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M Worktunes Connect + Am/fm

Hard Hat and Accessories- Chin Strap, Ear Muffs, Brim Hat Review

The Worktunes Connect + AM/FM are my favorite Bluetooth work earmuffs. They are the best sounding Bluetooth earmuffs I have found so far and they offer a great all-around package.

They have a good bass, full-bodied vocals, and transparent highs, without sounding harsh.

These muffs are a lot of fun listening to whether via Bluetooth, radio, or a wired audio source.

All hearing protection headphones limit the maximum permissible volume, but the Worktunes Connect + AM/FM have the best safe volume control:

They employ a noise dosimeter that attempts to limit the average sound level over the course of a work day but allows you to listen at a louder volume for periods of time.

The advantage: it doesnt negatively affect the sound quality as some other volume limiters do.

With most music and audiobook sources, I found the volume perfectly adequate even under loud conditions .

In the past, these earmuffs didnt have a microphone, but now 3M has upgraded them:

You can make and take phone calls. This works OK as long as you turn off your machine and then take the call.

However, these and almost all other Bluetooth earmuffs dont work for making calls when it is noisy: The microphone doesnt separate the noise from a lawn mower/other machinery from speech.

Under these circumstances my calling parties couldnt understand me at all.

To spare you any cross-checking: Only the Honeywell Sync Wireless headset allows you to communicate in a loud environment .



Features To Look For In Hearing Protectors

Below are some top tips and recommendations on features we suggest you look out for before you purchase a pair of hearing protectors.

NPR – Meaning the Noise Protection Rating, this is the important number that denotes how many decibels of noise reduction protection your hearing protectors can physically provide.

Passive vs. electronic – Since we are living very much in a digital world, almost everything these days comes with its original passive model vs. the latest technologically advanced electronic version and hearing protectors are no different in that respect. Its not necessarily the case though that electronic means those earplugs or earmuffs are going to perform any better than their passive brothers! Digital earmuffs will notably come with additional features that you might appreciate such as audio input and output which can be adjusted, but it comes to their ability to block out sound, thats more a function of the design than the technology.

Connectivity – Connectivity is only going to be a consideration if you are opting for an electronic style in which case they might come with some pretty cool additional features including the ability to hook up to your iPhone or MP3 player or directional microphones that mean you can still hear important ambient sounds. Electronic hearing protectors may also feature a convenient USB recharge or an affordable battery option.

  • Typical street sound = 85 decibels
  • Lawn mower = 85 decibels
  • Chainsaw = 115 decibels

Best Ear Protection For Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is a noisy business that can put your hearing at risk. Many professional blacksmiths are victims of industry hearing loss as well as severe cases of tinnitus.

Single loud noises can create damage to your hearing, imagine repeated loud noise every day of the week for years. For this reason, blacksmiths must give priority to protecting their hearing.

We got in touch with a number of professional blacksmiths and professionals who work daily with metals, to listen to their specific needs and ideas about hearing protection while on the job.

Then we asked them to test several ear defenders every day for a week and give us the lowdown on how well various ear protectors performed on the job.

Thanks to this testing as well as information provided by medical experts, our top choice is ClearArmor Safety Earmuffs #141001 because they are industrial grade ear protectors with a double layer of protective foam and an NRR of 34dB.

Ear Protector

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Howard Leight Sync Stereo Mp3 Earmuff With External Bluetooth Adapter

The Howard Leight Sync Stereo were my first eamuffs with built-in headphones.

Note: Howard Leight is a subsidiary of Honeywell.

But they work very well with an external Bluetooth receiver .

I currently use them with the Mpow BH203 Bluetooth adapter.

These muffs are very light, and usually cheaper than all other options.

The Sync Stereo in combination with the Mpow BH203 Bluetooth receiver get louder than all other muffs reviewed here.

The Sync Stereos volume limiter seems to rely solely on the output of your device not exceeding a certain volume, so you have to exercise caution and be sensible!

Howard Leight is a subsidiary of Honeywell, and while these share some similarities with the Honeywell Sync Wireless, IMO, these offer more bass.

They can sound a bit bright and at times harsh, but unlike the other muffs, they can quite easily be equalized to take the sting out of the highs.

I definitely prefer the sound of both Worktunes earmuffs to the Sync Stereo, but these have their own advantages:

The Sync Stereo are by far the lightest earmuffs in this review, they are comfortable , and they offer a good amount of space for the ears.

Unfortunately, like with the Sync Wireless, the headband of the Howard Leight Sync Stereo doesnt fit large heads. They feel even smaller than the Sync Wireless on my head.

Battery life: With the MPow BH203 Bluetooth receiver, I got about 15 hours of Bluetooth listening .



Connex Bluetooth Hearing Protector Earmuffs By Tasco

3M Hard Hat Mounted Electronic Ear Muffs, 19dB Noise ...

