How To Make Your Bluetooth Earbuds Louder

How To Make The Headphones Louder On Your Pc

How to Boost your Bluetooth headphones more Louder with this APP

Well, changing the headphone volume of your PC would involve accessing the settings through your Control Panel.

Go through the following tips to improve the headphone volume on your PC.

  • Connect your headphones to your PC .
  • If your headphones come with a turn on or off switch, turn it on.
  • Increase the volume to the fullest.

Next up would be adjusting the volume on your operating system. The settings may differ from one operating system to another. We will be discussing it with respect to Windows OS for the sake of this tutorial.

  • Locate the Volume icon on your taskbar.
  • Right click on it to bring up the context menu
  • Select Open Sound Settings
  • This should take you to Windows 10 Sound settings
  • You may also reach the settings page through Start -> System and then choose the Sound on the sidebar.
  • Under the option for Choose your Output device, make sure that your chosen headphone is selected as the default device.
  • Slide the Volume bar to the fullest.

Bluetooth Earbuds Sound Volume Limit

Due to regulations, many earbuds and headphones are volume limited. That means that no matter what you do, the earbuds cant be louder than the set limit.

There are some earbuds that are not volume-limited but these are not ideal. Basically, they will play the same volume as the volume-limited earbuds. If you pass the limit, the sound will be distorted. I think thats not something youre looking for.

Turn On The Absolute Volume Setting On Android

In Android, volume synchronization is handled by the setting Absolute Volume. Turning it on should fix the problem.

  • Turn on developer options by going to Settings, select About phone, and tap Build number several times.
  • Go back to Settings and tap Developer options.
  • Scroll down until you find Absolute Volume and turn it on.
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    You Listen For Extended Periods

    If youre at a low volume, youll be fine listening for extended periods. However, the higher the volume, the more important it is to give your ears a break.

    Listening at 80-85 dB can cause hearing damage in under 2 hours. If you go beyond that, it could be a matter of minutes before experiencing hearing loss.

    If you find yourself listening to music at high volumes, rest your ears for a while before continuing. Try to turn down your usual volume when listening for extended periods.

    Use Third Party Applications To Increase The Sound

    How to Make Headphones Louder On Android Phones

    Well, this is the age of apps, and there are apps for almost all your needs. Increasing the volume too should not be an exclusion. You have a good deal of apps that would deal with the concept of improving your headphone volume.

    While some of the premium apps may be available on the paid basis, there are a few that may be available for free. Most of these applications would be helpful in enhancing the volume of your smartphones to the maximum sustainable limit that the device would support. So if these are not able to improve your audio performance, there is nothing you would be able to do, right?

    Not exactly. There is one more option you can give a try to. It involves enhancing the volume level of your headphones even beyond the levels available on your smartphones. Yes, we are talking about the amplifiers.

    Yes, you heard it right, but the amplifiers are something identical to those bulky ones we use for sound enhancement. There are several smartphone friendly options you can go with.

    They are available is sleeker, stylish and lightweight alternative and can enhance the volume levels on your headphones beyond the normal capacity of your smartphones.

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    Problems With The Audio File

    The audio file refers to the type of file that youre trying to listen to. If the file youre trying to listen to has been recorded or possibly transcoded then the audio may sound lower. Usually, if the audio file is the culprit, the sound will remain low or very low no matter how you increase the volume.

    Why A Bluetooth Speaker

    Undoubtedly, the louder song is more enjoyable than the slow song. People can enjoy the rock songs and metal songs only when it becomes so. So, there is no comparison of a louder Bluetooth speaker. Some other reasons of louder Bluetooth speaker are-

    • If you want to play songs in a big hall room or auditorium, then a Bluetooth speaker is a must. You can enjoy a song even in a crowd using a louder Bluetooth speaker.
    • You will find a Bluetooth speaker portable. So, you can carry it anywhere where electricity is available.
    • A Bluetooth speaker provides you a quality sound. Even, you dont have to face too many problems to get a quality sound.
    • When you use an electrical device, then surely, the rate of electricity consumption is a fact. But the rate of electricity consumption by a Bluetooth speaker is less.
    • The price of a Bluetooth speaker is also affordable.

    So, a Bluetooth speaker is more convenient than any speaker. Now, it turns to know how to make Bluetooth speaker louder.

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    Adjust The Eq Settings

    You might also want to check the EQ settings on your phone. The manufacturer may have optimized these settings, but they may not fit your unique listening preferences.

    Androids also feature EQ settings that you can tweak until you get the sound boost you want for your Bluetooth headphones. iPhones feature late-night modes that can help enhance the volume for louder surroundings. Play around with the settings until you find something that works for you!

