Install Bluetooth To Windows 10

Pair A Bluetooth Device In Windows

How to Install Bluetooth in Windows 10 (7 Easy Steps)

You can pair all kinds of Bluetooth devices with your PCincluding keyboards, mice, phones, speakers, and a whole lot more. To do this, your PC needs to have Bluetooth. Some PCs, such as laptops and tablets, have Bluetooth built in. If your PC doesnt, you can plug a USB Bluetooth adapter into the USB port on your PC to get it.

Before you start, make sure that your Windows 11 PC supports Bluetooth. For more info on how to check, see Fix Bluetooth problems in Windows. If you need help adding a device without Bluetooth capabilities, see Add a device to a Windows PC.

Three: Pair Your Devices

Now that you have the dongle installed, youre ready to pair a device. Well demonstrate the process by hooking up one of the speakers we used in our guide to portable Bluetooth speakers.

After inserting the dongle , a Bluetooth icon should appear in the system tray as seen in the screenshot below. Right-click the icon and choose Add a Bluetooth Device from the context menu.

If youre using Windows 8 or 10, youll see a screen like the one below. Just hit the Pair button for the device you want to connect.

If youre using Windows 7or a previous versionyoull see a screen like this one instead. Select the device you want to connect and then hit Next.

After making your selection, Windows will communicate with the device for around a half minute as it automatically finishes the pairing process. After that, your device is available for use!

You can manage your Bluetooth devices by accessing the Bluetooth menu via the system tray or navigating to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Devices and Printers. Either way, you should be able to see both your Bluetooth dongle and any attached Bluetooth devices.

Thats all there is to it! $15, one USB port, a virtually painless installation process, and now your computer has Bluetooth connectivity.

Bottom Line: How To Install Bluetooth Driver On Windows 10

The task of installing Bluetooth driver on Windows 10 PC can become very difficult and tough if not done in a proper manner. If you are struggling to download the latest version of Bluetooth drivers on your Windows PC. We have discussed the best ways in the above article.

We would like to hear your words in the comments sections, where you can share your view on the topic and ask any questions on the same.

Joshua Hansen is a technical writer at Firms Explorer. He has covered some of the major topics like driver issues, overclocking, and performance boost. With his experience in the field, he aims to offers relevant information that is easy to understand language.

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Automatically Download Install And Update Bluetooth Driver On Windows 10 Via Bit Driver Updater

Last but not least, the best way to perform Windows 10 Bluetooth driver download updates is via the leading driver updater tool. Such a tool can automatically update and install drivers for you. Amongst, all the driver updater tools, Bit Driver Updater is the top-notch utility that you can use for updating the drivers. Apart from that, the tool can also resolve other Windows-related issues, including slow performance, blue screen error code, frequent failures, and many more.

In addition to this, the software can automatically add the latest security patches to empower privacy. Comply with the following steps to install Bluetooth driver in Windows 10.

Step 1: Download and install the Bit Driver Updater from its official website. Or, click on the download button to get it for free.

Step 2: Run its setup file to complete the installation.

Step 3: Then, open the software and as you triggered the tool, it automatically starts scanning your machine for the outdated, corrupted, and faulty drivers.

Step 4: Now, check the list of problematic drivers and click on the Update Now button present next to the Bluetooth device to update outdated Bluetooth drivers on Windows 10.

Step 5: Or, you can also click on the Update All button to update all the drivers in one click.

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How To Turn On Bluetooth In Windows 10

How to install a Bluetooth adapter replacement on Windows ...

Before we dig in, its worth noting that Bluetooth will only work in Windows 10 if your hardware supports it. Most modern laptops support Bluetooth out of the box, but desktop or DIY PCs may need a Bluetooth adapter installed.

Hardware up to par? The easiest way to turn on Bluetooth is by enabling the option on the Action Center. To do this, click the Action Center icon in the system tray and then click the Bluetooth option. The option is light gray when disabled and dark gray when enabled.

You can also turn on Bluetooth from the Settings app. Open Settings by pressing Windows + I. Once in the Settings app, click Devices.

At the top of the next screen, toggle the slider under the Bluetooth option to the On position.

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Check Whether Your Pc Supports Bluetooth

Before you proceed, you should first ensure that your Windows machine supports Bluetooth in the first place. If it is the first time you bought a Bluetooth device and found it not working, it might be that your computer simply does not have an adapter installed in the first place. Below you will find methods on how to check that:

How To Install A Bluetooth Adapter For Your Pc

With your old Bluetooth adapter disabled, you can now proceed with the installation of your new one. The first step is to plug the new Bluetooth USB adapter into your USB port. Or, if its a PCI-E card, slot it into your motherboard. Windows should automatically detect it and install the relevant drivers.You can then follow the steps below to enable Bluetooth globally.

  • Open Settings
  • In the sidebar, click Bluetooth & other devices, then toggle Bluetooth to On in the main pane.

