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Should You Buy The Google Pixel Usb

Google Pixel Buds wireless headphones Review

A simple remote with a multifunction button and volume controls is a welcome addition to the buds.

Save your money. These are only $30 if you buy them on their own, and I cant really see anyone liking them too much. There are lots of problems with wired USB-C headphones, and if youre not getting good sound quality out of it: theres no advantage to having these over bluetooth headphones. If youre thinking about getting a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, do yourself a favor and try to squirrel away a little more cash to drop into good headphones, because these earbuds wont carry your music habit for long.

Should You Buy The Original Pixel Buds

If you cant tell, the Google Pixel Buds were a bit of a swing and a miss for Google. However, that doesnt mean you should avoid the line entirely, as the new Google Pixel Buds are excellent.

As someone who talked myself into buying them despite the bad reviews, I can safely say that the original Pixel Buds are not worth the asking price. Theyre a half-baked product wrapped in premium materials that I wouldve already returned had I not missed my return window date. Dont get me wrong: theyre not a bad pair of earbuds, theyre just overpriced and annoying to use. There are a few key issues with Bluetooth that Google had to fix, and the Pixel Buds dont solve any of them.

Considering the price and the company that makes them, I was hoping for something more in line with the brand. Instead, I got a pair of decent sounding earphones, with an annoying A/V lag, a sub-par battery life, and basically no isolation. Sure, having access to the is cool and useful, but the Assistant shouldnt be the main selling point. It can make a good pair of headphones great, but if the headphones are bad to begin with the Assistant isnt going to change anything. If you were planning to get a pair, dont. Just go with the newer Pixel Buds and call it a day.

The Problem With High Expectations

The Pixel Buds aren’t a great set of wireless earphones, but they also aren’t as bad as some people are saying they are. Yes, the pairing process isn’t as smooth as it should be. But I didn’t have a problem with their fit once I got the loops adjusted, the sound is decent and the charging case is excellent. To me, that case is the biggest bonus feature.

Part of the problem is their price. This is a hypercompetitive market with some established audio players like Bose and Beats that make really solid in-ear wireless earphones. If these cost a little closer to $100 instead of $150, they’d be easier to recommend.

The quick-touch access to Google Assistant is a good feature and will make you want to more than you already may. But it’s not necessarily a killer feature, nor is the “real-time” translation.

I do expect that with some firmware updates the Pixel Buds will improve with time like the AirPods have. And with a little price dip, they’ll be worth contemplating.

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Creative Outlier Gold Tws

Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz |Wireless: Yes|Noise Cancelling: Yes|Cable Length: No cable

IPX 5 water resistance Slightly recessed mids

Creative Outlier Gold TWS best headphones for Google Pixel is a great pair of headphones that cost about the same as some top of the line stereo headphones. I would definitely recommend these for people who are considering spending a little money on top of their music equipment.

These are the most popular headphones from Creative because they are so comfortable and the sound quality is extremely good. If you want to buy yourself a set of headphones that make a statement, I would definitely recommend these.

Compared To Other Headphones

Google Pixel Buds Gen 2 True Wireless In

The Google Pixel Buds A-Series are very similar headphones to the , although they’re more barebones in design. These in-ears lack volume control and auto-off. Their carrying case also doesn’t support wireless charging. That said, they still perform very similarly to the Pixel Buds 2020, with a somewhat neutral sound profile and an unimpressive battery performance.

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What About The New Pixel Buds

As I update this article in 2020, I find myself still annoyed by all of the same things that I was annoyed at back when I first opened up the box. Thankfully though, it seems Google took its customers complaints with their hardware to heart with the new Google Pixel Buds.

The new Google Pixel Buds have a fairly flat response with just a slight emphasis in the lows and highs. Much better sound than the Pixel Buds .

Why theyre called the new Google Pixel Buds and not something like Pixel Buds 2 is beyond me, but maybe Google wants to forget that the first version ever happenedand I cant say I disagree. While battery life on the new units are around 6.5 hours, the case looks much sleeker and they sound far better too. This is due in large part to actually creating a seal with your ear canal, but it seems as if Googles engineers really took a fine-toothed comb to the Gen 1s postmortem, and made sure that the new Google Pixel Buds wouldnt suffer the same fate.

There are two small LED lights that tell you the battery status of the earbuds and the charging case.

For those keeping score at home, the new Pixel Buds have better sound, better features, are true wireless instead of merely being a wireless neckband, and are competitively priced. While theyre not going to satisfy everyones needs , theyre easily more worthy of your dollar.

How Well Does The Real

Of course, the big feature that Google was pushing with these was instant translation when you use them with the Google Translate app. While I did use it with Spanish-speaking relatives to mild success, I cant picture a use case where this is preferable to just using the Google Translate app that you need installed on your phone anyway.

