Cordless Phone With Bluetooth Connect To Cell

A Great Amplified Phone: Panasonic Kx

AT& T TL86109 Connect To Cell Bluetooth Corded / Cordless Phone

*At the time of publishing, the price was $93.

For those with mild to moderate hearing loss looking for an amplified phone, we recommend starting with Panasonics KX-TGM420W. It has all the features a great phone should have, amplified or not, and when retired audiologist Lisa Devlin tested our amplified finalists, it was her favoritethe one she would tell her clients to get. The volume adjustments should be suitable for many people who need boosted voice levels, and the six levels of tone adjustment plus custom tones provide a greater range of voice qualities than you can find on phones from any other company. The phone meets the TIA-1083 standard, so it offers compatibility with hearing aids without causing interference, and it works with headsets and neck loops. And like all of our picks, the KX-TGM420W has good range and outgoing voice quality.

Panasonic says that the KX-TGM420W can reach up to 40 dB and that the ringer can go up to 100 dB. We didnt measure the volume to confirm those numbers, but Devlin found that with her level of hearing loss, she didnt need to turn the phone up all the way to reach a useful, comfortable listening level. That would disqualify any product for me, if I always had to go to the maximum volume, she said.

Our Pick: At& t Dl72210

AT& Ts DL72210 offers great range and clear audio, plus nearly all of the features most people could hope for in a cordless phoneall for a price lower than that of comparable handsets. This model has a long enough range that youll be able to walk around your house without the connection sputtering, and its also the best-sounding phone we testedour panel ranked it even higher than an iPhone used with Wi-Fi calling. The package comes with two handsets, so you can have phones in different parts of your home. And this model includes features normally found only on more expensive phones, such as automated call screening and a Bluetooth cell phone connection.

Although the DL72210s range isnt the longest of the phones we tested, its plenty long enough for almost any application. We were able to get about 260 feet away from the base station before the audio on the other end of the call began to cut in and out. Some phones offered a range upwards of 450 feet in our tests, but 260 feet should still be plenty for use in most peoples homes. To put that number in perspective, we were able to get seven houses down the street with the DL72210 before our test call began to break up. AT& Ts CL82219a similar phone in the same price range but with fewer featureswas able to go a house and a half farther, which is great, but that extra range is probably not necessary unless you have an especially large property.

Are All Cordless Phones Compatible

It is essential to note the fact that not all cordless phones interconnect with each other. There are certain features required for a cordless phone to pair with a different one. Below are some of the conditions necessary for a cordless phone to be compatible:

Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology

The DECT technology is one of the primary features required for a cordless phone to be compatible. Through the DECT technology, cordless phones can communicate effectively with each other. It is, therefore, an essential factor to consider when purchasing a cordless phone to enhance convenience.

Generic Access Profile Compliance

The Generic Access Profile describes how a handset communicates with a phone line or base unit. Fortunately, cordless phones that feature the DECT technology often come with GAP compliance into the bargain. You can confirm whether or not your handset is GAP compliant by going through the user manual.


Expandability is a feature that accompanies most modern cordless phones. It is also a requirement for compatibility with other handsets. Cordless phones that can be expanded to four or more handsets should effectively connect to other handsets regardless of their model.

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Panasonic Link2cell Bluetooth Cordless Dect 60 Expandable Phone System With Answering Machine

Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless DECT 6.0 combines quality and efficiency in helping you stay connected with your loved ones. Its packed with multiple incredible features, including a 12-hour battery backup, enhanced cordless phone sound quality, and Link2Cell Bluetooth enabled. With this unit, youll always get a talking text sender alert using the text-to-speech function.

Its enhanced sound quality automatically suppresses background interference while enhancing voice tones for a clearer and compelling conversation. In addition to its expandable cordless phone system, it features a powerful phone battery backup that can last you for a few more hours when the power goes out. It also boasts of a cellular locate mode, useful in locating amplified volume and misplaced devices.

Additionally, its Bluetooth enabled, meaning you can link up to two smartphones via Bluetooth, making it easier to receive or make calls in the house with link2cell cordless handsets. Besides, its equipped with wireless technology, which provides a long-range cordless phone perfect for homes with thick walls. Its highly recommended!


Flaws But Not Dealbreakers


The DL72210s range was not as long as that of many other phones we tested it began to break up at around 260 feet, compared with the 450 feet we got from the VTech IS8151-4 and the 445 feet we got from the highest-performing similarly priced phone, the AT& T CL82219. If you know you need extra range and are willing to give up the Bluetooth connection, consider going with the CL82219.

The phones hardware and software are relatively refined compared with those of other cordless phones, although next to a touchscreen smartphone, they feel dated and clunky. The 2-inch screen is monochrome, and the white backlighting glows for only a few seconds after you stop pressing buttons. The labyrinthine menu system made us long for the swiping and tapping of our smartphones. However, we appreciated that the number keys glowed a soft blue, making them easy to see in the dark.

