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Modular Helmet Passaje Adventure J10

Harley-Davidson Capstone Modular Helmet II Overview


A lightweight motorcycle helmet with many functions. Constructed of composite materials to reduce rider fatigue while exceeding DOT and ECE requirements. Easily adjusts to keep you cool with four air vents and two air vents. Compatible with BOOM! Audio 20S Bluetooth Helmet Headphones so you can stay connected with other enthusiasts, or transfer an HD headset you already own to easily add this technology.

Stay Cool: Modular, four intake vents and two air vents for adjustable ventilation options.

Rider-enhancing features: Lighter weight reduces rider fatigue and improves rider comfort, and exceeds DOT and ECE certification requirements. Compatible with Boom! Helmet headset with Bluetooth Audio 20S to allow connectivity through a mobile phone and communication with other cyclists. Existing HD customers can transfer a headset they already own. The rider can easily add this technology to the helmet.

Manufacturer and certification: J-Tech. Exceeds DOT / ECE.

Sedici Viaggio Parlare Sena Bluetooth Adv Helmet

If the Klim helmet is far too expensive for you, dont fret! The Sedici Viaggio Parlare Sena Bluetooth ADV Helmet is here to save the day. It is not as nice, but it does a pretty good job, especially for its affordable price. You get an ABS full-face shell that comes in two sizes, a removable injection molded visor, removable interior, and a flip-down sun visor.

In terms of the Bluetooth comm unit, its an older one and based on the SMH5. Obviously, there are more advanced systems out there, but this is a good option at a bargain price that offers Bluetooth 3.0 technology. The headset will offer about eight hours of talk time, some noise-canceling capabilities, and a few hours to full charge.

Sena Momentum Inc Pro Bluetooth And Qhd Camera Integrated Helmet

The Sena Momentum INC Pro Bluetooth and QHD Camera Integrated Helmet has a long name for the simple reason that theres a lot to this helmet. Sena starts with a composite fiberglass shell that comes in two sizes and a multi-density EPS liner. The helmet also gets a Pinlock face shield and a removable and washable quick liner. The helmet itself is a good lid, but what really makes this lid special is the Bluetooth system.

The Bluetooth system used in the Momentum INC Pro is based on the 20S comm unit. That Bluetooth headset works well and is a welcome piece of technology in this helmet, with up to 20 hours of talk time, only two and a half hours to charge, and active noise canceling. Pair that tech with controls that are integrated into the helmet well and you have a good helmet here. The QHD camera offers full high-definition recording 1080p at 60fps or 30fps. Its a good option and an added bonus.

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Men’s Boom Audio N02 Full

Part Number 98316-18VX

Prepare for a groundbreaking sound experience with the Boom! Audio N02 Full-Face Helmet. This state of the art full-face motorcycle helmet is ready at mile one with no setup neededno fussing with wires or positioning speakers. This 30K helmet comes with two modules . With mesh intercom technology you can connect up to 16 riders in private mode or use the integrated Bluetooth® technology to connect up to 4 riders. Enjoy tunes on the built-in FM radio and intercom with up to eight riders. And with integrated Bluetooth® technology you can pair your Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device for navigation, favorite play lists, and hands-free calls.

Average Weight: 3 lbs. 12 oz. or 1,720 grams.

Helmet Construction: Fiberglass composite shell. Double D-ring chin strap.

Stay Comfortable: Chin and forehead venting.

Interior & Linings: Built-in Sena 30K Bluetooth® communication system connects up to 4 riders and built-in mesh intercom technology connects up to 16 riders for intercom, integrated speakers and microphoneno setup or install needed. Removable, washable liner. Larger speakers for more bass and improved sound quality. Built-in FM radio. Includes rechargeable battery and charger.

Ride Enhancing Features: Reflective material and piping. Helmet bag included.

Manufacturer & Certification: Sena. Meets DOT safety standard FMVSS 218.

Capstone Sun Shield Ii H31 Modular Helmet By Harley Davidsonmatte Black

Harley Davidson Modular Helmet w/ Sena Bluetooth for Sale ...


Condition New

Weve taken everything enthusiasts love about our original Capstone Sun Shield Modular Helmet to the next level. Enhanced features include a patented shield replacement system, dual-certified DOT safety standards, and an upgraded Bluetooth® communications system. This helmet delivers unmatched safety and comfort for any distance. School yourself on all the specs below

Warning: Last items in stock!

Availability date:

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Faster Pairings And More With The Sena Utility App

The Outrush R is compatible with the Sena Utility App, allowing you access to the helmet’s functionalities at your fingertips. Whether you need to switch between different voice prompt languages, want to set a preferred FM radio station to tune in to, or even access the Quick Start Guide for a quick refresher, the app has got you covered. Also, with integrated Smart Intercom Pairing, you can scan a friend’s QR code on their Utility App and instantly pair Sena Bluetooth devices to one another.

