How To Send Pictures Via Bluetooth From Iphone To Android

How To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Android Using A File Transfer App Such As Send Anywhere

Can You Transfer Files Between Android and iPhone / iPad / iOS Via Bluetooth

Let’s begin with what we believe to be the easiest way to transfer photos from iPhone to Android. All you need is an app developed for this exact purpose. There are many available, but the one we like most is Send Anywhere. You can get it for free on your iPhone from the App Store or from the Play Store on Android devices.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, open it on both devices: iPhone and Android. On your iPhone, go to the tab from Send Anywhere and select the photos you want to transfer. Tap and drag to select multiple photos, or open any photo you want and choose Select from the top-right corner of the screen.

You can also select all the photos from your iPhone at once, or select all the photos shot in a specific day, using the appropriate buttons from the app’s interface.

Once you’ve chosen the photos to transfer from your iPhone to the Android device, tap the red Send button from the dialog shown on the bottom of the screen.

The Send Anywhere app now shows you a 6-digit keycode, a QR code, and a button. You can use any of them to transfer the photos, but the easiest is the last option: at the bottom of the screen, you should see all the nearby devices running Send Anywhere. That’s where your Android device should be listed. All you have to do is tap on its name.

On your iPhone, you’re going to be asked whether you’re sure you want to transfer the files to the Android device. Choose OK.

Tips For Bluetooth File Transfer

To get the best speed and results when transferring files, follow these tips:

  • Disconnect smartphones, tablets, and computers from other Bluetooth devices .
  • Some devices may limit the number of files that can be transferred at a given time, so it may be necessary to transfer files one at a time, rather than in batches.
  • Keep the sending and receiving devices as close to each other as possible with a clear line of sight. This maintains the best signal strength that wont be interrupted by other wireless signals and physical obstacles.
  • Close other apps until all files have transferred. Bluetooth does the sending and receiving, but the device needs processing power to write the data to storage.

Transfer Iphone Photos To Pc Using Email

If you encounter some unforeseen problems with the iPhone-to-computer connection, theres an alternative solution that works every time. Perhaps you dont have a Lightning-to-USB cable with you, or your computer doesnt support Bluetooth? Maybe youd like to send the same picture to several people simultaneously? You can always use email.

Pictures are attachable to emails using an iPhone just as easily as doing so from your desktop. Make sure theyre in the correct format and dont go over the size limit, include them with the message, add recipients, and send. If you dont need to transfer a large number of photos, this might be the best way you dont even have to be in the same room as the PC, and you can email yourself.

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Top 3 Apps To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Android

For questions such as how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android without computer. We have some awesome answers for you. Shareit for that matter can avoid involving a computer and transfer photos or other files from your iPhone to an Android device. Dropbox and Send Anywhere are also good alternatives for transferring pictures from iPhone to Android.

How To Send Pictures From Iphone To Android By Drag

How to Send Any File via Bluetooth from Your iPhone ...

If you would like to transfer pictures from iPhone to Android without any software, you can do it by drag-and-drop. To use this method, you need a Windows PC and USB cables for both your devices. Make sure the device drivers of both devices are installed on your PC so that your iPhone and Android phone can be detected by the computer.

Here is the guide for transferring photos from iPhone to Android phone by drag-and-drop.

  • Connect your two devices to the computer with USB cables.
  • Open “My Computer” on your Windows and you will see two drives under the Portable Devices.
  • Open your iPhone’s storage and Android phone’s storage in a new window respectively.
  • On your iPhone’s storage window, find the folder of DCIM where your photo folders are located in.
  • Choose the photos you want to transfer. Then drag them from the iPhone image folder and drop them onto your Android image folder.
  • Note: Sometimes, when you transfer a large number of photos, the drag-and-drop process will weirdly get stuck for a while. To avoid this, you can first copy your required photos from iPhone image folder to the computer, and then copy them from computer to your Android image folder.

    Transfer photos and other files from Android to Mac:

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    How Can I Transfer Photos From Iphone To Samsung

  • Open Smart Switch on your new Samsung device, then tap Start and read the terms of service, then tap Agree.
  • Select Wireless, then Receive, then iOS
  • Enter your iCloud username and password, then tap Sign-in
  • Deselect any information you dont want to copy, then select Import.
  • Can I Transfer All My Pictures From Android To Iphone

    You can move your Android photos and videos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by connecting your Android device to your computer and finding your photos and videos there. The files can be found in DCIM > Camera on most devices. Your photos will sync to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when you use your computer.

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    How To Transfer Photos From Android To Iphone 13 Using Google Drive

    To transfer pictures from Android phone to iPhone using entails going through a process of uploading the photos from Android to Google drive then downloading the photos on your iPhone. These two stages are crucial to ensure that the desired photos for sending are delivered to iPhone.

    Steps to upload the pictures into the Google drive are:

    Step 1: Open the Google drive app on your Android phone.

    Step 2: Click on the add sign on the screen.

    Step 3: Select the upload icon.

    Step 4: Look for the pictures you would want to send and select them to upload.

    Step 5: View the uploaded pictures on My Drive until you move them to the desired destination.

