How To Install Bluetooth Windows 10

Consider A System Restore

How to Install Bluetooth Drivers Windows 10 (Official Dell Tech Support)

Unintended system changes can interfere with your Bluetooth. Fortunately, with Windows System Restore, you can revert your computer to a period that worked earlier by following the steps:

  • On the Start menu, type Recovery
  • Navigate to Open System Restore.
  • Follow the prompts and click Next.
  • Select a Restore point and follow the prompts.
  • Cara Mengaktifkan Bluetooth Di Laptop Dengan Instal Driver

    Selanjutnya, cara mengaktifkan Bluetooth di laptop bisa dilakukan dengan instal driver.

    Driver Bluetooth bisa diunduh melalui website resmi tiap merek dan tipe laptop.

    Selain itu, perlu tambahan seperti dongle USB untuk melakukan cara mengaktifkan Bluetooth di laptop dengan instal driver.

    Selanjutnya, ada beberapa cara menyambungkan Bluetooth di laptop Windows 7 dan Windows 10.

    Check If Your Computer Has Bluetooth

    If you have a Windows PC, checking its Bluetooth availability is like a walk in the park. Some desktop computers may not have Bluetooth. In case you’re not sure whether or not your desktop computer has Bluetooth, here are some quick and easy steps to take.

    • Right-click on the start bar and choose Device Manager
    • You will see a whole list of available device drivers. If your computer has a Bluetooth feature, you will see the Bluetooth icon.
    • If you own an old PC, check network adapters for any Bluetooth icon or driver your laptop does not have Bluetooth connectivity if you can’t find one.

    The only exception is if you’ve reinstalled Windows from the start and haven’t used Bluetooth after the new configurations. Due to this problem, your computer might have missed some drivers, and Bluetooth could be one of them. Another good option to check the Bluetooth availability is to read the owner’s manual available on the manufacturer’s website. If you have built your PC yourself, check the hardware details you used to confirm.

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    Turn On Bluetooth From Settings

    1. Click on the Start button on the bottom left of the screen and then click on the Settings icon just above the power off option.

    2. From the available settings, click on Devices to continue.

    3. This should open the Bluetooth settings on your Windows 10. By , you can turn the feature on and off.

    4. Once turned on, you can either connect to a previously paired device or Add a new device.

    5. If there is no driver issue, then Bluetooth will work just fine on your device.

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    What To Do When The Bluetooth Icon Is Missing

    bluetooth pc windows 10

    On rare occasions, the Bluetooth Icon will be missing from settings and your system tray. The Bluetooth Icon can be restored by following the steps.

  • Just as in the previous section navigate to the Device Manager by clicking the Start button > type Device Manager > click the Bluetooth drop down.
  • Click Uninstall device.
  • Navigate to the Start menu, then select Power and Restart.
  • Windows will restart and attempt to re-install the driver, which typically makes the icon reappear. If the driver is not automatically installing, continue to step 5.
  • Navigate back to > > Start> > Device Manager> > and click Scan for hardware changes. This will allow Windows to Detect and reinstall your Bluetooth drivers.
  • Continue on to the next section if troubleshooting still fails to resolve the issue.

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    How To Pair A Bluetooth Device On Windows 10

    1. Turn on your Bluetooth device and make sure it is discoverable. How you make the device discoverable varies between devices. As such, please check the device instructions to learn how.

    2. On your computer, click the Start button.

    3. Click Settings.

    5. Click Bluetooth & other devices.

    6. Click Add Bluetooth or other device.

    7. Click Bluetooth in the popup window that appears.

    8. Choose the device and follow any additional instructions should they appear.

    9. Click Done.

    Starting with Windows 10 version 1803 and later, Swift Pair is also an option to connect Bluetooth devices to your Windows 10 computer. Swift Pair makes it so that you no longer have to navigate through the Settings App in order to connect devices.

    When the Bluetooth device is in range, Windows will automatically prompt you in the bottom right of your screen asking if you wish to connect the device. All you have to do is press connect and your device should pair.

