Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker System

Ecoxgear Soundextreme Bluetooth Speaker System

Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers – Install

If youre looking for a premium stationary Bluetooth speaker system to install into your golf cart, the EcoXGear SoundExtreme may be the one. Sure, its on the expensive end, but this is all because of its top-notch performance and amazing quality.

This buddy has a peak output of 500 watts. It features eight marine-grade speakers, including two subwoofers, four midranges, and two tweeters. As a result, this wireless speaker can bring out all the sounds you love in your favorite songs.

What makes the SoundExtreme a suitable choice for a golf cart is that its body is water and dust-proof. The design is up to IP66 international standards, making it a perfect candidate to endure rain, snow, sand, and more outdoor elements.

The speaker also gives you maximum control thanks to the built-in speakerphone. So, even if youre a few feet away from the golf cart, you could reach out to Siri or connect to OK Google using your voice. Thats pretty convenient if your hands are busy with the golf club.

Last but not least, lets not forget how cool it is to have rear-facing LED lights to go along with your music. Who wouldnt want a splash of color and light while winning at golf?


What Are The Different Types Of Golf Cart Speakers Available

You have decided you want the best golf cart audio system in your vehicle but now what? The first thing to decide is what type of golf cart speakers you are after. Do you want a wireless speaker that you can easily set up immediately with a click of the button? Or, do you want to invest in a slightly more robust built-in sound system for your golf cart? Read on to find out more about the types of speakers currently on the market.

Amazon Basics Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Budget Speaker

The Amazon Basics Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker packs quite a wallop for such a small piece of equipment.

  • It produces a wide range of audio!
  • It will resonate with excellent clarity of sound in any small area like a golf cart or kitchen, from its 2.5-watt full-range speakers.
  • It offers clear and pure bass even without distortion at the highest volume setting.

This all because of the new technology introduced.

It comes equipped with the latest in Bluetooth tech called 2.1 + EDR tech with speakers that will pair with your laptop, PC, Smartphone, Android, tablet, and any other device that is Bluetooth 2.1 compatible.

It even has an aux cable to connect to non-Bluetooth enabled devices and systems.

With a range of around 33 feet, you can use this to relax in your hammock under a tree on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Stream your music or use your laptop programs to play a self-created jukebox from your very own CD collection.

You can use this when golfing, outdoor parties, and camping. It will also offer beautiful background music in your office to keep you on top of your game.

It comes with all extras like carrying bags and cabling.

With variable speaker colors and design patterns, you can even match your outfit to it and party all day long on the beach and in the park, as long as you do not break any by-laws in your state area as far as noise control goes.

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How Do I Install Speakers In A Golf Cart

The process for installing speakers in a golf cart really depends on your specific golf cart and what type of speaker you purchase. If you get a simple speaker that mounts on a pole or simply sits in cup holder, this process is very straightforward.

For a permanent install that connects to your golf carts

How Do You Get 12 Volts On A 36

Golfjams Bluetooth Portable Golf Cart Speaker System ...

There is one option for installing a 12-volt accessory: locate the 12-volt voltage in your system.

The other option to install a 12-volt accessory to your 36-volt system demands the use of a voltage reducer. This will take the combined voltage of your whole battery pack and lower it to 12 volts. Installation of a voltage reducer enhances the durability of your overall battery pack.

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Installing Overhead Rear Console With Speakers

Although two front speakers will be enough for the music in many cases, we wanted to develop the system further. It will be a family of four driving around a neighborhood each weekend, so lets add some sound to the back seats.

The option we have chosen from all of the available bars and speakers was RAD-556 overhead console placed on the back of the roof. From the original console, we removed an amplifier and left Boss CH6930 speakers.

Although Boss speakers did not look too strong, we wanted to give them a chance and decided to power them from our stronger 4-channel Kenwood.

Lets start step by step and install a golf cart Bluetooth overhead soundbar:

  • At first, we removed the roof from the cart. This is not necessary, but it makes installation simpler.

If you want to install a complete console, just screw it to the channel in the roof and run attached wires to the battery. But we decided to connect these speakers to our 4-channel amplifier, so there are few more steps to take.

  • Disconnect original speaker wires from the speakers and remove an amplifier from the console with the rest of the cables.
  • Place an acoustic foam on the consoles inner walls and the roof, where you will mount speakers.
  • Connect new speaker wires to the speakers. Original cables from the amplifier are not that long, so you will need to connect them with extensions after installing rear speakers.
  • Put wires on one side out of the console and mount them to the roof. Use attached screws.

Lifeproof Aquaphonics Aq9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

LifeProof AQUAPHONICS AQ9 is a compact speaker. You can easily carry the speaker anywhere you need. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing with eight other devices is the other special advantage. The sound is high and clear while the speaker itself if durable. You can attach it with a backpack or even with your belts.