When using the feature, it was tough to keep up with the conversation because its a lot like having auditory hallucinations. Additionally, it seems quite rude to have earbuds in while youre talking to someone else, and Im not convinced this feature is ready for prime time without some rethinking.

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How To Choose The Best Headphones For Google Pixel

Analog Headphones

Wired headsets with 3.5mm connectors are compatible with various smartphones. Analog headphones are the best headphones for Google Pixel in terms of versatility. Most smartphones, portable players, computers, and other multimedia devices are equipped with 3.5mm connectors.

Another plus of wired 3.5mm headsets is that they are capable of sound fine-tuning. Provided you have some knowledge, you can customize every detail of the acoustic picture using equalizers and special engines. The sound quality will vary greatly depending on the bitrate of the audio.

Bluetooth Standard

Bluetooth standard determines the autonomy and range of the headphones. These specs should be the same in a smartphone and headphones. The Bluetooth 4.0 has a small range and consumes much energy, because of which both devices are quickly discharged. For use with modern smartphones on Android 8.0 such as Google Pixel, it is worth purchasing headsets that support aptX HD codecs. They provide better sound quality.


Sensitivity determines the loudness of sound produced by the accessory. This spec depends on the size of the magnetic core used in the design of the headphones and varies between 20 and 130 dB. The best headphones for Google Pixel should have a sensitivity that is not less than 100 dB. If a headset has lower sensitivity, the sound will be very quiet, especially if you listen to music on the street.

Diameter of Driver Membrane

Jabra Elite Active 75t: The Best For Athletes

Google Pixel Buds Blogger Review

Active users should get the Jabra Elite Active 75t because theyre IP57-rated. This means the earbuds can resist both dust and water in fact, they can even be submerged for up to 30 minutes without damage. They also have a slip-resistant fit.

You can play music for over seven hours straight before you need to recharge them in the case. Fast charging is supported: 15 minutes in the case supplies you with one hour of playback. Microphone quality is also good thanks to the four-microphone array. Clear call audio is relayed even in poor conditions .

Jabra released a free update to its Elite 75t series that enables noise-cancelling.

They arent just for athletes though: Jabra added noise-cancelling to its Elite 75t series earphones via a free over-the-air update in September 2020. This grants you the choice to enable noise-cancelling in loud conditions, and if you feel the noise-cancelling isnt enough, you can always pick up the .

Check out our sister site SoundGuys full review to learn more about the Jabra Elite Active 75t.

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Buying The Right Headphones And Earbuds For Your Google Pixel 5 Phone

The Google Pixel 5 doesnt have a headphone jack, hence why all of our picks in this list are Bluetooth. All of the headphones listed support wired listening, though, so you can always use a USB-C dongle for high-resolution playback.

In order for your Pixel 5 to communicate with your earbuds, both devices must share the same Bluetooth codecs in other words, they must speak the same language for data transmission to occur. If you want to stream consistent high-quality audio from your Google Pixel 5, the headphones your using must support aptX or LDAC. AAC is technically a high-quality Bluetooth codec but Android OS gets tripped up when encoding it.

Another thing to bear in mind is that true wireless earbuds, which make up most of our top picks, arent built for the long haul. The constant charge and deplete nature of the battery cycle hastens the degradation process. Apple is pioneering a fix for this with its battery optimization software. iOS 14 allows for and headsets to hold off on fully charging in the case until a user is about to remove them.

The Best Pixel 5 Headphones

  • The are the clear and best choice for most Google Pixel 5 smartphone owners who want to make the most out of Google Assistant.
  • The noise-cancelling headphones are great for frequent flyers and pack plenty of software that works on Android and iOS.
  • The have some of the best battery life weve tested among true wireless earbuds.
  • The are great true wireless workout earbuds that are just as at home in the gym as they are in the office.
  • The are Sonys complement to its over-ear noise-cancelling headphones, but these earbuds are much more portable.
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    How Do You Use The Google Pixel Usb

    When you take the earbuds out, just plug the USB-C cable into the port on the bottom of your Android phone. Hopefully everythings on the level with the port, but theres a possibility the buds wont quite work if youre not using a Pixel or other big-name phone. Place the buds in your ears, and then push cable near the bud up so that the loop expands to hold the bud in place.

    USB-C should be a good option for wired listening, but having only one port complicates matters.

    Start up your music app, and if youre using Google Play Music, open your settings to enable the equalizer. I had the best results using the heavy metal tuning, but youll want something that boosts mids if youre using something else. Otherwise, the music sounds muffled and crappy.

    Soundcore Spirit X Sports

    Google Pixel Buds (2020) headphone review

    Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz |Wireless: Yes|Noise Cancelling: No|Cable Length: No cable

    Useful and thoughtful accessories Slightly unrefined upper-mids

    Soundcore Spirit X Sports headphones for Google Pixel is a nice pair of headphones that deliver you the most incredible surround sound quality. It is very easy to use and they come with a handy carrying case. If you are an avid gamer, you must have heard about the revolutionary Google Pixel. But do you know that the Soundcore Spirit cans will take your gaming experience to another level altogether?

