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How Good Is The Battery Inside The Hyperx Cloud Mix

HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset Unboxing & Impressions – Wired Bluetooth!

While in Bluetooth mode, HyperX claims the Cloud Mix can last up to 20 hours of playback time on a single chargein our testing, it did even better. Often, when we test battery life, headphones come up a little short. We test at a slightly higher volume than many people use, and so power drain is a little higher. Despite, the HyperX Cloud Mix blew past the 20-hour mark, lasting a little over 26 hours on a single charge.

Should You Buy The Hyperx Cloud Mix

Probably not. You could do better, but you could do a lot worse too.

A lot of the headsets features dont seem to mix all that well together.

The HyperX Cloud Mix has a lot going for it, but its just a little bit off in a few ways. Its extremely comfortable, built on a nearly identical frame to the HyperX Cloud Alpha, yet it sounds comparatively worse. Its got pretty fantastic battery life, but you cant really use it wirelessly for gaming.

The HyperX Cloud Mix is a good headset, but it seems like its being pulled in too many directions to perfectly cover any of its bases. If you want something that connects to your phone wirelessly and still works for gaming, and you dont mind it being a little on the average side, have at it. But who wants to spend $200 for just average?

Is Hyperx Cloud Mix Any Good

Audio quality is decent with the Cloud MIX, but it won’t blow you away. It’s a very even sound profile that doesn’t push bass too much but also has muddied or muted highs compared to other headphones in this price range. I wasn’t impressed, but it gets the job done.

Comfort is OK as well, but without a preferred double-band design which alleviates pressure at the skull apex, I did find some soreness after prolonged usage. The need to shift the headset slightly is a common flaw with single-band designs, but your comfort level will vary . The headphones are light though at just 275 grams. The ear cups nicely cover your ears but they are smaller than something like HP’s new OMEN Mindframe which are more encompassing.

Bluetooth performance was decent and performed as expected.

For charging the Cloud MIX uses a dated micro USB charger. I would have preferred Type-C to match most modern Android phones and PC laptops so that you could use one charger, but alas, you’ll need to carry a legacy cable for occasional charging. The good news is the battery is rated for 20 hours usage, so you should be able to keep the wire at home for trips unless you plan to use it exclusively in Bluetooth mode.

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Hyperx Cloud Mix Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth + Wired Option

  • Wired gaming headset certified for Hi Res Audio, with detachable braided cable with in line audio control
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for on the go connectivity and intuitive onboard controls
  • HyperX dual chamber drivers for more distinction and less distortion
  • Built in mic and a detachable boom mic.Impedance: 40 Ohm
  • Signature HyperX comfort and durability
  • Free delivery on orders Over 100 JOD

  • Cash on Delivery

How Is The Microphone

HyperX Cloud MIX Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth

Theres a bigger mid range drop-off with the Cloud Mix, which can distort more voices

The Cloud Mixs detachable microphone is pretty average for a gaming headset, with a notable de-emphasis on the low end of the audio spectrum and significant boosting of the highs. The boosted highs typically cover the range of sound where sibilants occupy, making them louder to keep peoples voices sounding natural. However, the de-emphasis of the low end means people with very deep voices might sound a little distorted, and mic will struggle to accurately capture and output variations in low tones.

If youre hoping for a more professional-sounding streaming experience, you may want to pick up an external mic like the HyperX Quadcast or another USB microphone to up your game a bit. While its an investment to be sure, if you want better audio quality: you need something other than the mic on the HyperX Cloud Mix.

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Using The Hyperx Cloud Mix Over Bluetooth

When in Bluetooth mode, the headset relies on the built-in buttons, rather than the in-line controls.