    Once you have completed uploading the pictures into the Google drive, you now use the iPhone to download these photos from the drive. The following are the steps that are required to as desired.

    Step 1: Open the Google drive app on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Click on the menu icon on the Google drive app and go to settings.

    Step 3: Turn on “Auto add” in the Google photos option.

    Step 4: At the top of the screen tap the back icon to exit the “Auto add” window.

    Step 5: Look for the Google photos folder and open it.

    Step 6: Select the folder with the pictures that you want to download.

    Step 7: After you have completed selection, click on the download icon to start the downloading, which takes a few minutes.

    The two stages will enable you to transfer photos from Android device to iPhone using your Google drive.

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    Find The Device You Want To Connect With

    Send Files From Your iPhone To Any Device Via Bluetooth, iOS to Android Demo for iOS 14.x.x

    If Bluetooth is not active on your Windows PC, switch the Bluetooth button from Off to On. You should see a Now Discoverable: NameOfDevice.

    On a MAC, if Bluetooth is not on already, select Turn Bluetooth On and Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar if you would like to see your connection from your menu. You should see the name of your Bluetooth device in this window and whether or not its connected to anything.

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    How Do I Transfer Files From My Android Phone To My Dell Laptop

  • The Files icon can be tapped or clicked.
  • You can transfer images from Photos to Videos, Videos to Videos, Music to Music, or Documents to Documents under the Photos tab.
  • The thumbnail will appear when you hover your mouse pointer over it.
  • You can get started by clicking or tapping Get
  • You can copy the file by dragging it to a location on your computer.
  • Share Files From Iphone To Android Via Email

    Finally, if you want to send files in small size, you can take them away by email. The process isn’t time-consuming or difficult you just send it like sending a normal email. Follow the steps below to get that done.

    • Open the email app on your iPhone.
    • Compose the email normally and attach the files you want to send.
    • Input the email on the Android phone as the receiver’s address.
    • Send the email and wait for few minutes to get it delivered. You can then open the file on your Android phone.

    As you can see, transferring files from iPhone to Android can be time-consuming in most cases. But with the solutions in this article, you can do it without much stress. If you’re planning to share huge files, using Xender or SHAREit seems to be the most beneficial.

    But if you have a Wi-Fi network around or you don’t bother using your mobile data, it’s worth sharing your files with cloud storage or Telegram. You can also access them anywhere, anytime.

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    Can You Receive Bluetooth Files On Iphone From Android

    You can easily send files from one Android device to another with Bluetooth. However, you will get a negative answer if you wonder how to receive Bluetooth files on iPhone from Android. Depending on the different operating systems your Android device and iPhone are using, Apple doesnt allow non-Apple devices to share files with iPhone/iPad using Bluetooth.

    Well, it doesnt mean you cannot transfer data from Android to iPhone. Here in this guide, you can rely on powerful transfer software or Bluetooth-like tools that are compatible with both Android and iOS to make it.

  • Summary
  • Ii: Pairing Two Android Devices Together

    How to send photos from my iPhone 5 to another phone via ...

    Hereâs how to pair your old and new phone together via Bluetooth:

    Step 1: On your old and new devices, go to Settings, then Bluetooth

    Step 2: Make sure Bluetooth is âOnâ on both of them

    Step 3: If everything is done correctly, both devices will show themselves to each other

    Step 4: Tap the other device on either of them. Here, the Moto G4 Play was tapped on OnePlus Nord 2:

    Step 5: A prompt to pair with the new phone will come on the other device as well. For your device, make sure that the PIN is the same on both devices to ensure the security of the connection. This PIN is generated afresh and is unique, so the PIN in the image is not the PIN you will see on your devices. Tap Pair on your old device to pair the two devices together using Bluetooth.

    Step 6: After pairing is complete, both devices will show under paired devices on each other:

    And thatâs how simple it is to pair devices to each other using Bluetooth!

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    Transfer Files From Android To Iphone With Anytrans

    As you can see, by using the Move to iOS app, there are still certain types of files that cant be transferred from Android to iPhone like music or message attachments. And the whole transfer process can be very time-consuming.

    In this case, is there a way to help us directly transfer files from Android to iPhone swiftly and efficiently? Well, there is a good tool AnyTrans. As a powerful iOS data manager that supports transferring files when devices, it can render you a lightning transfer from Android to iPhone at no cost.

    AnyTrans Sync Android with iPhone

    • No limits on types of files. Transfer all data from Android to iPhone.
    • Easy to operate, just a few steps are needed to finish the transferring.
    • No harm to Android data and will be kept in original quality.
    • Works well for all Android and iPhone models.

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Step 1. on your PC/Mac > Plug your Android device and new iPhone into the computer.

    Step 2. Enter Phone Switcher > Click Phone to iPhone.

    Choose Phone to iPhone on Phone Switcher

    Step 3. Select your Android device and iOS device > Click Next.

    Add your Android Phone and iPhone and Click Next to Go on

    Step 4. Select categories you want > Click the arrow icon to start the transfer.

    Select Files You Want to Transfer

    Heres a video guide for you to know how to transfer data from Android to iPhone.

