How To Make Old Receiver Bluetooth

Why Make Home Stereo Components Wireless

Add Bluetooth to an old stereo receiver for $2 (No soldering)

There may be many reasons why you want to make your home stereo wireless.

Maybe you have a traditional stereo rack with a receiver that is connected to speakers and different music sources like a CD player, a tuner, and a turntable. And you want to add the option to stream music wirelessly from your mobile phone to the stereo receiver.

Or you may have a set of wireless Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones that you want to connect wirelessly to a traditional music source like a CD player.

Well look at solutions for many different scenarios in a second.

What To Look Forward To

We are researching newer Bluetooth audio receivers to call in for testing. Under-$100 models we are considering include the Avantree Oasis Plus, MEE Audio Connect Hub, Monoprice 38071, TaoTronics TT-BA009Pro, and Mpow BH262A. Premium models that compete with the Audioengine B1 include the Auris Blume, iFi Zen Blue, and BluDento BLT-HD.

Our Pick: Startech Bt2a

Our pick

*At the time of publishing, the price was $73.

The StarTech BT2A Bluetooth Audio Receiver is our top pick for most people thanks to its combination of good sound quality, range, usability, connectivity, and price. It comes from a reputable vendor, has a two-year warranty, and is reasonably priced.

The BT2A paired to new devices, and reconnected to old devices, reliably in our testing. It can remember eight paired devices if an additional device is paired, the oldest-paired device is bumped from the list. Additionally, it includes NFC circuitry for easy pairing with Android mobile phones and other compatible devices, although the normal pairing process is easy enough.

In terms of audio quality, the BT2A supports the aptX codec and features a high-quality DAC thats well-regarded in this price range. When used with my computer and iOS devices, the BT2A provided the best sound quality of the models we tested in this price range. Overall, it offered the best dynamic range, the best high-frequency and midrange detail, the best bass power and tightness, and the least high-frequency distortion. It noticeably bested the audio of the Grace Digital 3Play and Avantree Roxa, and far exceeded that of the Motorola Moto Stream.

Reception was about average for the home models I tested, but enough to cover most living areas well. Indoors, each covered my living room and most of an adjacent bedroom outdoors, unobstructed range was about 40 feet.

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Yes But How Does It Sound

We should probably be skeptical of something smaller than a deck of cards , but it works really well. Sound quality obviously will depend on the music source as well as the actual sound system. That said, it was fairly impossible to tell the difference between playing music while attached by wire, or magically beaming it through the air from up to 33 feet away.

Granted, this is not an audiophiles solution, though nicer equipment probably evens the playing field a great deal. That said, just about everyone probably has an old pair of speakers with maybe even a subwoofer, which surely sounds a far cry better than the tinny little speakers on their phone or tablet.

Wed like to hear it from you now. Knowing that many of you have perfectly serviceable stereo systems and desktop speakers lying around, do you or have you considered adding a Bluetooth solution to them? If so, hows it working for you? Speak up in our discussion forum and tell us about it.

Turn Wired Speakers Into Bluetooth Speakers

How to Make your Old Speakers Wireless!

Send music wirelessly to your wired speakers with the addition of Bluetooth adapters combined with an amplifier.

  • If you have an Android or iPhone, use it to send music to a Bluetooth receiver connected to a traditional amplifier, stereo, or home theater receiver, which, in turn, connects to your wired speakers.
  • Plug a TV, CD/DVD/Blu-ray player, audio cassette deck, or VCR to a Bluetooth transmitter which sends the audio signal to a Bluetooth receiver that, in turn, connects to an amplifier and your wired speakers.

You may experience AV/lip-sync issues when you use Bluetooth to connect headphones to a TV or another video source.

  • Instead of a Bluetooth receiver connected to an external amplifier, use an amplifier, stereo, or home theater receiver that has Bluetooth support built-in. With this setup, it can receive signals from your smartphone directly or a source connected to a Bluetooth transmitter. Connect your wired speakers to the speaker terminals provided on the Bluetooth-enabled amplifier.

If you have an iPhone in addition to Bluetooth, you can also stream music using AirPlay through an Apple Airport Express to an amplifier, stereo, or home theater receiver connected to wired speakers. Also, some home theater receivers have Airplay support built-in.

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Preparing Cables For Speaker Wire

Although you can find RCA to speaker wire cables, they are not very difficult to make yourself. Simply take a standard RCA cable and cut off the plug on one side. Strip off a small amount of the outer tubing to expose the two wires inside. Strip a small amount of tubing off of each wire and plug one into the positive terminal and one into the negative terminal.

Ideally, these internal wires will be color-coded in accordance with the speaker clips. However, if they are unlabelled, it should not make too much of a difference, since audio signals are alternating current.

The most complicated conversion you may need to make is between a stereo aux connection and speaker clips. Whereas RCA connections are single-channel, having only one positive and one negative wire per plug, stereo aux connections combine two channels in a single plug.

The positive signals in a stereo aux connection are grounded by a single negative signal. Thus, if you strip a stereo aux cable, you will find three wires inside: left, right, and ground. Usually, these will be labeled red for right, white for left, and the ground wire will either be black or may be unwrapped.