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Budget Pick: Vtech Cs6114

*At the time of publishing, the price was $15.

If you just want to have a phone around for emergencies, or if you dont care about anything other than being able to pick up and dial, we recommend the VTech CS6114. Its as simple as can be, but it has a long range, totally passable voice quality, and an exceptionally low priceroughly the same as that of an iPhone charging cable. Even though youre giving up plenty of features compared with choosing our top pick, youre paying next to nothing for the peace of mind a home phone can bring.

We were impressed with the CS6114s range, which extended farther than that of some much more expensive models. The incoming voice on our call didnt start to break up until about 310 feet awayjust over a football fields length. Even before it broke up, the voice quality wasnt particularly strong compared with what you get from higher-end phones, but that shouldnt come as a huge surprise. This sounds pinched, but you get the consonants better than with the VTech IS8151-4 or an iPhone XR on Wi-Fi calling, said Wirecutter senior staff writer Lauren Dragan. It is a narrow, reedy sound, but its easy to understand the words. In evaluating the four phone messages she listened to, Lauren still ranked this phones voice quality the lowest. But again, its not shocking that a $15 phone performed worse than handsets that cost several times more.

Best Panasonic: Panasonic Kx

  • Bluetooth to link to your phone

  • Works without a landline

  • Pricey

If you want to buy a cordless phone from a manufacturer that seems to know where things are headed, look no further than Panasonic. The KX-TGE475S is a cordless phone system that doesn’t even require a landline to use.

It’s a five-handset system that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and transmits phone calls from your smartphone. You can even use a handset to locate your smartphone if you need to.

The key feature of this Panasonic model is that it includes a 12-hour battery backup. So if your power goes out and your landline is still working, so will your smartphone. Keep in mind, though, you are paying dearly for that battery backup.

Answering System: Yes | Speakerphone: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes | Yes | Yes

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Models That Begin With Kx


  • Your cellular phone must support the Hands Free Profile specification.
  • You may pair a maximum of 2 cellular phones and 1 headset. However, the base unit allows only one Bluetooth to be active at a time.
  • Locate your cellular phone near the base unit. If the cellular phone is too close to the base unit during a cellular call, you may hear noise. For best performance, we recommend placing the cellular phone between 0.6 m to 3m away from the base unit.


  • Your cellular phone must support the Hands Free Profile specification.
  • You may pair 2 cellular phones and 1 headset. Only 2 Bluetooth devices can be used with the unit at the same time . You cannot use a Bluetooth headset to talk on a cellular line.
  • The unit can be used to talk on 2 lines at the same time .
  • Locate your cellular phone near the base unit. If the cellular phone is too close to the base unit during a cellular call, you may hear noise. For best performance, we recommend placing the cellular phone between 0.6 m to 3 m away from the base unit.


  • If the cellular phone has already paired to the base unit, it is overwritten.
  • Make sure that your cellular phone is set to connect to this product automatically. Refer to your cellular phones operating instructions.
  • Make sure you cancel your cellular phones current pairing if you want to pair it to the other line.
  • The default setting for the alert feature is On, so when you pair your cellular phone to the base unit, this feature may be activated.

How To Make The Batteries Of A Cordless Phone Have A Longer Life Span

VTech Connect to Cell – How to Pair BlueTooth to Cell Phone

The following are some of the maintenance tips to maximize the lifespan of cordless phone batteries:

  • Make sure that the batteries of your cordless phone are in use. When left unutilized for days, the batteries will start to lose their ability to hold a charge for long hours. You should at least charge the batteries at least twice a month to lengthen their lifespan. Before use, the new AA batteries should be charged for 12 to 24 hours using the cordless phone. The practice will prolong the battery life.
  • If your battery has not been in use for many weeks, ensure complete discharge before recharging it.
  • Ensure you have stored your battery in a cool and dry place. The AAA rechargeable batteries will slowly discharge when not in use. At room temperature, the batteries discharge at a rate of 1% of the total capacity each daythe rate of discharge increases with an increase in the temperature. Subjection to extreme temperatures and conditions will thus, minimize the lifespan of the battery.
  • Regularly clean the batteries with a cotton swab and cleaner to ensure effective connectivity between the charger and the batteries. Accumulation of dust will make the batteries work for short hours.
  • Follow the instruction in the manufacturers manual on matters of recharging the batteries. Once the battery is recharged, disconnect it from the charger.

A video showing how to install a cordless phone

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Best Budget: Vtech Cs6719

  • No answering machine

This two-handset system is under $40, but it doesn’t come with an answering machine. Its up to you to decide if that is a plus or minus. The VTech system does come with technology to keep your calls loud and clear, so if you just want a simple cordless phone for your landlineWell, youre all done.

