How To Connect Lg Tv To Bluetooth Speaker

How To Connect Digital Optical Connections

How to Connect LG Smart TV to Bluetooth Speaker
  • To do this, connect the digital optical cables to your TVs digital output.
  • Affix the opposite end of the cables to the corresponding optical input on your receiver, home theater system, or soundbar.
  • After you have connected the cables, follow the audio system and TVs setup procedures.
  • To hear output sound, choose the digital optical output as the source.
  • If you cant hear any sound, go to the audio output settings. Then, look for the PCM settings. For sound devices that have no decoding capability, tweaking the PCM settings may solve the problem.

Digital Optical Or Digital Coaxial

You can use a digital optical or digital coaxial cable for soundbars or TVs that dont support HDMI. It wouldnt support higher-end audio formats, but it can still transmit up to 5.1 surround sound audio.

Now, a digital optical and a digital coaxial cable are a little different. The optical cable has a square connector, which is different from the circular connector of the coaxial.

But other than that, optical connections work by converting the electrical signal to optical light and then bringing it back to electrical when it reaches the other end of the cable. This minimizes electrical interference, even less than HDMI.

To connect your LG TV and soundbar using your digital audio cable or digital optical, connect one end of the cable to the Digital Audio IN port on the soundbar. Then, connect the other end to the Optical OUT port on your LG TV. Finally, set the soundbars source to D.IN.

Again, you should check your LG TVs connections before buying any cables.

How To Connect Rca Connections

  • Connect your RCA cables to the audio output of the LG TV.
  • Secondly, connect the opposite ends of the cables to the corresponding audio outputs on a powered speaker, home theater receiver, or soundbar.
  • Once you have plugged in everything, turn on the receiver or soundbar.
  • Next, set up your TVs audio settings. You may also follow the setup instructions of the external audio device.
  • Choose the input on the sound system so that you can hear the output sound of the TV. In doing this, remember that the RCA outputs send a content-dependent 2-channel stereo from the television to the external device.

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If youre using the analog connection settings with a soundbar, be sure to check the enhancements of the device. This may include surround sound features and soundstage audio recordings.

If the RCA cables are connected to a receiver or home theater system, it is recommended to check for extra audio settings, like DTS Neo:6 or Dolby Prologic II/IIx. These features allow you to extract surround sound signals from the input signal of the stereo.

Also, take note that RCA connections are not available on most new LG TV sets.

Hence, if youre purchasing a brand new LG TV and your audio system or soundbar has only analog audio outputs, you must ensure that the TV has the analog audio option enabled. It must have built-in analog audio inputs.

If Your TV does not have Audio Output, Read Connecting External Speakers to the TV without Audio Output

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Bluetooth Transmitter/receiver Power Supply

Some of the Bluetooth transceivers are coming with a built-in battery, not mandatory while you are using the Bluetooth adapter at home. However, please make sure your Bluetooth headphones have a power connector port to connect to the power supply. As long as your TV has power, these devices should depend on this power source to function.

How To Play Audio Through The Internal Speakers And External Sources At Once

How to Connect TVs to Speakers or Stereos Systems

So, you want to play audio through the LG TVs internal speakers and your external speakers, do you?

Well, you dont have to choose though sometimes when setting up, it might seem like it.

Follow me, and Ill show you how to make all this happen. Start popping that popcornits almost time for your movie!

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How To Turn On Bluetooth On Your Lg Tv

The Bluetooth function of LG TVs is activated by default, however, to pair a new device it is necessary to perform a fairly simple procedure with the help of the remote control. It is even possible to do it with your voice when you have the Magic Control knob. These are the steps you must follow

  • First put your Bluetooth speaker, headset, or soundbar into discovery mode.
  • On the remote control, press the Home button. Then, go to Settings and select the All Settings option.
  • On the screen that appears, select the Audio option. Then select Audio Out.
  • Tap Device selection and wait a few moments for the TV to detect the Bluetooth device you want to pair with.
  • Next, select the detected device and wait for the connection to be notified.
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    How To Connect My Computer To My Bluetooth Speaker

    Once you’ve turned on the speakers and made them visible, you’re ready to connect them to your Windows computer. To enable Bluetooth on your computer, click “WindowsC” and select the “Settings” icon. Click Change PC settings, select PCs and devices and select Bluetooth to open the Bluetooth settings window.

