within a short range . When you pair a Bluetooth cell phone to the telephone base, place your Bluetooth cell phone closer to the telephone base to maintain sufficient signal strength. For optimal performance, keep your cell phone within 15 feet of the telephone base while using the cell line.

    Choose a slot to pair the cell phone. Press and hold Bluetooth 1 or Bluetooth 2/Headset on the telephone base until you hear a confirmation tone, and the Bluetooth 1 or Bluetooth 2/Headset light flashes.

    Turn on the Bluetooth feature of your cell phone. Once your cell phone finds your Clarity Phone , press the appropriate key on your cell phone to continue the pairing process.

    • Your cell phone may prompt you to enter the PIN of the telephone base. The default PIN of the telephone base is 0000.

    When the cell phone is connected to the telephone base, the corresponding status icon displays. The corresponding device light turns on.

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    Customer Reviews Of Clarity Bt914 Amplified Bluetooth Phone

    1 ReviewAverage Customer Rating: 5.0 This is not a review – The description is awful and ambiguous – You can buy handsets too to expand the base unitFYI it is expandable, meaning that you can buy up to 5 more “handsets”. They are the model BT914HS and sell for significantly less or as I noticed, about $50.00 each.Yes, Bluetooth “headsets” work with them as well as is mentioned.7/4/2018 8:13:46 PM

    Page 2: Bluetooth Functions

    10 Best Amplified Phones 2017
  • Page 28 2/Headset) turns on. If the pairing fails, turn off the Bluetooth feature on your cell phone and on the BT914 by pressing Bluetooth1 or Bluetooth 2/Headset. Then repeat the steps above to pair and connect again. In some cases, it may take you a few attempts to com- plete the pairing process.
  • Page 29 BLUETOOTH FUNCTIONS Search headset. 4. Set your headset to discoverable mode. Once your handset finds your headset, press SELECT. Enter the PIN of your headset if required. The PIN for most Bluetooth devices is 0000 , and then press SELECT.
  • Page 30 BLUETOOTH FUNCTIONS information about how that device uses Bluetooth connec- tivity. Certain cell phones do not support SIM card download. If this is the case, transfer the contacts from your SIM card to your cell phone memory first. Then download from your cell phone memory.
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    Page 3: Make A Home Call

  • Page 35 TELEPHONE OPERATIONS Note: After first pressing the Cell phone button, you may need to choose a cell device. Scroll to select the desired cell device when necessary, and then press SELECT. While using the cell line, place your cell phone closer to the telephone base, and make sure that there are no physical obstacles between the telephone base and the cell phone, such as large furniture or thick walls.
  • Page 4: Caller Id Log

  • Page 45 TELEPHONE OPERATIONS To save a caller ID log entry to the phonebook: 1. When the desired caller ID log entry displays, press MENU. 2. Scroll to To Phonebook then press SELECT. 3. Use the dialing keys to modify the number, and then press SELECT.
  • Page 46 TELEPHONE OPERATIONS The main differences between them are as follows: Category Built-in an- Voicemail from swering system telephone service Storage Messages are Messages are stored in stored in the tele- a server or system pro- phone base. vided by your telephone service.
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    Page : Answer An Incoming Call During An Intercom Call

  • Page 42 TELEPHONE OPERATIONS 6. Use the dialing keys to enter the name . Additional key presses show other characters of that particular key. 7. Press SELECT to save. While entering numbers and names, you can: Press MUTE X to erase a digit or character. …
  • Page 43 TELEPHONE OPERATIONS 3. When the desired entry appears, press the Green phone button, Cell phone button or Speakerphone to dial. To edit a phonebook entry: 1. When the desired entry displays, press MENU. 2. Use the dialing keys to edit the number, and then press SELECT.
  • Clarity Professional Xlc2+ Amplified Phone

    Clarity BT914 Amplified Bluetooth Phone Expansion Handset


    The Clarity® XLC2+⢠cordless telephone provides loud and clear sound while keeping things simple. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and the large buttons provide easy dialing. It has many popular phone features including talking Caller ID and jacks for listening accessories. Features:50dB amplification using Digital Clarity Power…

    Clarity Professional XLC3.4+ Amplified Phone

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    Pair And Connect Your Bluetooth Enable Headset

  • Press MENU on the phone when it is not in use.

  • Press the UP or DOWN arrow keys to scroll to Bluetooth, and then press SELECT.

  • Press the UP or DOWN arrow keys to scroll to Add Bluetooth headset, and then press SELECT. The screen displays Search headset

  • Set your headset to discoverable mode. Once your handset finds your headset, press SELECT. Enter the PIN of your headset if required. The PIN for most Bluetooth devices is 0000 , and then press SELECT.

  • When the headset is successfully paired and connected to the telephone base, the Bluetooth 2 icon displays. The Bluetooth 2/Headset light turns on.

    Amplified Big Button Phone With Caller Id And Speakerphone


    This corded amplified telephone has big buttons and a 40dB amplified handset for people with moderate hearing loss. This line powered phone retains the numbers stored in memory even when the phone is unpluggedFeatures12 one-touch OR 2 one-touch AND 10 2-touch memories: Total 12 MemoriesYou can adhere a photo of a person on ea…

    Clarity XLC7BT Amplified Bluetooth Phone

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    Clarity Bt914hs Extra Handset For Bt914 Amplified Bluetooth Cordless Phone

    This product works and looks like new. Backed by a 90-day supplier warranty.
    • Expandable handset for BT914
    • Cellphone At Home allows you to make calls with or without a landline connection
    • Pair up to two Bluetooth phones, headsets or accessories and Easy-to-read Caller ID display that flashes as a visual ringer

    Page : Speakerphone Button

    Clarity BT914 Review
  • Page 21 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR HANDSET Red Phone button Hang up a call. Silence the ringer temporarily while the handset is ringing. Press and hold to erase the missed call indica- tor while the phone is not in use. …
  • GETTING TO KNOW YOUR HANDSET # key Press repeatedly to show other dialing options when reviewing a caller ID log entry. Mute/X Mute the microphone during a call. Delete digits or characters while using the dialing keys. …
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