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How We Chose Our Selection Of Electronic Drum Kits

Simmons SD600 Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Heads and Bluetooth

Brand When it comes to music equipment, there are a few brands that dominate the marketplace. Roland is one of the big players in the electronic drum kit market, but there are a few other brands that are worth looking at. Weve included a few different brands on this list.

Reviews Whatever product you are looking at, its always worth looking at the reviews first. Customer reviews are one of the best places to find an honest opinion about a product. Thats because customers have no reason to lie. We read hundreds of reviews and try to see if there are any repeat problems.

Price Price is important in any purchasing decision. When it comes to electronic drum kits, the price is directly related to the quality of the item. If you want a professional standard electric kit that sounds and feels like a real drum kit, its going to cost you a lot more money. But, on the other end of the scale, there are a lot of beginner drum kits that are great for people just getting into drumming.

Beyerdynamic Dt 770 Pro

This set of headphones by Beyerdynamic is available in a multitude of specifications. You can choose from different impedance and even different colors. Just looking at this pair of headphones you can see that they are certainly stunning and their sleek design gives them the appearance of a far more expensive set.

They retail for around the $150 mark online and in stores. Depending on your setup requirements you can pick from either 32 Ohms, 80 Ohms or 250 Ohms. The smaller the Ohms, the more power you can send into these headphones.

If you think youre going to want to use these headphones on both the electronic drum kit and also on the go with a smartphone or similar, then opt for a larger Ohms model. If, on the other hand, you plan on using these around the recording studio and with a lot of professional grade equipment, then chances are the 32 Ohms model will suit you best.

  • Choice of colors.
  • More expensive than others in this range.

The DT 770 PROs from Beyerdynamic are very comfortable to wear for long periods. Its no surprise that this pair is one of the most highly-rated pairs of studio headphones around. They are durable and offer great sound with slick aesthetics too. They are highly recommended for use with electronic drum kits.

Sennheiser Hd 280 Pro

The Sennheiser HD 280 PROs are a relatively inexpensive pair of headphones. Theyre just around the $100 and for that you get dynamic, closed-ear headphones. These headphones are robust and built to sustain day-to-day wear and tear. They have a nominal impedance of 64 Ohms and a sound pressure level of 113 dB.

When it comes to the sound, the HD 280 PROs perform well with an extended frequency range of 8 Hz to 25 kHz. They function as a decent set of headphones for electronic drums as theyre quite shaped and tend to boost the low end bass and crisp trebles.

They also have the benefit of having replaceable parts such as the ear cups, headband and audio cord, so should you ever need to do some repair work, you can.

  • Lightweight.
  • Ear cups may be too small for some head sizes.

This pair from Sennheiser is a great option if youre looking for suitable headphones for playing electronic drums. Their price makes them accessible to most consumers and they should last with proper care and attention.

That said, if you are considering traveling a lot with this pair of headphones, do make sure to use an adequate hard case. They may be prone to excessive wear and tear. They are light in weight but this is at the expense of robustness. All in all, a good set of headphones for the price.

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Kat Percussion Ka2 Electronic Drum Amp With Aux Input

The KA2 is a full-range amplifier built with drummers in mind. This is a great monitor for any type of V-Drum kit and even has additional inputs for other instruments too. If you do plan on sharing the inputs its nice to know that KAT Percussion has included an additional volume control for the second input also.

The 3-band EQ lets you control low, mid and high frequencies with the turn of a knob. Theres also the inclusion of a presence knob which is for adding clarity to the mix. You might feel the need to use this feature in a loud rehearsal room or at a gig for more definition.

Also on the front panel of the KA2 is an AUX input for connecting external devices such as MP3 players and iPods.

Image credit: KAT Percussion
  • 12-inch driver.
  • Presence sound control.
  • Not entry level.

The KA2 is the bigger brother of the smaller KA1 digital drum amplifier. It has 200 watts of power versus the KA1s 50 watts, which makes it a lot louder and more suited to the gigging professional drummer.

What Comes With Most E

Simmons SD600 Expanded Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Pads and Bluetooth ...

Its important to know exactly what youre getting when you make your purchase, as Im sure youll want to be setting this thing up and playing on day one, right?

I still have yet to see any e-drum kit that sells the mounting hardware, rack system, or the drum pads separately.

That being said, there are a couple of additional purchases you will likely have to make.

Most kits do not include the bass drum pedal, drum throne, sticks, or even headphones.

If you dont have a set of drumming headphones / in-ear monitors, youll need to buy an amplifier to actually hear the sounds made from your kit.