    Quick tip: Make sure that the Swift Pair checkbox in Bluetooth & other devices is checked in order to enable Swift pairing.

    Cara Mengaktifkan Bluetooth Di Laptop Dengan Dongle Usb

    Dari beberapa merek laptop, fitur Bluetooth built in bisa saja tidak tersedia dan mengecek lewat ikon F1 sampai F12.

    Jika laptop tidak mendukung Bluetooth maka cara mengaktifkan Bluetooth di laptop bisa dengan memasang alat tambahan.

    Cara mengaktifkan Bluetooth di laptop memakai dongle USB Bluetooth tambahan yang dipasang di socket USB laptop.

    Tentu, mencari dongle USB bisa dibeli di toko komputer dengan mudah.

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    How To Manually Install A Bluetooth Adapter Driver On Windows 10

    External Bluetooth adapter still doesnt function or wont toggle on. Your PC may lack the necessary drivers. It could be due to the operating system failing to recognize the device.

    You can fix this by manually checking for good drivers and searching the Windows Update catalog. Follow the given setup process.

    Its always a wise idea to go to the manufacturers website of your device maker to get the newest drivers and follow their installation instructions. On the other hand, most manufacturers publish their drivers and make them available through Windows Update, making the installation process much simpler.

    Follow these procedures to install a Bluetooth driver with Windows Update manually:

    • Open the Settings menu.
    • Select Update & Security from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose Windows Update from the options.
    • Look for updates by selecting the Check for updates button .
    • Select View optional updates from the drop-down menu.
    • Select the Driver Updates tab from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose the driver that you need to update.
    • Select Download and install from the drop-down menu.

    You must connect wireless devices to your personal computer system without issue once you have completed the procedures.

    Intel Bluetooth Driver For Microsoft Windows 10

    How to Install Bluetooth in Windows 10 (7 Easy Steps)

    Release date

    • Certain Intel products that support Bluetooth are among those affected by this industry vulnerability.
    • During the pairing process, an attacker with physical proximity can gain unauthorized access via an adjacent network, and intercept traffic and send forged pairing messages between two vulnerable Bluetooth devices.
    • This may result in information disclosure, elevation of privilege and/or denial of service.
    • The vulnerability is rated as a High with CVSSv3 .
    • To fix Bluetooth® pairing vulnerability
    • Intel Bluetooth Driver for Microsoft Windows 10
    • Windows 10

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    Does Your Computer Support Bluetooth

    If nothing has worked so far, try using Device Manager to see if Bluetooth is listed. Take note that your PC may support Bluetooth functionality and still not show up in the devices list. That scenario occurs when there is no Bluetooth driver set up for the external adaptor or internal component. However, internal Bluetooth devices generally get detected, whether installed or not.

  • Click on the Cortana search bar and type Device Manager, and select it from the list.
  • Look for Bluetooth entries in Device Manager. If you see them, then the PC supports Bluetooth, but it may not be working correctly. Bluetooth locations in Device Manager include Bluetooth, Network adapters, and Other devices. If the item and driver are not listed, move on to step 3.
  • As previously mentioned, your PC can still support Bluetooth and not show it in Device Manager. In that case, you need to install the appropriate driver.
  • If you find a Bluetooth device within Device Manager and you still cant turn it on, the issue lies elsewhere.

    How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth In Windows 10

    Steve Larner Steve Larner carries over ten years of content management, editing, and writing experience in a wide variety of industries. As a tech enthusiast, Steve also enjoys exploring new products and devices and helping others solve their technological problems. Read more December 18, 2020

    Whether you want to use a pair of Bluetooth headphones, transfer files, or wirelessly connect to your phone, you need to know how to access Bluetooth on your PC in addition to on your phone. Turning Bluetooth on in Windows 10 is very simple and easy. However, some errors can occur, making things problematic. Heres how to turn on or fix Bluetooth in Windows 10.