    Identify Your Audio Output Options

    [LG TV] – How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker(s) to the TV (WebOS6.0)

    What were looking for is something that says audio out, or any other port that sends audio out of your TV. This could be HDMI, optical, coaxial, RCAs, or a 3.5mm socketit just has to be an output port that your receiver or soundbar also has available for input. Here are the types of ports were looking for to connect an external audio system to a TV:

    • Digital audio: HDMI, optical, or SPDIF
    • Analog audio: Line Out RCAs, Aux Out, or a Headphone Out

    Note: If your TV and external audio system have more than one of these connections in common, you only need to pick one. They are listed in order of preference above. Digital connections are preferred over analog as they allow for cleaner signal transfer, and your external sound setup can better handle audio processing, rather than just using the TVs analog feed.

    If your TV or receiver are of the older variety, an analog connection may be your only option. Keep in mind that if one only offers RCAs and the other only offers a 3.5mm TRS socket, all is not lost, adapters do exist.

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    How Do I Pair Bluetooth Speakers

    How to connect the Bluetooth speaker to Google Home. On the device side, press the menu button in the top right corner and then select the Settings command. Scroll down and tap the Paired Bluetooth Devices option. This opens the standard speaker menu. To add a Bluetooth speaker, first make sure the speaker is in pairing mode.

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    How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work With Iphone

    Connection Place the Bluetooth speaker near the iPhone. Turn on the speaker and enter pairing mode. Open your iPhone settings. They tap bluetooth. Slide Bluetooth to the right to the on position. Touch the name of your speakers. Play sound on the bluetooth speaker.

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    Connection Via A Digital Media Player

    Connecting via a digital MediaPlayer is a good option for those who use a digital media player a lot to watch content. If you already have a digital media player instead of going to the hassle of purchasing a transmitter. You can utilize what you already have at home and use it to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your TV this is possible because digital media players usually have Bluetooth built-in and can broadcast to wireless speakers. To consider how to pair a digital media player with your Bluetooth speaker, let us use the Amazon Fire TV stick as a case study. The first thing you would have to do is, of course, turn on your Bluetooth speaker. Then after that, on the Firestick, go to Settings and Controllers & Bluetooth Devices. Then, select Other Bluetooth Devices. After that, select Add Bluetooth Devices. The Fire Stick will then run a search for any Bluetooth device within range. As long as your Bluetooth speaker is on, it should find it. Then, select the Speaker to Pair automatically. With some variation, this should be the general process for pairing your smart TV to your Bluetooth speaker using your digital media player.

    As with the Bluetooth transmitters, you can choose to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your smart TV via your digital media player, irrespective of whether your TV supports Bluetooth.

    Read Before Using Bluetooth Audio Devices

    LG Help Library: How to Connect an Audio System

    Just remember that if you connect using Bluetooth:

    • You can only pair one Bluetooth audio device at a time.

    • You can’t use Bluetooth devices and the Wi-Fi Speaker Surround Setup feature , or TV SoundConnect simultaneously.

    • Compatibility issues may occur, depending on the Bluetooth device. For instance, some Bluetooth headphones are designed for mobile devices exclusively and won’t pair with a TV.

    • Lip-sync errors may occur.

    • The TV and Bluetooth device may disconnect, depending on the distance between them.

    • A Bluetooth device may hum or malfunction:

    • When a part of your body is in contact with the receiving or transmitting system of the Bluetooth device or the TV.

    • When the device is subject to electrical variation from obstructions caused by a wall, corner, or office partitioning.

    • When the device is exposed to electrical interference from same frequency-band devices including medical equipment, microwave ovens, and wireless LANs.

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    How Do I Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To One Phone

    Recently released Motion Soundcore b, available on Amazon, and Flare + Soundcore +, released in August, can also be used for stereo. If you have a more powerful Samsung Galaxy S8 , you can select DUAL AUDIO in the Bluetooth settings, which allows you to connect to 2 devices. Thanks for the comprehensive answer.

    Connecting Your Sound Bar With Digital Optical

    Digital optical cables provide excellent quality sound because of the speed at which they can transfer information.

    The following steps will have your Samsung sound bar hooked up to your LG TV with a digital optical cable in no time:

    • Turn on your TV and Sound bar: For this process to work its best to have everything on.
    • Connect the cable: Plug one end of the cable to the TVs digital optical input and then the other into the sound bars output.
    • Press the source button on your sound bar: The source button should be available both on the sound bar itself and its remote.
    • Find the setting D.I.N: This should come up after you press the source button.
    • Find settings in the TV home menu: Press the home button on the TV remote and go to settings
    • Go to the sound settings in the sound menu: The sound menu is the little icon with a speaker on it. Click on it and look for the sound settings.
    • Switch the TV speaker off: In the sound settings you should see an option for your speakers. Click it and switch the internal speaker to off.

