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Dont Use Your Projector Speakers

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As we mentioned above, your projector speakers are most likely ineffective. This is why you have spent money on a soundbar. If you allow sound from the projector to mix with the soundbar, you will get a diluted sound experience. Mixing sounds at different frequencies or decibels end up distorting the general quality. Look through your projector settings and turn off or mute the sound.

Best Bluetooth Transmitters For Projector In 2022

By Robin Owens 24 days ago, Projectors

Affordable and high-quality Bluetooth transmitters for projector.

You probably want to get the best Bluetooth transmitter for projector that can smoothly and accurately convert and transmit signals from your non-Bluetooth device wirelessly to another device that has Bluetooth functions.

Pairing your projector with a transmitter grants mobility when using Bluetooth speakers or headphones and makes the process of handling cables less confusing for both permanent and temporary setup.

How To Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To A Projector

Once youve confirmed your projector has Bluetooth built-in, the setup shouldnt be that different from connecting a Bluetooth speaker up to your phone or another device. The only trick might be your projectors unique flavor of menus and controls.

This is one of those times its handy to have the user manual because that will surely have directions on how to navigate to the screen that will allow you to control the projectors Bluetooth system. So go look through one of your junk drawers for the user manual or do a quick Google search.

From there, connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a projector is very simple:

  • Get your Bluetooth speaker and put it in pairing mode
  • When the speaker is in pairing mode, you should be able to select it on the projectors menu.
  • With troubleshooting out of the way, you should have your speaker connected to the projector, so, go ahead and fire it up and test it. If the audio quality is good enough, then theres nothing more to do.

    If its too quiet, or tinny, that may indicate that the Bluetooth speaker is of low quality and you might need an upgrade there. With Bluetooth speaker quality as high as it is nowadays, you should be good to go!

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    Iogear Wireless 1080p Computer To Hd Display Kit

    Coming from the house of IOGEAR it could be one of the best solutions if you wish to enjoy the computer content on a big screen. You can do this without messy cables and wires running all over the place. You also will be able to surf the internet and enjoy some of the best online movies, music and sports. It also could be used for viewing some memorable pictures and photos on the big screen with your family, friends and relatives. Apart from home use it also is useful for office presentations and is suitable for conferences and meetings. On the whole it certainly offers good value for money.

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    How To Connect Wireless Speakers To A Projector

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    Small-scale projectors are becoming more popular each year. They can easily turn any blank wall into a home theater and can be the anchor of a thrilling movie night with friends and family.

    To throw a successful movie night, youll need Bluetooth speakers to project sound however, this can be difficult, depending on whether your projector has Bluetooth access or not.

    To connect your wireless speakers to a projector, you will need Bluetooth capability. The easiest way would be to use a projector with built-in Bluetooth accessibility. If this isnt an option, you need to connect your speakers to the streaming device or invest in a Bluetooth adaptor or audio cable.

    Though the steps might seem intricate if followed carefully, connecting your wireless Bluetooth speakers to a projector can be simple and quick. Read on for the how-to guide on connecting Bluetooth speakers to a projector.

    Go Long Range With A Stronger Connection

    Achieve an incredible range up to 300ft line-of-sight and up to 160ft through walls.

    Whether your catching the game, enjoying your favorite podcast or binging thru your record collection, take your audio with you.

    Note: Actual operation range will depend on physical factors , interference from other wireless routers or adapters, and the qualify of the receiving device.

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    Bomaker Bluetooth 50 Transmitter/receiver Portable Hifi Wireless Audio Aux Adapter For Projector/speaker/phone/bluetooth

    Buy what you love and split the cost. Its easy and interest-free.

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    • : Bluetooth adapter wirelessly streams audio from the native 1080P BOMAKER projector to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as headphones or sound bars
    • : Features the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, stable and strong signal, low latency. It will automatically pair with the nearest Bluetooth device
    • : Connect the Bluetooth USB Dongle Adapter to the USB port of the projector and use the 3.5mm audio cable to connect the adapter to the projector. Or use the included 3.5mm audio cable to connect the projector via the AV port. Notice: Please connect the Bluetooth adapter to a 5V charger to power it

    How To Pick The Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitters For Tv

    10 Best Bluetooth Transmitters For Projectors 2020

    A Bluetooth transmitter is a tool that can wirelessly transmit audio from one device to another. It works basically by adding Bluetooth to source devices that do not have it . The transmitter connects to the source device via a cable and wirelessly transmits audio to receiving devices .

