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How to Connect Alexa to Bluetooth | Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo smart speakers are best known for the Alexa voice assistant that powers them, but they can also function like any other Bluetooth speaker to play music, podcasts and other audio programming from your smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. How do I connect my Alexa Bluetooth to pairing mode? First, open the Alexa app and tap Devices, then Echo & Alexa. Select the device you want to use, then tap Bluetooth Devices. Tap Pair A New Device. The Echo will search for devices to pair with and show a list of available devices.

Here’s How To Connect Alexa To Bluetooth

As good as Alexa speakers can be, some of them especially smaller ones like the Echo Dot benefit from pumping audio through a separate Bluetooth speaker instead. Heres how to connect Alexa to Bluetooth, regardless of the individual accessories youre using.

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To connect Alexa to Bluetooth, put your Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode, then open the Alexa mobile app and locate your Alexa device in the Devices tab. Tap the Status pane, then Bluetooth Devices, or the relevant Change button in the Connected Devices field. The Pair A New Device option should appear.


    Let Your Friends Take Charge

    Introducing guests to your favorite Spotify playlist is fun, but sometimes you want to listen to your friends Apple Music library, too. Setting up multiple accounts on Alexa is not the ideal solution. Instead, its often easier to connect Alexa to their mobile device.

    Pairing Alexa with a new Android or iPhone is a relatively quick process. In fact, its easier than connecting a new phone to most non-smart Bluetooth speakers. This is my recommended way of letting your guests take charge of the party music.

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    How To Connect Alexa To The Pc

    One of the first things that struck you about your Amazon Echo was definitely the excellent sound quality that it can return: since you purchased the Amazon smart speaker, in fact, there is no day that you have not used to listen to your favourite music. But now you would like to take one more step: use the Amazon Echo also as a PC case in order to hear all the sounds that are played by the computer through the latter. In this article, you can know about how to connect Alexa to the pc.

    If this is actually the case, know that you have come to the right place! In fact, below, I intend to explain how to connect. Alexa to the PC in order to use any speaker of the Echo family as a computer case, both wirelessly and via cable.

    Also, if you are interested in it, I will explain how to call Alexa directly from your PC and interact with the famous Amazon voice assistant directly from Windows. I assure you that it is, in any case, a childs play. So ban the talk and lets get started: find all the instructions you need right below!

    Connect Your Phone To Echo And Alexa Over Bluetooth

    How to Pair Alexa With a Bluetooth Speaker

    If you don’t want to have to talk to Alexa to hear music through your Echo smart speaker or Alexa-compatible speaker, there’s the option to simply connect over Bluetooth and handle tunes through your phone’s app manually.

    1. Start with your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

    2. Go to the Settings menu and open the Bluetooth settings menu – ensure Bluetooth is turned on and the device is in the vicinity of your Amazon Echo.

    3. Say, Alexa, pair. Doing so will see Alexa enter pairing mode and search for nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices.

    4. If this is the first time you’re pairing the two, look for the Echo speaker in the new devices list .

    5. Once the two have established a connection, the Echo device will appear in the Bluetooth connections list on a phone or tablet. This allows you to manually connect over Bluetooth in the settings menu – or, alternatively, you can say, Alexa, pair to reinstate the connection.

    6. To disconnect your mobile device from Amazon Echo, say, “Alexa, disconnect from Bluetooth”.

    Tip – with an Echo Show or Spot, you can pair to your phone using the Settings from the touchscreen.

    How to remove paired Bluetooth devices from your Echo

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    How To Connect Your Amazon Echo To A Bluetooth Speaker

    ByAlthea Changpublished 14 March 17

    Whether you want to get better sound or extend your Echo’s range, you can now pair Amazon’s device with Bluetooth speakers. Here’s how.

    You no longer have to be locked in to the sound that comes out of your or Echo Dot. That’s because you can connect Bluetooth speakers to the smart home devices to listen to streaming music from a greater distance away from Alexa.

    Unless you already have Bluetooth speaker that you want to try to connect, check for speakers that are compatible with Echo devices before you buy one.For now, Echo devices can only connect with one Bluetooth speaker at a time, but we’re hope that would change. Who wouldn’t want the option to stream music throughout their home?

    S To Connect Alexa To Bluetooth In 1 Minute

    Alexa, connect to Bluetooth.

    Is this something that you have always wanted to say out loud?

    Youre going to be able to connect Alexa to Bluetooth today.

    In this article, well outline the simple steps that you need to do to connect Alexa to Bluetooth.

    Yes, any Bluetooth speaker.

    So does that mean I dont need to use Amazon Echo and choose my own Bluetooth speaker?


    And you can do that in just 1 minute. Or less!

    Lets get started.