As hearing protection earmuffs, the TASCO Connex Bluetooth are very solid. They provide the most space for the ears and plenty of adjustability for most heads, and they reduce noise well. It shows that TASCO has many years of experience designing earmuffs.

The fit of these earmuffs is very stable, so they should work well if you need to do overhead work.

I find them comfortable but not as much as the Worktunes Connect or the Honeywell Sync Wireless. The headband force appears to be a bit higher, which likely contributes to the very stable fit but reduces comfort somewhat.

On the other hand, if you have large ears you will appreciate the ample space the ear cushions provide.

The sound of these earmuffs is balanced and they have somewhat more bass than the Honeywell Sync Wireless, but overall the sound lacks sparkle.

In my listening tests, these got less loud than the other earmuffs, but generally, I still found the volume sufficient.

Some podcasts and audio books and quieter music were more difficult to understand in a high noise environment than with the other earmuffs reviewed here. It may also be the reserved sound signature that causes this.

In any case, I prefer the sound and volume limiter of both 3M Worktunes earmuffs and the Howard Leight Sync Stereo for listening to audio in a loud environment.

Consider them at a price comparable to the 3M Bluetooth earmuffs if you have large ears or need to do a lot of overhead work.



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M 00078371670887 Peltor Worktunes Pro Cap

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    • Professional-quality hearing protection
    • Am/fm radio headset with built in antenna to prevent snagging on equipment
    • Store up to 5 stations so you don’t miss your favorite station
    • 3.5 mm listen only stereo input for connection to external devices
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    Why Do You Need A Hearing Protection

    According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, continuous exposure to noises that are 85 decibels and above is enough to cause permanent hearing loss. To put it into context 85 decibels is the same noise level as the sounds of a restaurant during the lunch rush.

    You might think that that level of noise is not that loud. However, if you are exposed to that amount of noise for an entire work shift, it is enough to cause permanent hearing damage in the long run. There are hundreds of thousands of tiny little hair cells inside the inner ear.

    These hairs are responsible for transmitting the sounds from outside the ear to the inner ear. The sound waves from loud noises are enough to cause permanent damage to these hair cells. The problem is that these hairs do not regenerate.

    If you constantly subject your ears to dangerous levels of noises, more of these tiny hairs are taken out without returning. Even if you think that you can handle the noise, the damage being done to your ears is gradually compounded, until the time comes that you will not be able to properly hear anything at all.

    Even a simple pair of earplugs will be enough as long as they can reduce the amount of noise you are exposed to down to a safe level. You might not feel the effects of hearing damage immediately but you will do so after a couple of years.

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    Cleararmor 141001 Shooters Safety Earmuff

    My next recommendation for ultimate hearing protection is the ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Safety Earmuff. One amazing thing about it is that it utilizes SonicSeal sound technology, which offers the highest level of protection from loud and harmful noises and sounds.

    The materials used in creating the earmuff are also premium-grade, proving the quality of this pair of earmuffs from ClearArmor. I am pleased with the compact size of this earmuff as it makes it portable and easy to carry in a wide array of environments. It is lightweight, too, further improving its portability.

    Even with its compactness and lightness, I can still confirm the durability of its overall structure. Expect a higher level of comfort from wearing this hearing protection, too, as it features a soft foam ear ring. With such a feature, you will not have issues with discomfort regardless of the length of time you are wearing it.

    Add to that the properly cushioned headband and your comfort level will surely be categorized as superior. The built-in headband is also adjustable, promoting a snug fit since you just have to adjust it to fit the size of your head. Another thing that truly makes this ear protector amazing is its overall design that meets all safety standards.

    Furthermore, I am in love with its folding design as it promotes more efficient storage. It also takes pride in its swivel cup design that has the perfect fit.

    • Break-in period required as it is tight initially

    Otis Technology Hearing Protection

    3M WorkTunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection – Product Review

    I also highly recommend this ear shield hearing protection offered by Otis Technology. What I discovered to be so impressive and satisfying about this product is that it applies a smart solution to keeping your ears and hearing fully protected while boosting your ability to respond to various forms of communication and range commands.

    It works well for shooters, thanks to the use of the sound reduction chamber technology, which assures a sport shooter of enjoying a positive experience. This technology functions by dampening, canceling and refracting dangerous sound waves then bringing them into a safe volume.

    I also find it remarkable when it comes to shielding your ears from the noise of high decibels. It does so without hampering your ability to hear sound frequencies clearly, like speech. I am satisfied with the hearing protections compact design as this means that it will not cause issues when it comes to bringing it in a wide range of locations.

    Another reason why I like this ear protector is that it boasts of a simple style, which provides a high level of ear protection without burdening you with huge earmuffs and the need to use batteries. I am also in favor of how it is capable of getting rid of stock interference.

    It is comfortable and stays cool even when used during warm weather because of its good breathability. It is also very convenient because it combines its collapsible design with its lightweight structure.