    Bluetooth audio transmitter

    However, picking the right Bluetooth audio transmitter for your TV is tricky because not all TVs are the same. Some only support 3.5mm audio output, which may not be compatible to your TV. The distance between you and the TV matters too. A transmitter with the right Bluetooth version to cover this range is needed else, the sound signals will be distorted.

    To help you with all these, here are a list of factors to consider before buying a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV:

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    Installing A Bluetooth Adaptor

    Installing a Bluetooth adaptor is a bit tricky compared to an audio cable, but is still a process that can be completed within minutes. Just like your audio cable, the Bluetooth adaptor fits into an audio/headphone jack. However, with the Bluetooth adaptor, youll install it in the projector, not the speaker or the streaming device.

    First, ensure that your Bluetooth adaptor is fully charged. This will ensure that the adaptor doesnt die when youre trying to watch your movie. Every Bluetooth adaptor has a different charge time and life, so its important to ensure that it wont die when youre mid-movie.

    Make sure to locate the audio jack on the back or bottom of your projector. There will likely be a few different jacks on there, so be sure to utilize the correct one it will likely be well-labeled.

    Once youve plugged the adaptor in, then youll need to take a peek at the adaptors instruction manual as provided by the manufacturer. Since most adaptors have one or two buttons on them, the instructions usually provide a series of clicks that need to be performed to get the device to enter pairing mode.

    After pairing mode has been activated, turn pairing on your speaker as well. It may take a few tries to ensure that the devices sync, so double-check the manufacturer instructions, but this process will likely take less than ten minutes if youre taking care.

    Epson Home Cinema 3800

    This home cinema projector brings a new experience to your movie nights with its 4K Pro resolution. Its advanced 3LCD technology can process millions of pixels while displaying 100 percent of the RGB colors.

    It also has 3000 lumens for outstanding brightness and vivid pictures. The projectors lens has a multi-element precision glass structure that displays clear images without fading on the edges. You wont have problems with the rainbow effect, either.

    It has a built-in dual 10W dual speaker system. But more importantly, it supports Bluetooth for wireless connection to external speakers and other sound systems.

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    Here Are 4 Easy Steps To Connect Your Bluetooth Speakers Or Headphones To A Projector

  • On your projector, navigate to the Bluetooth settings.Your product manual will tell you exactly what to push and where to find them.
  • Once youre there, youll want to turn on Bluetooth.This will activate the capabilities. Hooray! Now its active! Before you start celebrating again
  • Select the Bluetooth speakers you want to connect your projector to.If you have Bluetooth headphones, youll likely see those appear in this area too. Now turn back to your speakers.
  • Make sure your speakers are in pairing mode.
  • Usually, this means youll hold the power button down for several seconds. Other times, there is a devoted Bluetooth switch with the little Bluetooth logo next to it.

    Youll know youve got it right when your speakers are in pairing mode because from that point on, you should be able to choose them from the menu on the projector.

    That should do it. I have found that in rare instances, this may not work right away. If this happens to you, go through your projectors instructions once more, and make sure you didnt miss anything.

    If you can confirm youve followed everything as you should have, theres one more thing to do.

    Check your other devices youve connected to those Bluetooth speakers and manually undo the connection to them.

    Id say, 9 times out of 10, that should solve the problem, and you should be fully connected.

    An Upgrade For Better Sound And Better Range: Audioengine B1

    Yescom Mini Portable DLP Projector 3D HD 120"  Display HDMI USB WIFI ...

    Upgrade pick

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $190.

    If you have nice speakers or a higher-end audio system and you want to add a Bluetooth connection that can do them justice, the Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver is a great step up.

    The B1 is based on the same circuitry as Audioengines well-regarded D1 DAC, and the units audio quality reflects this: It offers better sound, by a good margin, than the less expensive Bluetooth receivers we tested. Music is lively and involving, with crisp, clear highs detailed midrange and tight, clean bass, particularly when used with devices that support aptX. In fact, because the B1s DAC is likely better than the built-in DAC of your phone, tablet, or computer, streaming to the B1 could wind up sounding better than connecting that source to your audio system with a cable: I found that streaming audio from my laptop to the B1 sounded significantly better than connecting the computer to my stereo using a cable from the computers headphone jack. On the other hand, my iPhone sounded a bit better with a wired connection to my stereo than through the B1, though the differences were small.

