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What Drive Safe And Save Discounts Are Offered

Shocking Results After Using State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save Beacon!

The State Farm website advertises that drivers could save up to 50% on their car insurance premiums by signing up for the Drive Safe and Save Program.

That is a really big number, but like most usage-based programs is not going to be easily attainable if its attainable at all. So is Drive Safe & Save worth it?

The program starts with an initial discount for enrollment, which is described on the State Farm site as about 5% that is pretty vague, and no explanation is given for why or how this discount might vary.

Once enrolled, the data collection begins and a new discount amount will be calculated upon renewal. The program continues for as long as the driver chooses to keep it, and a new discount is calculated at every auto policy renewal, which is usually every six months.

According to customer experience with the program, the actual discount for most people turns out to be in the range of 10-15%. That is in line with the average discount from other usage-based programs, but a far cry from the high-end 50% discount amount State Farm advertises.

If the average discount falls in the 10-15% range, its difficult to believe that any driver can achieve 50% off. That is the same result we have seen from other programs they promise a top end discount but we have yet to encounter anyone that has managed to achieve that top end.

As noted, the only potential for a rate increase comes from having a higher actual mileage than the driver reported when signing up for coverage.

Drive Safe & Save: How It Works

State Farm customers can choose one of several ways to participate in the Drive Safe & Save program.

The first is through a device called In-Drive that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port near the steering wheel. In addition to mileage, In-Drive tracks when you drive, how fast you accelerate and turn and how hard you brake.

The second is for customers whose cars come equipped with telematics-based subscription services, such as OnStar and SYNC.

State Farm receives odometer readings from those services every 30 days after you enroll and, after six months, adjusts your premium to reflect the mileage. Driving patterns are not monitored under these plans.

Drivers in California have the option of self-reporting their mileage, and in Ohio, drivers can use their smartphones and the cars Bluetooth system to send in the information

State Farm says you get an immediate 5% discount on your rates for participating in Drive Safe & Save.

Also, according to the company, another 25% could be trimmed if you don’t go above the national average of 12,000 miles a year. More small discounts may be tallied if you prove to be a safe motorist, don’t drive over 80 mph and avoid driving between midnight and 4 a.m.

With the OnStar and Sync plans, your discount of up to 50% is calculated just on your mileage.

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How Does It Help Me Save

Drive Safe & Save can reduce up to a third of your premium, but youll have to drive very, very cautiously to obtain that much discount. Unless youre a very safe or occasional driver, the more likely scenario is youll save somewhere around 10% to 15% and even then youll need to drive carefully.

You have to go into it understanding what the expectations of the program are and what the monitoring will be doing, and also have a good understanding of your driving and experience, Holeman says.

The app records your driving habits every moment youre behind the wheel, and if you have a high enough rating at the end of six months, youll receive a discount. But a nice perk is that you get a 10% discount just for signing up. This discount goes away if you leave the program, which you can do at any time.

What Driving Habits Does It Monitor

Drive Safe &  Save

Its important to know that you dont have to worry about tickets or accidents with this program. Drive Safe & Save doesnt track that data. State Farm Drive Safe & Save reviews your score and assigns your discount based on your annual mileage and driving characteristics, the company says. Heres all the driving information the program collects:

Acceleration The Drive Safe & Save app will dock you for accelerating too fast, so youll have to pay attention how fast you speed up after the car is stopped. The idea here is that quick acceleration can make the car hard to control.

Braking If you stop too fast, youll lose points, too. State Farm says it understands that braking quickly is sometimes unavoidable, but doing it often can mean youre following the car in front of you too closely. Even if you have to drive in busy traffic that requires frequent braking, youll still receive a lower score.

Cornering The app doesnt like sharp turns. The reasoning behind this is that you should give yourself enough time to make a steady, safe turn. Again, if youre in busy traffic, keeping your score up in this area might be difficult.

Speed The app tracks the speed limit of the road youre on, and your rating will go down if you exceed that speed limit by eight miles per hour or more. Some of us like driving fast on empty highways, which should be avoided if you want to get the most out of this program.

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Are There Any Downsides With The Program

My biggest concern prior to enrolling was understanding if there was any potential downside such as my auto rates going higher.

The only scenario is if you previously designated yourself as a low mileage driver and you exceed this number through the program. Thus, this would cause you to lose the low mileage discounts you had been receiving before.

After confirming this did not pertain to me, I enrolled into the program.

Personal Data Privacy Example

Over recent years, technology has made it easy to collect massive amounts of personal data. In turn, this has brought along ethical, legal and moral dilemmas how companies can use this personal data.

