How To Make My Pc Bluetooth Capable

Do You Need To Turn On Bluetooth On A Smart Tv

How to make your PC Bluetooth Compatible – Get Bluetooth on Windows PC

However, most smart TVs, especially Samsung smart TVs, do not need to be turned on. To connect your device to a Bluetooth Smart TV, all you need to do is activate Bluetooth on your device and then go to the Bluetooth List section of your Smart TV to find your device’s name in the list.

Bluetooth game controllerHow do I set up a Bluetooth controller? All you need to do is connect the IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad to your device. Turn on the controller by pressing the B + Home button at the same time and wait for the red LED indicator to flash. Go to your iOS device and then tap Settings – Bluetooth. Slide the bluetooth to turn it on. Wait until you see the IPEGA Media Gamepad driver. How do I connect a Bluetooth controller to my Pâ¦

Using Bluetooth Version Finder To Find Out If Your Pc Has Bluetooth

If you found the method above to be too time-consuming for your needs, we have an even easier method that you can use to check if your machine has Bluetooth .

This method involves using a free third party tool called Bluetooth Version Finder. This portable freeware is extremely lightweight and will allow you to verify for Bluetooth hardware with a single double-click. Heres a quick guide on downloading and using Bluetooth Version Finder:

  • Visit this link and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the section. There, click the button to download a .zip archive containing Bluetooth Version Finder. Downloading Bluetooth Version Finder
  • Extract the btVersion.exe executable from the archive that youve just downloaded with a utility like WinRar, WinZip or 7zip. Extracting the Bluetooth Version Finder Executable
  • Double-click on btVersion.exe to open the Bluetooth Version Finder freeware. If your PC has a working Bluetooth connection, youll see the Bluetooth version listed in the Bluetooth Version Finder window. Example of a PC with integrated Bluetooth feature

    Note: If your PC doesnt have Bluetooth, you will see a question mark icon instead of the Bluetooth version.

    Example of a PC without an integrated Bluetooth feature

  • What Does A Bluetooth Dongle Do

    A Bluetooth dongle is an adapter used by computers without Bluetooth to establish a wireless connection to a Bluetooth device. Most keys are plugged into the USB port. On a Bluetooth computer, the adapter is installed with the hardware in the device, allowing the user to use the USB ports for other purposes.

    Como Saber Se Meu Pc Tem BluetoothHow can I tell if my PC is Bluetooth or Infraworm? 3 To record a video without using the phone and I want to upload to YouTube. Does anyone know how to do it? For notebooks, uncheck Control Panel> System> Device Manager. It will be there, registered there. Didn’t fall from the bottom, still a Falando notebook, the small window glass on the side that shows the location. I don’t know if Bluetooth has a stylized Blue B symbol where it appears. Connect your câ¦

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    Keep Note Of Your Devices Range

    Depending on the Bluetooth version used in your PC and accessories, you will need to stay in a particular radius. Most headphones use Class 2 and therefore have a range of 10 meters.

    However, a lot of devices go above this figure.

    When purchasing a device like a wireless keyboard, make sure its specifications are similar to your computer so that the two are compatible.

    Moreover, if you are playing songs on a speaker through your PC, you need to know how far away you can take it and still have it work properly.

    To find out what this range is, the best way is by going to its manufacturers website and opening the speakers specification sheet.

    Check The Device Manager

    How to make your PC Bluetooth Compatible

    The easiest way to check for Bluetooth support is via Device Manager. To check if your PC has Bluetooth, do the following:

    • Press the Windows key + X or right-click Start, to open the Win + X menu.
    • Select Device Manager on that menu to open the window.
    • On the window, look for the Bluetooth Radios category. That should be listed somewhere nearer the top of the window.
    • If you cant find Bluetooth Radios, click Network adapters on the Device Manager window. Bluetooth Radios might be listed there instead.