    You can immerse yourself in a complete virtual reality while listening to your favorite music. With amazing surround sound quality, you can feel as if you are in the game and see yourself enjoying the thrill of your favorite sport or action movie.


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    Bose Noise Cancelling 700

    Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz |Wireless: Yes|Noise Cancelling: Yes|Cable Length: No cable

    Sleek design None

    Bose, a German company known for making quality and durable electronics has released their new Bose Noise Cancelling 700 series of headphones. These headphones have the ability to block out all of the excess noises that can bother you while you are trying to listen to your music or talk on the phone. This is a great feature because it gives you the opportunity to fully focus on what you are doing without the distractions. In addition to this feature, the Bose 700 headphones are also cordless and will not cause any interference in your home environment.

    If you are interested in being able to block out any and all distractions that might bother you while you are listening to your music or talking on your phone, then you need to look into the Bose Noise Cancelling 700 series of headphones.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: The Best True Wireless Battery Life

    The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are perfect for Samsung smartphones and are great for the Google Pixel 5, too. Battery life is exceptional: the Galaxy Buds Plus last over 11 hours on a single charge, and they support fast charging. Three minutes in the case yields one hour of playtime. You can also charge the case wirelessly atop any compatible Qi charging pad.

    These buds may not pair as seamlessly to your Google Pixel phone as the Pixel Buds, but they reconnect immediately when you open the charging case. Samsung includes nifty features with its Galaxy Buds Plus, the most headline-worthy being integrated Spotify access. You may directly access Spotify-recommended playlists from the earbuds touch panels.

    Bass notes sound loud without forsaking clarity, thanks to the default treble emphasis. If you enjoy popular genres of music, these are the buds to get. Worst case, you can choose from a selection of premade EQ options in the Galaxy Wearables app.

    See also:

    These earbuds arent the most durable on the list seeing how they warrant just an IPX2 rating, but theyre perfectly fine for casual exercise and surprise spring showers. If you want a compact pair of earbuds that place comfort and functionality first, get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

    Check out our to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

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    Google Pixel Buds Review

    Charging case height:

    Charging case: 57 g with buds, 43 g without buds

    Google Assistant notifications work as advertisedGreat connection strength and easy pairing with an Android device Quick charging

    The charging case is nice, but putting them back in is a messBattery life is sub-parThe adjustable loop needs adjusting with basically every useSound quality isn’t up to snuff with other wireless earbuds

    If you’re thinking of getting the Pixel Buds, just don’t. They’re not a bad pair of earbuds, but they’re overpriced and imperfect. At this point, you’re better off just waiting for Google to release the new true wireless Pixel Buds.

    Googles Pixel Buds are now old news, but they werent really the buds we were hoping for even when they were originally released. With the arrival of , there isnt much reason to give the older Pixel Buds a look, but well show our work anyway. Not only does the new model make the leap to true wireless, but it solves a lot of the hangups and issues presented by the Google Pixel Buds . Its a bit of a shame that these didnt quite offer what consumers needed them to, because as a set of band-connected wireless earbudsyou didnt have to worry about losing one earbud or anything, it was a connected unit. Thankfully, these are almost impossible to find for purchase right now so if you do get the chance to buy them now in 2020, dont.

    Just get the New Google Pixel Buds if youre looking for a fulfillment of the promises made by the Google Pixel Buds .

    Outside Noise Can Make Your Music Sound Crappy

    Google Pixel Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earphones – Almost Black – Product Overview – Currys PC World

    No seal means that performance is wildly variable. Whether anybody likes to admit it or not, fit matters a lot. To get the best sound out of any headphones, you need a proper fit because thats how each set of cans is laboriously calibrated. These buds, on the other hand, vary in sound quite a bit.

    Bass can sound up to one eighth as loud as it should be. The greyed out line is the earbuds target, the dark line is its typical performance.

    Music doesnt sound so great when every note from the lowest lows to 90% of high flute sounds are far quieter than they should be. Its especially bad when the units overemphasize the bass inside the housing to compensate, but makes music a lot less clear-sounding in the process. On top of that, it makes your music far easier to mask out. These are not earbuds you use if you want the most out of your music.

    If youre unwilling to deal with any of that, you will experience a mix of all three with the Google Pixel USB-C earbuds. So you may want to avoid USB-C headphones altogether, and just grab some Bluetooth cans .

    Youll get better results with your old headphones and the Google Dongle.

    Im honestly perplexed by these thingsnot because theyre any good, but because they invent new ways to be terrible that I dont know how to properly explain. I know that sounds harsh, but I had low expectations for these lil fellers, and they fell far short of even those.

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