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    Highly Recommended Use Driver Easy Software To Get The Latest Version Of Bluetooth Drivers

    All Windows users are advised and recommended to use Driver Easy software on their PCs. Which is the best driver updater software available over the internet. The Driver Easy software allows you to update all the faulty software driver files with one click. The whole process of downloading and accessing this particular software is given in the article. You can download the software file from the link provided below.

    How To Use The Ps5 Dualsense Controller With Steam

    How to install a Bluetooth adapter replacement on Windows ...

    The easiest way to use a PS5 controller on a PC is through Steam because Steam has built-in native support for the DualSense. That means any game you run through Steam can use it and configure it properly.

    Before you can use it, though, you’ll need to enable it.

  • Open Settings.
  • Ensure PlayStation Configuration Support is enabled.

  • That’s all you need to do to enable support for the PS5 DualSense controller in Steam. It’ll now just work by default. Button mappings will likely match the Xbox controller, but you can set custom configurations, too.

    Press the PlayStation button on the controller when in a game and the Steam Overlay will appear, allowing you access to the configuration menu.

    Of course, this is all well and good for Steam, but what about games that aren’t in your Steam library? The good news is you can play those through Steam as well and take advantage of this easy controller configuration.

    Click on Games in the Steam menu bar and choose Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. From here you’ll either see the games that Steam can locate on your system or you’ll have to browse to the folder they’re downloaded to. Either way, select the games you want and they’ll be added to your Steam Library as Installed Locally. From there, you’re free to launch them through Steam and use the tools it has at its disposal.

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    To Pair A Bluetooth Printer Or Scanner

  • Turn on your Bluetooth printer or scanner and make it discoverable. The way you make it discoverable depends on the device. Check the device or visit the manufacturer’s website to learn how.

  • Select Start > Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners > Add device. Wait for it to find nearby printers, choose the one you want to use, then select Add device.

  • If youre having problems installing your printer or scanner, see either Fix printer problems or Install and use a scanner in Windows.

    How To Install A Bluetooth Adapter For Your Pc

    With your old Bluetooth adapter disabled, you can now proceed with the installation of your new one. The first step is to plug the new Bluetooth USB adapter into your USB port. Or, if its a PCI-E card, slot it into your motherboard. Windows should automatically detect it and install the relevant drivers.You can then follow the steps below to enable Bluetooth globally.

  • Open Settings
  • In the sidebar, click Bluetooth & other devices, then toggle Bluetooth to On in the main pane.

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    How To Install A Bluetooth Adapter Driver For Windows 10 Manually

    If your external Bluetooth adapter still isnt working or wont toggle on, theres a chance your PC does not have the correct drivers installed. This can be because Windows did not automatically detect the device.To remedy this, you can perform a manual check for Bluetooth adapter drivers and also search the Windows Update catalog.

  • Open Device Manager

    Press Start, type Device Manager, and click the first result. Alternatively, access it faster via the secret tools menu.

  • Expand the Other devices category
  • Choose to update the Bluetooth driver

    If your device was not automatically detected, there will be a yellow warning triangle next to its name or just a grey question mark bubble. Right-click it and select Update driver.

  • Press Search automatically for updated drivers software
  • Search for updated drivers on Windows Update

    Theres a chance that Device Manager will return the message Windows was unable to install your _____, with a note that it could not find drivers for your device. If this is the case, click Search updated drivers on Windows Update. This should open Windows Update automatically, but if it doesnt, follow the steps below.

  • Open Settings

    Press Start and press the cog above the power button, or press Windows + I.

  • Use Device Manager To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver Windows 10

    HOW TO Connect Bluetooth Device to Windows 10 PC

    You can also make use of the Device Manager tool to reinstall Bluetooth drivers on Windows 10. But, in order to install the Bluetooth driver again on your computer, you need to uninstall the old one. Below is how to use Device Manager for reinstalling Bluetooth driver Windows 10.

