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How To Fix Low Bluetooth Volume On Iphone

Make Your Android Bluetooth Audio Volume LOUDER

Encountering low Bluetooth volume on your iPhone is annoying. Sure, listening to loud music is harmful to your ears in the long run, but its fun. You should have the right to damage your ears at your own will, and no piece of software or hardware should say otherwise.

All jokes aside, having your iPhone randomly decrease the volume of your Bluetooth headphones or speakers is not only frustrating but also impractical. Regardless of whether the music youre listening to is too loud or not. Thats why well explore what causes the Bluetooth volume on your iPhone to drop, and what can you do about it.

  • Adjust Bluetooth volume on the device
  • Place The Speaker Against The Wall Or Close To The Corner Of A Room

    The walls of your room can also act as your equalizer settings and elevate the speaker sound. Besides, this is the most appropriate way to supplement the volume of your portable Bluetooth speakers. Note that this is the best option if you are not into purchasing sound booster plugins. It gives you the freedom to enjoy louder music at the comfort of your home.

    However, the sound depends on the distance between the walls and the pair of speakers, and the type of walls. To get a better listening experience, you need to be mindful of the kind of furniture in your room. Remember that the Bluetooth speaker is made using wireless technology, which can be affected by obstacles available in the room.

    The ideal option is to utilize an empty room to give the sound waves enough freedom to circulate. When you place the speakers in a corner, you boost the ability of the media player. You might wonder how to make Bluetooth speakers louder iPhone, right? The only solution is to master the sound feature and the difference in power.

    Change Your Iphone Equalizer Settings

    The most straightforward trick to make your music play even louder is to change the EQ settings. This means that you select a higher quality setting and experiment with various sounds to filter out unwanted sound distortions. Head to setting app> music> EQ> late night. This will boost the bass, mid, and treble.

    You can select Loudness Equalization under the Enhancements tab. Turn on EQ on your iPhone.

    Change the volume settings in your device to maximum.

    Make sure that when you produce sound by covering both ears of the phone, they are free from any obstruction or not. To make speakers louder without any hindrance is essential.

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    How To Make Iphone Speakers Sound Louder

    Are you looking to boost your iPhone speakers? It is easy to make your iPhone louder speakers sound louder with a few tricks. Use the following steps to sound amplify your iPhone speaker without any difficulty.

    The first step is to switch off the flashlight and then cover both the ears of the iPhone. After you need to place an ear towards the speaker and move it back and forth while creating a sound.

    The second step is to, by the use of your thumb and forefingers, pinch or push with them on both sides of the speaker if it gets some light, then put a vacuum pack in between the gap and keep it for about 10 seconds after removing that vacuum and then you can hear that sound getting louder.

    Another way, A bowl, a large water glass, or anything that resembles a bowl or glass may also improve the sound of an iPhone or any other phone. When you turn on your phone, point the speaker end downwards so that the sound waves bounce off the bottom and walls of the vessel, filling the room much more effectively.

    Five Speaker Volume Adjustments

    How To Increase Bluetooth Volume On Your iPhone

    The room size will determine how loud your bluetooth speaker is going to get, and bluetooth speakers will sound way louder than you can ever imagine if you use them in a compact room. In this setup, it will produce speakers as loud as a field, and this is why adjusting speaker volume is vital in getting the loud sounds you desire from your bluetooth speaker.

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    Adjust Stereo Surround Sound

    Playing audio through a Bluetooth device capable of Stereo Surround Sound can make the listening experience more rich and immersive. If your media does not sound as high-quality as expected, the stereo settings may need adjustment.

    1. Open the Settings app.

    2. Tap the Accessibility option.

    3. Click on the Audio/Visual selection.

    4. Center the slider for the left and right balance in the middle to get equal output from both headphones or multiple speakers.

    You can also turn on and off the Phone Noise Cancellation setting from this menu. This setting helps reduce background noise from sounding through your Bluetooth listening device during phone calls.

    Force Close The Music App

    Apps are still not perfect, and sometimes the Music app on the iPhone can freeze. If this happens, you will be unable to adjust any settings in the app, and you may be unable to close it normally.

    In this case, you can force close the Music app and restart it manually.

    On iPhone SE or iPhone 8 and earlier:

    1. Double-click the Home button to open a list of recently used apps.

    2. Swipe right or left to find the Music app.

    3. Swipe up on the apps icon to close.

    On iPhone X and later:

    1. Swipe up from the bottom edge to the center of the screen.

    2. You should see a complete list of all your phones installed apps.

    3. Swipe left or right to find the Music app.

    4. Swipe up on the apps icon to close it.

    Whether youre watching movies, playing music, streaming a podcast, using a Bluetooth device for phone calls, or enjoying another form of media, these methods for how to adjust Bluetooth volume on an iPhone should help you find the best volume level and quality you would like to hear on your device.