    Adjusting Volume & Equilizer Settings

    Make Your Android Bluetooth Audio Volume LOUDER

    Android, iOS, and Windows devices let you control the volume settings for a certain output device. Here, Ill cover these operating systems. Im not sure that all devices and earbuds let you adjust EQ settings. You can download an external app for EQ settings.

    iPhone Volume Settings

    iPhones have a Sound Check option that limits the output volume for earbuds. By default, the Sound Check is automatically enabled. Disabling that option will let you reach the max sound volume limit on the earbuds.

    Newer iPhone versions also let you adjust EQ settings. You can choose one of many EQ options. If you set EQ settings on Loudness, your earbuds volume will significantly increase. There are also Bass Boosters and EQ settings for a specific genre.

    Android Volume Settings

    Most Android smartphones have a Media Volume Limit. If enabled, this option lets you control the max volume limit on your earbuds. Disabling it, lets the earbuds reach their real decibels limit.

    Now, not every Android version lets you choose EQ settings. It depends on the smartphone model and OS version. If your smartphone has that option, you can use it to increase the output volume.

    Mac Volume Settings

    Mac and Windows, basically all PC OSs dont limit media volume. Earbuds connected to a Mac are not volume limited by default. Of course, you can still increase the volume.

    Windows Volume Settings

    Again, youll have to install an app for adjusting EQ settings.

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    Disable Low Power Mode

    Another reason why your AirPods may not be loud enough is because of your battery level or the iPhones Low Power Mode.

    The Low Power Mode is a battery-saving configuration on iPhones that reduces the amount of power your device consumes by limiting features such as background apps, email fetching, and potentially playback volume.

    To disable low power mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Accessing iPhone settings
  • Turn off Low PowerMode. Disabling Low Power Mode
  • Why Are My Headphones Quiet 5 Ways To Make Headphones Louder

    Whether your headphones are not sounding great as they used to, or your sound volume is already set at the maximum level, but the headphones do not offer sufficient sound, below I have outlined some ways to get your headphones to sound better and louder. If you are playing games on your pc, watching movies or videos or listening to music on your phone, I have you covered. Below are some of the ways you can boost your headphones volume.

  • Getting yourself a Pair of New Louder Sounding Headphones
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    Volume Synchronization Is Disabled

    Many headphones come with their own volume settings and buttons. This can be a very helpful feature: it lets you change the volume without taking out your phone.

    But this feature also brings an extra step to the process: volume synchronization.

    If the volume control of your headphones and your device arent synchronized, youll need to adjust them separately.

    Your Earbuds And Your Ear Wax

    How To Make Headphones Louder: PC, Android, iPhone &  More (4 Tricks)

    When it comes to listening to your favorite music, the first thing that you need to check is to make sure that the problem is not a result of user error in the form of excessive ear wax building up in your ear canal.

    Earwax is made by our bodies to trap dust and dirt from getting into our ear canal and damaging the eardrum. Normally, the earwax falls out on its own. but occasionally, earwax can build up in the ear canal. An excess of ear wax build-up can cause all sounds to become quiet in one ear or the other. Perhaps now. with earbuds. you are just noticing that you are having the problem for the first time, and this is why your earbuds sound seems to be uneven.

    Expert Tip: To check this issue, the first thing you should switch earbuds into the opposite ears. This is so that you can check to see if you still experience this problem in the same ear. or if it is the same earbud as before.

    After you switch, if you hear the quiet sound coming from the other ear. then excellent! You have discovered that it is one earbud that is louder than the other, and not just you. However, if you come to find that you still have the problem in that same ear. then you may have a build-up of wax or a more serious problem.

    For the issue of ear wax being built up in the ear canal, using some type of removal tool should do the trick. There are many types available on the market. Some use Q tips to get at ear wax that is located at the outer part of the ear and inside the ear canal.

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    What Is The Bluetooth Earbuds Sound Limit

    As mentioned before, all Bluetooth earbuds have a sound limit set by the manufacturer. This is to protect your hearing from damage. The sound limit is typically around 85 decibels, which is still pretty loud.

    Every earbud has a different level of loudness. So, to make your Bluetooth earbuds sound louder, you should check the products specifications or the user manual that comes with it.

    Some specifications can be the reason for the low sound level in your earbuds. These include:

    • The bit rate: A lower bit rate will produce a lower quality sound.
    • The sampling rate: This is the number of times the sound is sampled per second. A lower sampling rate will result in a lower quality sound.
    • The codec: This is the algorithm used to compress the sound. A lower quality codec will result in a lower quality sound.
    • Range: If you are too far from the device your earbuds are paired with, the sound will be of lower quality.
    • Interference: If there is interference from other devices, this can also reduce the sound quality.
    • Battery life: If the battery is low, this can also affect the sound quality.