  • Weight: 1,730g
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C-55°C
  • Charging Temperature: 0°C – 45°C


  • Shell: Single shell polycarbonate ABS and multi-density EPS
  • Visor:
  • Clear face shield and inner sun visor
  • Quick release system

Bilt Techno 20 Sena Bluetooth Helmet

Last, we have the BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Helmet. This helmet is an injection-molded polycarbonate shell street helmet with an internal sun shield, removable interior, DOT approval, and a quick-release face shield. Its a good bargain option, and it is more or less on the same level as the Sedici helmet shown above but for the street.

The Bluetooth headset is the same as it is on the Sedici. That means it is based on the SMH5 and utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Its not the most advanced, but then the price point is pretty good. You still get up to eight hours of talk time, noise-canceling technology, and a few hours to a full charge. This is a good option if something like the Sedici shown above isnt the right helmet for your style of riding.

  • Price: $299

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Outrush R Modular Bluetooth Helmet


This fully-equipped modular helmet combines comfort and safety with the ultimate hands-free sound and communication experience. A lot of engineering expertise is built in, such as tripled-vented cooling and a full-integrated sound system, plus manufacturing that meets multiple safety standard certifications. Equally impressive are its Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities, with everything from advanced noise control and wind noise reduction to an integrated speaker and microphone system that supports up to 4 riders. Get acquainted with all of its specs below

This fully-equipped modular helmet combines comfort and safety with the ultimate hands-free sound and communication experience. A lot of engineering expertise is built in, such as tripled-vented cooling and a full-integrated sound system, plus manufacturing that meets multiple safety standard certifications. Equally impressive are its Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities, with everything from advanced noise control and wind noise reduction to an integrated speaker and microphone system that supports up to 4 riders. Get acquainted with all of its specs below

Modular Helmet And Bluetooth Advice Please

Boom! Audio 20S EVO Bluetooth Helmet Headset | Harley-Davidson

PostsPostsGreg DiDon’t bother with the WHIM.There’s no reason to tether your BT to the bike’s infotainment system. Just go straight from your phone to your BT. Your phone does everything and more better than the head unit will ever do.JehuMaking plans to ride out to Sturgis from the east coast in late July I will travelling alone.I have a comfortable HJC IS-Max 2 Modular Helmet which I like – but it is noisy at speed. I have several HJC helmets and while that brand seems to fit my head shape the most comfortably, I am thinking about a different modular for this trip – something that is quieter and can be rigged up for Bluetooth so I can make/take some work calls while doing the miles t/f Sturgis.Also, as an analogue guy stuck in a digital world, do i need anything special to make my iPhone work with a helmet installed Bluetooth headset with Harley’s infotainment system?I seek the counsel of the collective brain-trust here. Thank you all in advance.

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Klim Krios Sena 10u Stealth Helmet

Klim makes some of the best motorcycle gear out there, and the companys Krios helmet is no exception. You can buy this helmet without the 10U comm unit, but with it, you get even more functionality out of a full-face adventure helmet. The helmet has a full carbon-fiber shell, aerodynamic visor, Klimatek Fabric liner thats fully removable, excellent airflow, and the ability to wear this helmet with goggles off-road.

In terms of the Sena 10U for the Krios, you get a good communicator thats on par with the other 10 series units integrated into Senas own helmets. It includes about 10 hours of talk time as well as active noise canceling, and only a couple hours to charge fully.

Sena Cavalry Lite Helmet

The Sena Cavalry Lite Helmet adds a Sena Bluetooth communicator to a half helmet design. The helmet itself is a super lightweight option. It has a fiberglass composite shell with an aerodynamic low profile visor, and multi-density EPS. Its as simple as a helmet can come in terms of design.

The Bluetooth headset used on the Cavalry Lite is the 10R. This isnt as advanced as the 20 series communicators in Senas other helmets, but like in the Momentum Lite, it still gets the job done. Youre looking at about 10 hours of talk time, a few hours to a full charge, and active noise canceling. Its a very good system.

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Modular Features And Functional Technology

This DOT and ECE rated motorcycle helmet screams style and functionality. It comes equipped with a multi-density EPS liner, a lightweight shell, and also a 3-way ventilation located on the chin, top, and rear. The Outrush R provides incredible protection, with the helmet’s dual P/J homologation allowing for certified rider protection when the chin guard is up, as well as when it is locked down in place. The ratchet strap easily secures the helmet on your head, which provides a comfortable and secure fit. The integrated sun visor and face shield offer protection from the harsh light and the elements on the road. The sleek three-button control unit on the left side of the helmet allows for an intuitive user interface, which makes it much easier to control whilst riding.

Men’s Boom Audio N01 Half Helmet

Harley Davidson Modular Helmet w/ Sena Bluetooth for Sale ...

Part Number 98316-18VX

Stay connected on your own terms with Boom! Audio N01 Half Helmet. It features the integrated Sena 10R Bluetooth® communication system. It’s low-profile in design, but high-performance in features: make hands-free calls, play favorite music, and intercom with other riders. All with excellent audio quality. For all the specs on this men’s motorcycle half helmet, read on…

Average Weight: 3 lbs. 13 oz. or 1,730 grams.

Helmet Construction: Fiberglass shell. Double D-ring chin strap.