    • Open Device Manager on your PC.
    • In Device Manager, click on the Bluetooth category to see the name of all Bluetooth devices installed on your system.
    • Right-click on your Bluetooth device and select the Uninstall device option from the context menu.
    • After the uninstallation process gets complete, navigate to the Action tab in Device Manager, and choose the Scan for hardware changes option from the drop-down menu.
    • Windows operating system will then automatically reinstall the Bluetooth device along with the latest Bluetooth driver software updates.

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    Way : Update The Windows Bluetooth Driver To The Latest Version

    The following guide is available on both Windows 10 and Windows 11:

  • Right-click Start and select Device Manager.
  • Click Bluetooth in Device Manager to expand it.
  • Right-click the target Bluetooth adapter name and select Uninstall device.
  • Click Uninstall from the pop-up window to confirm the operation.
  • After the uninstallation, you need to restart your computer. Then, the system will install the latest version of the Bluetooth driver on your PC.
  • If the system doesnt automatically reinstall the driver, you can go to Action > Scan for hardware changes in Device Manager to get the driver.
  • Is Bluetooth Driver Installer A Good Choice

    The program is an excellent choice for a Bluetooth driver download. With a Bluetooth Drive Installer, you can effortlessly connect to other devices for transferring files. Since its completely free, you dont need to purchase a subscription or pay a fee.

    Before you consider downloading this installer on your PC, its important to make sure that the system has Bluetooth functionality. The installation package works with next-gen as well as older machines. Within just a few seconds, it can set up your PC to connect with other Bluetooth devices, including printers. This allows you to transfer files and carry out other activities, such as giving print commands.

    Once you have installed this program on your PC to fix Bluetooth issues, youll love the simple interface. The latest version of the platform comes with minor revisions in the interface. The appearance of the tool has changed for the better, and it can now automatically detect even more adapters and drivers.

    Overall, this Bluetooth installer is the perfect companion for your systems Bluetooth capability. It can successfully repair Bluetooth-related issues, install compatible drivers, create system restore points, and perform other similar functions. With Bluetooth Driver Installer on your PC, you can safely and quickly transfer files among devices.

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    Install Bluetooth Driver On Windows 10 By Running Windows Update Program

    Nextly, you can run a Windows update program to install Bluetooth driver on Windows 10 PC. In this particular method, the whole operating system is updated along with the device driver files.

    Follow the steps below to update Windows 10 version on your PC:-

  • Go to the Windows settings directly by using a shortcut, Window key + I key.
  • Locate Update and Security settings, and select them.
  • From the top click on the Check for updates button.
  • The Windows OS will search for all the available updates and will notify you.
  • You can press the to get the latest updates for your Windows operating system.
  • Restart your computer after the completion of this process.
  • This is an easy way as not much effort needs to be made by the users, all the outdated and faulty device drivers get updated along with the Windows update.

    Till now only the manual ways to install Bluetooth driver on Windows 10 were explained in the article. But if you dont want to waste your time on the manual methods. Here is the catch, an automatic method is discussed under the heading below. And many users prefer using that method.

    Run Windows Update To Install Bluetooth Driver Update On Windows 10

    How to Install Bluetooth in Windows 10 (7 Easy Steps ...

    Step 1: In the search box of the Windows, type Settings and choose the suitable match.

    Step 2: Once the Windows Settings window is opened, then look for the Update & Security option and click on it.

    Step 3: After this, in the left pane of the Window, select the Windows Update option.

    Step 4: Lastly, click on the Check For Updates option on the right side of the window.

    This is how to download Bluetooth drivers via Windows Update. Now, wait and let the Windows finish searches for the new updates. If any updates are available then Windows will install them.

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    How To Install Bluetooth Driver On Windows 10

    Before installation, you can uninstall the driver if it is corrupted and then reinstall Bluetooth driver Windows 10 again. To uninstall your driver, you can go to Device Manager, right-click your driver and choose Uninstall device. After finishing the operation, now you can reinstall it.

    If your Bluetooth driver is old or missing, you should update driver or directly install a new one on your PC. Now, lets see the methods to Windows 10 Bluetooth driver install.

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