    Transferring Data From Iphone To Android Via Mms

    SMS was the initial type of text messaging, and it can only transmit text messages, whereas MMS, which was invented later, can send pictures as well.

    To send data from iPhone to Android, make sure MMS Messaging is turned on on your iPhone. You will not be able to send or receive pictures if this is disabled.

    You must also resolve another issue if you get the notice MMS Messaging has to be enabled to send this message even when MMS Messaging is switched on. You can follow these steps for resolving the problem:

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    Types Of Transferrable Files

    Most any type of file can be transferred over Bluetooth: documents, photos, videos, music, apps, and more. If a file is stored in a folder on a computer or smartphone, you can send it. The receiving device needs to be able to recognize the file type to open it .

    The limitation of using Bluetooth to transfer data is the size of the files versus the transfer rate. The Bluetooth transfer rate depends on the version:

    • Bluetooth 2.x has a maximum data transfer rate of 2.1 Mbit/s .
    • Bluetooth 3.x has a maximum data transfer rate of 24 Mbit/s .
    • Bluetooth 4.x has a maximum data transfer rate of 24 Mbit/s .
    • Bluetooth 5.x has a maximum data transfer rate of 50 Mbit/s .

    To use Bluetooth to send an 8 MB photo from one smartphone to another, and both smartphones have Bluetooth version 3.x/4.x, the photo transfers in about three seconds. A single 25 MB music file takes about nine seconds. A 1 GB video file takes about seven minutes. These times reflect the maximum speed, actual data transfer rates are less than the maximum specified.

    Compared to other ways of transferring data, Bluetooth is slow. For example, USB 2.0 has an effective throughput of up to 35 MB/s, 11 times faster than the Bluetooth 3.x/4.x maximum rate. USB 3.0, which is the most common, is around 600MB/s. Wi-Fi speeds range from 6 MB/s to over 25 MB/s , which is anywhere between two to six times faster than the Bluetooth 3.x/4.x maximum rate.

    How To Send Pictures From Iphone To Android

    Can you transfer a photo from Android to Iphone using Bluetooth?

    Transferring a few pictures from your iPhone to Android is pretty simple. The only catch is that youll need to use an app called Send Anywhere, which we used in the previous section. Like before, you can wirelessly transfer your pictures as long as you have both phones in the same room.

  • Open the Send Anywhere app on both of the phones.
  • On your iPhone, tap Send.
  • Select the picture you want to transfer.
  • Tap Send.
  • On your Android, tap Receive.
  • Either type in the 6-digit code on your Androids screen or scan the QR-code.
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    How To Transfer A Few Pictures From Android To Iphone

    If you dont want to transfer your entire photo library from an Android to your iPhone, you can use the app Send Anywhere to quickly transfer select pictures. If two phones are in the same room, you can use the app to move the photos wirelessly from one phone to the other.

    Once you have Send Anywhere downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App Store, you can start transferring your pics:

  • Open the Send Anywhere app on both phones.
  • On your Android, tap Send at the bottom and select the pictures you want to transfer.
  • Tap Send.
  • On your iPhone, tap Receive at the bottom.
  • Either type in the 6-digit code on your Androids screen or scan the QR-code.
  • When you get to Step 3, you also have the option to send your pictures using a link if your phones arent close to each other or the wireless transfer isnt working for some reason.

    How To Move Files From Android To Iphone With Shareit

    And what’s more, SHAREit provides similar functions to the Xender app. With a clean and user-friendly interface, SHAREit allows you to share files of any size from Android to iPhone and vice versa, as long as they are on the same Wi-Fi. To transfer files with SHAREit, first, download the app on both devices and follow the steps below.

    • Launch on both phones and grant necessary permissions.
    • Tap the Receive button on the Android Phone, and tap the Send button on the Android phone.
    • Browse and choose the files you want to send from the iPhone and send it.
    • After that, the receiver’s device should show up on the screen. Tap on it to start sending the files.

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    Transfer Iphone Images To A Pc Without Apps

    If you dont have iTunes or iCloud on your PC and want to transfer photos from an iPhone without additionalinstallations, follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC using the USB cable. If you dont have iTunes, instead of Trust This Computer, youll see an Allow this device to access photos and videos prompt on your phone. Tap Allow.
  • On your PC, open File Explorer for Windows 10 or Computer for Windows 7. On the left sidebar, youll see the iPhone listed as a new device. Be aware that it will show the devices name it wont be just listed as iPhone.
  • Double-click the phone on the sidebar. Youll only see the DCIM folder since connecting without iTunes doesnt allow you to explore other files and folders on the iPhone.
  • In the DCIM folder, youll see one or more subfolders, depending on the number of photos you have on the iPhone and whether or not youre using iCloud. The default folder for pictures is 100APPLE, while for additional folders, the number will increase to 101, 102, etc. All of your iPhone photos are located there.
  • Once you find the files to transfer, drag and drop them to your chosen location on the computer. In addition, you can drag and drop the whole DCIM folder. Ensure youre copying and not moving the files since the Move option will altogether remove them from the iPhone.
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