Personally, I use in-ear monitors since I am trying to keep the noise down, but its really up to your preference.

Using an electronic kit enables you to practice all out, even if you live in an apartment.

Often times when buying online, you can check down underneath the product listing to see if the manufacturer or supplier sells a bundle deal with commonly purchased products.

This is a great way to save a ton of money on a new product instead of buying used.

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Do I Need To Buy An Amp For My Electronic Drum Set

Not necessarily. Beginner electronic drum kits are best used with headphones for private practice. If you are going to use an electronic kit for live purposes, or would just like to be able to play out loud, then it would be worthwhile investing in an electronic drum amp.

However if your reasons for purchasing a beginner e-kit are primarily for practice, learning and potentially recording into a DAW, there is no real need for an amp.

When Is The Best Time To Buy An Electronic Drum Set

We stand by every kit in this guide when it comes to value for money, features and build quality. If you’re in the market right now, then you can do no wrong in picking one up. You may even find small discounts if you shop around .

That said, in our experience there are optimal times of the year to buy. You can usually find small discounts throughout the year, and during key sales events like Labor Day, Memorial Day and President’s Day, but between October and January is the recommended time to look. That’s when retailers start gearing up to offer the very best prices coincide with the busy Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas period. If you’re able to wait until then, we would urge you to hold off until you can bag a hearty discount. The money you save could be spent on new sticks, an upgrade to your bass drum pedal or a quality pair of headphones.

Keep your eyes on MusicRadar for all the best Black Friday drum deals.

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Features To Look For In Electronic Drum Kits

Noise Level This is one of the main reasons so many people are choosing electric drum kits over acoustic drum kits theyre so much quieter. You can plug your noise cancelling headphones and play as hard as you want, and youll only annoy people in the same room, rather than the whole neighborhood.

Size If you, or your kids, are just starting out on drums, you might not need a full-size drum kit. You also might not need all of the different drums and symbols.

Connectivity There are all sorts of ways your drum kits can be connected you can play to your own MP3s, record yourself playing, control MIDI outputs, and more. If connectivity is important, look for an electric drum kit thats been brought out in the last couple of years.

Sound Options Most electronic drumkits have multiple sound options. You can choose from sound options that are similar to acoustic kits or you can find really weird sounds.

Adjustability Adjustability is important when it comes to any drumkit. Its a very personal thing because everyones has a differently shaped body. If your arms are longer, it might be easier to have the drums a little further away from your body.

Pad Material The pads are normally made from a rubber-like material. Some of the more expensive electronic drum kits are designed to feel like acoustic kits, which is great if you want to make the transition over.

Behringer F1220d Proffesional Electronic Drum Monitor

#Drum Set Toy Silicone # Electronic Bluetooth Drum Playing games

The Behringer F1220D is a professional-level monitor with 250 watts of power. This is a loud wedge monitor with two inputs, 3-band EQ and a feedback filter control. This is a general use monitor, so its ideal for all musicians for use in rehearsal or on stage.

When using with an electronic drum set you will need a suitable connecting cable. In most cases this will be a 1/4-inch jack to XLR connection. There are 2 inputs, one line in and one mic, which can be used to monitor your sound. With an electronic drum set the line input is a better option.

  • 250 watts.
  • Uses XLR connections.

If youre after volume then the FD1220D will suit you down to the ground. This monitor is aimed at professionals, so there are no entry-level features such as 1/8-inch jack inputs. This is by far the loudest monitor on our list.

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Should I Buy A Used Electronic Drum Set

Buying a used electronic drum set brings with it its very own set of pros and cons. Obviously the main upside of buying used is that there are some big savings to be had. In our experience buying and selling our music gear, used prices tend to be roughly two thirds of the new price – which can usually free up some extra cash for the accessories you might need.

Electronic drum sets are designed to be hit, so often their build quality is strong, sturdy and durable. This also means, however, that the used e-kit youâre looking at could have been used and abused by a previous owner.

In our experience buying and selling our music gear, used prices tend to be roughly two thirds of the new price – which can usually free up some extra cash for the accessories you might need.

For this reason, itâs important that youâre aware that most manufacturer warranties wonât cover re-sold items – meaning that even if your used kit is within the manufacturer warranty period, you wonât be eligible to use the warranty.

Some big music retailers such as Guitar Center offer a wide range of used products, usually taken in part exchange on new gear. These items are then checked over before they go back on sale, to make sure everything is in good working order. Youâll likely pay a bit more than the going rate if youâre buying second hand from a big store, but in our opinion, the added peace of mind is worth paying a little more for. Itâll still be cheaper than the new item, too.