    Read on to find out:

    • 5 easy steps to connect Alexa to Bluetooth.
    • Why Alexa wont connect to Bluetooth and how to fix it.
    • What you need to do to pair Alexa with a non-Amazon speaker.
    • Whether you can play music through Alexa over Bluetooth in multiple rooms at the same time.
    • And so much more
  • #5: Your device is using a non-supported Bluetooth profile
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    How To Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To Alexa

    Alright folks, How to connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Alexa has been a guide everyone is asking for right now! And its such a simple process that it would be a shame to the world if I didnt create this step-by-step guide for How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to Alexa.

    If you dont know about Alexa, or perhaps youre unfamiliar with the device, its a virtual smart assistant technically called the Amazon Alexa. It is controlled by voice commands to access your music, your smart home, and your calendar. She/it will help you keep organized and can set timers, call contacts, or read you the news. As youre thinking.. shes just like a real assistant. The most common Alexa device is called the Echo, and there are several versions, both with and without HD screens.

    Amazon sells Alexa products here, and has the same step-by-step guide here. Perhaps the more we spam the internet, the easier it will be for everyone to find the help they need! The sooner the problem is solved, the faster we can start enjoying our devices.

    How Do I Reconnect My Alexa To Wi

    Alexa Bluetooth Setup – Connect your Devices

    If you’re still having issues connecting your Alexa device to Wi-Fi that’s working correctly, you’ll need to fix your Wi-Fi credentials in the Alexa app. Something easy to miss is a wrong password or security type. For example, if you change your Wi-Fi password at the router level, youll also need to change it on your Echo device. Here’s how to check your Wi-Fi login information.

    Step 1:Check your internet credentials.

    Open the Alexa app on your phone. Tap Devices at the bottom. Select your Echo device and tap the Settings button at the top right. Tap Change next to the Wi-Fi option to view the Wi-Fi sign-in details. If they are incorrect, select the right network and enter the password.

    Step 2:Check or change the routers internet bands.

    If the internet is working and the Echo still isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi, it could be the band it’s using. Most routers have multiple Wi-Fi bands 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz are the most common. If you have this ability on your router, try changing which Wi-Fi network band your Echo device is using by following the steps above for checking internet credentials.

    If none of that works, call Amazon support. There could be an issue that requires a particular fix. Either way, Amazon is the last and best line of defense for getting your device back working.

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    How Do You Put Alexa In Pairing Mode

  • Your Echo Spot will turn on when you turn it on.
  • You can select the language you want to use.
  • Make sure you have access to Wi-Fi.
  • You can sign in to Amazon by clicking here.
  • Make sure you are in the right time zone.
  • The device name should be chosen.
  • You can download the Alexa app to use it.
  • Make your Echo Spot more customized.
  • How To Pair Bluetooth With Alexa

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to pair your smartphone with Alexa using Bluetooth so you use your Alexa device as a Bluetooth speaker. Using Bluetooth is also a better way to listen to podcasts, since Alexa’s podcasting skills are currently a bit lacking. Connecting a device for the first time requires a bit of setup, but after it has been connected you can reconnect quickly just using your voice.

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    How To Connect Alexa To Other Smart Devices

    If you get a new connected smart light bulb, security camera, smart lock or pretty much any other smart home gadget, Alexa can likely talk to it, too. As long as the device is Alexa-compatible, just head to the Alexa app.

    Once the app is open, tap Devices, then tap the little More button in the upper right hand corner of the app. A menu will slide up from the bottom of the screen, and you’ll be able to add devices by tapping — you guessed it — Add Device. From here, select the smart home device you want to add and follow the specific onscreen directions for your new gadget.

    Your Echo And Your Device Are Too Far From Each Other

    How to Connect Alexa Amazon Echo Dot to multiple Bluetooth Speakers ...

    Your device should be at least three feet away from your Echo or Echo Dot for a successful Bluetooth connection.

    But shouldnt my device be right next to Alexa?

    Well, no.

    According to itself, putting your Echo or Echo Dot close to external speakers will make it difficult for Alexa to hear your requests.

    And even her name, which is commonly the wake word.

    Okay, so Ive moved my device. It still wont connect!

    Check if there are things that can interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

    First would be physical barriers, especially those that are made of or have metal.

    Some common examples include:

    Thick plastic or concrete may also make Bluetooth signals weaker.

    Another source of interference is radio frequencies emitted by other electrical devices.

    A microwave, for example, can block Bluetooth signals and stop your device from connecting to Alexa.

    Its also a good idea to check whether the interference is caused by your WiFi.

    Some WiFi access points use the same bandwidth as Bluetooth, and this may cause an issue with your connection.

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    How Do I Get Alexa To Recognize My Iphone

    You can open the Settings app on your iPhone to begin the pairing process. Bluetooth can be opened by going to the Bluetooth website. When the Amazon Echo device is paired with Bluetooth, you can say Alexa, pair. When you use that command, Alexa will confirm that your Echo device is in pairing mode by giving you an audible signal.

    How To Setup Multi

    If you own multiple Echo devices in your home, you can stream music on all your speakers simultaneously. The multi-room music setup is not complicated. It can be done in minutes. Make sure that all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network before you begin.

