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Alexa Bluetooth: How to use Amazon Echo as Bluetooth speaker

If you already own a smart speaker and a wireless speaker with good sound, theres no need to go shopping. Older Amazon and Google smart speakers work just fine, and most wireless speakers with Bluetooth capability make a fine pairing partner.

If you have a wireless speaker you like but wish it were smarter, buying an Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini is a no-brainer. Theyre small and cheap, and they will control a Bluetooth speaker just as well as the more expensive smart models from Amazon and Google.

If youre looking for the very best sound quality from a wireless speaker, check our wireless speaker ratings. The top-ranked models, like the $350 Edifier S1000MKII, sound much better than our top smart speakers and pair easily with a small smart speaker.

Use Alexa On Compatible Third

If a third-party Bluetooth speaker supports Alexa, you can control it with the manufacturers app. Be aware, however, that only can be used for these devices. To stream songs from Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music , you need an Amazon Echo-branded device.

The exceptions are speakers like the UE Boom 2 and Megaboom, which include a feature called Say it to Play it. These speakers access virtual assistance on iOS and Android devices to stream music from various services.

Sonos in the U.S. supports Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Pandora, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, and Deezer, although much of this content isnt available in the UK or Canada.

Follow these steps to connect Alexa to your Bluetooth speaker:

Exact wording and navigation will vary depending on the individual app.

  • New devices are constantly added, so if yours isnt listed here, search for the speaker in the Play Store or App Store. These are links to the apps for just a few of the third-party speakers that include built-in Alexa support:

    UE Boom & Megaboom

  • How To Use The Amazon Echo As A Bluetooth Speaker With Iphone Or Ipad

    The Amazon Echo might not be the best speaker money can buy but when you consider all the other features and benefits that come with owning an Echo, your music starts to sound a little sweeter. On top of offering several integrated music streaming services Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn the Amazon Echo can serve as a regular Bluetooth speaker. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, for example, and want to play your iPhone’s tunes on Echo’s more powerful speakers, you just need to link up your Echo and your iPhone over Bluetooth and you’re good to go! If you need more help, here’s how to set it all up.

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    How To Connect Alexa To Bluetooth

    After taking the steps above, here are the stepson how you can connect Alexa to your Bluetooth speakers:

  • Launch the Alexa app and go to Devices. This is the icon that looks like a house on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • From the Devices menu, select the Echo that you want to pair.
  • Tap Bluetooth Devices in the next menu.
  • Select Pair a New Device. You will then be shown options of available devices that you can pair. If you dont know what your device is called in the Bluetooth menu, check the device to see if there is a model number.

    In this case, we are pairing to a Bluetooth speaker with the model number CK 207. This number can be found by looking at the bottom of the device.

  • Select your Bluetooth speakers. Congratulations, you can now hear Alexa or listen to music via the Echo dot but blasted through your Bluetooth speaker.
  • The next time you turn on Alexa, and you find that its no longer connect to your Bluetooth speakers, simply say connect my speaker. Alexa will automatically pair with the last device connected to your Echo device.

    How To Use Your Echo As A Speaker


    Well show you how to use an Echo as a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone and more.

    As an Amazon Echo owner, you can be enjoying the experience of Alexa playing music at your command. But what about your phone’s playlist or the music collection on your PC? Could you play that on your Echo?

    You’ll be happy to know that you can. We’ll show you how to use any Echo device as a Bluetooth speaker.

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    Use Your Amazon Echo As A Wireless Speaker For Your Phone

    Finally, if you have an Android and iOS device and want to use your Amazon Echo to listen to the audio of the multimedia content that is being played on them, you must also do the same steps. The difference again will be in the final pairing step. There you will have to go to the Bluetooth Settings of Android and iOS to view the speaker and be able to link it.

    In a matter of seconds you will have your Amazon Echo speaker perfectly configured with each and every device you have to use it as a Bluetooth wireless speaker. An option that certainly improves the experience in terms of quality compared to the integrated speakers of many screens, portable computers and even those used in many PCs.

    Use Amazon Echo As A Computer Speaker In Windows

    Im going to assume youre running Windows 10, because I am, you should be, and Im nothing if not lazy.

    First, go to on your PCs web browser and log in with your Amazon account details. Go to Settings, choose the device you wish to use as a speaker and then select Bluetooth. On the next screen, choose Pair a new device. It will start searching for available Bluetooth devices.

    Now we need to make your Windows device available, the computing equivalent of putting yourself on Tinder. Search for Bluetooth in the Windows search bar and open the Bluetooth and other devices settings option that should appear in the search results.

    Now click Add Bluetooth or other device and then click Bluetooth on the next Window that appears.

    With a dose of luck and a fair wind, your two devices should see one another and form a loving relationship. Your Amazon Echo is now your computer speaker.

    The Echo may blather some nonsense about telling the speaker to Add phone when you next want to connect, but you can largely ignore that. The two devices should find one another whenever theyre in range. If not, you might have to manually encourage them by saying Alexa, connect to laptop or whatever your computer device is called in the Alexa settings.