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    Why Do You Need A Bluetooth Dongle

    If you need to connect a Bluetooth device to your computer , then there’s a chance that you’ll need a USB Bluetooth dongle to make the connection.

    However, it is worth first checking if your computer has Bluetooth built in. If you cannot find the documentation to check, you have several options:

    • Drag your mouse to the system tray and look for an item labeled “Bluetooth radio”.
    • Click Start > Settings and use the search box to enter “Bluetooth”. Select Bluetooth and other devices settings. If you have Bluetooth, this screen will be present, and you’ll be able to enable the Bluetooth radio to scan for devices.
    • A quicker option is to open the Action Center then Expand if Bluetooth hardware is present on your computer, it will be listed here.

    These are the main ways to check for and enable Bluetooth, but there are other options also:

    • The Device Manager: pressWindows key + R and enter msc to open the Device Manager. If your PC has a built-in Bluetooth radio, you’ll find it listed here, under Bluetooth.
    • Your PC or laptop body: some devices have a physical switch to toggle connectivity, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This may be a small on/off switch, or it may be a keyboard shortcut, typically accessed via the function keys.

    If you have a Windows 7 machine, check out this guide on how to set up Bluetooth on your Windows 7 laptop.

    Once Bluetooth is enabled, you’ll be ready to begin hooking up compatible hardware.

    Why Throw Away Old Devices

    Now that technology is rapidly evolving, and new devices come out every other day, the definition of an ‘old device’ is changing. While it used to mean a PC that’s ten years old, now the number is arguably closer to three.

    Still, that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your old computer if it’s not showing any signs and replace it every few years to use something as basic as Bluetooth. There are always ways you can upgrade your PC and catch up without spending a ton of money.

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    How To Check If Your Computer Has Bluetooth

    If you are having trouble determining whether your computer is capable of supporting a Bluetooth connection, this article will guide you through it. In an attempt to accommodate every possible need, well feature two different way of investigating if your machine has Bluetooth capabilities.

    If youre looking to take the manual route that will also tell you specific details like your Bluetooth version, follow Method 1. In the event that youre looking for a method that will give you the answer with only a few clicks, follow Method 2 where we use a freeware to find out if your PC is equipped with Bluetooth.

    How To Get Bluetooth Connectivity On The Pc Without Using An Adaptor

    Make Your Old Computers Bluetooth Enabled

    Adding Bluetooth to your pc or laptop is easy and does require any need for an expert. You cannot do it yourself. Hence, installing Bluetooth without the use of adaptors or dongles comes at a price.

    Things you need before setting up the connection:

    • Bluetooth Expansion card

    The Bluetooth expansion card is also known as PCL cards, is quite popular for not only establishing Bluetooth connectivity but also allows Wi-Fi support. For some users, it could be two problems and one solution.

    The PCI cards come with an antenna which ensures that the Bluetooth cards are more powerful at establishing the networks if compared to adaptors or dongles. These cards are installed in the PCs motherboard PCI slots. Installation of cards requires proper training and expert assistance.

    Using the slot of the Bluetooth card to establish connectivity could be an issue for some users.

    Before going up for this process for establishing the network do consider that it is an internal solution that requires freezing up of a USB port for other devices too.

    Do consider the fact that they are not suitable for laptops. They are more suitable for the PC that needs and transmit strong signals for high-volume transmission.

    If they require expert assistance for the work and come with an antenna, they are better at establishing the network and offer better speed than dongles and adaptors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can connect devices like a smartphone or speaker to pc without a Bluetooth connection.

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    How To Make Your Computer Bluetooth Capable With The Archer Tx3000e

    Add a TP-Link WLAN Bluetooth adapter to your computer to get Bluetooth. For details, follow the steps below.

    Here we will use the Archer TX3000E 1.0 as a demonstration.

    Step 1. Connect the adapter to your computer

    1. Turn off your computer, unplug the power cable then remove the case panel.

    2. Connect the provided Bluetooth USB cable to the adapter.

    3. Locate an available PCIE X1 slot and carefully insert the adapter.

    Note: If the bracket is not suitable for your computer, detach it from the adapters board and replace it with the low-profile bracket.