Besides, the speaker comes with other standard features like water-resistant and dirt proof. Even, it can withstand drops as well for the rugged construction. Interestingly, you can clip the speaker to your golf cart and enjoy some serene tones during your strikes.

The speaker comes with a strong battery that will serve for 16 hours at a stretch. In line with your golf, you can use it for other purposes as well. The dirt sealing technology will help prevent the access of dust and dirt. The built-in microphone also works as a speakerphone.


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Q: Is It Possible To Connect A Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker To A Mobile

Almost in every kind of golf cart Bluetooth speaker, you will get the authenticity to connect it with your smartphone. Most of the time they come with wireless connect features so that you can easily connect it to your phone. Nowadays golf car Bluetooth speakers are filled with such features that they re going to amaze you for sure.

Golfjams Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

BOSS Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers and Marine Grade AMP

The GolfJams Bluetooth golf cart speaker uses the tagline The Official Sound of Golf. The speaker is made entirely with golf in mind, so it knows what a speaker should be while youre on the golf course. However, you can still use it at home. Yes, thats how flexible it is. The speaker houses dual 5-watt loudspeakers that provide a high-quality audio performance wherever you are.

How does it attach to the golf cart? Before, the speakers options are placing it in the cup holder or the back metal basket. But with the GolfJams, you can attach it to the golf carts front or back using its US patented golf cart clips .

Even made more convenient with its Bluetooth connection, allowing you to play music without pesky cables seamlessly. It supports NFC, Siri, and Android voice calls. When its getting dark, the infrared thermal sensors will automatically activate the button lights.

With this wireless speaker, you get to enjoy golf and music for straight 22 hours . It uses an advanced Lithium battery to give your speaker that power.

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How Do You Hook Up Speakers And Radio To A Golf Cart

Choose a radio and speaker system. Mount the receiver in the location of your choice. The best place for the radio in a club car is in the glove compartment. There it can be protected from rain. First, saw a rectangular hole in the glove box door so that the deck of the radio can be slid in and fit tightly, with the front flush. Attach the deck to the inside of the dashboard cover using the brackets provided. Make sure you can reach the back of the deck to connect the speaker wires and connect the unit to the battery. If not, mount the deck after you have wired your system. Mount your speakers. The best place for speakers in a golf cart is under the hood in the rear corners or in the compartment under the seats by the kick panels. For mounting on the top, drill holes through the entire surface. For mounting speakers on the running boards, cut holes in the center of each surface large enough for the magnets to fit in and for the speakers to sit flush. Mount them according to the instructions. Wire your stereo system. Attach the radio’s power cable to the battery or the closest wiring harness. Attach each speaker wire to the corresponding spot on the back of the deck and solder as necessary. Try out your system. Power up your radio. Once it is functioning, tighten all mounting screws and bolts and drive the golf cart around to ensure that the speakers, wires, and radio stay in place while driving over uneven surfaces.

Can You Play Music On The Golf Course

A lot of people play golf because they see it as relaxing. When someone asks: Can you play music on the golf course? the answer is that some courses are less likely to enforce etiquette than others. But, open-air music is generally discouraged in competitive play.

A specific rule of competitive games, rule 14-3a to be exact, insists that extra golf equipment cannot be used to improve stroke performance. If music is considered an artificial psychological aide, then it might fall under the definition of an unacceptable assisting device. It is not quite the same as using a launch monitor or electronics to improve positioning or to determine wind speed, but it can make a decisive impact.

Competitive players do use electronic devices routinely to check on official updates about their game or others. A meditative device is known to have a calming or centering effect. It ultimately boils down to the ruling made by the course owner, general manager, or competition committee.

Playing music out loud is a distraction to other players. It is less intrusive to use a headset, and there are no such prohibitions against listening to closed music while practicing. Stricter rules almost always apply to sponsored games.

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What Is A Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker Used For

The golf cart speaker can be used for a variety of reasons. Some people put them on their golf carts so that they can listen to music during their round.

Other golfers will use the speaker to make phone calls or conduct business while they are still getting a round of golf in. If you want to listen to the news you can also do this while playing a round of golf.

Golfers who are serious about their mental game will find a way to listen to positive affirmations or mental game tips while playing a round. Similar to a way to meditate while on the golf course.

Regardless of what you want to use your bluetooth speaker for, they are durable and easy to use.

Golf Cart Bluetooth Soundbar

Golfjams Bluetooth Portable Golf Cart Speaker System ...

The quality of sound that you will get depends mainly on the soundbar that you will choose. Moreover, it should be waterproof and dustproof.