The HyperX Cloud Mix supports wireless connections via Bluetooth, but unlike a lot of gaming headsets with Bluetooth support, it cant handle simultaneous wired/wireless connections. In fact, you wont even be able to pair the headset to a Bluetooth device without first unplugging the detachable 3.5mm cord and boom mic. After that, hold the power button for around five seconds, until the LED indicator alternates between red and blue, meaning the headset is in pairing mode. Then just find the HyperX Cloud Mix on the Bluetooth menu of your desired device and pair with it. The onboard controls will let you adjust volume, answer calls, and play music.

Does Hyperx Include Accessories

This headset really comes with a lot of bits and bobs.

The HyperX Cloud Mix comes with quite a few additional bits and bobs. In the box, theres the headset, its detachable 3.5mm cord, a 3.5mm extension and splitter for PC use, a detachable boom microphone, a short USB charging cable, and a white carrying bag.

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Who Is The Hyperx Cloud Mix For

  • Gamers who want a headset that works on PC and console, and like the idea of something with a little more style.
  • Twitch streamers looking to finish off a themed color aestheticyou know the ones.
  • At-home workers who want something comfortable enough to wear for a whole day, and maybe want something a little less gamer-y.
  • Anyone looking for a switch hitter to go between gaming and on-the-go listening.

Gaming On The Hyperx Cloud Mix

Hyperx CLOUD MIX Wired Gaming Headset Bluetooth || Unboxing

The HyperX Cloud Mix offers a totally passable gaming experience. The headset is really comfortable, so I had no issues wearing it for extra long gaming sessions. This is a stereo headset, which is totally fine, though it might irk Fortnite obsessives. In most situations, I had little difficulty picking up rough positional audio cues in games like Dauntless and Overwatch, and Overwatchs 7.1 conversion feature works quite well too.

Its odd how many redundancies there are in this headset just to account for the separate wired and wireless functions.

Because the headset uses a 3.5mm connection when gaming, I never ran into any compatibility issues, especially given theres a splitter included. It didnt matter whether I was using Discord while playing League of Legends, or playing The Outer Worlds plugged into a PlayStation 4 controllerit all worked like a charm.

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How Does The Hyperx Cloud Mix Sound

To be completely frank, I was really expecting the HyperX Cloud Mix to sound better. Coming from the same company with stellar sounding Cloud Alpha and Cloud Orbitheadsets on opposite ends of the price spectrum, no less. This seemed like itd be a slam dunk. In fairness, this headset doesnt sound badits merely just targeted for a specific set of games .

The HyperX Cloud Mix has a big drop off in the sub-bass range.

The HyperX Cloud Mix offers pretty accurate sound in the bass and mid ranges, and slightly de-emphasized highs. This isnt all that strange, as many headphones drop in the same range to avoid natural resonances in the ear.

This means you wont have an issue with bass boosted to ear-shattering levelssomething with which many gaming headsets struggle. However, if youre using voice chat, you might not hear some parts of speech as clearly, like sibilant sounds, which can be subtle, but make a big difference in natural-sounding speech.

In music, this means the sounds of cymbals and some strings might sound a little quieter than intended, but you shouldnt have any issue with bass lines drowning the rest of a song . Antigua Supermarket by Engelwood is a good example of this. Theres a very faint rhythm guitar line running throughout, and despite the relative quiet of the whole song: its still a little too hard to hear.

Both headsets handle high range sound well.

Hyperx Cloud Mix Wired Gaming Headset With Bluetooth Review

Bartosz WalukAudio and Visual, Reviews, Speakers & Headsets0

Its not often I get the chance to review headsets, especially wireless headsets. Thats why Im really glad that HyperX provided us the Cloud MIX. This wireless headset combines advantages of a standard, mini-jack connection and Bluetooth, so we can use it with any available device, and enjoy great sound wherever we are.

After checking out the specifications, the Cloud MIX gets a little more interesting. I wont tell you everything right now. You have to keep reading as it will be worth your while, for sure.

