How To Connect Phone To Lg Tv Using Bluetooth

Connect Your Phone To Tv Via Bluetooth

LG TV, how to connect Bluetooth headphones (2020 LG CX OLED Apple AirPods Pro)

Bluetooth isnt as fast as WiFi, but it does have enough juice to power a few things. You can pair your Android TV with your Android or iOS smartphone. Here, different TVs will have different steps and options to establish a Bluetooth connection.

For instance, on a Motorola Android TV, go to Settings > Remotes & Accessories > Add accessory. Now, follow the on-screen instructions. Other Android TV-powered devices will likely have similar options.

After connecting via Bluetooth, you can transfer files or use your Android TV as a Bluetooth speaker and play songs from your phone. Its possible to pair an iPhone, but the functionality may be limited.

What Are The Other Options To Connect Mac To Tv Wirelessly

Even though Airplay is the best option that you can use to connect Mac to TV wirelessly, there is another way that you can try, which is third party tools like AirBeamTV. How does this work?

AirBeamTV works precisely like a Chromecast or Roku. It is an application available for both macOS and iOS that you can download on your MacBook. After which, you can stream everything that you will play on your Mac on your television until your devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi network.

AirBeamTV is an excellent option if you do not have a television that is compatible with AirPlay. Several televisions in the market built after 2012 have a feature that is compatible with this application. Moreover, AirBeamTV is a less expensive way to connect Mac to TV wirelessly than Airplay.

Process of Using AirBeamTV

  • The steps of using AirBeamTV are straightforward. Firstly you have to download the application on your Mac.
  • Then you have to open the application and select the option Mirror Mac Screen. Once you choose the option, a list of devices will come in front of you, out of which you can select the television with which you want to connect your Mac with.

Once you have connected your Mac and television with the help of the AirBeamTV, you can stream anything you want, ranging from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime, and more.

Can I Use My Phone As A Remote Without An Ir Blaster

Using your phone as a remote without an IR blaster is possible. However, this requires the use of Wi-Fi instead. Instead of using an infrared signal, your phone is now communicating with the TV via Wi-Fi signals.

Wi-Fi is the most normalized mode of establishing a connection between two peripherals these days. Many applications on the Play Store or App Store turn your phone into a remote using a Wi-Fi connection. Download any of these apps and configure your phone and hardware accordingly. Voila, your smartphone can also operate as a TV remote now! Check out the list of theBest Streaming Deviceson Amazon now!

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How Do I Connect Bluetooth Speakers To My Tv

Ensure that the speaker is discoverable by putting it into Bluetooth pairing mode. If you need to do this, you can consult the products user manual. You can pair your Bluetooth audio device with a speaker by selecting it from the TVs list of Bluetooth audio devices. If you have a model of TV, the process will differ slightly.

How Do I Connect My Phone To My Lg Tv Without Wifi

How To Connect Phone To Lg Smart Tv Without Wifi

There are multiple ways you can connect your phone with LG TV. However, an LG Smart TV is preferred since older versions rarely support the modes of connection we may use. The most surefire way of establishing a connection is via Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is not available, you can use screen mirroring, screencasting, Chromecast, or an HDMI cable to establish a connection.

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What Phones Have Ir Blasters

The best phones with IR blasters you can buy today

  • TCL 10 Pro. An affordable, new phone with an IR blaster.
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G. A good import buy for an IR-equipped flagship.
  • Huawei P30 Pro. The final Huawei flagship with Google apps.
  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro. One of the last U.S.-sold flagships with an IR blaster.
  • LG G5.
  • Connect The Phone To Your Tv Wirelessly

    Please note that some of these technologies require your phone and TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


    Google Chromecast streaming device is probably the cheapest and easiest way to connect your smartphone to your TV without HDMI. Using this, you can stream audio or video for an individual app or mirror your entire Android device. Youll need third-party apps if you want to cast your entire iPhone screen.

    To mirror your display, youll have to download the Google Home app on your device. Go to Cast my screen > Cast.

    You can buy the new Chromecast with Google TV for $49.99, supporting video quality up to 1080p. Nowadays, many smart TVs come with built-in Chromecast support, so you dont have to pay any extra money. Check for the Chromecast label or the owners manual to know if your TV supports it.


    Miracast is a popular wireless streaming standard that came out in 2012. Many televisions come with Miracast support built-in, which you can use to link your phone to the TV. However, you can only do so on Android devices as Apple doesnt support Miracast on iPhone and macOS. Youll have to download a companion app as well, for example, AirCast.

    If you are looking to connect your phone to your TV without a WiFi network, Miracast is one option. It uses Wi-Fi Direct technology and creates a wireless link of its own.

    If you want to buy a Fire TV, you can choose between various options like Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, etc.

