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Using The Home Netwerks Smart Bathroom Fan

Bath Fan Installation – Home Networks LED Bath Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Ive found that when simply turning the light and fan on/off, I dont use the Alexa commands very often. Usually, its easiest to just press the power button on the wall control which turns on/off both the light and fan.

However, I use the Alexa integration all the time to listen to music, Audible, or podcasts. Its also the easiest way to set the light brightness and color.

Like most of my smart devices, my least desirable option for control is the mobile app. Fortunately, its rarely necessary to use the app to control this device. Aside from a few basic options to choose when you set it up, its not necessary to use the app at all.

The one exception is if you want to use your phone to stream to the speaker via Bluetooth. However, since I use Alexa connected to WiFi, I never have a need for the Bluetooth.

Remove The Old Bathroom Fan

The first thing I needed to do was remove the old rattley bathroom fan. I took the grill and light off and revealed the guts of the old unit. You can see how small the fan is on this contractors grade bathroom fan.

To uninstall the old bathroom fan I had to go up into the attic about the bathroom. If you dont have access to the ceiling above the exhaust fan then youre job is going to be a little harder. Here is what I found when I went up into the attic. The vent coming off the current bathroom fan had a tight 180 degree turn coming off of it. Thats no good for air flow.

Prep For The New Bathroom Fan Install

I shut off the power to the bathroom fan and unhooked the vent and electrical wire and removed the unit. If you arent comfortable working with electricity then make sure you call a professional to do any electrical work. From below I was left with the opening in the drywall which I had to widen for the larger Home Netwerks bathroom fan.

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Which Exhaust Fan With Bluetooth Speaker Is Right For Me

If youre just looking to make your shower a little more lively, any of these speakers will do well. However, its important to select a fan based on the design and needs of your bathroom.The first thing you should do is consider the size and age of your house. If youve got a larger or older home, you likely have an older fan installed. These fans were very bulky, and pushed out a lot of air. In this case, the best drop-in replacement is going to be the Broan SPK110. Broan exhaust fans are built to the highest standard, so this is something that can last you upwards of 20 years. The speaker is high quality, and the top-mounted exhaust port is ideal for full size houses.

If youre in an apartment, town home, or spatially efficient house, your vent arrangement is likely going to be a little smaller. The Delta BreezIntegrity is one of the most affordable option on our list. With 70 CFM of airflow, its best used in smaller bathrooms. The speaker is compact and not too powerful, but its more than adequate for a smaller room. This fan also is the lowest consumer of power on our list, so youll save a little money on your electric bill with this model.

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Home Netwerks Smart Bathroom Fan Review

Exhaust Fan Ventilation Ceiling Mount Integrated Bluetooth

I recently remodeled my bathroom and part of that remodel was to add an exhaust fan. Rather than go with a plain old exhaust fan, I decided to purchase a smart bathroom fan.

This Home Netwerks smart bathroom fan is an exhaust fan, light, and Alexa speaker all in one. It works with Alexa to play music, adjust the lights, and set the mood while you shower. You can turn on bright white lights and energizing music to get you going in the morning. Or, you can slow it down after a hard day by dimming the lights to a warm glow and playing some relaxing music.

When I first planned the bathroom remodel, my plan was to buy the cheapest fan I could find, which cost about $40. However, as I was walking through Home Depot, I saw this fan on display. At first, the price tag seemed way too high . But as I read through the feature set, I became intrigued.

The fan runs at 110 CFM and 1.5 sones.

The light is dimmable and can change colors to set the mood.

The speaker is Alexa enabled. This lets you control the fan and light with Alexa. You can also use the device just like you would use any other Alexa speaker.

I did a little price research and found other similar quality bathroom fan/light units were in the $130-$150 range.

But, those units dont have Alexa.

They dont have a dimmable, color-changing light.

And, they dont have any smart control.

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Best Overall: Broan Nutone Spk110 Sensonic

The Broan Nutone SPK110 Sensonic is a great choice for those who wish to retain the appearance of a traditional bathroom fan as the speaker remains hidden behind the bathroom grille. I chose this fan as the best overall because it is powerful, quiet, well-designed, and has a Bluetooth speaker that produces high-quality sound.

Exhaust Fan With Motion And Humidity Sensor

Some higher end bathroom fans come with built in humidity or motion sensors to control the fan. To me, this seems like a pretty obviously useful thing to have for a bathroom fan.

No doubt, my Home Netwerks fan is loaded with some cool extra features. However, it doesnt have a humidity sensor. It would be nice to have an auto-humidity feature that would turn on the fan as humidity goes up and keep it running until it goes back down. As it is, I tend to turn the fan/light off as I leave the bathroom which leaves any remaining humidity to slowly filter into the rest of the house.

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Installing The Smart Bathroom Fan

The ideal place for this unit is right above your bath so that you can make the most of its features to help create your ideal environment while you are bathing.