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    Change The Network Your Adapter Is Connected To

    Get better performance when your Windows PC and adapter are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you need to change the network your adapter is connected to, here’s how:

  • Connect your Windows PC to your adapter.

  • Open the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app and select Network.

  • Choose the network you want and select Connect.

  • Note: This only applies to Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter.

    Does The Projector Need To Have Bluetooth Capabilities

    One thing to watch out for here is that, at least for now, Bluetooth capability in a projector tends to be more common in cheaper portable-style projectors. Some budget models, like this VicTsing projector , not only have Bluetooth built-in to handle the sound, but screen mirroring to handle the video, making them streaming solutions for watching video content on your phone on the go.

    Even some more expensive portable models like the Anker Nebula Capsule sports Bluetooth capability, but if youre trying to build a home theater system, you probably arent interested in options that are focused on portability.

    Rest assured, though, that there are larger home theater projectors that have Bluetooth as well. For instance, the LG Ultra Short Throw LED Home Theater Projector has Bluetooth out, but doesnt have a battery and definitely isnt designed to be carted around.

    This is a serious contender for your home theater setup, and the Bluetooth feature here has the benefit of being able to handle enough of the audio lifting to justify the projectors premium price. It may mean that you can forego a complicated wiring setup that would otherwise drive your install price up.

    But what if your projector doesnt have Bluetooth already built-in? There are various ways to add Bluetooth capabilities to projectors and many other devices.

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    Put The Subwoofer In The Right Spot

    Most soundbar setups come with a separate subwoofer. The low-frequency output from it will help you get more immersed in the sound experience. Move the subwoofer around the home theatre space to find the optimum spot for it. Many people just put it right next to or in front of the soundbar, but you can also get powerful results if the subwoofer is behind your viewing position. Granted, such experiments work best if you have purchased a wireless soundbar. However, if your subwoofer gives excellent feedback from a certain position and you cant connect it wirelessly, you can invest in longer cables rearrange your set up in a way that hides away all the wires.

    If You Will Be Connecting It To A Bluetooth Capable Device

    How to Make Your Projector Bluetooth! (Cheap Fix!)

    If you are trying to connect your Bluetooth speaker to a projector thats not equipped for Bluetooth connection, but the device youre streaming from IS Bluetooth-friendly, you can bypass the entire project of turning your projector into one thats Bluetooth-capable.

    To connect your Bluetooth speaker to a non-Bluetooth projector through a Bluetooth-friendly laptop or TV, you need to connect it with the laptop or television. This is the easiest solution for people trying to get their devices to sync up.

    This process will be easier to perform than the original connection of the speaker to the projector. All you need to do to connect your laptop or TV with your speaker is to find the Bluetooth settings on your device and turn on Bluetooth capability.

    From here, youll need to turn the speaker on and engage the pairing function. This will send out a signal from the speaker to your device to connect the two.

    The name of your speaker, usually the brand and model, will pop up on your device in the available devices category of your Bluetooth settings. Select the pair option next to your speakers name, and the devices will link.

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    How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Soundbar To My Projector

    Some projectors have Bluetooth capabilities and can be connected to external speakers, while others do not. If your projector does not have Bluetooth, you can purchase an external Bluetooth adapter to allow you to connect your devices. To connect via Bluetooth soundbar to your projector, follow these simple steps:

    Projector Screen VS Paint In 5 Minutes

  • Make sure your projector and Bluetooth soundbar are turned on.
  • Connect the projector to your computer or another device with an audio signal.
  • Pair the Bluetooth surround soundbar with your projector.
  • Start streaming your audio.
  • And this is all that you need to do! Enjoy your movie or music with a bigger sound.

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    Mirror Mode & Extend Mode


    Mirror enable to mirror videos,games,music,photos,files from phone, pad, laptop to TV/projectors /monitors. Great for home entertainment/ business/ educations/ training.


    In extend mode. while casting video, you can still use other apps one your phone.

    4K High Resolution

    It supports 4K resolution with no transmission loss and delay. You could enjoy cinema-like experience easily at home.

    Support Most System And Devices

    • For iPhone: iPhone 13/12/11Pro Max/11Pro/ 11/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8P/8/7P
    • For iPad: iPad 8/7/6/5 iPad Air 3/4 iPad Mini 5 iPad Pro 11/12.9inch etc
    • For Mac OS: MacBook Pro 13.3/15.4,MacBook Air 13.3
    • For Android:Most of Android phone/tablets
    • For Windows: Windows 8.1/10

    ï¼Power adapter is not included)

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