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    Consider The Effect Of Room Size On Sound Quality

    Bluetooth speakers are portable devices. That small size gives them lesser powers of amplification than their bigger cousins.

    Sound is a form of energy, and it follows the inverse square law, which states the intensity of sound decreases by approximately six decibels for each doubling of distance from the sound source. The effect is the opposite when you bring the source of sound closer.

    A Bluetooth speaker in a larger room or an open space will sound different from a speaker in a tiny room. Sound dissipates with distance, so the quality of sound will depend on the room’s size and other variables like the material of the walls and floors.

    Avoid using a lesser-powered Bluetooth speaker in a large room or open spaces. There are Bluetooth performance speakers like Soundboks and the Bose S1 Pro suited for outdoor parties. Yours may not be one of them.

    Connect Your Headphone To A Portable Dac

    INCREASE MAX Bluetooth Headset Volume In Windows

    For real audiophiles, connecting a good set of headphones to a smartphone may not be enough. Another headphone volume booster idea is to purchase an external portable DAC . They are not cheap, but they will increase both the volume and the audio quality from your smartphone to your headphones. Some of them will even connect to your headphones wirelessly. Two of our favorite portable DACs are the Chord Mojo and the Creative Sound BlasterX G5.

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    How Do I Increase The Volume On My Bluetooth Speaker

    You can increase the sound of the Bluetooth speaker up to 40% by placing it in the corners of the room. On the other hand, you could quickly increase the sound production of the speaker by placing it closely against the walls. In both ways, the sound quality will remain as clear and good quality for you.

    Set The Speaker Away From The Corners And Walls

    The walls of your room or any enclosed area can act as natural reflectors. Therefore, instead of amplifying your speakers sound, they can produce an echo effect, which may further deteriorate its sound quality. Most speakers on the market come with rear-facing bass ports. Reflection of sound waves does not help in boosting your Bluetooth speakers sound naturally.

    Also, we recommend placing the Bluetooth speaker at least 2-3 feet away from the corners and walls.

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    Change Which Sounds Play

    You can choose which sounds play for notifications and system events . Here’s how:

  • Go to Start, open Settings, then, under System, select Sound.

  • Scroll down and select More sound settings.

  • Select the Sounds tab, and under Program Events, select an event .

  • Under Sounds, choose the sound you want to play for that event.

  • To hear the sound you’ve picked, select Test.

  • Select Apply to change the sound for the event, and select OK.

  • Boosting Your Speakers Volume On Windows

    How to make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder?

    While turning your Windows volume to 100 produces adequate sound, sometimes a slight boost can significantly optimize the experience you get when watching, viewing, or listening to media on your laptop. If you find the 100% default Windows volume isnt enough for you. here are simple fixes you can use to improve it:

    Employ Audio Enhancements

    Audio boosts in Windows helps to maximize the volume your overall system can produce. Usually. Windows have a loudness equalizer that should be configured to produce higher sounds. Below is a straightforward procedure for this solution:

    • Look for the Volume icon on the toolbar, then right-click it.
    • Go to the Open Volume Mixer tab.
    • Select the device youre using presently and click it
    • Navigate to the Enhancement tab and select the loudness equalization tab.
    • Lastly, click OK, then Apply tab.

    The above procedure will significantly boost your Windows volume to be even louder. However, if your sound card doesnt support loudness equalization, you can consider other solutions below.

    Use VLC Player

    You can quickly boost your multimedia videos and audios volume using the VLC player. This player can increase media volume to 200%. which is twice the default 100% Windows volume.

    You can use a mouse or keyboard hotkeys to boost sound intensity on VLC. However, you should note that this technique can cause audio clipping and distortion as you increase the volume. While its a quicker solution, it may not be the cleanest.

    Use Sound Booster Plugins

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    How To Make Bluetooth Speakers Louder

    February 7, 2022 by

    Some bluetooth speakers are not as loud as you would want them to be, but you need to learn what steps to take on how to make bluetooth speakers louder if yours produces very low and poor sounds.

    Looking at the possibility of a speaker to produce loud and full sounds is one thing audiophiles look out for whether they are making use of a wireless or wired speaker, and bluetooth speakers are speakers that you will find with so many music lovers nowadays.

    It is normal for everybody to desire a higher sound quality from their speakers, and this is why we have decided to bring you this very interesting post on how to make bluetooth speakers louder. No matter the level of technology a bluetooth speaker comes with, it is possible for it to have a very low sound quality.

    If you are in this current situation then you have completely nothing to be worried about, but this post contains useful hacks you can make use of.

    If you are new to using bluetooth speakers, there is a possibility that you might face some problems like sound problems. The bluetooth speaker is one that functions on a wireless connection, and a bluetooth sound is known for increasing sounds whether you are playing music from your smartphones or tablets.