Once youve chosen a location, this smart bathroom fan installs just like many other bathroom fan units.

There are metal brackets which screw into the studs on your ceiling. This holds the base of the fan in place. The base includes the fan motor and vent system.

Then, there is a cover that slides onto the base. With other fans, the cover is usually just a plastic piece to make it look nice. But in this case, the cover contains the light, too.

To attach the cover to the base, you first connect the electrical plugin.

Then, you squeeze the spring wires on the cover,

then slide them into the slot in the base unit.

If you did it correctly, the tension of the springs should suck the cover up tight against the ceiling.

There is a good inch of overlap between the base unit and the cover. That overlap can help to cover up any rough edges or measuring mistakes from when you cut the hole in the ceiling.

Install The New Bathroom Fan Housing

Home Networks Bath Fan with Bluetooth speaker LED light and night light

After widening the cut out in the ceiling I put the new bathroom fan unit in. I had to shim out the left side with an additional 2×4 that you see here since my fan was right up against the stud. But other than that it was just a couple screws per support arm and it was held in place.

I also positioned the new bathroom fan so the vent was pointed out toward the exhaust hole in the wall. This eliminated the 180 degree turn in the exhaust ducting and will let the fan vent properly.

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Home Netwerks Bath Fan & Bluetooth Speaker & Led Light 7130

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Seller:crnresalellc100%, Location:Kingsville, Maryland, US, Ships to: US, Item:234200365568Home Netwerks Bath Fan & Bluetooth Speaker & LED Light 7130-06BT New Sealed Box. New in Sealed Box UPC820633951803. Soothing Blue Night Light.Condition:New, Shape:Round, Vent Style:Circular, Power Source:Electric, Custom Bundle:No, Color:White, Mounting:Ceiling, Brand:Home Netwerks, Type:Bath Fan, Ventilation System:Exhaust Fan, Model:7130-06-BT, Features:Bluetooth Speakers, LED Light, Smart Home Protocol:Bluetooth, Room:Bathroom See More

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Best Bathroom Fan With Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

Buying the best bathroom fan with speaker can be expensive, which is why it is important to consider the following factors to ensure you invest in a fan that will last you for years to come.

CFM bathroom fans are rated in CFM , which is basically their ability to move air in a room. So, before you go and buy the best bathroom fan with speaker, you need to determine the size of the room in square feet, and then compare it with the manufacturer specifications on the box to see if it is a good fit.

Speaker the speaker integrated into these fans is Bluetooth enabled, and can be connected with most compatible devices.

Noise level rated in sones, the last thing you want to do is buy a bathroom fan speaker that makes more noise than the sound emitted from the speaker. Look for fans that are rated between 0.5 and 1.2 sones, which are barely audible.

Additionally features some bathroom fan with speaker models come with innovative features such as app control, and multi-colored LED lights. Of course, the more features you choose, the higher the price, so choose just a model with the features you will use.

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Page : Existing Construction Installation Instructions

  • Page 8 NEW CONSTRUCTION INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 9. Attach grille by pinching mounting springs and inserting into narrow rectangular slots in the fan housing. Turn on power source. EXISTING CONSTRUCTION INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE INSTALLATION WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Ensure the electricity to the wires you are working on is shut off.
  • Set The Mood With An Alexa Routine

    Homewerks Worldwide 7130

    I especially like how the right lighting paired with appropriate music can help create the perfect shower mood.

    If you have certain settings and music that you tend to use frequently, you can setup an Alexa routine.

    In the mornings, I like to turn on some upbeat music and set the lights to bright white on full brightness. It helps to wake me up and get me energized for the day.

    • Cool white
    • Warm white
    • Night light

    If I want to take a nice relaxing hot shower at the end of the day, I dim the lights and set the color to a warm white . Then, I ask Alexa to play some relaxing music.

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    Best Bathroom Fans With Bluetooth Speaker

    July 9, 2020 by Sidney Fernandes

    Bathroom fans contrary to what the name may suggest can be installed in several areas in your home, especially spaces that could use effective ventilation including laundry rooms. These workhorses do much more than keep the mirrors in the bathroom clear, most notably prevent serious damage from water droplets on your bathroom surfaces.

    Even though a bathroom fan is not a mandatory installation in some municipalities, you really dont want to open the window to get rid of the mist do you?

    And if you think theyre noisy appliances that will disturb your relaxing time, it is worth noting that the best bathroom fans today do not sound like a 737-jet airplane circling overhead, but new technology has considerably improved both noise and performance.

    And if youre a bathroom singer or one of the many who likes to relax in the shower with their favorite tunes, the installing the best bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker is perhaps a great option for you.