Consumer DNA testing is a good example. One of the DNA tests benefit is that it provides what future health risks you are prone to so you can make appropriate changes to your lifestyle. Stated in a Fast Company article, life insurance companies could potentially use this data to deny coverage as a negative ramification.

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Is Now The Time For Telematics

With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to school closures and remote work, it may be an excellent time to consider a telematics program like Drive Safe & Save. After all, one of the data points that State Farm tracks is annual mileage. If you drive less, youre less likely to get into an accident. Drive Safe & Save recognizes that and adjusts your rate accordingly.

To ensure your mileage is accurately recorded, State Farm lets you enter your odometer reading at the end of each policy cycle. You will receive a reminder to do this on the mobile app, so you dont forget.

During this time, your driving schedule might also changewhich is another characteristic tracked by Drive Safe& Safe. While your morning commute might have forced you to drive at a high-traffic time like 9 AM, you now might be working from home and only driving at safer off-times like 2 PM to pick up groceries. If so, Drive Safe & Save will notice that youre driving at a more reliable time and potentially boost your insurance discount.

Its a stressful time for families. Opting for an insurance policy that can help you save might give you some peace of mind.

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Who Is The Drive Safe And Save Program A Good Option For

State Farm Drive Safe And Save: my experience. Save money?

Responsible drivers can save hundreds of dollars annually on their insurance premium by opting for the Drive Safe and Save program. By adhering to low-risk driving, you may reap the benefits of program discounts reflected in your premium.

It might also be a good option for those who want to improve their driving habits. There is minimal risk to you for signing up. The program does not monitor tickets or traffic stops. In fact, the only way your rates can increase while participating in the program is if you already have the discount for low-mileage driving of less than 7,500 miles per year and the data shows you have exceeded that.

Usage-based insurance can also benefit young drivers. If you have a teen or young adult who has just started driving, this program will give you an informal way of knowing how well they are doing behind the wheel so that you can help them become a safer and more conscientious driver.

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Your Grade From State Farm

At renewal time, this grade will be used to determine your discountâanywhere from 5â50%

Key Takeaway State Farm weighs numerous factors when determining your discount, including acceleration, cornering, braking, speed, phone use, and the time of day you drive.


State Farm Drive Safe & Save Review: Is It Worth It

Your State Farm insurance agent will send you a Bluetooth beacon that you put in your vehicle Using your smartphone, you download the Drive Safe & Save app from the Apple or Android store You will need a State Farm account to use the app and provide basic information Pair the Bluetooth beacon with your smartphone

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How Do You Cancel Drive Safe And Save

Wondering how to cancel Drive Safe & Save? According to the auto insurance company, cancelling the program is simple and easy.

Simply call the State Farm customer service line at 1 782-8332 or visit the State Farm website and navigate to your account.

Once you cancel your service either online or by phone, you dont need to send back the Bluetooth beacon. Simply drove the device off at a electronics recycling facility. Then, uninstall the mobile app from your phone and you will be good to go.

Some may wonder if there is a Drive Safe & Save cheat. We do not recommend trying to cheat the system. If you are found cheating, you could be accused of insurance fraud, which could land you in court and make it harder for you to find coverage again.

Drive Safe & Save Mobile Version 30

Drive Safe &  Save

Drive Safe & Save Mobile App Updated. Saving money while improving your driving skills is the goal of Drive Safe & Save Mobile version 3.0. Based on customer feedback, version 3.0 has new features that make it easier to own your driving experience and impact your auto insurance rate by using technology to improve your driving habits.

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What Is State Farm Drive Safe And Save

The State Farm Drive Safe & Save program uses driving data either from an app and a beacon Bluetooth device or from OnStar to gauge your performance as a driver and award discounts for safe habits. You can enroll in State Farm Drive Safe & Save at no additional cost to yourself the program is completely free.

The maximum discount for most drivers is 30%, though State Farm says that in certain states and situations, the maximum discount is 50%. That’s by far the biggest discount from a telematics program from a major national insurer.

Additionally, State Farm Drive Safe & Save comes with a pledge that all drivers who continue to use the program will get a discount on their auto insurance. Other programs do not offer this guarantee. Some, like Liberty Mutual RightTrack, only pledge that your rates will not go up, while others, like Progressive Snapshot, do not even come with this guarantee.

State Farm policyholders in California, Rhode Island and Massachusetts should be aware that Drive Safe & Save is not available in their state. To get their rates down, these drivers will need to ask after other State Farm discounts or select another UBI program from a different insurer.

