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Choosing The Best Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Bluetooth & Wireless Connectivity in Custom Hearing Aids | Phonak Virto Marvel

At, we recommend any Signia Bluetooth-enabled device. For Bluetooth connectivity to work properly, it is important that both hearing aids are connected and in constant communication with each other.

Bluetooth connectivity does not make the device more expensive. However, this feature is not yet available on Basic hearing aids. For you to enjoy the benefits of a Bluetooth hearing aid, youll need to purchase a device thats at the Mid-Range or Premium technology level.

Ear Canal Hearing Aids

These are slightly smaller than concha devices and are almost invisible hearing aids. Much like Concha hearing aids, they stand out compared to very small CIC hearing aids with a longer battery life and possess extended functionality such as directional microphones, volume controls and several environmental programs. Ear canal hearing aids are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing aids come in different sizes and shapes. Yet all invisible hearing aids have one common feature their discreet design. Depending on the style you choose, there are different features within our invisible hearing aids that can enhance your hearing experience, and ultimately, your quality of life. Your invisible hearing aids should support your unique lifestyle, not force you to change how you live.

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Highly Rated Bluetooth Hearing Aid Models

Our team of experts has spent more than 200 hours researching hearing aids to find the best Bluetooth hearing aids for different needs. After we talked with audiologists, read customer reviews, and researched more than 30 models and styles of hearing aids, the following Bluetooth hearing aid models stood out.

How We Chose Invisible Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Most invisible hearing aids are for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Most of the ones on this list are priced per ear and can be used by people with one-sided hearing loss.

We took each manufacturers reputation for customer service and quality into account. We only included hearing aids that come from trusted, transparent manufacturers.

We looked for hearing aids that come with risk-free trials and warranties. Keep in mind that these vary significantly, based on the retailer or dealer you purchase your hearing aids from.

We analyzed customer reviews and only chose hearing aids that get more positive reviews than those with a large history of complaints.

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Easy To Use With Other Devices

As the CIC hearing aids are small in size, you will find that you can easily use other devices such as your phone while wearing them. As any bulky device wont block the use of your mobile phone, you wont have to maneuver around your hearing aids to use the phone comfortably. You will also be able to wear various headgears like headphones easily. You wont have to compromise at all with the comfort of using other devices while using the best CIC hearing aids.

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How Do Invisible Hearing Aids Work


Invisible hearing aids sit deep within the ear canal, so the technology that makes them work is very small. Each manufacturer will use their own particular technology but some common factors include:

  • Small battery , that requires changing every 4 7 days
  • Removal handle thin fishing wire to allow for easy removal
  • Wireless technology this is mostly so the hearing aids can talk to each other, but some IICs do utilise Bluetooth streaming through accessory devices

Other Discreet Hearing Aid Options

BEST Hearing Aids of 2021 | Receiver-in-Canal Edition

While IIC and CIC hearing aids are the only invisible hearing aids, there are other types of hearing aids that arent super noticeable to others.

Mini behind-the-ear

Mini BTE hearing aids are small devices that fit behind your ear. These often come in more than five colors that match the color of your hair or your skin. This type of hearing aid is barely noticeable, especially if you have hair that covers your ears.


ITC hearing aids fit in the canal, but stick out a bit and are therefore visible to others. ITC hearing aids are still pretty hard to notice, especially if you have long hair. Because these hearing aids are slightly larger than IIC and CIC models, theyre more likely to have wireless technology so you can take hands-free calls or hear the TV or stereo more clearly.


ITE hearing aids fit inside the outer ear, not the ear canal. They are visible from the outside, but because they dont sit outside of the ear, they fit well with glasses and masks. Because theyre larger than IIC, CIC, and ITC hearing aids, they work better for severe hearing loss and often have wireless features not found in smaller models.

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Highly Adjustable And Really Comfortable To Wear

RITE hearing aids are extremely lightweight and really small in size. Thats why its hardly noticeable to the user that they are wearing anything in their ear. A cast of the users ear is used to make the earpieces of receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids. Thats why the receiver of this hearing aid fits in the ear snugly, making it comfortable to wear. These hearing aids have a hard in-ear receiver thats crafted for the specific ear shape of the user, which also makes them really comfortable for the users. They are also really easy to adjust.

Not Occluding The Ear Canal

If the whole entrance of the ear canal gets blocked or covered by hearing aids, or some other foreign object, it can cause occlusion of the ears. Due to this, people can face problems like hearing their voice too loudly, facing annoying and noisy sounds while swallowing or chewing food, and also facing a troublesome feeling that their ear is blocked. RITE hearing aids will leave the entrance of the ear canal open partially, which will help avoid the problems of occlusion.

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What Is Bluetooth Capability

Youre probably familiar with Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth technology is common in wireless headphones, speakers, smartphones, newer vehicles, computers, and televisions.

Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology in which devices use radio waves to communicate over a short distance. Bluetooth helps users connect their electronic devices wirelessly, enhancing the ease of use.

When you connect two Bluetooth-compatible devices such as a smartphone with a set of Bluetooth headphones its called pairing the devices. Once paired, you can take calls or listen to music without having to hold your phone up to your ear or deal with wires.

Some Hearing Aids Restrict Your Headphone Options

New Bluetooth Hearing Aid With Usb Rechargeable Advanced ...

When youre looking for headphones to use with hearing aids, the most important factor is what kind of hearing aids you have. Hearing aids can be separated into a few key types, and they dont work equally well with all headphones.

The most common types are behind-the-ear and receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids. Both house some or all of their main components in a compartment that sits behind the ear, which makes them a bit more difficult to pair with headphones than smaller devices because the extra bulk gets in the way of a good fit.

Fligor says BTEs are especially finicky because the microphone, which picks up outside sounds that are then processed by the hearing aid, is outside the ear canal. If you have a headphone that doesnt sit up and over that, then youre not going to pick up any sound through the hearing aid itself, he says.

That doesnt mean BTE and RIC users cant wear headphones, though. Headphones that fit in or on top of the ear are unlikely to work, but over-the-ear style headphones may be an option. The key is to find a pair thats comfortable and holds the headphone speakers a reasonable distance from the hearing aid microphone in order to avoid feedback. Fligor says a distance of 1 centimeter, if not a little more, is usually a safe bet.

One pair that gets especially high marks in CRs testing is the HiFiMan HE-400i, $250, which delivers superb audio and is particularly roomy.

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Alternatives To Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Many hearing aids have telecoil technology, also known as a T-coil, a form of wireless technology thats been around for decades. With the T-coil, sound feeds directly to your hearing aids in public venues with a loop systemincluding many churches, movie theaters, and auditoriums. You can also use T-coil settings to hear more clearly on cellphone and landline phone calls and on your TV when using a transmitter and neck loop.

Compared to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, those with T-coils are usually more affordable. Plus, T-coils are better suited for public venues than Bluetooth hearing aids. But Bluetooth technology makes listening to streaming audio from your smartphone or TV simple, and some companies are slowly moving away from T-coils and toward Bluetooth wireless capabilities.

The good news? There are hearing aids equipped with both Bluetooth and T-coils. If youre not sure which you should choose , speak with a hearing professional. The right choice depends upon your level of hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

Instant Fit Invisible Hearing Aid

The Click Sleeves are made of soft silicone and are available in six different types which allow the device to fit in the majority of ear canals and to fit the majority of hearing losses. With the right Click Sleeve in place, the hearing aid sits quite deep in the canal making the device either invisible or almost invisible.

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What Are Icc Hearing Aids

ICC hearing aids are very small, discrete devices that are almost if not entirely invisible. The only part that can be visible is a small wire that is attached to the aid, which you hold on to take the device in or out. ICC devices are similar to completely-in-canal hearing aids, ICC hearing aids are just slightly smaller and sit further down in the ear canal.

Our Favorite Invisible Hearing Aid Designeargo Neo Hifi

Bluetooth Hearing aids | How Bluetooth Hearing aids work & BT Hearing aid advantages

Eargos Neo HiFi is designed with Flexi TetraPalms that are made to fit securely and comfortably in your ear canal. The snug fit is designed to block background noise while the device enhances vocal sounds. The Eargo Neo HiFi recharges in its case and can be customized through the Eargo mobile app. This device comes with a two-year warranty and a 45-day return policy. You dont need to have a hearing test to purchase the Eargo Neo HiFi.

  • Fit: Two size options available
  • Color: Black

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Trial Period And Warranty

Most hearing aids come with a 45-day or longer risk-free trial period. Find out how long of a trial you have when you buy new hearing aids, as longer trials give you more time before making a final call.

Warranties vary widely from one brand of hearing aids to another, as well as where you buy your hearing aids. The longer and more comprehensive a warranty, the fewer financial risks you have over time. The best warranties are typically three years in length and include some level of loss or damage protection, rather than simply defect coverage.

Faqs About Invisible Hearing Aids

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Improve Your Quality Of Life With Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids wirelessly connect to your smartphone, TV, computer, and more allowing you to stream HD quality audio directly to your hearing aids. The future is finally hear!

Modern hearing aids improve your quality of life by delivering brilliant sound quality during conversations. Bluetooth hearing aids, on the other hand, do that and deliver incredible sound quality streamed wirelessly from your electronic devices. In the past, hearing aids had trouble picking up sound from phone receivers. These sounds were over amplified and not fine-tuned, causing hearing aids to whistle.