    4. Locate an available F_USB connector and carefully plug the Bluetooth USB cable into it.

    Note: If the Bluetooth USB cable is not correctly connected to the motherboard, the Bluetooth function wont work even after driver installation.

    5. Replace the case panel, plug in the power cable, and turn on your computer.

    Step 2. Install Bluetooth driver

    Note: The following steps take Windows 10 as an example. The actual interface images may vary by model and software version.

    1. Insert the CD and run the Autorun.exe.

    Note: You can also check the new release and download the driver at

    2. Click to start Bluetooth driver installation, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish it.

    Note: DO NOT install the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drivers simultaneously. If Wi-Fi driver is being installed, please wait until it is finished, then try installing the Bluetooth driver again.

    Step 3. Pair with your Bluetooth device

    How To Make Your Computer Bluetooth Capable

    This site contains affiliate links to products, and we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

    Most laptops and computers come with Bluetooth functions from their manufacturers.

    It is one of the few standard requirements companies require their products to have.

    So when you have one of the few off-cases that do not come with built-in adapters, you really have no other choice but to make your computer Bluetooth capable.

    In this article, Ill explore how you can add Bluetooth to any computer with just a few clicks.

  • Wrap Up
  • The world of technology is constantly evolving. As it does so, you need to at least keep up with the basic developments. This includes having access to Wi-Fi, a smartphone, and, most importantly, Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth technology entered the mainstream almost three decades ago because of the efforts of Nils Rydbeck. It has not left since.

    What started as a small project among a group of friends has now turned into a worldwide sensation.

    Today, we have wireless keyboards, mouses, headphones, speakers, webcams, and GPS devices, to name a few.

    We depend on this technology not only to communicate with our friends and our bosses but also to listen to songs, play games and get directions from one place to another.

    Bluetooth is used globally and has carved its place in each of our lives because we depend on it for many day-to-day tasks.

    As such, it is safe to say that anyone who does not have access to Bluetooth is missing out.

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    Check Bluetooth Devices On Windows 10

    Windows provides its users with the feature to connect with the Bluetooth devices in its range and share files post connecting with these devices.

    Follow the steps listed below to check Bluetooth devices in the range of your PC:

    #1) Click on the Windows button, click on âSettingsâ as shown in the image below.

    #2) A window will open as shown below. Click on âDevicesâ.

    #3) A dialog box will open. Toggle the switch to âOnâ position, and then click on â Add Bluetooth or another deviceâ.

    #4) A dialog box will appear as shown in the image below. Click on âBluetoothâ.

    This will provide you with a list of all the devices which have an active Bluetooth and can be paired with the system.

    Looking For A Usb Bluetooth Adapter Try These

    How to Make My PC Bluetooth Compatible

    If you’re looking for a USB Bluetooth Adapter, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re both cheap, and compact. Long gone are the days of two-inch long USB Bluetooth radios with little pop-up adapters. These days, they’re the same size as the very smallest USB flash memory sticks. As long as you keep it connected most of the time, you’re unlikely to lose your USB Bluetooth dongle.

    But which one should you choose?

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    Check If Bluetooth Is Installed

    Checking a computer to see if a Bluetooth adapter is built-in or installed is done by looking in the Device Manager.

  • Open the Device Manager.
  • Look for the Bluetooth entry and click the arrow to the left of the entry to expand the Bluetooth hardware list.
  • In the Bluetooth hardware list, a Bluetooth adapter should be listed. In the example picture above, “Intel Wireless Bluetooth” is the Bluetooth adapter.

    If a Bluetooth adapter is listed, then the computer has Bluetooth capabilities. If a Bluetooth adapter is not listed, the computer doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities and requires a Bluetooth adapter to be installed.