    • Cant stay in place for quite a long time

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    What To Consider When Choosing The Best Earmuffs For Hard Hats

    When you decide to purchase your earmuffs, youll need to find the correct fit and the correct amount of hearing protection.

    You may want to select on the basis of a particular acoustic hazard or select earmuffs manufactured specifically for the industry you work in.

    If you work for large events with amplification, your needs will be different than airport workers or professional tradesmen at construction sites.

    Specific earmuffs are made for musicians just as another type of earmuffs is made for firing range practices. You should consider your:

    • Work activity
    • Pertinent health and work protection laws
    • International standards

    You will also want to consider comfort. If you need to wear your earmuffs for extended periods of time, consider:

    • Weight. The heavier the earmuffs, the more discomfort you may experience during prolonged use.
    • Padding. Padding will be important during use for longer periods. A fabric lining comprehensive of cushioning or a pad for the forehead may be features to look for.
    • Chinstraps. You may prefer a good adjustable chin strap, so your earmuffs arent moving too much, causing chafing or less noise protection.

    Finally, the cost may be a consideration, especially if you are on a budget. If you are exposed to considerable risk, you will need more protection.

    This may translate into a higher cost, but protecting your hearing is worth every penny you are able to invest.

    How Does It Work

    All types of hearing protection work by muffling environmental noise just enough that they would fall well under the acceptable levels. Some forms of ear protection, like noise-canceling headphones, are usually just used for entertainment purposes.

    This is usually used by audiophiles who like to listen to music without hearing anything else in the background. Most hearing protection gears just take away a good chunk of the noise. You can still hear the noise but it will not be as harmful as it was before.

    For instance, you work in a blacksmithing shop where there is always at least one power hammer being used, so there are about 90 to 100 decibels of noise constantly produced. Since being subjected to 85 decibels continuously is enough to cause permanent hearing loss, you need to use proper ear protection at work.

    Let us say you bought earmuffs that are said to lessen noise by 35 decibels. This means that instead of 100 decibels, you will be exposed to just 65 decibels of noise, which is well below the acceptable level.

    Another thing to remember about the way hearing protection gears function is that they are available in different types with each one mostly coming in different noise-muffling levels. If you want to protect your hearing but you still want to communicate with your co-workers, get earplugs rated for the bare minimum requirement for your line of work.

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    M Peltor Ear Muffs Noise Protection Hard Hat Attachment Nrr 25 Db Construction Manufacturing Maintenance Automotive Woodworking Heavy Engineering Mining X4p3e

    as of December 30, 2021 12:45 am


    • 25 db noise reduction rating: Ear muffs attach to a hard hat and provide hearing protection with an NRR of 25 db for moderate to high noise exposures
    • Advanced technologies: New innovative foam ear cup inserts and spacers help improve attenuation along with new ear cushion foam technology for an effective acoustic seal and reliable protection
    • Comfortable: Wide, soft foam ear cushions and earcup tilting pivot points designed for high comfort and an effective acoustic seal with the head
    • Durable: ABS plastic cups create a rigid, high-strength and impact-resistant earmuff to handle tough environments
    • Replaceable cushions and inserts help keep them clean: 3 meter Peltor hyx4 hygiene kit

    Availability Of Am/fm Radio

    3M Peltor Bluetooth Hard Hat Attached Earmuffs

    AM/FM radio headphones have the ability to pick up radio stations broadcasting on AM/FM channels. While standalone radios are quite uncommon now, youll find that many cars still have them. Even though many prefer the convenience of streaming over the internet, radios are able to work without an internet connection, and at greater distances.

    For HPDs, built-in AM/FM radio functionality allows you to listen to your music, even without your phone or any audio device source with you. This is perfect in situations where youre unable to use your phone to change music or carry your phone with you.

    And, because they dont rely on WiFi, theyre great for those who are often on the move. Ear protection with radio and bluetooth ensures that youre always listening to music, even in areas with poor internet coverage.

    While a useful addition, not all HPDs come with AM/FM radio functionality. Therefore, those that do may come with additional costs.

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    Protect Your Hearing Stream Audio For Enjoyment And Talk On The Phone As You Work

    Take care of your hearing with the added feature of Bluetooth® technology. Comfortable, padded, earmuff-style STIHL Dynamic Bluetooth® Hearing Protection combines a noise-reduction rating of 24 with a wireless connection to your phone, so you can listen to music and receive phone calls as you work. The speaker sound level is limited to protect from hearing damage. The hearing protectors automatically pause music as the user receives a call. A convenient built-in microphone gives the user hands-free ability to talk, and an ergonomic, rubber-coated power button answers and ends calls, even if the user pushes the button with a gloved hand. Run time is up to 38 hours for audio streaming and the battery will last 100 hours on standby*. Recharge the hearing protectors in just three hours with an included USB cable that connects to a computer, car or phone adapter. To protect from dust, sweat, and moisture, all electronic components are sealed in a separate compartment.

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