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Kingston Hyperx Cloud Mix Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth Blacked

From Overseas via BTZ

  • Bluetooth wireless technology for on the go connectivity
  • Wired gaming headset with Hi-Res audio
  • HyperX dual chamber drivers for more distinction and less distortion
  • Signature HyperX comfort and durability
  • Built-in mic and a detachable boom mic
  • Detachable braided cable with in-line audio control
  • Intuitive onboard controls

From Overseas via BTZ

There are no reviews yet.

  • Heavy thickness reduces problems from uneven surfaces, XXL sized
  • Suitable for LAN-events due to heavy thickness
  • Fnatic themed product artwork
  • From Overseas via BTZ

  • 27-inch WQHD IPS gaming monitor with ultra-fast 165Hz refresh rate designed for professional gamers and immersive gameplay
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur-Sync technology provides 1ms response time while G-Sync Compatible Ghosting and Tearing
  • G-Sync-compatible certification, the VG27AQ delivers a seamless gaming experience with zero tearing by standard variable refresh rate
  • Compatible with the industry standard HDR10 High Dynamic Range for color and brightness values that go far beyond traditional monitors
  • Main connector 20 + 4 Pin
  • Rail + 12V 1 x 4 + 4 Pin
  • PCI-Express connectors two
    • 6.5 PolyPlas woofer delivers deep, powerful bass
    • 1 CMMD Lite high-frequency driver for crystal clear highs
    • 4 PolyPlas mid-range driver delivers unrivaled midrange accuracy
    • High Definition Imaging waveguide creates a wide soundstage with pinpoint imaging
    • Visually Striking Design
  • From Overseas via BTZ


    Payment and Shipping

    Learn More About The Hyperx Hx

    Kingston HyperX Cloud MIX Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth ...

    FeaturesHyperX Cloud MIX is a versatile wired gaming headset that converts to a lightweight portable Bluetooth headset. While using the wired connection, it is capable of pumping out rich Hi-Res Audio at frequencies from 10Hz to 40kHz, so you can hear details and nuances in your audio you might have missed. When the real world beckons, answer the call and unplug to switch to the wireless Bluetooth mode for up to 20 hours of use.The HyperX custom-designed 40mm Dual Chamber Drivers separate the bass from the mids and highs to cut distortion and provide smoother audio. Featuring a tough aluminum frame, Cloud MIX is designed to withstand the perils of both gaming and life on the go. Whether you’re playing long into the night or out until early morning, the soft memory foam ear cushions give you signature HyperX comfort.The headset includes a flexible, detachable boom mic and features a built-in mic to make it a more travel-ready Bluetooth headset. Cloud MIX features in-line audio controls for PC and console, with intuitive onboard controls for wireless mode. It’s compatible in wired mode with platforms with 3.5mm ports and compatible in wireless mode with Bluetooth ready media devices.
    Additional Information

    Cons:– Not the best noise cancelling – Plugging and unplugging wires and microphone from the headset might cause some concern.

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    Hyperx Cloud Mix Review: Adding Bluetooth To This Gaming Headset Opens Possibilities But Limits Others

    HyperX is no stranger to creating pro-gamer headphones with a history of producing some of the most popular accessories around.

    Today, the company announced its new $199 Hyper Cloud MIX headphones, which combine the best of PC gaming with the increasingly mobile lifestyles.

    The non-geeky way of saying that is the Cloud MIX gaming headset has a boom mic, excellent 40mm drivers, but also Bluetooth 4.2 built in with 20 hours of battery life to be used with your favorite laptop or smartphone.I’ve spent a few days with the Cloud MIX headphones and here’s what I think.

    Should You Buy Hyperx Cloud Mix

    The big selling point with the Cloud MIX is the added Bluetooth 4.2 radio with a decent sized battery for mobile use. The ability to share the same headphones with your PC as your phone or laptop is an enticing option for some who want to keep things simple.

    If that ability to use this untethered is only of mild interest to you, or not your primary purpose, then I see no reason to buy the Cloud MIX headphones.

