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Viewquest Christie DAB DAB FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker Review

Many people use their mobile phones forplaying music. Unfortunately, most phone speakers arent loud and dontreproduce bass well. With that in mind, Bluetooth speakers come in handy. Theycome in all shapes and sizes and allow you to be mobile without having tosacrifice too much in volume and quality.

Despite the fact that music can be streamed on-demand from phones, there are people who still enjoy listening to FM radio broadcasts. The good thing is that some Bluetooth speakers have a built-in FM radio function.

Top 10 Best Cd Player With Bluetooth Transmitter

If youre looking for the cd player with bluetooth transmitter youre in the right place. We spent a lot of time reviewing best cd player with bluetooth transmitter to come up with the Ten that we think stand apart from the pack in style, functionality, and value. In this guide, we have reviewed all the products and generated the best options available today for you.

We analyzed and compared 48 cd player with bluetooth transmitter sold for nearly 48 hours, and considered the opinions of 582 consumers. Following our last update, our favorite model is the Oakcastle CD100 Portable CD Player with Bluetooth | Rechargeable Battery | Headphones Included | AUX Output. However, if you dont want to spend extra then we have another vast option for you is HOTT CD711T Bluetooth Rechargeable Portable CD Player for Home Travel and Car with Stereo Headphones and, Anti Shock Protection-Black.

Below is a review of some of the best cd player with bluetooth transmitter together with their extra features and functions. Wanna find the Top cd player with bluetooth transmitter? Read the below list right the way.

How To Pair A Bluetooth Speaker To A Radio

The speaker and smartphone are connected via one end. Your devices can be paired with your phone if you want to connect them to Bluetooth. Once you connect the Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone, you can open the FM radio or Internet radio app and listen to your favorite radio stations.

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Hott Cd903tf Portable Cd Player For Car With Bluetooth Fm Transmitterrechargeable Touch Button Backlight Display Black

$ as of January 8, 2022 9:41 pm


  • PORTABLE CD PLAYER: HOTT CD903TF portable CD player built-in with Anti- Shock Protection./ Compatibility: CD, MP3, CD-RW, CD-R and WMA. / DIR: Only for mp3 disc / 5 Sound Effects: BBS, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classic./ 5 Play Modes: Play in order, Repeat a track, Repeat ALL, Play first 10s of file, Play in random order.
  • V5.0 BLUETOOTH & FM TRANSMITTER: The HOTT portable CD player CD903TF provides Bluetooth and FM connection, can easily to paired with headphone, speaker, radio, car and some smartphone. Also, it can pair with multiple FM receivers at the same time.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The HOTT Bluetooth portable CD player CD903TF built-in with 1800mAh lithium battery provides 9 hours of power at medium volume after 3-4 hours of full charge. Using USB cable for charging, portable and convenient.
  • TOUCH BUTTONS AND BACKLIGHT DISPLAY: HOTT CD903TF rechargeable CD player is the newest designed with sensitive touch buttons and backlight display, great for nighttime use.
  • TOP NOTCH SERVICE: HOTT portable CD player CD903TF provides a 30-days return policy, 1-year warranty and lifetime support, and Toll-free call center.

Bluetooth Radios With Outstanding Sound Quality And Connectivity

Redmaine MS 201BT Portable High Power Output FM Radio ...

These days we have seemingly unlimited listening options when it comes to music. Theres music on our phones, in our cars, and streaming from our computers. Nevertheless, for a more convenient experience, nothing can beat the humble radio.

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Of course, radios are not what they used to be. In todays world, internet radio and Bluetooth streaming provide access like never before. However, finding the best Bluetooth radio for you can be a bit of a challenge.

The truth is, to find the best Bluetooth radio, youre going to need to shop around. Its crucial to look for build quality, clean sound, simple connectivity, and an appealing style at a price you can afford. Fortunately, weve done the shopping around for you. Lets take a look!

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Imden Bluetooth Fm Transmitter

The best Bluetooth FM transmitter depends on what youre looking for in your new car accessory.

