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Bluetooth connections are reliable, but slightly more prone to lag and/or momentary connection loss, especially when you have many Bluetooth connections going on in one place . These issues do resolve themselves, and can often be fixed simply by re-establishing the connection if they dont, but they can be an annoyance. Bluetooth also tends to drain a keyboards battery faster. On the plus side, though, devices with Bluetooth support can connect to phones, tablets, and other devices without a USB port.

The bottom line? Its nice to have both. The 2.4GHz RF kind is generally the better connection type, especially if youre planning on connecting to one, stationary PC. Bluetooth adds a lot of versatility, though. Not only can you connect to more devices, but having it is a nice safety net if you forget the USB dongle. In keyboards made in the last two or three years, youre most likely to see keyboards with just a 2.4GHz connection, though there are a few Bluetooth-only options. Some keyboards support both connections. I would urge you, though, to not count out a keyboard just because it relies solely on Bluetooth, as you may not even notice a difference if youre using it at home.

Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards Tenkeyless In 2022

You have most presumably paused here because you are searching for the best wireless mechanical keyboards. Whether you have a typing job or are a gamer, a mechanical keyboard will genuinely benefit you. As these keyboards are durable and have high response time therefore, they are gamers favorite. Moreover, these keyboards make a satisfying clicking sound to let you know that the key is pressed and the job is done.

Additionally, it is even better if your mechanical keyboard is wireless because who loves those ugly looking cords? On top of that, with wireless keyboards, you are not tied to the computers through the cable. Instead, you have the freedom to be in whatever comfortable position you are. With all that said, we have listed a few wireless keyboards to help you in your hunt through and through. Rest assured, the leading authentic companies manufacture these keyboards.

Typing Experience On The Akko 3098b / N

I found typing on both the Akko 3098B, with its default CS Jelly White switches, and 3098N, with my Kailh Box Whites, thrilling. Normally, Id say that typing on a great keyboard is a pleasure or a joy, but Ill use the word thrilling here, because thanks to the curved, retro-style keys and the auditory feedback I got, I felt like I was typing like people do in blockbuster movies.

WIth the loud clack of the linear CS Jelly White switches and their tactile feel, I felt like I was Matthew Broderick hacking into WOPR in War Games on his old-school IMSAI 8080 computer. Ive never liked linear switches, but these CS Jelly Whites give just enough of a tactile feel and make such a great sound that I really like typing on them. On the 10 Fast Fingers typing test, I was able to achieve a speed of 105 words per minute, with less than a 5-percent error rate, which is really good for me and above my typical 95 to 100 wpm.

The default TTC Silent Red switches on the Akko 3098N were so bad that I didnt even attempt a typing test on them. Pressing down on each switch seemed to require a ton of force and the keys were stiffer than even the worst rubber dome keyboards Ive used.

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The Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards

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Despite being months away from a brand-new console generation, PC gaming is as vital as ever. Major third-party titles are almost always made available on PC, and when they arent, gamers request the title for PC until it finally arrives in a deluxe package. Part of the joy in PC gaming comes from the flexibility a PC provides: you can build your computer to run games at medium settings for the price of a new console, or you can invest thousands of dollars into a 4K, VR-ready gaming machine that doubles as a workstation PC for video production, photo editing, and more.

Building your new PC isnt enough, of course. You need some incredible peripherals to make the best of PC gaming. Enthusiasts spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect monitor, sound systems, gaming mice, and of course, keyboards for the perfect typing experience.

Over the last decade, mechanical keyboards have become more popular for gamers and writers moved to wireless technology, keyboardsespecially mechanical keyboardshave largely remained wired affairs. For some, this may not matter, as a keyboard largely remains in one place at a time throughout its lifespan of use. But for many users looking to reduce their cable managementor to make their desk look just a bit more neata wireless keyboard is a must.

Obins Anne Pro: For Those Who Want Mobile Flexibility

Kira Full

At the moment the Anne Pro is probably the most popular 60% Bluetooth mechanical keyboard design. This is due to a combination of easy mobile support with a purpose-made Android programming app, easy availability from vendors like Amazon, and full RGB LED support. The keys and lighting layout can be re-arranged in almost any fashion, which is especially helpful on a somewhat limited 60% design. The board comes with PBT keycaps from the factory, a standard ANSI arrangement thats compatible with aftermarket keycaps, and it comes with a free USB Bluetooth adapter in the package. Gateron switches are available in Blue, Brown, and Red designs, and white or black keys/cases are sold.

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Royal Kludge Rk61 Best Budget Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

The Royal Kludge RK61 is the best Bluetooth mechanical keyboard for people on a budget. The cost is half of most of the others on this list.

It doesnt have full RGB, but it does have blue backlight. The keycaps are double-shot ABS plastic, but they feel textured and slightly more oil-resistant than matte coated ABS keycaps Ive worked with.