Interior & Linings: Removable, washable liner. Built-in Sena 10R communication system lets riders make hands-free phone calls, listen to music, communicate with other riders through the Bluetooth® headset. Includes rechargeable battery and charger. Optional earpads and ear cuffs sold separately.

Ride Enhancing Features: Removable visor. Helmet bag included.

Manufacturer & Certification: Sena. Meets DOT safety standard FMVSS 218.

Shipping Restrictions: This item is not eligible for Priority shipping and must ship via Standard Ground. Therefore, it cannot be shipped to APO/FPO addresses.

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Quin Design Helmets Spitfire

If youre after a good street helmet with a Bluetooth headset integrated, you can go with Quin Design Helmets Spitfire. Quin Helmets has several good Bluetooth helmets to choose from, but I think the Spitfire is the best of its offerings. You get a good full-face lid with a thermoplastic and polyester resin shell, drop-down sun visor, removable interior, and DOT and ECE approval.

What really sets the Spitfire apart, though, is what makes any of Quins helmets good. Its the Intelliquin Bluetooth system. It has Bluetooth 4.0 integration with up to eight hours of non-stop use but it also has a unique Crash Detection and Response System as well as an SOS Beacon and Response System.

  • Price: $399
  • Buy: Quin

A Note On My Selections

These are the helmets that stand out to me that are shipped with the Bluetooth communication system already integrated into the helmet. Youll notice, Ive divided these into two categories. There are the ones sold by Sena, which all obviously include Sena communicators, and then there are the ones that are not Sena helmets.

I did this because Sena makes some of the best Bluetooth helmets out there. There are excellent non-Sena helmets, too, but I figured it best to split them up so if you dont want a Sena lid, you can just skip down to that section. So, without further ado, lets get started.

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An Evolution Of Sena’s Modular Smart Moto Helmet

The fusion of a solid design and integrated intercom system: the Outrush R. This is a Bluetooth® modular motorcycle helmet which adapts to every riding condition. It comes with easy access controls whilst providing seamless integration with Sena’s world-class Bluetooth system. The Outrush R comes complete with a sleek and incredibly versatile modular design, integrated speakers and a microphone, with smartphone pairing to access music and phone on your ride. No matter the conditions, the Outrush R has got you covered.

  • Modular design with retractable sun visor
  • Speakers and a microphone integrated into the helmet
  • 4-way Bluetooth Intercom, with 2-way HD intercom, powered by Bluetooth® 5.0
  • Three-button control located on the left side
  • DOT & ECE rated, Dual Homologated P/J approved
  • Quick pairing with Smart Intercom Pairing, simply scan QR codes using the Sena Utility App

Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth

Harley-Davidson Capstone Modular Helmet – HJC IS Max 2 Modular Helmet Review – Pinlock insert how to

If you like the idea of a full-face motorcycle helmet, but you dont want the camera that was included with the first Sena helmet I showed, Id suggest the Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth Integrated Helmet. This helmet is essentially the same construction as the other Momentums from Sena. You get a fiberglass shell and all the other goodies in the Momentum package.

Where if differs from Senas other offerings is the Bluetooth communication unit. The Lite gets a 10S version of the headset integrated into the helmet. This isnt as powerful or as capable a Bluetooth unit, but it will still do the vast majority of tasks you wantstill a talk time of 27 hours and active noise canceling. It also makes the helmet more accessible in terms of price.

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Connect To Your Smartphone For Bluetooth Capabilities

The Outrush R can pair to your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to access a tonne of features on the go. You can listen to your favourite playlists, hear GPS navigation, and even take phone calls! Want to listen to the local radio stations? The Outrush R includes an onboard FM tuner for that need, and with audio multitasking, you’re able to listen to both your riding buddies and your tunes without interruption.

A Proven And Enhanced Bluetooth Intercom

Sena’s Bluetooth® Intercom systems always come equipped with the latest advancements and the Outrush R is no exception. It is powered by Bluetooth® 5.0, and features a 4-way intercom, allowing up to four riders to pair their Sena Bluetooth devices to one another. Additionally, when connecting to just one other rider, users will experience 2-way HD Intercom, which will enhance the audio quality on the trip. Users can expect an impressive 900-meter intercom range and a stellar talk time of up to 12 hours when using the Outrush R.

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What To Look For In A Bluetooth Connected Helmet

When it comes to what to look for in a Bluetooth connected helmet, there are some obvious things to look out for. First, make sure the helmet has a quality Bluetooth communication unit. Some manufacturers just slap any old Bluetooth communicator on there and call it good. You want one of the best communication units out there, which will likely be made by one of the best brands, either Sena or Cardo.

Second, make sure the helmet is of high quality. Look over the specs and materials used. Read a review or two, and generally find out if the helmet is going to be comfortable and provide the right level of protection.

Third, Make sure the integrated Bluetooth headset is actually integrated into the helmet and not just put on haphazardly. If youre going to get a helmet with a Bluetooth headset sticking way off, then youre better getting something like the Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet and adding a Sena SLR comm system to it.

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