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    Disable Old Bluetooth Adapter

    To disable a defective Bluetooth adapter on Windows 10, use these steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Search for Device Manager and click the top result to open the app.
  • Expand the Bluetooth branch.
  • Right-click the wireless adapter and select the Disable device option.

  • Click the Yes button.
  • Once you complete the steps, the system will no longer interact with the device, preventing problems with the new adapter.

    If your Bluetooth adapter is up for a replacement, we recommend the Techkey USB Mini Bluetooth 5.0 dongle because of the compact design and USB connection that makes it the perfect option to add reliable short-range wireless connectivity on any laptop or desktop running Windows 10. The adapter uses Bluetooth 5.0 EDR technology, but it is compatible with previous versions of the standard.

    How Do I Download And Install Bluetooth On Windows 10

    How to Install Bluetooth Drivers Windows 10 (Official Dell Tech Support)

    To install the new Bluetooth adapter on Windows 10, use these steps: Connect the new Bluetooth adapter to a free USB port on the computer.Install new Bluetooth adapter Open Settings. Click on Devices. Click on Bluetooth & other devices. Source: Windows Central. Confirm the Bluetooth toggle switch is available.

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    How Do I Install A Bluetooth Adapter

    To begin installation, insert the Bluetooth Dongle to a free USB port on your computer. After a few seconds, you should see a yellow notification bubble by the clock. Windows will automatically begin to search for the necessary drivers and after a few minutes, the hardware will be installed and ready for use.

    Install Bluetooth Driver On Windows 10 Via Driver Updater Software

    The most recommended and helpful method to install Bluetooth driver on Windows 10 PC is via driver updater software. It is advisable to download and use Driver Easy for updating all the faulty and problematic device drivers in one single click.

    The software boosts the performance level of the computer device and makes sure that the device works in a proper manner. The instructions to access Driver Easy software are as follows:-

  • Click on the download link below to get the Driver Easy software on your PC.
  • Run the setup for the software file and complete the installation process.
  • Thereafter, launch the software and click on Scan Drivers.
  • Press the Update Now button in front of the Bluetooth drivers.
  • Or press the Update all button from the bottom.
  • Reboot the computer system in the end.
  • Thats it, with these simple steps you can perfectly update all the outdated and corrupt driver files installed on your Windows operating system PC.

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    Manually Download Bluetooth Driver For Windows 10

    If you are aware of the device name and model, you can go to the manufacturers website and manually download and install the Bluetooth driver. This method is used for some dissimilar or unknown devices.

    Step 1. Check the Device Name and Model Number on the device.

    Step 2. Go to the manufacturers website and search for the device make and model.

    Step 3. Downloaded the most recent drivers from the manufacturers website.

    Step 4. Run the setup file to install the drivers and restart the computer.

    Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Install Via Third

    bluetooth pc windows 10

    In addition, you can install a professional driver update tool on your PC and start the Bluetooth driver installation. In the market, many tools are offered and which one should you use? This post – Top 6 Free Driver Updater Software for Windows 10/8/7 is helpful for you.

    You can use one like Driver Easy to scan your PC to detect some driver issues including Bluetooth and then you can choose to update your Bluetooth driver to fix your issue.

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    Troubleshooting Your Bluetooth Connection

    It can be frustrating if Bluetooth isn’t working on your computer. However, there are some common ways to fix the issue:

  • Make sure that your devices are compatible. You can check if your computer is Bluetooth compatible by looking in the Action Center or in Settings if the Bluetooth option is not listed, it most likely is not compatible or the drivers are not installed.
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. This can be accomplished through checking in Settings or in the Action Center to ensure Bluetooth is enabled.
  • Toggle Bluetooth on and off again in Settings or the Action Center. Sometimes a quick reset is all that it needs.
  • Reset the Bluetooth device you’re trying to pair. Turn off your Bluetooth device you are attempting to connect, wait a few seconds, then turn it on again.
  • Ensure that your Bluetooth device is in range. While Bluetooth can normally connect over distances of up to 30 feet, obstacles and weather can reduce the effective distance.
  • Be careful of USB devices. If your Bluetooth enabled device is unresponsive or sluggish, make sure it isn’t close to any other plugged in USB device. This can cause problems since USB devices that aren’t shielded can interfere with Bluetooth signals and connections.
  • Quick tip: If Bluetooth still isn’t working, you may need to fix a Bluetooth driver. For more information, read our article on how to update drivers in Windows 10.

    Install Bluetooth Driver On Windows 10 By Running Windows Update Program

    Nextly, you can run a Windows update program to install Bluetooth driver on Windows 10 PC. In this particular method, the whole operating system is updated along with the device driver files.

    Follow the steps below to update Windows 10 version on your PC:-

  • Go to the Windows settings directly by using a shortcut, Window key + I key.
  • Locate Update and Security settings, and select them.
  • From the top click on the Check for updates button.
  • The Windows OS will search for all the available updates and will notify you.
  • You can press the to get the latest updates for your Windows operating system.
  • Restart your computer after the completion of this process.
  • This is an easy way as not much effort needs to be made by the users, all the outdated and faulty device drivers get updated along with the Windows update.