The on/off switch is on the bottom of the keyboard, and the USB-C charging port is in the center back of the board. The location is not the best, but its meant to be a charging port. It can also be connected through wire for long-term gaming.

There are no adjustable feet on the back. The RK61 is available in black or white with your choice of switches.

  • Budget-friendly

Are Wireless Keyboards Good For Gaming

Wireless gaming keyboards have traditionally taken a bad rap from players. However, while older models did struggle to keep up with wired models when it came to latency, connection reliability, and features, we’re seeing many of those concerns disappearing. Of course, cheaper models will still lag slightly behind similarly priced wired keyboards. With speedy response times and reliable connections, though, they will still provide a solid gaming experience. Plus, up at the upper mid-range and top price ranges, the battlefield is a little more balanced as well.

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Q: What Size Keyboard Do Most Gamers Use

Gamers, like most PC users, tend to rely on full-size or TKL keyboards, since the number pad isnt used in most games. In recent years, extra-compact 60- and 65-percent keyboards have become more popular among competitive players and streamers. Since most esports dont utilize the function brown, number pad, or navigation and editing keys, removing them from the layout leaves more space for the sweeping mouse movements popular in competitive first-person shooters. The reduced size also allows for more ergonomic arm positioning for long hours at the computer. The smaller size does reduce their utility for productivity, however, so average gamers still tend to use more standard layouts.

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Wireless ‘Compact’ Full Size Mechanical Keyboard – iQunix F96

Ive tested hundreds of keyboards, mice, and other accessories for Wirecutter since 2014. Since I began covering mechanical keyboards for Wirecutter, Ive accumulated 10 mechanical keyboards and a macropadand I chose the cases, switches, and keycaps and then assembled, soldered, and programmed most of them myself. This is way too many keyboards! Ive spent thousands of hours typing on all these different keyboards and switches to land on some reasonable recommendations for people who need only one keyboard.

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Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards

I love wireless peripherals for their ability to reduce clutter, leave a desk looking cleaner and provide more freedom of movement. After starting my search for keyboards to rank on this list I quickly discovered the market for wireless mechanical keyboards is akin to a barren wasteland. There seems to be solid demand, but the supply of high quality mechanical keyboards with some form of wireless connectivity just isnt there yet. Wired mechanical keyboards are somewhat of a small niche themselves .

Computer and tech enthusiasts willing to pay the premium to own mechanical keyboards are almost always looking for the best performance possible, which admittedly isnt usually offered via wireless devices. This is especially true for PC gamers who require a 100% reliable connection with low latency and no added input lag. Wireless peripheral options are mainly coveted for the sake of portability or aesthetics . Still, a larger variety of mechanical keyboards with low input lag, durable build quality and reliable wireless connectivity is something the mechanical keyboard community would welcome with open arms.

Since Im currently on the hunt for a new wireless keyboard of my own I might as well share what Ive learned from my research. Ill be reviewing five of the best wireless mechanical keyboards to see if we can find a viable keyboard or two thats capable of pleasing casuals and enthusiasts alike.

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The Best Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards

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Its odd that, given their booming popularity among all kinds of computer users, mechanical keyboards still have so few wireless options. Between gamers, computing purists, and pragmatists, there doesnt seem to be much desire for Bluetooth mechanical boards. But if youd like a mobile-friendly keyboard, or just a more aesthetically pleasing one for your desktop, there are a handful of options out there.

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Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro: Best Gaming Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro is our choice for the ultimate wireless gaming Bluetooth keyboard if budget is no object, as the keyboard costs a whopping $179.99.

For that price, you get a magnetic detachable palm rest, double-shot ABS keycaps, a 1.2mm pressure point, and more.

You have two options when it comes to the key switches: Green and Yellow. Whats the difference? If you want a clicky and tactile experience, get the model with green switches, and if you want something quieter and easier to press, get the model with yellow switches.

As for connectivity, you can connect via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz WiFi, and Razer says they have optimized latency for a smoother gaming experience, so thats good. Unlike a regular Bluetooth keyboard which has a delay on its wireless connection, this one should be good enough for gaming.

Durability should not be an issue, as the keyboard can withstand up to 80 million clicks, and the top plate of the keyboard is made of military-grade metal. Other features include per-key RGB backlight support, a multifunction wheel for controlling media, and more.

All these things make it one of the best wireless Bluetooth keyboards on the market.

Battery Life And Charging

I am in the market for a bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Either full ...

The final thing to consider with any wireless mechanical keyboard is its rated battery life and how it accepts a charge. Newer keyboards can offer outstanding battery life, even extending multiple years . Thats not a given, however, as the size of the battery, connection type, and backlighting all impact how long the keyboard will last between recharges.