    Apple AirPlay

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    How To Turn On Bluetooth On Your Lg Tv

    The Bluetooth function of LG TVs is activated by default, however, to pair a new device it is necessary to perform a fairly simple procedure with the help of the remote control. It is even possible to do it with your voice when you have the Magic Control knob. These are the steps you must follow

  • First put your Bluetooth speaker, headset, or soundbar into discovery mode.
  • On the remote control, press the Home button. Then, go to Settings and select the All Settings option.
  • On the screen that appears, select the Audio option. Then select Audio Out.
  • Tap Device selection and wait a few moments for the TV to detect the Bluetooth device you want to pair with.
  • Next, select the detected device and wait for the connection to be notified.
  • How To Pair Lg Tv With Bluetooth Speaker

    Bluetooth Headphones for LG TV (How to Connect Headphones to LG TV?) – Avantree Opera

    You can change your TVs settings by selecting the Settings icon when it is turned on. To access advanced settings, select Advanced Settings. You can select Sound Out from the Sound menu. You can pair your LG device from the list by selecting Detect. Then select LG Sound Sync Bluetooth.

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    Device Connector Pc Connection Prompt

    Content Share also allows an LG Smart TV to access and play compatible music, photo, and video files stored on a PC or Laptop.

    The LG Smart Share App needs to be installed on your PC or Laptop for the Content Share feature to work with both the PC and TV.

    After selecting Content Share for PCs and going through prompted connection steps on your PC and LG TV, you’ll see a photo, music, and video file sharing menu on your LG TV screen. When you select a category, you’ll be able to display compatible files stored on your PC on your LG TV.

    S To Connect Mobile Hotspot To Smart Tv

    The steps of connecting a Mobile hotspot to smart TV are similar to how you use it to connect a Mobile hotspot to another smartphone.

    Before you start with the steps, you must make sure that your mobile phone has enough data so that you can stream high-quality content on your Smart TV. If you have enough mobile data to share the internet with your Smart TV, look at the steps.

    • The first step of connecting a Mobile hotspot to smart TV is to go to the network settings of your Smart TV and switch on the Wi-Fi network so that it can connect when you switch on the mobile hotspot on your smartphone.
    • In the second step, you have to switch on your internet in the smartphone and then enable the mobile hotspot. It would be best if you kept your mobile hotspot encrypted with a password so that unknown devices cannot connect to your internet.
    • When you enable the mobile hotspot, your devices name will appear in front of you on the smart TV. Ensure that you keep the range of distance between the smart TV and your mobile phone as less as possible so that the detection can be fast and easy.
    • When you see your devices name on the smart TV, all you have to do is select and then enter the password. The password must be available on your smartphone only.
    • When you enter the password, your smart TV will be connected to the mobile hotspot, and now you can stream your favorite shows on the internet on your smart TV with the help of the mobile hotspot.

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    Why Is My Bluetooth Not Connecting To My Tv

    Your Bluetooth device should be fully charged before you use it. It is possible that the connection or pairing of four or more Bluetooth devices to the TV will fail if you have a KD XxxC or XBR XxxC series model. Connect the Bluetooth device you wish to reconnect to the desired Bluetooth device after you have turned off any Bluetooth devices you are not using.

    Quick Lesson : How Do Wireless Headphones Work For Tv

    How to Connect Phone to TV [4 Best Working Method] 2020 ...

    To establish a wireless connection between the TV and your wireless headphones requires just two components:

  • A wireless transmitter
  • A wireless receiver
  • The transmitter sends digital audio signals over to the receiver which in turn converts them into analog signals that you hear in the headphones.

    The wireless headphones is the wireless receiver. However, your TV might or might not be the wireless transmitter.

    It all depends on whether the TV has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. So how do you know if it supports Bluetooth? See Quick Lesson #2.

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    Connect Speaker Or Headphones Via Bluetooth

    As explained from LG, it will be your television that will recognize any Bluetooth device that is nearby and automatically asks you whether or not you want to pair it as long as the speaker or earphone is turned on and in the pairing position, for example. In these cases we would do it automatically by following the steps that appear on the screen without having to access the TV settings. But they may not always link automatically and we have to do it manually from the settings.

    Screen Mirroring Features On Lg Smart Tvs

    One way to view your smartphone on an LG TV is with Screen Mirroring. Almost all Android phones have this capability. LG labels its TV screen mirroring feature as Screen Share.

    Mirroring from iPhone/iPad to most LG Smart TVs directly may not be possible. However, there are workarounds available discussed after the following Android screen mirroring section.

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    Can You Turn A Non Bluetooth Tv Into A Bluetooth Tv

    So, as you can see, its actually pretty easy to turn your non-bluetooth TV or any non-bluetooth device, actually, as long as it has a 3.5mm audio jack or RCA jacks into bluetooth-capable devices. You just need the transmitter and you can easily enjoy wireless sound at a great quality!Jan 28, 2020

    Download the LetsView app on your iPhone and Android TV. Next, connect both devices under the same Wi-Fi network. After that, go to your iPhones Control Center and tap the Screen Mirroring button.