State Farm Drive Safe and Save differs slightly depending on whether you use the version powered by the mobile app and the Bluetooth beacon or the version powered by OnStar. We’ve outlined how to use both versions of State Farm Drive Safe & Save below:

Whats The Bottom Line

The Drive Safe & Save program has very little risk, and it can provide a reasonably good discount. So is the driver discount program worth it?

For those that qualify, it is likely worth giving the program a shot. As with all such programs, drivers should keep their expectations realistic you are not going to save 50% on your car insurance, and you will be disappointed if thats what you expect.

For those that are just looking to trim the bills as much as possible, Drive Safe & Save is a pretty safe bet.

We hope you enjoyed our Drive Safe & Save State Farm review. While youre here, enter your ZIP code into our free comparison tool below to find affordable car insurance near you.

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State Farm Drive Safe & Save: The Bottom Line

If you want to buy State Farm Drive Safe & Save or Onstar auto insurance, all you need to do is speak with a licensed State Farm insurance agent. Youll receive an initial 5 percent discount for enrolling and up to 30 percent off your monthly rates at your next policy renewal.

Wondering if State Farm insurance has the right car insurance for your needs? Check out our State Farm auto insurance review to help you decide.

Before you leave this State Farm Drive Safe & Save or OnStar review, why not use your ZIP code in our free tool to start comparing car insurance rates from companies near you today?

Drive Safe & Save Mobile

Drive Safe & Save Mobile Setup | State Farm®

Drive Safe & Save Mobile – State Farm® Customer Care Download Mobile Apps Drive Safe And Save Mobile Drive Safe & Save Mobile for your smartphone The Drive Safe & Save app puts you in control of your discount. You’ll save just for signing up. From there, how you drive determines how much you save up to 30%. 1 Heres how it works

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How Does It Work

Drive Safe & Save and other usage-based programs use auto telematics, which is technology for monitoring vehicles. This technology relies on cellular and GPS functions, plus onboard diagnostics, to gather and transmit driving data like location, driving speed, distance traveled, and time of use. OnStar, for example, is one of the more popular auto telematics systems. It can be used to help locate stolen vehicles, for example, or help you find your car.

To enroll in Drive Safe & Save, youll need to download a smartphone app or use OnStar. The Drive Safe & Save app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. If youre using OnStar, call 888-4-ONSTAR or just press the OnStars blue button.

Next youll need a Bluetooth beacon, which State Farm will send you via mail. You attach the beacon to your windshield behind the rearview mirror, and then youre good to go. Once you start using the program, it will track everything from the time of day you make a trip to how fast you brake.

Youll be assigned a safety rating based on your driving habits. This safety rating is used to calculate the discount youll receive on your premium.

Whats State Farm Drive Safe & Save And How Does It Work

While tracking driving behavior might sound complicated, youll be relieved to know that State Farms Drive Safe & Save program is refreshingly simple.

To get started, all you need to do is text SAVE to 78836, which will give you the option to download the Drive Safe & Save mobile app to your smartphone. In just a few steps, you can enroll in the program. Then State Farm will mail you a Bluetooth beacon that you attach to the back of your rearview mirror. Turn on the beacon, complete your registration, and youre ready to hit the road.

In fact, just signing up for Drive Safe & Save will earn you a five percent discount. But thats just the beginning of your savings. If you avoid distracted driving and cut down on dangerous behaviors like quick acceleration, exceeding the speed limit, hard braking, and fast cornering, you could earn a discount as high as 30 to 50 percent. State Farm will then adjust your insurance discount at the end of each policy period, which typically lasts around six months.

Dont worry: State Farm claims that Drive Safe & Save will always get you a discount. You dont have to worry about your rates going up if the app finds that you arent able to avoid unsafe driving characteristics. You just might find your discount is lower.

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Is Drive Safe And Save Still Available In California

Unfortunately for those of you driving in California, on your first renewal on or after April 1, 2019, your Drive Safe & Save auto insurance discount will be replaced with a different way to collect your actual miles driven, according to State Farm’s website. State Farm also says that rather than you reporting your mileage prior to each renewal or using an OnStar plan, State Farm will receive mileage readings for your car from a third-party vendor annually.

One review on Clearsurance recently mentioned the disappointment of this. “The agents are quick to respond and do huge good communication, but their prices are pretty expensive. I have to have to keep my renters insurance, even though my boyfriend has an insurance policy for us, in order to get a cheaper price on my auto insurance policy. Doesnt really make sense. Theyve also changed their safe driving rewards and California is no longer eligible.”

If you’re in California and looking for a different insurance company that has a tracking program now that Drive Safe and Save isn’t an option, check out Clearsurance’s blog on the most popular car tracking device programs as rated by consumers whove tried them out.

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