    Pro tip: dont to tell Alexa to add laptop or youll end up with a laptop on your shopping list. That could prove expensive.

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    Pair Fire Tv Devices With Bluetooth Speakers

  • Power on your Fire TV device.

  • Scroll to Settings in the menu.

  • Go to Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Other Bluetooth Devices> Add Bluetooth Devices.

  • Put your Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode. When connected, you’ll see an on-screen confirmation, and the speaker will be listed as a paired device.

  • You can also connect your Echo device to your Fire TV. In this case, only one version of Alexa can be connected to the speaker at a time.

    If you pair the Bluetooth speaker with the Fire TV, youll hear and talk to Alexa from your Echo speaker and hear content played through Fire TV on the speaker. Some Alexa tasks will still play through the Echo speaker, while Hulu, Netflix, etc., will play audio through the Bluetooth speaker.

    In this configuration, you can use the Fire TV remote to control Pandora, Spotify, and other music services through the Bluetooth speaker. Voice controls like Alexa, open Pandora will still control Alexa on the Echo device, but commands like Alexa, stop or Alexa, play will control the Fire TV app.

    Otherwise, the Echo Alexa will play from the Bluetooth speaker, while Fire TV content will play through the TV speakers.

    Set Up Your Echo Input

    Alexa: How pair a Bluetooth speaker

    1. Plug your Amazon Echo Input into the wall using the charger cable that comes in the box.

    2. Open the Alexa app on your phone.

    3. Open Settings and tap Add Device.

    5. Scroll down and tap Echo Input from the list of Echo devices.

    6. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect to your Wi-Fi, then tap Continue.

    7. Select whether you’d like to pair the Input to your speaker using the AUX cable or Bluetooth speaker and follow one of the sections below.

    The Echo Input comes with an auxiliary cable to connect to your speaker.

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    Can You Use Amazon Echo As A Bluetooth Speaker

    The answer is yes, you can use This is not an obvious feature for most people. But, its possible to turn your Amazon Echo into a Bluetooth speaker.

    With Amazon Echo, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker for any media you have on your phone, including your personal music library, Pandora, Spotify or even audio books.

    Amazon Echo allows you to connect to your Bluetooth-enabled devices to play music or play sound effects. It also has other useful Alexa functionality like the ability to order pizza, get movie showtimes, and ask for sports scores.

    Is It Possible To Use The Echo Dot As A Wired Speaker With Your Smartphone

    External speakers may be connected to all Echo devices through AUX ports. Aux inputs are not available on Echo Dot, Spot, Show, or Auto. Aux inputs are only available on the Echo 3rd generation, Echo Plus, and Echo Studio. This means that, while you can connect it to external speakers, you wont be able to use it to play audio on your Echo Dot or other incompatible Echo devices via AUX wire. I tried it with my Echo Dot, but it didnt work because of obvious reasons.

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    Amazon Echo As A Bluetooth Speaker For Your Mac

    In the event that you want to use your Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker for the Mac, the process is identical. The only difference is that you will have to go to System Preferences -> Bluetooth to see and pair both devices. Once done, again you have to select the speaker as devices through which any multimedia content will be played.

    Can Alexa Play Through Dot And Bluetooth Speaker

    Wifi Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa  LC Marketing ...

    You may choose to use virtually any Alexa-enabled device when set up an external speaker, including the Dot. But that is definitely not enough because, even with three Dot devices connected to one. While you are not connected to one of the speakers via the Echo Dot, you will be able to connect an external speaker if you have it.

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    How Do I Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To Alexa

    The easiest method to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to Alexa is by using the corresponding Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show speakers. Youll need special equipment to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers from different brands to your Alexa,, but you can attach other speakers using the 3.5mm jack.

    Users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and higher already have an option called dual-channel audio.

    This allows them to connect and use two Bluetooth audio devices at once while utilizing the Alexa app.

    However, there can be latency in the audio between speakers.

    The Alexa app that manages these Amazon speakers has a built-in multiroom speaker function.

    Amazon Alexas multiroom function allows you to listen to music throughout your home without an annoying latency.

    Its a powerful system for setting up wireless house speakers.

    With it, you can organize your speakers by custom names and grouping.

    I would recommend keeping it simple for voice commands.

    For this guide, youll need to have a few of any of the following devices:

    • Amazon Echo
    • Amazon Echo Show
    • Amazon Echo Input

    These devices are going to be the room hubs and speakers for your multiroom speaker system.

    Any other speakers you want to put to use in your system will be connected to one of these speakers. So plan accordingly.

    If you only need one speaker in each room, then just pick up a few Dots to cover the house.

    You can connect as many speakers as you want if you can find a good auxiliary multi-port splitter or adapter.

    How To Pair Your Device With A Voice Command

    The biggest draw of the Amazon Echo is the voice control, so its only natural that you can initiate the pairing process with your voice. Before you proceed, make sure you have the device you wish to pair on hand and that you know where the Bluetooth settings menu is for your device. Well be pairing an iPhone with the Echo, so if you have an iPhone or iPad you can follow directly along, otherwise adjust them to fit your device.