This is especially important for keyboards with RGB backlighting. These LEDs, while pretty, can dramatically reduce battery life. The Razer Blackwidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed, for example, is rated for 200 hours of use with the backlight turned off. With the RGB set to its full brightness, that drops all the way to 17 hours. Its common for RGB to halve battery life, so bear that in mind when choosing the best keyboard for you.

For charging, most wireless keyboards today integrate nonreplaceable rechargeable batteries, though some less expensive models will rely on replaceable AA or AAAs. Though some keyboards offer tremendous battery life off a Duracell or two, we generally prefer rechargeable peripherals. They tend to produce less e-waste over the lifespan of your keyboard. On a practical level, disposable batteries also open up the possibility that your device will stop working at a crucial time if you dont have replacements handy.

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Majestouch Convertible 2 Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a plain, simple and classic design wireless mechanical keyboard with genuine Cherry MX switches then Majestouch Convertible 2 is a perfect choice. The keyboard supports Bluetooth and USB mode of operation and comes with Blue / Brown or Black Cherry MX switches for ultimate reliability and comfort. This is a full-size keyboard with solid build quality. It comes in all black color with ABS keycaps. The keyboard is great for typing especially with blue or brown Cherry MX switches. It can also be used for gaming as it does seem to have 6 Key Rollover and Anti-ghosting capabilities.

The keyboard uses two AA batteries that can last up to 6 months or even more on standard usage . To conserve battery life, the keyboard goes into the power-saving mode with 30 minutes of inactivity. You can also use the keyboard in USB mode and can enjoy 1ms latency. At the bottom of the keyboard, you will find four DIP switches to change or customize the functionality of some keys, which are being stated below.

DIP Switch

The Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed has long been considered the gold standard for wireless gaming keyboards. With its slimline, sleek aesthetic and snappy low profile mechanical keys, you’ll be flying across this board in no time. Not only that, but your wireless connection will keep up thanks to an excellent Lightspeed dongle receiver feeding information to your PC with aplomb.

That 30-hour peak brightness battery life certainly stands out from the crowd too . While it can’t quite match other options on this list with that RGB switched off, those looking for a bright and colorful experience should prioritise this best of both worlds approach.

You’re also getting bags of extra features for your cash here five dedicated macro keys, a suite of media controls, an aluminium top casing, and the ability to pair to two devices at the same time. That means this isn’t exactly a cheap gaming keyboard, but thanks to its age, we are seeing that $229.99 / £209.99 MSRP sliding. Prices are closer to $180 / £140 these days, which is still a considerable investment, but by no means knocking on the doors of Razer’s pricing.

You can still enjoy blue LEDs under your keycaps as well, a 1,000Hz polling rate, full N-key rollover, and macros assigned to any key. All of that, along with the dedicated media controls and wrist rest, means the Corsair K63 Wireless is serving some seriously impressive value for money these days.

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Logitech G915 Wireless Rgb Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G915 is a low profile wireless mechanical keyboard that is ultra-thin at 22mm. It is a new entry in the Logitechs arsenal of keyboards, and it also comes with new low-profile mechanical switches that are developed by the Logitech itself. The keyboard comes with Logitech GL switches and they are available in three variants, which are clicky, tactile and linear. The clicky ones make the click sound and have a tactile bump, whereas the tactile ones only have a tactile bump for feedback. The linear ones are smooth switches with no tactile bump and click sound. The keyboard comes with RGB lighting and you can customize per-key RGB lighting and effects using the Logitech G HUB software. This software is also used to configure Macros and customizing profiles. It has got five Dedicated G-Keys that are fully programmable and customizable using the Logitech G HUB software. Also, it has the game mode button that disables the Windows Key during gaming and using the Logitech G HUB software, you can disable any of the keys you want. The keyboard also includes dedicated media control buttons and a volume wheel.

Logitech G915 Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Specifications
Form Factor

Logitech K380 Best Bluetooth Keyboard Overall

is this the Best wireless FULL SIZE Mechanical Keyboard?

If you are looking for a no-frills wireless Bluetooth keyboard with multi-device support, the Logitech K380 is one of the best in that regard.

The brand is known for making phenomenal wireless keyboards, and the K380 is no different. With this keyboard, you can easily switch between 3 devices by using the dedicated Bluetooth keys, and compatibility is not a problem as the keyboard works with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and more.

Are you worried about the battery life? If yes, is two years enough for you? Yes, you read that right: Logitech claims that the K380 will last two years on a single charge, which is a bold claim by the company.

Also, the keyboard supports both Windows and Mac layouts, so you should not have any problems switching between these operating systems. However, the keyboard is relatively compact and therefore does not have a number pad.

The keyboard is available in Dark Gray, Graphite, White, Line-Friends Brown, Line-Friends Cony, Off White, and Rose colors and costs $29.99. At this price, it is a very good offer from Logitech that deserves your attention.

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