    With the TV speakers off you should only receive sound via the sound bar.

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    Note: Smart Tv Owners Can Use The Device Connector App Instead Of Following These Steps If Desired

  • Turn on the TV.
  • button on your remote, then locate the Settings icon in the top-right of the screen. If you do not have a Home button on your remote, press the Settings button instead .
  • From the Quick Settings menu, choose Advanced.
  • From the Advanced Settings menu, choose Sound > Sound Out > Optical / HDMI .
  • Wireless Connection Of Soundbars To Lg Tv

    How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your LG OLED TV

    Some LG TVs have Sound Sync, which lets you wirelessly connect a soundbar, home theater system, or sound plate.

    To set it up, press the Home Button on your LG TVs Magic Remote. Select Setting, Sound, then Sound Out. You then need to change the settings from TV Speaker to LG Sound Sync Wireless.

    Once you press Device Selection, your LG TV will start searching for compatible devices, which in this case is your soundbar. Then, press the LG TV button on the remote. Youll see the soundbars name on the screen, so you can simply select that and let your soundbar and TV pair.

    For separate video and audio relays, here are the top-performing RCA soundbars to consider.

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    Will A Wireless Samsung Sound Bar Connect To My Lg Tv

    So, weve covered the kinds of cables that can connect a Samsung sound bar to a TV, but what about connecting it wireless? Can you use wireless features across brands when it comes to Samsung sound bars and LG TVs?

    Some LG Smart TVs have Bluetooth capabilities. You can use these to connect to a Samsung sound bar that also has bluetooth.

    The following steps should allow you to connect your Samsung soundbar to your LG TV, assuming both have Bluetooth capabilities:

    • Use your sound bar remote to turn on pairing mode: There should be a pair button on your sound bars remote. Press it so it can search for your TV.
    • Go into your TVs sound settings: From the settings menu you should be able to get into advanced settings. There you will find sound settings. Click on them.
    • Go to sound out and find your device: There should be a Sound Out button. Click it. From there you should be able to select LG Sound Sync Bluetooth. Select it and have it find your bluetooth.
    • Select the bluetooth from your speaker: It may take a moment to two to pair, but once it does, you should be ready to go!

    If your bluetooth didnt come up, try to hit the pair button again and repeat the process.

    My Smart Tv Does Not Have A 35mm Jack Output

    You have to note that some smart TVs dont come with a 3.5mm audio output. You will need to then purchase a device that can convert your TVs audio into a 3.5mm output so you can then connect up a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver to that.

    The chain of devices running from your TV may be getting a little long at this point however, this is the only way you will be able to connect your smart TV to your Bluetooth speakers if it does not have Bluetooth functionality.

    Depending on what outputs your TV has, you would have to purchase and utilize one of these adapters

    Digital to analog audio converter

    If your TV supports S/PDIF, then you would have to purchase this adapter that converts a Toslink digital PCM signal into both a 3.5mm jack as well as RCA analog audio.

    This device is not capable of being reversed, though, as the Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. It also achieves a 192Khz sampling rate and supports sampling rates of 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, and 192KHz at 24-bit.

    RCA analog to 3.5mm cable

    If, by some chance, your TV does not support digital audio in the form of S/PDIF but does support audio output in the form of RCA analog connections. Your best bet would be to purchase an RCA to 3.5mm cable and then just plug that into your Bluetooth transmitter and receiver.

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    Can You Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Smart Tv

    Yes, you can connect Bluetooth speakers to smart tv and it works most of the televisions. If you have a smart speaker, you can also control the tv with your voice. Hey Google, turn on the TV or Hey Google, turn on the tv and play latest news on Youtube. To enhance your cinematic experience, a Bluetooth speaker is a useful home addition. They will provide clear crystal sounds, deep thunderous bass, and improve the quality of sound produced.

    There are two things you can do with Bluetooth speaker.

  • To connect your speaker to smart tv and have good quality sound.
  • if you have inbuilt Google Assistant or Alexa in your speaker, you can even control your tv with your voice.
  • Check first whether your TV has bluetooth speaker, if it does, than you can connect to your speakers.

    And guess what? The steps in connecting a smart TV to a Bluetooth speaker are straightforward procedures, even though various brands of smart TVs may vary in their approach.

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