If you need something simple, easy to use, and capable of upgrading your audio, IMDEN could have the tool for you.

The IMDEN Bluetooth 5.0 FM transmitter combines excellent audio, with a hands-free calling and streaming kit.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, IMDEN promises a quick and stable connection.

When conducting our Bluetooth FM transmitter review, we had no problem getting a device paired. Plus, taking hands-free calls was as simple as pressing a button.

Theres even three USB charging ports included to help keep your smartphone fully charged too.

The microphone in this transmitter comes with noise cancellation technology to improve the quality of your conversations.

There are also in-built EQ enhancements to improve your music.

Thanks to the unique technology in this Bluetooth FM transmitter for car use, you get a fantastic Hi-Fi style bass experience.

For a price of around $20, features include:

  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth streaming
  • Simple functionality
  • Compact design.

The IMDEN Bluetooth FM transmitter is an easy-to-use option for anyone who wants quick access to in-car entertainment.

The short-circuit protection feature gives you peace of mind as you listen to your tunes.

On the downside, while IMDEN does offer a bass boost with this device, you cant access any high volumes.


Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Fm Radio And Mp3 Player Bt20bk

Listen to the music, charge your smartphone, have fun!

With USB/AUX ports the speaker allows you to listen to the FM radio, and music from a variety of formats. You can send music directly from your phone via Bluetooth, thats what makes this speaker extremely useful.

Another advantage of BT20BK is a possibility of connecting it wirelessly via NFC that significantly shortens the time of connecting the main unit to the sound source like smartphone or tablet.

Built-in two high-performance speakers, with advanced A2DP audio made specially for Bluetooth, provides excellent sound, display selected audio source or the current radio station, completes the comfort.

Built-in battery allows you take the speaker anywhere both on the beach or to the office, also Power Bank function allows user to charge smartphones battery.Included AC adapter makes speaker to be used stationary. TB20BKI device is available in a classic black case.

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Play Fm Radio On Bluetooth Speakers With Fm Tuner

Now, some Bluetooth speakers come with FM Tuners inside them. To activate the FM tuner, you have to press the Function button then the Bluetooth speaker will change modes between AUX, Bluetooth, FM tuner. Once the FM tuner mode is Activated, you can use the Volume up and down button to search the radio station. Some Bluetooth speaker will search for the radio station automatically.

Following you will find the process which I explain above.

Press Function Button until FM Tuner Mode Activate.

Press the volume up and down button For searching the radio station.

Vdc Bluetooth 40 Fm Radio Mp3 Wav Flac Audio Preamp Board With Function Cables And Remote

Ryobi 18V AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth
  • 9 – 12 VDC working voltage for flexibility
  • LED display identifies play mode and Bluetooth connection for convenience
  • Includes IR remote for wireless control
  • Auto-shutoff when no signal is detected saves power
  • Preset equalizer settings enable sound customization
  • Includes power, audio output, and FM antenna cable for quick installation
  • Plays APE FLAC WAV WMA MP3 audio files

In Stock

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Pyle Pda6bu5 Compact Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier:

From this stereo amplifier, you get 200 Watts of sound output. Basically, it is a 2-channel amplifier receiver. Generally, it works perfectly for the home theater sound system and karaoke.

The 200 Watts of power makes sure the device accommodates 2 speaker sets. Hence, you enjoy superior quality amplified audio. The range of Bluetooth connectivity is 40 feet.

There is the presence of 7 inputs. This helps the amplifier supports different external sources through 2 RCA audio inputs. A bright LCD screen with the front panel is present. Furthermore, you can control different parameters through a remote.


  • Broad wireless range of 40 meters
  • Can accommodate 2 sets of speakers
  • Easy to use knob controls

Why We Liked Bluetooth Amplifiers?

The compact size helps you accommodate in a bookshelf. All buttons are responsive.

Why You Should Buy The Best Bluetooth Speaker With Fm Radio

FM radio stations broadcast the music that you love and also keep you updated with the local and global news. Moreover, you can listen to FM anywhere you want without ever needing to connect your devices.