From enhanced sound quality to greater freedom and flexibility, todays advanced hearing systems are supercomputers the size of a coffee bean. Bluetooth enabled hearings aids:

  • Enhance sound quality and reduce background noise
  • Offer greater control, freedom, and convenience
  • Allow you to stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device directly to your hearing aids

Other Important Factors To Consider

Is BlueTooth making costly Hearing Aids redundant?


Many hearing aid companies offer a 30- to 60-day money-back trial before you commit to the device. This leeway is especially helpful when it comes to online shopping for hearing aids, where trying before you buy isnt possible. Risk-free trials allow you to choose a device because it suits you, without worrying about losing your investment.


A hearing device is a complex piece of equipment that can greatly improve your quality of life. While it makes sense that such advanced technology would be expensive, it shouldnt be a burden. Compare prices, especially between companies that sell directly to consumers versus those that sell through other providers, where pricing can fluctuate.

Customer support

Hearing aids are intricate devices that sometimes need repairs, maintenance, and adjustments. Take a look at third-party reviews before going all-in on a brand. How do companies respond when problems arise? Some companies integrate customer support right into the technology, like those who offer customer service and telehealth appointments within the app.

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How Can I Save Money On In

Many hearing aid companies offer promotions and special offers. A budget shopper will find cheaper options with a company that sells directly to consumers rather than through a distributor, as pricing through a third-party hearing center can be highly variable and hard to predict.

Alternatively, a discount network like Zip Hearing can offer savings on leading brands of hearing devices, sometimes at 30 percent off the regular pricing.

The biggest savings on hearing aids come from insurance coverage. We recommend inquiring with your insurance company to see if they offer even partial coverage on hearing devices. Unfortunately, Medicare Parts A and B do not cover hearing aids, but there are some Part C plans and private insurance providers that do.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Costs

Prices for Bluetooth hearing aids vary dramatically:

  • Prices for basic models are around $500 to $1,200 per ear. However, these hearing aids are often very basic and have limited features.
  • The average cost of a Bluetooth hearing aid is $1,200 to $3,000 per ear.
  • Some higher-end hearing aids with advanced features can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,500 per ear.
Vary by location

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How Much Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost

Bluetooth hearing aids cost around $1,000$7,500 per pair. Online brands that sell directly to you are typically on the lower end of this spectrum. In contrast, leading brands that are only available through third-party hearing professionals are usually on the pricier side.

Generally, the least expensive models have fewer features than those that cost more. And the more severe your hearing loss, the more your hearing aids are likely to cost.

Benefits Of Investing In Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What Can I Do With Bluetooth Hearing Aids? | Miracle-Ear

Bluetooth is todays cutting edge technology not only for hearing aids, but for modern-day devices like smartphones, smartwatches, televisions, audio players, and even Bluetooth medical alert devices, you name it! Bluetooth has elevated the hearing aid industry by providing a more seamless and convenient user experience. Stay connected with your friends and family, while enjoying music or your favorite TV shows without the need to ever remove your hearing aids.

Streaming via Bluetooth has many perks. Here are just a few:

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How Can I Save Money On Invisible Hearing Aids

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders , most insurance companies dont cover hearing aids. However, Medicaid does offer some coverage for hearing aids and hearing exams for people 21 and younger. Additionally, Medicare includes coverage for hearing loss diagnosis when ordered by a physician.

While your health insurance may not provide financial assistance, there are other tools that you can use for potential savings. The following may help you save money on new hearing aids.

  • Flexible spending account : FSAs are employer-sponsored plans where you contribute pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified medical expenses, including hearing aids.
  • Health Savings Account : An HSA is an account that you can use to pay for hearing aids, but you may only open one if you have a high deductible health plan. Money you contribute to an HSA isnt taxed, which can save you money on hearing aids.

Nonprofit Organizations: Contact the NIDCD Information Clearinghouse to find organizations that provide used hearing aids or financial assistance for hearing aids.

Signia Insio Charge& go Ax

Why we chose the Signia Insio Charge& Go AX:
  • Cost: $2,600 or more per pair
  • Type of Hearing Loss: Mild to severe
  • Bluetooth Capabilities: Yes
  • Warranty/trial period: One-year. 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Financing: Varies with provider

Signia is known for producing higher-end hearing devices with natural sound quality. The Insio Charge& Go AX is the brands latest ITE, a rechargeable aid that sits discreetly within the ear. This model comes with a contactless charger that allows your hearing devices to run 24 hours after a single charge. The Insio is equipped with Bluetooth so you can watch TV or listen to videos or phone calls at a comfortable volume, without disturbing those around you.

The apps easy-to-use interface allows users to control their hearing aid settings. But what makes this app truly unique is the Signia Assistant, a system that remembers preferences and tailors adjustments to the wearers changing environment. Further, Signia customers can also use the app to get real-time tech support for their device. Customers can access a chat room with questions about their ITE, or even consult their audiologist through video calls.

Best ITE Hearing Aid with Bluetooth

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