Banana Plugs And Speaker Clips

A final speaker connection you may encounter is a banana plug. Like with speaker clips, banana plugs have designated positive and negative plugs. Whereas most connections combine positive and negative connections into one plug, banana plugs have separate plugs for positive and negative. Thus, if you find an RCA to banana plug connection, it will have one RCA plug per every two banana plugs.

Another kind of connection you might run into is speaker clips. Rather than a standard plug, speaker clips have spring-loaded terminals that accept bare wire. Just like banana plugs, speaker clips have separate positive and negative terminals.

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How To Make Wired Devices Wireless With Bluetooth Receivers

Henry 4

Thinking of replacing your old headphones or speakers because theyre lacking wireless functionality? Have a read first !

While wired audio devices often provide a more stable, uniform audio reproduction that is not affected by sudden connection losses, their usage is undoubtedly limited in comparison to their Bluetooth-enabled cousins.

The good news is that with the advance of technology you no longer need to part from your old, cable connected earphones or speakers to enjoy some wireless streaming goodness.

Simply connect a Bluetooth receiver and this will add Bluetooth functionality even to those audio devices or stereo systems that dont come with any out of the box.

If youre not familiar with this type of technology, read on to learn what makes a good Bluetooth receiver and why the TaoTronics TT-BR06US is exactly what you need!

Choosing The Right Hardware

How to convert your old stereo to Bluetooth

The first thing you need to do is go through the information below to choose the right stereo receiver that supports Bluetooth. Once you have a Bluetooth receiver that suits your needs, the installation process is similar across the board. But you will need to use a Bluetooth adapter to connect everything, which I will go into in the next section.

So, here are some highly recommended A/V and stereo receiver models that support Bluetooth connectivity to get you started.

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Do Bluetooth Adapters Distort Quality Of Sound

The characteristics of the sound can change slightly when you use Bluetooth devices on your stereo system. Bluetooth receivers sometimes delay audio from its source, which isnt usually noticeable when youre playing music, only movies. Buying a receiver with low latency will reduce the delay from the signal and enable a better listening experience.

Can You Make Anything Bluetooth

Doing so is very easy: get yourself a Bluetooth transmitter that can plug into your audio output. These are special devices that listen to whats coming down the line, then broadcast it using a Bluetooth chip inside. Theyre not too expensive, so theyre a great way to use your Bluetooth headphones on the cheap.

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How To Add Bluetooth To An A/v Or Stereo Receiver Final Thoughts

Learning the best way to add Bluetooth to an A/V or stereo receiver is not that difficult. Understanding how receivers and Bluetooth adapters work together is the important thing. Ensuring you have the correct equipment before you even begin will eliminate any confusion or potential frustration.

I would strongly recommend that you purchase a high-quality Bluetooth adapter for the best results. You would ideally use a device that supports Bluetooth 5.0 because that will rapidly increase your connectivity range and functionality.

Connecting everything together is the easy part. Bluetooth does have its limitations, but as more modern devices are starting to support it, the more accepted it will become for home theater builders.

Happy listening!

How Do I Add Bluetooth

How to Make Wired Devices Wireless with Bluetooth Receivers ...

Step 1: Pair a Bluetooth accessory

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • Touch and hold Bluetooth .
  • Tap Pair new device. If you dont find Pair new device, check under “Available devices” or tap More. Refresh.
  • Tap the name of the Bluetooth device you want to pair with your device.
  • Follow any on-screen instructions.
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    How To Pick The Best Bluetooth Adapter

    When it comes to Bluetooth adapters, you have a lot of options. Many are similar in design and functionality, with a few subtle differences. Below are some things to look for if you want to stream audio to your stereo.

    • Search for Bluetooth audio receivers with clear audio quality. TheAuris Receiver is made with audiophile-grade 384kHz/ 32bit DAC for superior playback. It also features high fidelity Qualcomm aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, and AAC decoders.
    • Buying a cheap $20 receiver might seem like a good way to save money, but it could quickly break. Look for a receiver that is built to last many years without breaking.
    • Range- Look for one that has at least a 100-foot range so that you can move around your house freely without loss of connection. TheAuris bluMe HD Bluetooth 5.0 Music Receiver has a range of up to 30m.
    • Easy Setup- You want to find a device that is simple to pair with your phone and wont be frustrating. The Auris receiver connects in seconds and there is no app or network required.

    About Bluetooth Pairing And Connections

    When using Bluetooth-audio devices, you’ll hear talk of “pairing” and “connecting.” Pairing is the initial configuration process that associates two devices so that they can communicate. Once you’ve paired the devices, they remain paired, even if you turn one of them off or if they’re out of range of each other. You should have to pair those devices only once.

    Connecting refers to establishing an active wireless connection between two paired devices. When you turn one device off, or move one out of range of the other, the two disconnect in order to conserve energy and to free each other for connecting to other devices, but you can easily reconnect them when neededdisconnecting does not affect the pairing between two devices. However, unpairing two devices means they’ll no longer connect unless they go through the pairing process again.