    Till now only the manual ways to install Bluetooth driver on Windows 10 were explained in the article. But if you dont want to waste your time on the manual methods. Here is the catch, an automatic method is discussed under the heading below. And many users prefer using that method.

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    Windows 10 Bluetooth: How To Turn It On Download Bluetooth Drivers For Windows 10 And More Questions Answered

    Bluetooth for Windows 10: Turn on Windows 10 Bluetooth for wireless pairing with other devices could be a hassle for some. But, fret not, we are here to help. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10, connect to other wireless devices, and download Bluetooth drivers if its not working. From wireless earphones to Bluetooth speakers, you can pair almost everything to a Windows 10-powered laptop/ PC. Its worth mentioning that Bluetooth tends to drain your devices battery life and come with security issues. Wed advise you to turn off the Bluetooth on Windows 10 when its not in use and connect only trusted devices.

    Before you start, make sure that your Windows 10 PC supports Bluetooth. Some devices dont have Bluetooth. It would be better to check the systems specifications first.

    Why Has Bluetooth Disappeared

    How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to Windows 10

    Bluetooth goes missing in your systems Settings mainly because of issues in the integration of the Bluetooth software/frameworks or due to an issue with the hardware itself. There can also be other situations where Bluetooth disappears from the Settings because of bad drivers, conflicting applications etc.

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    How To Download And Install Bluetooth Drivers In Windows 10

    If you don’t have your Bluetooth drivers yet, the first thing you need to do is acquire them and properly install them onto your computer. This can be done quite easily, and our guide is here to make sure you take the quickest route to use Bluetooth technology.

    If you have a Bluetooth laptop, you most likely already have drivers pre-installed by the device manufacturer. In this case, you might want to check Bluetooth driver updates instead of completely reinstalling them.

    What Else Can Cause Bluetooth Failure

    Although one or more of the above methods generally solve Bluetooth problems in Windows 10, theres a small chance that youre still struggling to get Bluetooth to work. In this case, contacting the manufacturer or your retailer would be your best bet. If not, getting a USB Bluetooth adapter should help.

    Sometimes, its as simple as forgetting to install or adequately reattach the Bluetooth board/device when performing a laptop or desktop teardown, whether for cleaning or repairs. That scenario would cause Bluetooth to disappear from the Device Manager and make it not work.

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    Make Sure You Have The Latest Windows 10 Installed

    Some users report that simply updating to the newest version release of Windows 10 made any present Bluetooth errors go away. As a bonus, you might even get access to new and exciting features, improved security, and better optimization.

  • Click on the Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen to bring up the Start menu.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Click on the Update & Security tile.
  • This is where you can find most of your Windows Update settings and choose when to receive updates.
  • Make sure to stay on the default Windows Update tab. Click on the Check for updates option and wait for Windows 10 to find available updates. If you see any updates already displayed, click on the View all optional updates link to see and install them.
  • If an update is found, click on the Install option and wait for Windows 10 to download and apply the necessary updates.
  • Your Bluetooth should be working fine now.

    How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 10

    How to Install another Bluetooth Adapter in Windows 10

    Its pretty simple and straightforward.

    • You will see quick settings and app notification icons
    • If you cant find the Bluetooth icon on the Action Centre, click on All Settings> Devices > Bluetooth & other devices on the left pane > and toggle the Bluetooth slider to turn it on/ off.

    Alternatively, you can turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 by clicking on the Windows icon. A Start menu will open > select the gear icon atop the power-off option. This will open the Settings page. Now, as stated above, choose on Devices > Bluetooth & other devices on the left pane > and toggle the Bluetooth slider to turn it on/ off.

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    Use Device Manager To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver On Windows 10

    An incorrectly installed Bluetooth driver can sometimes give rise to Bluetooth connection issues. To resolve them, you can try to reinstall Bluetooth update driver using the Device Manager tool. Below are the steps to do it.

    • Open Device Manager and expand the Bluetooth category.
    • Right-click on the name of your Bluetooth device and select the Uninstalldevice option.
    • After the device is uninstalled, restart your PC. Windows OS will now attempt to reinstall the Bluetooth driver.

    How Do I Install Bluetooth On Windows 10

    How to connect Bluetooth earphones/ speakers to Windows 10

  • After this, head to your PCs Settings.
  • Choose on Devices > Bluetooth & other devices on the left pane > and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Select Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  • The Bluetooth audio device will be saved and paired with your Windows 10 PC/ laptop.
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    How To Install Pc Bluetooth Adapter On Windows 10

    There are a variety of reasons why you might wish to connect a Bluetooth device to your PC. To begin with, the performance of wireless headphones has substantially improved over time. Bluetooth headphones give desktop and laptop users more range and mobility.

    Even though Bluetooth connectivity is already included in most laptops and even desktops, some still require Bluetooth upgrades. Dont worry if you have a system that doesnt support Bluetooth. Continue reading to learn how to add Bluetooth functionality to any computer quickly and cheaply.

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