    How To Connect Smartphone To Smart Tv Wirelessly

    [LG TV] – How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker(s) to the TV (WebOS6.0)

    Hello readers. Today let us learn how to connect smartphone to smart TV wirelessly. With advancing levels in technology and an uprising of brand new electronic gadgets, the wireless tech. Is now taking over. Music systems now have wireless Bluetooth chips whereby you can play your music from other Bluetooth devices wirelessly through Bluetooth. No more cables now. Watch those movies on your smartphone and enjoy that rich sound effects over your Bluetooth HiFi system, subwoofer, Bluetooth pill speakers headphones or even now wireless earphones. Read Also: How to convert a laptop into a tv using USB TV stick

    Besides Bluetooth, WiFi too has shown a great improvement in wireless technology. You can share videos, images and other media from a smartphone to another smartphone through a wifi network. You can share internet with others by creating a wifi hotspot and let others join your network. Far still, you can connect a smartphone to a smart tv wirelessly and enjoy your media on a big screen straight from your smartphone for free and cable free! It is a tie for the change. Smart TVs come with a built-in wireless radio chip, enabling you to surf the internet by connecting it to a wireless hotspot and to connect with other devices too. It is just amazing. Let us look at how to connect a smartphone to a smart tv wirelessly.

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    Connect A Smartphone Or Tablet To A Smart Tv Wirelessly Via Wifi

    This concept is based on screen mirroring. There are various ways you can go about this. You can use. But today let us use wifi direct method. This will require your smart tv and Android smartphone to be connected to the same one wifi network. You can connect to one wifi router or connect to a hotspot on a smartphone you arent using so that it acts as your wifi router. Read Also: How to connect Android phone to CRT TV with AV ports to view mobile content

    You will now go to settings on your phone to enable wifi direct. On your launcher, go to settings then navigate to Wifi. Open wifi and a list of live hotspot networks will be displayed . But since your router or network on the hotspot you want to join your smartphone and smart tv is the one you have, join it. If you see a padlock sign on it, it means it is secured and you will have to have security credentials to connect to it. Connect to your router.

    Now, if you are an Android KitKat and below, wifi direct will be displayed just below the window for wifi networks. Select WIFI DIRECT and go to wifi direct settings. You will see a list of devices on wifi direct. You will see your smart tv displayed on the list. Tap it. It will try to connect. After successful connection, you will see your smartphones tv showing connected below its name on the device list which will now have turned blue.

    Connect Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse And Gamepads To Your Lg Smart Tv

  • Make sure your keyboard, mouse, or gamepad has sufficient battery power and is not currently connected to any other device.
  • Now enable pairing mode on your device. This may indicate a steady blinking, indicating that the device is ready to pair.
  • Take your LG Smart TV remote and hit the Settings button.
  • In the Settings menu, scroll and select Advanced Settings.
  • From the General menu, select Keyboard.
  • Select the Connect option. The TV will now start looking for Bluetooth input devices that are nearby.
  • When you spot your keyboard, mouse, or gamepad, select it.
  • After a few seconds, the TV and input devices will be paired.
  • Your input device can now be used with your LG Smart TV.
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    How Can I Use My Phone As A Tv Remote Without Wifi

    Looking for your TV remote and cannot find it? If that is the case, you may use your phone and operate it as a remote. And yes, you can do it with or without Wi-Fi. The following steps will demonstrate how to use your phone as a remote without Wi-Fi. However, there is one condition to this task. Your phone needs to have an in-built IR blaster. Follow the following steps if you own an android phone:

  • Search and verify whether your phone has an in-built IR blaster.
  • Open Google Play Store and locate the search bar.
  • Search for Smart IR Remote by AnyMote or any other universal remote.
  • Run the app and operate your TV from your mobile phone!
  • Most IOS phones do not have an in-built IR Blaster. Hence, you cannot operate them as remotes without Wi-Fi. However, you can purchase an external IR Blaster and connect it to your phone physically if you wish.

    Quick Lesson : Checking What Audio Output Is Available On Your Tv

    How to connect your Mobile Phone to TV for Karaoke

    For the transmitter to plug successfully into the TV audio output, you need to understand what type of audio output is available on your TV.

    The different types of audio output can be found at the back of the TV. An example can be seen from the above image. All the audio output are in the red box.

  • The ones labeled L and R are the RCA jacks
  • The one labeled AUDIO is the 3.5mm headphone jack
  • The one labeled OPTICAL is the optical TOSLINK output
  • Some of the older TV models do not have the 3.5mm headphones jack and the optical TOSLINK output. They only have the RCA jacks as audio output.

    Some TV is even more troublesome and only has optical TOSLINK as the only audio output. You will need something like the Prozar DAC where it converts the TOSLINK into 3.5mm and RCA audio output.

    Make sure you physically check your TV audio output. Dont take it for granted or you might be spending unnecessary cash on buying plug adapters.

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