Both handsets have large, backlit screens which are easy to read. The phone system is expandable up to five total handsets. We like this as a budget option because it’s a multi-handset system with nice extras and a low price tag.

Answering System: No | Speakerphone: Yes | Bluetooth: No | Yes | Yes

Panasonic Cordless Expandable Bluetooth Phone System

Panasonic is one of those brands that needs no introduction. Whether you see their name on a stereo system or a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you can expect good quality. Their Cordless Expandable Bluetooth Phone System comes with four or five handsets, depending on which option you choose. Theres a single large base station, which is DC-powered, and includes a built-in voicemail. The other handsets mount in small docks, which are just large enough to hold them vertically. This design saves space on your desk, countertop, or wherever else your phones need to live.

The base station allows you to control a variety of settings. You can also take advantage of all the Bluetooth features well cover in the next section. From the base station, you can also program the smart function buttons on your phones. These buttons are located on the sides of the phones, like a walkie talkie. You can use them to check voicemails, or to perform any other function you want them to perform. If theres a button for it on the base station, it can be done with the smart button. All four phones are powered by AAA batteries, which are included in the kit. The batteries are rechargeable, and should last for years of normal use.

Bluetooth Features

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Motorola Axh02 Dect 60 Smart Cordless Phone

Motorola is known for a variety of consumer products, from smartphones to baby monitor cameras. Their AXH02 DECT 6.0 phone comes in three sizes: a single handset, a two-pack, a three-pack, or a four-pack. Each pack includes the appropriate number of phones, plus a base station thats separate from any handset. You can also buy additional handsets individually, so you can add on to any kit. This makes the AXH02 kit suitable for any sized house, regardless of how much area you need to cover.Both the handsets and the base are constructed from black ABS plastic, with an easy-to-clean finish. The handsets sport large, 2-inch full-color displays, as well as large buttons for easy operation. Like the Panasonic phone kits, they take AAA rechargeable batteries that are included in the box.

Bluetooth Features

The AXH02 is designed to work with both iOS and Android phones. It comes with a companion app, which walks you through the installation process. You can connect it to the internet via your landline to enable you to check missed calls and voicemail. All of this can be done through the app, which makes the whole process clean and seamless. Just as with both Panasonic phones, you can import your address book, so its easy to reach all your contacts.

Best Call Quality: At& t Cl82407 Cordless Phone

  • No wall mount for additional handsets

  • Handset chargers easily tip

If you have a big home or office , consider the AT& T CL82407. It has an antenna design that aims to have the best range around. The system comes with four handsets, but you can expand it as-needed to have up to 12.

It also has an answering machine and Caller ID announce, so you know who’s calling before you even pick up the phone. Other features like automatic robocall blocking work well, and the high-contrast screen is easy to read, even from a distance.

Answering System: Yes | Speakerphone: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes | Yes | Yes

  • Pricey

Like many cordless phones, the VTech DS6151 comes with an answering machine. But the VTech DS6151 includes TWO answering machines for two different phone lines. Most of us wont need a system like this, but if you have a small business this just might be what you are looking for.

The handsets encrypt the calls so you can feel pretty comfortable that folks wont be listening on your calls, as the signal is sent back to the base unit.

In summary: Two lines, two answering machines and one handset. Wait, it only comes with one handset?! Yes, but you can add 11 more if you want.

Answering System: Yes | Speakerphone: Yes | Bluetooth: Yes | Yes | Yes

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Settle On Desired Features

Most of our reviews come with a ringer, a caller ID, speakerphone, and additional handsets. You can start by checking on what you prefer and want by checking the phones user manual or packaging to confirm youre getting what you really want. The more features a phone has, the more pricey it will be.

Personal Experience With The Panasonic Kx

With our landline canceled I have several weeks of experience using the Panasonic cordless bluetooth phone system now, and have been pleased over all.

The bluetooth hookup failure after driving our car continues to happen intermittently, but also continues to be a small enough problem that I haven’t tried to fix it. Just a minor quirk to me.

There is a pause between dialing on the cordless handset and the cell phone actually dialing a call when calling out. I suppose this is because the number information needs transferred from the handset to the Panasonic base to the cell phone. Again, not a big deal and something I can live with.

There is also a pause when answering an incoming call on the handset, probably for the same reason. I’ve learned to wait a second or so after pressing the answer button on the handset before I produce the inevitable “Hello?”. Simply snatching up the phone and saying “Hello” produces only silence as the cell has not passed information to the cordless yet. This is more of an irritation, but again one I’ve learned to handle.

The “block caller” function certainly works well and is appreciated. The cordless set can accept up to about 20 numbers and will ring those numbers only once, until the caller id comes through. It then disconnects the call with no action from me.

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