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Select Devices.
  • Say, Alexa, play on , when youre ready to start listening.
  • You now have all your Echo speakers connected to simultaneous stream multi-room audio.

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    Turn On Your Pc Using Alexa

    While you cannot turn on a powered-down computer with an Alexa-enabled device, you can wake your sleeping or hibernating Windows PC. To do so, you need to set up the Wake on LAN Alexa skill.

  • Change your computer’s name to something easy to say like “My PC.” Make sure none of your other connected devices have the same name.

  • How Do I Connect My Amazon Alexa To My Iphone

    How do I Connect my Bluetooth to Alexa?

    You can access the Settings app on your iPhone by opening the app. Bluetooth can be opened by going to the Bluetooth website. When the Amazon Echo device is paired with Bluetooth, you can say Alexa, pair. When you use that command, Alexa will confirm that your Echo device is in pairing mode by giving you an audible signal.

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    Your Device Is Connected To Another Device Via Bluetooth

    Okay, so your device is fully charged and its positioned well from your Echo or Echo Dot.

    There are also no barriers that can block the signal.

    Why wont it still connect?

    Maybe your device is already connected to another Bluetooth connection.

    If this is the case, you need to disconnect your device so that you can try pairing it with Alexa again.

    How To Remove A Bluetooth Device From Alexa

    For security reasons, youll want to unpair any devices that you lose or sell. You should also unpair old friends devices as you cant be sure who currently owns those phones or tablets.

    The process here depends on which device you have. On most Echo devices, you will need to use the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. The Echo Show and Echo Spot, though, will require that you remove the Bluetooth Device from the Echo itself.

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    Your Device Has Low Battery

    The very first thing that you should check when trying to connect Alexa to a device via Bluetooth is the battery on your device.

    For a successful Bluetooth connection, your device must be fully charged.

    If your device is running on low battery, charge it first or connect it to a power source.

    That should fix the issue.

    Your Echo Needs A Software Update

    How to Pair Alexa With a Bluetooth Speaker

    Still no luck?

    Its time to check whether your Echo device is in need of a software update.

    To check the current software version, you just need to:

    Step 1: Open your Alexa app or go to .

    Step 2: Go to the main menu and then find Settings.

    Step 3: Choose your device.

    Step 4: Go to About, and take note of the Device software version.

    Step 5: Check Amazons Help page and see if thats the latest version, or you need to update.

    Okay, I need a software update. How do I do that?

    We got you.

  • Make sure your Echo device is powered and connected to the WiFi.
  • Press the Mute button on your Echo.
  • Wait until Alexa announces that she will do an update.
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    Can Alexa Connect To Multiple Bluetooth Devices

    The Alexa requires special equipment to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers from different brands, but you can attach other speakers using the 3. You can also use the Alexa to connect multiple speakers from different brands. 5mm jack. By connecting two Bluetooth audio devices simultaneously using the Alexa app, they can use two Bluetooth audio devices at once.

    Amazon Echo Tip: Pair A Bluetooth Mobile Device

    Amazons Echo has you pretty well covered for audio from services like Pandora and Prime Music, but you can also connect your mobile device via Bluetooth.

    Amazons Echo smart speaker is a unique device that you can do some cool things with. One thing you might want to do is connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and then stream music from a service like Spotify or iTunes to your Echo.

    The Amazon Echo already has you pretty well covered for audio. You can already play music directly on it from , radio stations, Audible, and podcasts via iHeartRadio or TuneIn, and by connecting Pandora. But you might have other audio that isnt available on those services and need to connect your device.

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    Pair Alexa With Your Device

    Great! Is that all?

    What you need to do next is to pair Alexa with your device.

    To do this, you just have to:

    Note: Its important that you know the name of your device.

    This will help make sure that youre pairing your Alexa with the right device.

    If youre not sure about its name, check the model number.

    How To Connect The Amazon Echo Dot To An External Speaker

    How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to the Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa)

    The Echo Dot is inexpensive and portable, but it doesn’t have a great speaker. Pump up the sound on your Dot by connecting it to an external speaker.

    The Amazon Echo Dot is a compact smart speaker that can fit practically anywhere and offers all the features of its bigger brothers. And while the newest third-gen Echo Dot, and the version featuring a digital clock, deliver dramatically better sound than their predecessors, the Dot still lacks the booming speaker offered by the full Echo.

    That’s fine if you just want to hear the latest news, purchase products, or play games and quizzes, but if you want to listen to music, the Echo Dot’s speaker may not be up to snuff. Fear not, though, because you can connect your Dot to an external speaker to beef up the sound.

    You can set up an external speaker with virtually any of Amazon’s Alexa-driven devices, but the Dot is really the one that needs it. If you have an Echo Dot and want to connect it to another speaker, you can plug in an external speaker or connect one via Bluetooth. Let’s go over the steps for both options.

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