    Some receivers will automatically reconnect to a paired source when within range, while others require you to manually reconnect through your devices Bluetooth settingsthe exact behavior depends on how the manufacturer designed the receiver to function.

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    How Can I Make My Stereo Bluetooth Capable

    If you have a traditional stereo amplifier or receiver it is easy to make it Bluetooth capable with a Bluetooth adapter. You simply connect the adapter to one of the LINE level inputs on the amplifier/receiver using the RCA female cable that is included with the adapter.

    How To Turn A Regular Speaker Into A Bluetooth Speaker

    How to Add Bluetooth to Stereo Receiver / AV Receiver

    By: Author Jonah Matthes

    So you have a set of wired speakers you want to make Bluetooth compatible? It can be a pretty straightforward project that will save you on a set of comparable Bluetooth speakers.

    Here are the steps to add Bluetooth functionality to a normal speaker:

  • Get a Bluetooth receiver.
  • Get the proper cables for connecting the Bluetooth receiver to the speaker system.
  • Pair the source device to the Bluetooth receiver.
  • There are a number of reasons you might want to hook up your speakers for Bluetooth. Enabling Bluetooth allows you to stream audio from any Bluetooth capable device. This means you can watch videos on your laptop with your speaker, or you can play DJ on your phone.

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    Connecting A Bluetooth Adapter To Your Receiver

    Connecting your receiver with a Bluetooth adapter is a simple process. You will need to physically connect them via the red and white A/V cables, which are also known as RCA cables. Match the two RCA cables with the red and white ports on your adapter with the input ports on your receiver.

    You will only be able to carry two channels between your receiver and adaptor because Bluetooth has its limitations. I will recommend some of the best Bluetooth adapters later when we discuss this subject in greater detail.

    How Can I Make A Bluetooth Device At Home

    How to build a bluetooth speaker

  • Step One: Gather Supplies. Needed Components: Bluetooth Module, Amp, 4 ohm full range speakers, 12V Power supply, Ground Loop Isolator.
  • Step Two: Power. Got your equipment?
  • Step Three: Audio. Now we need to get the audio from the BT over to the amp.
  • Step Four: Testing.
  • Step Five: Enclosure.
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    Make A Subwoofer Wireless

    If you have a subwoofer in your home theater setup, make it wireless with a wireless speaker conversion kit with a subwoofer input on the transmitter and a subwoofer output on the wireless receiver.

    This is easy to do if you have a powered subwoofer . Powered subwoofers have built-in amplifiers and plug into AC power.

    There are two steps to add wireless connectivity to a subwoofer: First, connect the Subwoofer output of a stereo or home theater receiver to the wireless transmitter using a short RCA cable. Next, connect a short RCA cable from the wireless receiver to the subwoofer’s RCA stereo or LFE inputs.

    If you have a passive subwoofer that you wish to make wireless, place an external amplifier between the wireless receiver and the subwoofer unless the wireless receiver has a built-in amplifier with sufficient power output for the subwoofer.

    Advantages Of Converting Your Old Wired Speakers To Wireless

    DIY Bluetooth Receiver for Any Amplifiers Under 3$ : 8 Steps (with ...

    We suggest that you turn your old wiredspeakers into wireless speakers! By choosing a Bluetooth adapter to make themBluetooth enabled, you can connect your smartphone, laptop, and even televisionto them, making it easy to use them to stream music, movies, podcasts, andother audio.

    There are many advantages when you convertwired speakers to wireless.

  • You can use your old speakerswith your smartphone, by connecting via Bluetooth. This means you dont have tobuy CDs or download albums anymore, and you dont have to buy endless wiresand random accessories to be able to connect your iPhone to your speakers. Anadded bonus is that you can also connect to any other Bluetooth enabled device,such as a laptop.
  • You can use your old speakerswith Chromecast for Audio and Echo Devices. Make Alexa sound great as she makesthe most of your speakers and have your music and audio choices really fill theroom.
  • Breathe new life into yourwired speakers as part of an established wireless audio system. Upgrade yourentire television experience without having to spend extra cash on newspeakers.
  • Cut down on wire clutter withtraditional sources. When you go wireless, you benefit from there being lesswires around. Not only does this look cleaner and mean that you can keep yourphone with you as you walk around the housenot attached to your speakersyoucan keep the wires out of reach of curious hands.
  • how to add Bluetooth to your old car.

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    Can You Connect Wireless Speakers To An Old Receiver

    You can indeed connect Bluetooth speakers and headphones to an older stereo system or TV by using an inexpensive device called a Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver like this one from TaoTronics. All you have to do is connect the device to your stereos audio output jacks and then pair the speakers to the transmitter.

    Make Audio Clear With Cvc

    Realized by technology pioneer Qualcomm, cVc noise cancellation technology brings audio enhancement and noise suppression for clearer sound transmission when phone calling.

    In addition to featuring a cVc equipped microphone, the TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit comes with some 3M adhesive so you can place it in your vehicles cabin where it best receives your voice.

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