    The Cloud MIX is just that: a mixed bag

    The overall audio profile of this headset â despite the fancy numbers in the specs above â did not speak to me. I found the sound rather dull and lacking vibrancy especially for $199, which makes using these for secondary and tertiary functions like movies and music a pitfall.

    The design is commendable with smooth, professional look and the included cables and flexibility is noteworthy, but for long durations, I did get soreness at the top of my skull.

    I can forgive mediocre audio if the headphones are exceptional in other areas, but the Cloud MIX is just that: a mixed bag of features that are neither terrible, but also nothing extraordinary. If these were $99 headphones, those flaws are easy to overlook, but at $199 it’s hard to love these.

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    Why Is Hyperx Cloud Mix Better Than Hyperx Cloud Ii Wireless

    • 20000Hz higher high-frequency
    • Has a 3.5mm male connector?
    • 2dB/mW higher sound pressure level?
    • Control panel placed on a device?
    HyperX HX-HSCF-BK/AM Cloud Flight Wirele…HyperX HX-HSCF-BK/AM Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset for PC/PS4, Black, One Size
    HyperX Cloud Mix Wired Gaming Headset + …HyperX Cloud Mix Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth – Game and Go – Detachable Microphone – Signature HyperX Comfort – Lightweight – Multi Platform Compatible – Black, Standard, HX-HSCAM-GM

    Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

    Asus ROG Strix Go 2__4



    Unknown. Help us by suggesting a value.

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    60 Ohms

    40 Ohms



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    Hyperx Cloud Mix Design

    HyperX Cloud MIX Gaming Headset Review

    The Cloud Mix is a typical looking gaming headset that doesn’t draw a lot of attention, which can be a good thing. No flashy LED lights, or crazy colors the headphones feature a muted silver logo on the ear cups and look high quality. A soft-touch paint was used giving the headphones a svelte, smooth feel.

    The single-banded frame is built well with leatherette material and metal mounts for the ear cups. The included braided cable with in-line volume and mute controls are typical and matches the overall quality expected at this price range. There are no meta adjustments for head size so those with large noggins may find these to be tight.

    I did find some soreness after prolonged usage

    Because of the Bluetooth 4.2, there are more buttons on the ear cups than usual including a volume rocker, power button, micro USB port for charging and an LED. The battery is rated for 20 hours of usage per charge, which should be long enough for most trips without having to worry about carrying an extra cable, which unfortunately here is the dated micro USB style.

    The detachable boom microphone has a nice flex to it, and the end microphone has a bulbous wind guard to prevent audio pops. HyperX says the mic is TeamSpeak and Discord Certified. When removed the headphones fall back to a built-in microphone for phone calls, gaming and more.

    The headphones use dual chamber technology and are powered by 40mm drivers that meet Hi-Res Audio requirements and produces sound up to 40kHz when wired.

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    What Should You Get Instead

    At just shy of $200, there are tons of great alternatives. The Beyerdynamic Custom Game offers better sound, customizable bass output, and much better mic. For $50 less, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 offers a slew of additional features, and consistent wireless functionality across a number of platforms. The Cloud Alpha sounds better, and its under $100. Alternatively, you can buy a refurbished version of the HyperX Cloud Mix through the program, which will run you just under $140.

    The Audeze Mobius has a seriously flexible band.

    If a Bluetooth enabled gaming headset is what youre after, there arent many options out there, but the JBL Quantum 800 offers all the same features as the Cloud Mix, plus its wireless and has surround sound and noise cancelling. For a long time, pretty much the only other product of note was the Audeze Mobius, which is basically the best gaming headset on the marketit also just happens to be $400 USD. However, thats been changing over the last year. Headsets like the SteelSeries Arctis 9, Razer Kaira Pro, and the EPOS Sennheiser GSP 670 all offer comparable features, including Bluetooth support. in fact, we even did a vs article the Cloud Mix and the GSP 670.

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