    However, buying the best bathroom fan with speaker can be a bit challenging, given the many options available. But weve checked out this segment, compared several options with a keen eye towards features and performance, and narrowed down on 5 great Bluetooth speaker bathroom fans for your in-shower-entertainment.

    Install The New Switch For The Bathroom Fan

    The new bathroom fan has a special light switch to control it so you can control the light, fan and music all independent of the other. Its a simple swap out for the old switch. Again, make sure all the power is off and you feel comfortable doing any electrical work.

    You might have noticed the top of that switch says night light. This is one of the cool features of the light. You can turn on the night light mode and it goes to this blue LED light. The blue isnt bright to the eyes but provides plenty of light to see by. So its great to leave on in case you have a middle of the night bathroom run and dont want to blind yourself by turning on the bright white lights.

    And of course you can hook it up to your phone via the Bluetooth connection and play your music, podcasts or anything else from your phone. Now I just need to move on to the next bathroom fan install for the other yellowed ones

    If you want to check out some more home improvement projects you can head over to my Home DIY Projects page.

    I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in this Smart Home Program . As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Commission guidelines.

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    Connect The Wires And Grille For The New Bathroom Fan

    Going back downstairs here was the view of the new bathroom fan. You can see those extra wires which are for the speaker connections.

    The bathroom fan install was almost complete, I just needed to connect the wires and put the grill with the Bluetooth speakers on to the bathroom fan. It looks so much sleeker than the old fan and the whole outer ring is the LED light which is a lot better than that single 60w bulb I had in there before.

    Will Alexa Be Able To Hear Me

    Home NetWerks bluetooth bathroom fan install

    Additionally, with all that background noise, I was unsure how well the microphone would hear Alexa commands. Again the unit performs pretty well. Even with the shower at full blast, the fan running, and the speaker playing, the microphone picks up Alexa commands. In my experience, it performs as well as other Amazon Echo devices.

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    Best For A Small Bathroom: Homewerks Worldwide 7130

    The Homewerks Worldwide 7130-04-BT is designed to deliver long-lasting, efficient performance and is constructed with steel to ensure that it remains sturdy and corrosion-resistant. This fan is ideal for a small bathroom because it has a compact design while still operating with enough power to efficiently exhaust the air in the smaller space.

    Bathroom Fan With Speaker Faqs

    Q: What if my speaker/Bluetooth stops working?

    Answer: First, disconnect the black wire connected to the body of the fan, and reconnect it, making sure that side arrows are aligned. Now, turn the fan on in an attempt to reconnect the Bluetooth with the device.

    Q: Can bathrooms fans with speakers be wall mounted?

    Answer: Unfortunately not, as they as only designed to be mounted on the ceiling.

    Q: Can I connect more than one Bluetooth device at once?

    Answer: You can only connect one Bluetooth device at one time to the bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker.

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    Broan Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Bluetooth Speaker Top Choice

    Slotting in at the #1 position on this list of best bathroom fans with speaker is none other than the Sensonic model from Broan-NuTone a leading name in the residential air quality segment. It is engineered to effective ventilation to get rid of humidity, and odors quickly.

    Further, it is tucked away in a robust 26-gauge galvanized steel construction, so you rest assured it will last for several years on end. It boasts a great 110 airflow capacity, making it a great fit for spaces that measure up to 105 square feet. Speaking of power, the Sensonic Bluetooth speaker bathroom fan permanently lubricated motor that provides continuous operation.

    It is UL listed, so it can be installed over your bathtub and shower, HVI-Certified, and is Energy Star certified to meet strict energy performance standards set by EPA. The Broan-NuTone Sensonic bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker weighs just 11 lbs, and arrives in an appealing white polymeric grille finish.

    Speaking of the grille, it measures 13 inches in length and 14 inches in width, making this model a perfect fit for 2-inch by 8-inch ceiling constructions. It comes with everything you need for the installation process including a 4-Inch round duct connector with tapered sleeve, unique spacer for easy mounting to the I-joist.


    • Quite operation at 1.0 sones
    • HVI-Certified, UL listed, and Energy Star Certified
    • High quality Sensonic speakers


    • Limited to 1 color option

    How To Install A Bathroom Fan With Bluetooth Speakers


    This post is sponsored by The Home Depot

    Install a bathroom fan with bluetooth speakers and youll be keeping your bathroom moisture free while enjoying your favorite music or podcasts! This is the final post in my series on Smart Home integration that Im doing with The Home Depot. Ive already showed you How to Install a Smart Thermostat and how to Upgrade Your Home with Smart Lighting, and today Im finishing of with a bathroom upgrade that most homes could use. Even my house only being 9 years old already had rattling bathroom fans that needed some maintenance or replacement. So today Ill show you how to install a bathroom fan with some cool new features to replace those old contractor models in your house.

    Before we get started, make sure to follow me on , and to keep up with all my latest builds!

    Here is what youll need for the project:

    Tools Used

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