Electronic Drum Kit Information

Electric drum kits are a realistic alternative to acoustic drums, giving users flexibility, control and variable volume level. Electronic sets allow different sounds to be assigned to any given pad giving drummers nearly unlimited potential for many different drum sounds.

Advantages of an Electric Drum Kit

The modern electronic drum kit has several advantages over the conventional acoustic kit:

  • The electric drum kit and cymbals can produce as much or as little noise as you would like them to. With the addition of headphones, no one will be able to hear you practice. This makes these electric drum kits useful for people that live in close proximity to others, or for professionals looking to have the accurate monitoring headphones can provide.

  • Full electric drum sets take up less space than a conventional kit and can be packed down if necessary. This is perfect for people concerned about space at home, or the gigging musician.

  • The majority of electronic drum kits have built in play along songs and metronomes, meaning you have a head start when it comes to practising.

  • You have control over what your drum kit sounds like, making it easy to play in a variety of styles with just one kit. Some electronic sets even let you edit the sounds or upload your own!

  • Some electronic drum kits have very realistic acoustic drum sounds. This does depend on your budget however, as more expensive kits tend to have more realistic sounds.

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Ddrum Dda50 Best Sounding Drum Monitor

Sound does not get better than this

DDrum are famous for their electronic drums and triggers. With the DDA50 they have created a portable wedge-type drum monitor which packs a punch while not being to bulky to handle. The DDA50 is 50 watts which makes it ideal for rehearsing with.

Theres a 10-inch driver with a 2.5-inch tweeter to provide the perfect mix of bass, mid and treble. On the front panel are two 1/4-inch inputs along with one 1/8-inch input for external devices.

  • Has AUX volume control.
  • Shipping can be expensive.

The DDA50 produces a great sound with impressive lows and crisp highs. The tweeter is bigger than most competitors, so you can really hear the clarity in your mix, especially if you boost the high end EQ.

This is a solid product from DDrum and is keenly priced around the $220 price point. You may run into extra charges with shipping depending on where you are delivering to, so watch out for that.

Strong And Stable Hardware

Alesis Surge Mesh

When youre drumming in full swing, theres nothing more frustrating than a stand that feels unstable or a drum that starts to move away as you play it. Built with strong materials and quality components, the TD-07KVs hardware delivers the rock-solid stability you need. The custom drum stand provides a firm, steady foundation, while precision clamps tightly hold all components in place. Carrying on the rugged durability that V-Drums are famous for, the TD-07KV is ready to stand up to years of heavy playing, day after day.

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Can You Play Live Gigs With An Electronic Drum Set

You sure can. Itâs still not a massively common occurrence, but increasingly drummers are using full e-kit setups for their live shows. Drum sampling techniques have improved so much in recent years that the sounds coming out of high-end e-kits sound just like the real thing.

This, coupled with the increase in live drum triggering – when drum triggers are placed on acoustic drums and used to trigger pre-recorded drum sounds – means that actually, a lot of what you might hear at a gig is actually the same as you might hear from an e-kit.

Historically, electronic drum sets havenât really looked the part for stage use. Thereâs something intimidating about turning up to a gig with a collection of plastic, rubber and mesh when everyone else is rocking acoustic gear. Things have changed, thankfully. Some modern electronic drum sets – for example the Roland VAD706 and the ATV aDrums Artist Standard – come complete with full wooden shells – meaning they look like acoustic kits but come packing electronic drum set smarts.

Alesis Elevate 5 Mkii Most Versatile Electronic Drum Monitor Speakers

Best stereo monitors for electronic drums

If youre looking for speakers for your electronic drum set and want something a bit more versatile, then perhaps you should consider a pair of studio monitors. There are a number of advantages to a pair of monitors over a standalone wedge-type monitor.

Firstly, you get the option of stereo sound. Most top electronic drum sets come with lots of presets which work in stereo. This is a nice feature that expands the soundscape and allows you to place different drums across your mix.

  • Versatile.
  • Not as convenient to transport to and from gigs/rehearsal.

The Alesis Elevate 5 MKII is a good set of home studio speakers which will work well for home practice on electronic drums. There is 80 watts of power in total between the two speakers which makes for a decent play-along volume.

The nice thing about the Elevate 5 MKIIs is that theyre very versatile, so not just restricted to electronic drums. You can use them for home recording, gaming or for your home cinema. The sound is crisp and full and the small size means they can be positioned on a shelf, so as to take up the minimum of room space.

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