You probably already know that RJs at FM radio stations have a great sense of humor and that they work very hard to keep everyone in a good mood all day long. On top of that, their jokes and funny prank calls break the monotony of everyday life and help you to rejuvenate yourself.

Frankly speaking, when youll get a Bluetooth speaker with FM, youll never run out of music. So, dont worry if you only have a few songs on your device, because FM radio will keep on playing new and old songs for you.

Note that to play FM radio on these speakers you dont need your phone or the internet. Therefore, you can roam around freely with your phone and make calls as you wish.

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Tenmiya Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Tenmiya is a Bluetooth FM radio that prides itself in having everything you need its easy-to-use, highly functional, and stylish. Its a top-rated product and one of the most acknowledged brands in the market. Find out why here.

With this brand, you will never be disappointed with the sound quality that goes off your speakers. Its a high-powered 10W stereo, with three loudspeakers for sound surround and one high output subwoofer.

These features give off not just loud and crisp audio but also an enhanced sound reproduction quality. This produces rich highs, detailed mids, and resonating lows, making me love this radio even more.

Further, its Bluetooth has a 33-ft reach and pairs quickly with most smartphones. So, whether I have my iOS or Android phone with me, I can easily toggle the Bluetooth feature to any of my devices. It also has a 3.5mm aux port and a TF Card for more music playback options.

Moreover, you can also tune in to FM stations. You have two options for programming FM stations: the radios auto scan and save feature and the manual mode. The second allows you to save your favorite stations via the remote control selectively.

Its not just the functionality that I like about this brand, but the design as well. The speaker box is crafted from wood materials, making it sound and look better. Wood products exude elegance and warmth, which metal and plastic cannot, so it adds flair to your home.

  • The instructional guide should have been more clear.

Light Green Bluetooth Speaker Smart Portable Fm Radio Card U Disk Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker

MS 305BT Blue Portable Bluetooth AUX Wireless Speaker ...

as of January 16, 2022 4:44 am


  • Husky’s exquisite shape, stupid and invincible
  • Select Bluetooth 4.4 high-speed chipset for efficient data transmission with mobile phones
  • Restore the essence of music, enough 5W output, bass steady, treble
  • Built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, 7 hours continuous playback, 1.7 hours full
  • The shell is made of food-grade silicone, which is as refreshing as baby’s skin.

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Nulaxy Km18 Bluetooth Fm Transmitter

One of the most popular options for FM Bluetooth transmitters, the Nulaxy KM18, offers excellent performance and simplicity.

During our Bluetooth FM transmitter review, we found the Nulaxy device quick and convenient to use.

The screen offers plenty of useful information, and getting a Bluetooth connection requires just one tap of a button.

One of the best features of the Nulaxy is its advanced noise reduction capabilities. You can enjoy superb sound quality no matter what youre listening to.

Plus, theres a USB charging port available to keep your device running smoothly too. The hands-free calling functionality ensures you can answer and manage calls on the move too.

With safety features built-in for extra peace of mind, and access to an aux input or TF card slot, the KM18 has it all.

For around $20, features include:

  • USB charging port
  • LCD screen with plenty of information
  • Easy Bluetooth streaming
  • FM broadcasting with noise cancellation
  • Simple functionality
  • Aux and TF card input
  • Safety functions to protect drivers

The Nulaxy KM18 makes it quick and convenient to upgrade your cars functionality with Bluetooth streaming, and stronger FM connections.

Theres even a feature that lets you keep track of car battery voltage.

The volume is a bit limited, and the device can sometimes cycle through stations at random.


  • TF card options, and aux input
  • USB charging

Listening To Fm Radio With Bluetooth Headphones

Listening to the mobile FM radio may seem a bit outdated, but this is still a necessary function for many users. The great disadvantage of using it is clear: you always have to have cables in between, cannot be a 100% wireless experience.

That does not mean that you cannot listen to the radio with your Bluetooth headphones, as it is possible thanks to a simple trick. To achieve this, the first thing you must do is connect your Bluetooth headset to the phone, something you can do from Settings> Connections> Bluetooth.