    Find The Best Headphones

    This is perhaps the simplest way to get the best headphone volume boost from your phone. Its also perhaps the most expensive. Purchasing a high-quality in-ear or over-ear headphone can be a pricey move, but if you get the right product, it may be worth it. There are quite a few to choose from, as you might imagine. Many of them are designed specifically to cancel out noise coming from outside the headphones, so you can be assured of the best audio experience.

    Our sister site Sound Guys is the place to go to learn about, and ultimately choose, the best headphones currently on the market. Whether you want some small but powerful in-ear headphones, or to go the more traditional route and find some classic over-the-ear headphones, our experts can help you find the best one for you at the right price.

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    Why Is My Bluetooth Volume So Low Windows 10

    To open the Sound Settings, right click the Volume icon in System Tray at the right end of the task bar, and then select the Headphones option in the dropdown menu. Choose Troubleshoot if you do not want to. Alternatively, you can try the Hardware Troubleshooter at Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.

    Adjust The Volume Of Your Bluetooth Device From Your Iphone

    How to Enable or Disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume in Windows 10

    Your iPhone allows you to adjust the volume of speakers and headphones from the settings of your iOS. If you are using headphones, you can adjust the volume of the right and left headphones separately.

    To do that, open your device settings and scroll down to accessibility. From the accessibility menu, scroll down and select audio/visual. Scroll down to audio balance and move the slider to be at the center.

    With the slider at the center, both the left and right headphone will get the same volume from your iPhone. This is not ideal when you are using a Bluetooth speaker, but for those using Bluetooth headphones, you are all set.

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    Using Sound Booster Applications

    You will find many free sound booster plug-ins on the internet. However, the features that come with the free version are often limited and you will have to upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy the premium features. Even so, audio boosters can be a nice deal. Here are some of the good ones you can find out there:

    • DFX Audio Enhancer

    This plug-in works seamlessly to boost your overall system sound including videos, music, games, internet audio , and other programs. This software is available in free edition with limited features. While most of the configuration settings are disabled, it can be enough to perform basic system sound boost on your PC.Learn youtube karaoke machine.

    • Bongiovi DPS

    Bongiovi DPS is a commercial plug-in but you can test it by getting the trial version. It is available for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, and supports many equalization options and sound enhancements. It is also compatible with Max OSX.

    • SoundPimp

    SoundPimp audio booster features high-definition stereo to enhance your listening experience on your computer. It is compatible with all platforms including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

    Change The Device Type

    The biggest problem people have with the Reduce Loud Sounds feature is not the disruption of their listening experience . The bigger problem is when the volume measurements arent accurate. There are numerous reports on Apples forum from people complaining that theyve received the Loud Sound notification even though they werent listening to loud music.

    Unfortunately, theres no way to fix this, as people use a wide array of Bluetooth devices, which all work differently with iPhones. However, theres a way to at least help your iOS device understand other devices better. You can do that by assigning the Device Type to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Heres how to do that:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find your Bluetooth device under My Devices, and tap the i icon next to it.
  • Tap Device Type, and choose the right device type from the list.
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    Apps For Sound Enhancement Of Bluetooth Speakers:

    To make your Bluetooth speakers louder, you can download different apps on your sound source device. For example, if we are using our android phone as a source device for our Bluetooth speakers then we can use different apps for enhancing the sound. Below is a list of a few sound enhancers you can use for enhancing and lauding the sound of your android phone and ultimately your Bluetooth speakers connected to the phone will be louder.

    Which Other Solutions Can You Try To Crank Up The Volume


    I hope that by now you have checked the volume level on your speaker or headphones. You may be having a challenge, but all along your issue was low volume on the speaker or headphone. Use the buttons on your speaker to turn up the volume.

    You can also try and refresh your music streaming app and see if that helps. If the music app is stuck on your screen, it might be challenging to change the volume settings. Force stop the app from your iPhone screen and try the volume settings above.

    Check the app switcher and swipe up the app to stop it. Re-open the app and try the volume. If the volume is still low, try other settings above.

    You can also disconnect the Bluetooth device from your device and re-add the speaker or headphone. This can help if your Bluetooth is having connection issues.

    To remove a Bluetooth profile from your iPhone, open Settings > > Bluetooth and scan for the speaker or headphone. Tap on the next to the device name to access information about it. Tap âForgetâ and you will have removed its profile.

    Turn off the Bluetooth trigger on your iPhone and your speaker or headphone. Re-add the device on your iPhone. To do that, you only need to turn on Bluetooth on your speaker and your iPhone and scan for new devices from your iPhone.

    You will see your speaker on the list of available Bluetooth speakers, and you can connect to it. After that, try and play music to see if the low volume problem is fixed.

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