    Highlights Of The Story

    • Earphones are an essential part of media consumption, and their low loudness output can hamper our experience.
    • You can also use use a variety of third-party apps for this purpose.

    All of us love watching movies and listening to music while wearing a pair of earphones. However, most budget earphones are either too loud or have no bass with minimal loudness, which hampers the overall experience. We are well aware of the fact that our wired earphones connect easily with Android phones and by tweaking a few settings on our smartphones, we can achieve greater loudness with these minor tweaks.

    Here are five simple techniques that can help you to achieve higher loudness on your earphones. If you are not satisfied with the sound output other than loudness, we have got you covered with another simple trick.

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    How To Change Volume On Airpods

    Unlike wired headphones with in-line audio controls, AirPods dont have the same electronic real estate since they are completely wireless.

    For example, flagship earbuds from other brands like the Sony WH1000XM4 come with various integrated gestures for a broader range of control. But unfortunately, all versions of AirPods only have touch controls except for the AirPods Max, which includes a Digital Crown.

    Yet, you still get access to some audio playback controls for your AirPods including adjusting your audio volume.

    Depending on your version of AirPods, you may have different ways of interacting with them. For instance, AirPods Pro controls are slightly different with pressure-sensitive sensors, whereas regular AirPods use touch sensors.

    Lets go over the different ways you can change your AirPod volume one by one.

    Why Are My Headphones Too Quiet

    How to Make iPhone Headphones Louder : iPhone Tips & Tricks

    Modern headphone models have a max volume limit built into their hardware. This is to fall in line with international regulations that mean headphones arent loud enough to risk damage to the ear canal and your hearing. It is important to remember when you make your headphones louder that there is a higher risk of ear damage, so just make sure that you arent listening to music at super high volume all the time.

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    Disable Your Phone’s Volume Controls

    Smartphones come with volume control features to safeguard your hearing. If you’re using a Galaxy or any other android device, go to the Sounds and Vibrations menu, click on Sound, and change the Media Volume Limiter. If you find any built-in limits, you can switch them off.

    Similarly, iPhones have something called Volume Limit that can be used as a workaround. Go to the settings and choose the volume output as per your preference.

    CAUTION: Shutting off the functions that prevent the volume from getting too loud can be risky for your eardrums, so continue at your own risk.

    Modify Volume Limits In Your Device

    If your headphones are clean and properly plugged, many times the problem is on the software side. Your operating system could have changed the audio settings when you plugged a different audio device or because an app altered the settings.

    Go to your audio settings and check if the limits have been decreased by any reason and bump them up if thats the case.

    Sometimes you can just remove the volume limit or your device, which is set to 120 decibels in the USA or 85 decibels in the EU. You can always disable those limits from your audio settings in your Android or iOS device and see if that helps. Just make sure you test your headphones and increase the volume gradually as you dont want to start with the max volume and be surprised by the noise or damage your hearing.

    To adjust the volume limit in your iPhone go to the following path:

    Settings -> Music -> Volume Limit -> Off.

    You might want to check your Equalizer settings right there as well and choose the type of music you hear the most.

    On Android, youll need to check your brands settings as every settings menu is a bit different, but the path should be fairly similar to iOS.

    On a computer, you can also increase the maximum volume limit if you follow some simple steps. Click the speaker icon in the desktop menu bar and adjust the slider to your desired level. Or right-click the same icon to check out the maximum level settings and equalizer.

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    Make Sure It Isnt A Hearing Problem On Your End

    All of the solutions we listed above are primarily on the side of the AirPods and the iPhone. So, if the problem persists after trying them all out, then the user might be the problem in the sense that theyre the ones with the hearing issue.

    You really wont hear well with your AirPods if you couldnt hear well in the first place.

    Hearing issues can come in many forms and causes, such as affected ear canals or underlying hearing damages. Lucky for you, there are some ways to confirm whether youre the problem or not.

    Have a friend test your AirPods

    One way is to have someone else test the AirPods for you preferably an AirPods and iPhone user. Have them compare the volume of your AirPods with theirs, and let them connect their AirPods to your iPhone to see if they hear anything different.

    If they dont hear anything unusual with your AirPods or with your iPhone, thats when you can confirm that youre the one with troubled hearing.

    Use third-party apps

    Another way to test your hearing is by using third-party apps such as the Mimi Hearing Test. Apps like this will assess your hearing ability and show you results to guide your audio settings and adjustments.

    Consult a professional

    And last but not least, a quick visit to an ENT specialist would be the best way to diagnose and treat any hearing conditions. Both the second and third methods listed herein could help determine the extent of your hearing problems.

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