    Connect The Bluetooth Receiver To The Speaker Or Speaker System

    Depending on your speakers and the Bluetooth receiver you get, you will need to get certain cables to hook them together. Sometimes, these cables will be easy to find. However certain set-ups will require you to improvise.

    For the most part, a Bluetooth receiver will have female stereo aux and RCA outputs. If you chose to get a car adapter, however, it will come with a male stereo aux output. In general, the aux outputs are intended for computer speakers whereas the RCA outputs are intended for home audio speakers.

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    Do You Already Have Bluetooth

    You should ask yourself this before following the steps below because they involve purchasing a Bluetooth dongle.

    Learn how to set up Bluetooth devices and see what to do when Windows 11 Bluetooth or Windows 10 Bluetooth isn’t working. It’s possible that it’s already available on your computer, but adding a device just isn’t working.

    What Would I Need To Make My Computer Bluetooth Capable

    How to Make Any Laptop Bluetooth Compatible
    • Your key options. There are two ways to make your computer Bluetooth compatible. The simplest is a Bluetooth adapter or dongle.
    • View the features. The main function is the selection of the Bluetooth version.
    • The best bluetooth keys and cards. In most cases, preparing your computer for Bluetooth is as easy as plugging in a PCIe card or USB device.

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    Buy A Bluetooth Router

    Once your computer is Bluetooth capable, you will want to use it at its highest potential. However, the limitations of range can come in the way of you doing that.

    Therefore, I believe you should look into buying a router.

    These devices extend your reception and allow you to continue transmitting and receiving data at much longer distances than normal.

    What To Look For In A Bluetooth Adapter

    There are anumber of factors that make a USB Bluetooth adapter worth buying. For starters,youd want a plug-and-play dongle or card. Youd want it to work on anycomputer whether its a Windows 7machine or the latest one.

    Having gooddrivers is also important. Purchase adapters from reputable companies with goodcustomer support.

    Youre alsolikely to see different version numbers as you shop around. Bluetooth have beenthrough several updates. Youd want to buy a dongle thats at least version4.0. Bluetooth 1.0 to 3.0 tend to consume more energy.

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    Pairing A Bluetooth Device

    Now that Bluetooth is turned on, go ahead and turn on the device you want to pair and put it into Pairing Mode or Discovery Mode.

    On your PC, the device should appear in the list of other devices in the Settings window. Click the device and click the Pair button.

    Depending on the type of device youre connecting, a confirmation window might pop up on both devices, asking if you want to pair the device. Here I was connecting my phone to my PC and this window came up, preventing just anyone from connecting to your computer. Verify the PIN is the same and then click the Yes button.

    Pairing A Device That Doesnt Show Up Automatically

    How to Make Bluetooth for PC Capable?

    If for some reason your device doesnt appear below, click the Add Bluetooth or Other Device button located at the top of the Settings window.

    Next, select what type of device you want to connect.

    From the list of available devices, select the one you want to connect.

    This should take you into the same pairing routine we discussed in the previous section.

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    One: Buy What Youll Need

    You dont need a whole lot to follow along with this tutorial. Once youve determined that your computer is definitely in need of a Bluetooth radio , its time to check that you have a free USB port. If you dont, and theres no making room because you need all your current ports, you should consider getting a quality USB hub or a USB expansion card.

    With a free USB port in hand, the only other thing you need is a USB Bluetooth adapter. For the purposes of this tutorial , well be using highly-rated and inexpensive Kinivo BTD-400 USB dongle.

    There are other ways to approach the problem, but the majority of them are quite impractical. You could, for example, use up your laptops mini PCI slot with a laptop Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module, but thats a lot of hassle. One reason you might want to go the mini PCI route is if you really dont want to give up a USB port on a laptop and dont want to carry around a USB hub.

    On the desktop side, the only reason we can see for not using the USB-based solution is if youre explicitly in the market for a Wi-Fi PCI card for a desktop computer, since many Wi-Fi PCI cards come with Bluetooth built in.

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