    To start the pairing process make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device and then issue the following command:

    Alexa, pair.

    Alexa will respond by telling you that she is ready to pair and that you should go look at the Bluetooth settings on your device. On the iPhone youll find the Bluetooth settings in Settings > Bluetooth. There youll see an entry for the Echo like so:

    Select the entry to complete the pairing process.

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    How To Pair Your Echo With A Bluetooth Speaker

    The sound quality from some Alexa smart speakers leaves a lot to be desired, even with improvements in the third generation. However, the good news is that for those with a beefy Bluetooth speaker to hand, you can combine the two.

    That means you get the full voice control experience from Alexa, but block-rocking beats from your existing set-up.

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    It means a life without wires as you can always use the 3.5mm jack to connect your Echo to external systems and makes for a much neater set-up. Also, if you have an older analog system, you can buy Bluetooth adapters that can bridge the gap.

    Play Games On Your Amazon Device

    Alexa Echo as Bluetooth speaker

    The pressure to entertain your guests is well and truly off with your Echo device by your side. With a wide variety of games to choose from, you’ll have your guests laughing for hours acting out Silly Things, battling it out for the highest score in Trivia Blast, or even putting on their detective caps to figure out who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents in The Wayne Investigation. These options are just scraping the surface of the best Alexa games to keep everyone entertained.

    If you want to play one of these games, simply ask your device to play the name of the game. And if you want Alexa to list some games on the night, just ask the assistant to play a game. You will hear a list of games until you find the one that fits best.

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    How To Reconnect Your Ios Device To The Amazon Echo

    Reconnecting to Amazon Echo is also super simple. Follow along to find out how!

  • Make sure you’re within range of your Amazon Echo and say, “Alexa, connect to my phone.”
  • If you have multiple devices paired to your Echo, use the device’s name when you issue your command. My phone is called Laxton so I would say, “Alexa, connect to Laxton.”
  • You can find your device’s name by launching the Settings app on iOS, tapping Bluetooth and looking for the sentence near the top that says, “Now discoverable as ‘Device Name’.”

  • Now you should know all you need to use the Amazon Echo Plus as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to any of your favorite tunes on any streaming service!

    Are There Any Limits To Using Bluetooth Speakers For Alexa Audio

    A few. Many Bluetooth speakers can only pair with a single device at a time, which means they have to re-pair each time they switch sources. To avoid this you can either upgrade to a speaker that supports , or assign your Alexa device a dedicated Bluetooth partner. In some cases it might be simpler to buy more powerful Alexa hardware, like a Sonos or an Echo Studio.

    Even if youre using a dedicated Bluetooth speaker, you may have to ask Alexa to pair Bluetooth whenever your Bluetooth speaker comes back online, specifically after being turned off or going out of range. You can dodge this by leaving a speaker permanently on, paired, and close by.

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    Pair To Echo With Amazon App

    Now that your Echo is ready for base operation, we can add extra speaker power to it.

    Each Amazon Echo model can connect to one Bluetooth device out of the box.

    This means you wont need any additional setup if you only want one extra speaker per room.

    However, the Bluetooth connection to an Echo device only allows for limited operation.

    To connect a Bluetooth device directly to your Echo without additional pieces, you just need to set your Echo into Bluetooth pairing mode.

    • Open the Alexa App
    • Select Settings
    • Select the Echo device you want to pair a speaker to
    • Set your Bluetooth speaker to pairing mode
    • Select Bluetooth in the Echo device settings.
    • Tap Pair a New Device
    • Select your Bluetooth speaker from the available devices list

    Once youve paired a Bluetooth speaker to an echo device one time, it will automatically connect every time you turn it on.

    Pair The Amazon Echo With Bluetooth Speakers

    Buy Amazon Tap Alexa

    Of course, you will first need a speaker that has Bluetooth capabilities. Many modern sound bars come with the wireless standard built-in. However, if your sound bar or surround sound isn’t Bluetooth-enabled, you can add it for about $20 or £15 with a Bluetooth receiver.

    To pair a Bluetooth-enabled speaker with the Amazon Echo:

    • Power on the speaker and put it in pairing mode.
    • Go to in a web browser or open the Amazon Alexa app on iOS or Android.
    • In the left menu, select Settings.
    • Under Devices, select the Alexa device you want to pair with the speaker.
    • Select Bluetooth.
    • Tap Pair a New Device.
    • Wait for your Bluetooth speaker to appear under Available Speakers and select it.

    When you begin streaming music or cue up Alexa with a question or command, the audio will play through the paired speaker instead of the Echo. To disconnect the Bluetooth speaker, simply power it off or return to the Bluetooth settings for that specific Amazon Echo in the Alexa app, tap the downward arrow beside the connected speaker and select Disconnect.

    If at any point audio stops playing through the paired speaker, go back to the Bluetooth settings in the Alexa app and tap on the speaker to manually connect it again. If you’re using a sound bar, make sure you have the input set to Bluetooth .

    If the speaker fails to reconnect to Alexa, tap the downward arrow next to the paired speaker to expand the options, select Forget Device and perform the pairing process again.

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