Once youve connected your Bluetooth headphones, its time to go to the cables. So, you must connect wired headphones or adapter with 3.5mm jack output to the mobile jack to act as an antenna. Finally, you just have to open the FM radio of your mobile to check how the audio from it is emitted through the Bluetooth headphones.

Faced with possible problems when trying to listen to the FM radio with Bluetooth headphones, we must mention that not all phone models allow this happens, so the trick would be useless if you have one of them.

To avoid these inconveniences, it is also a good option to have a Bluetooth headset with a built-in antenna, with which you can listen to the phones FM radio without problems, thus avoiding having to download external radio applications.

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Bt20a Bluetooth 50 Stereo Audio 2 Channel Amplifier:

The BT20A amplifier is a Hi-Fi class D amplifier for home speakers. It comes in a compact design for ease of setup. There is the inclusion of bass and treble controls. The sound output is 100W x 2. Moreover, there is a presence of a CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chip. It makes sure the range of wireless connectivity is up to 50 feet. There is no delay and distortion in the output. The setup is quick with phones, laptops, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • Comes with advanced circuitry design
  • Easy to control bass and treble

Why We Liked It?

We liked the strong, stable connection. It makes sure the audio quality is excellent.

Dual Electronics Dbtma100 Micro Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier:

Sandstrom SF-DABA18 Portable DAB /FM Bluetooth Radio – Blue | Product Overview | Currys PC World

The DBTMA100 amplifier is a 2-channel class-D stereo amplifier. It comes with 100 Watts of peak power at the output. The range of wireless connectivity is 100 feet. Moreover, there is support for stereo RCA outputs. This portable amplifier can easily connect to your smart device. Furthermore, it remembers the last paired devices. Hence, connectivity is instant.

It comes with a frequency response of 20 Hz 22 kHz and 4-8 ohms of impedance. There is no requirement to change your wired speakers. Simply insert the wires of the speaker in the quick-release terminals.


Why We Liked Bluetooth Amplifiers?

The included chip comes with advanced technology. There is no distortion at the output.

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How Do I Use A Bluetooth Speaker With An Old Radio

  • Choosing a radio is the first step. The first step is to find a portable vintage radio that looks nice.
  • The second step is to locate a Bluetooth speaker
  • The third step is to empty the radio of its components
  • The fourth step is to remove the Bluetooth speakers transmitter.
  • The Bluetooth transmitter and radio loudspeaker must be connected in step 5.
  • The sixth step is to reassemble.
  • Anker Soundcore Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    Bigger isnt always better. This super portable bluetooth speaker with FM radio by Anker provides everything a user could want, while maintaining a compact size.

    This small speaker delivers plenty of sound and powerful bass through a 5W audio driver and passive subwoofer, all while fitting in a pocket.

    The SoundCore Mini speaker supports Bluetooth, micro SD, AUX and FM radio. It supplies an astonishing 15 hours of playtime off of a single charge. On top of its ample playtime, it has a Bluetooth range of 66 feet. It also has a built-in noise cancelling microphone that lets users make wireless calling through the speaker.

    An 18 moth worry-free warranty comes standard, but its unlikely that it will be needed considering the durability of this speaker.

    Key Features:

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    Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner Am/fm

    Fans of CDs are often left wondering why so few Bluetooth radios also allow for them to put on one of the numerous CDs they collected over the years prior to digital music superseding compact discs.

    Fortunately, Sony has produced an excellent Bluetooth radio that allows for CD playback, whether thats a standard CD or a CD-R or CD-RW containing MP3 files. Because of the USB input, you can even record your favorite songs or CDs directly to your computer too. The AM/FM radio is an excellent feature, and you can save 20 FM presets, as well as 10 AM presets.

    Pros: + CD, CD-RW, and CD-R playback + 30 presets + Mega Bass sound enhancement + NFC connectivity

    Why We Liked It – It is, hands-down, the best Bluetooth radio for CD fans, as well as listeners wanting to be able to record your CDs directly to your computer.

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