You should check how the one you want performs in real-life situations. If you have a great speaker, but the sound is a problem, you can augment it with a good golf cart soundbar. Check out some of the best golf cart Bluetooth soundbars on amazon below:


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Q: Are Bluetooth Speakers Allowed On The Golf Course

A lot of people play golf since its relaxing. Some people asked: Can you play music on the golf course?. Well, the answer is that some courses are less likely to enforce etiquette than others. As you already know, playing music during the official game is forbidden, but you can play it on a golf range or practice on the golf course. Even then, you are supposed to play it quietly and not disturb others. Its probably smart to play music only while riding in your golf cart.

How Do You Mount A Bluetooth Speaker To A Golf Cart

Some Bluetooth speakers dont require any mounting at all because theyre magnetic. Simply hold these types of speakers up to a bar on your golf cart, and Voila! Youre good to go! Thats the simplest option.

If you buy a speaker that isnt magnetic, dont panic! There are lots of options out there. Look into getting a speaker strap like the HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount for Golf Cart.

Some types of speakers come with a mounting device already attached to them. Most of the time, mounting it to a golf cart is easy since all you have to do is tighten a couple of knobs. Other speakers make you buy a mounting device sold separately, so ready the fine print before buying anything.

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Rules Regulating The Use Of Audio Equipment On The Golf Course

You can check different sets of golfing rules issued by different golfing organizations and associations, and you will find at least one rule that deals with the use of audio equipment on the golf course. Weve checked the Rules of Golf section on the R& A website and we have found the section on Allowed and Prohibited Equipment . Based on this rule, the background music is allowed but only if it doesnt distract other players and if its not used to eliminate distractions and help you with your swing tempo. You have to admit that this sounds vague . One thing is certain you should always ask other golfers if they are ok with the music. If someone doesnt want you to play it, even if its just background music, you should turn off the speaker.

The Rules of Golf Section 4.3a Allowed And Prohibited Equipment

There is also the rule 14-3 issued by the US Golfing Association. This rule deals with the use of headphones and any other artificial device that could help you with your play. This rule is a bit more rigorous and it doesnt allow you to play your Bluetooth speaker during a stipulated round and during an official game. On the other hand, you can use it during practice if its not against the Clubs rules.

Rule 14-3 The usage of headphones/earplugs during stipulated round

So, to conclude, the use of golf cart Bluetooth speakers is allowed in some cases but its not allowed during the official game.

Bushnell Wingman Golf Gps Speaker

NOAM NUTV4 – Marine Bluetooth ATV / Golf Cart / UTV Speakers Stereo System

This is the best option for the hardcore golfer who wants high-quality music and a built-in top-of-the-line GPS. This speaker will tell you the exact yardage of your next shot! How incredible is that? Bushnell covered all their bases when they created this amazing Bluetooth speaker.

The Bushnell Wingman speaker also features Integrated BITE magnetic technology, which allows you to attach it directly to a bar on the golf cart. This is an incredible feature because most Bluetooth speakers can be difficult to mount to a golf cart. You wont have that problem with the Wingman speaker!

The battery life lasts for 10 hours which isnt as long as other brands. However, 10 hours is still plenty of time for two 18-hole rounds of golf. You can also charge your cell phone with the built-in USB port.

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Ampcaddy Golf Bluetooth Speaker With Mount

Portability is the prime feature of this speaker in line with other superb advantages. It is easy to mount on your cart and fits firmly in the cart frames. The directional audio will help you to remain focused on the green. The sound quality is also great and comes with moderate battery life.

It is designed for outdoor performance. So, the bass is smart and effective. It comes with a two-year warranty too for the users. Besides, this is a wireless speaker. Thereby, the users can operate it with modern technology like Bluetooth, and the range is 100 feet. The bass subwoofer creates an immense vibration across the green.

The battery life is around 20 hours. So, you get longer lasting music experience in your golf cart. Further, you can also pair the device with other speakers that will create a special effect. The speaker is also shock proof.


The Quality Of The Sound

While purchasing any speaker, sound quality is undoubtedly the first consideration. In general, a speakers sound quality is good when it fills the room with deep bass without being too loud.

You must consider some specifications such as frequency response, sensitivity, power handling, and drivers.

For instance, the speaker should be capable of reproducing all of the frequency responses that a human ear can hear.

The human ear can detect frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz for reference. The bass becomes more profound as the frequency range is narrowed.

Due to the difficulty of covering all frequencies efficiently with a single driver, a more significant driver or multiple drivers in the speaker improves the sound quality.

If the sensitivity rating is higher, the sound will be louder. At the same time, power handling specifications indicate the maximum amount of pressure that a speaker can withstand without becoming damaged.

While these specifications aid in determining the speakers quality, the speakers effectiveness depends entirely on your hearing. Even if the bass and frequency response ratings are excellent, the audio may not sound good to you.

Thus, it is always recommended to conduct a test before purchase rather than relying entirely on the specifications. That is the optimal method for obtaining the best golf cart speaker.

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