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What Makes Bose Bluetooth Speakers Unique

Marshall Acton II Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing

Founded in 1964 by Amar Bose, Bose has built a reputation for being a fierce innovator in the audio industry. In keeping with their technological roots, Amar Bose donated the largest single share of the company to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2011.

While this donation reflects Boses technological foundation, nothing is a greater testament to the quality of Bose audio than the popularity of their products. Proudly featuring a function-forward design, Bose bluetooth speakers have the latest bluetooth and WiFi streaming technology, which makes them a leader in the multi-room and portable speaker markets.

Best Portable Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

Quick Take: The Kilburn II is only 5.5 pounds and more than 20 hours of playtime per charge, making it a great companion for outdoor adventures.

What youll love: In addition to high quality sound, the Kilburn II is rugged though you wouldnt know it from the design. The Kilburn II has a hardened rubber exterior, a convenient leather carry handle, and an IPX2 water-resistant rating as well as bluetooth 5.0 technology, which allows you to connect multiple devices from up to 30 feet away.

What you should consider: Some users reported that the bass would slightly distort at maximum volume.

Thinking Which Marshall Bluetooth Speakers To Buy Need Help Finding Whats Best For You

If youre looking for an expert audio solution that is packed with advanced features yet holds the feel of vintage then are the best buy! Every Bluetooth speaker is built with the utmost skill to deliver the best sound. Marshall portable speaker is best for your needs based on audio performance, connectivity AUX, Bluetooth, portability, design and functionality. Each Marshall portable Bluetooth speaker has a similar feel. Hence it becomes confusing as to which one will be right for your requirements. This is where Croma steps in. At Croma, we not only understand the latest in tech but also translate them to use cases that match your needs! Our technical experts are committed to providing solutions that are curated specially for you. We believe a purchase is just the first step to a relationship that will last for years to come. So here we are, to help you pick the best Marshall Bluetooth speakers that fit your budget and requirement!

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Other Good Home Bluetooth Speakers

If you want a super-affordable, super-compact, super-simple home Bluetooth speaker: The softball-sized OC Acoustic Newport looks like an affordable portable Bluetooth speaker, but is designed solely for home use. It requires no charging and no power supply because it plugs straight into an AC outlet. The only buttons are for power and party mode. The latter lets you create a simple multiroom audio system the speaker your phone is paired with broadcasts to other Newport speakers, so they all play in sync as long as theyre within Bluetooth range of the first speaker . It sounds like a very good portable Bluetooth speaker, with clear voices, a surprising amount of bass for its size, and about 3 decibels more output than the UE Wonderboom 2, our top in the best portable Bluetooth speaker guide.

Buying Guide For Best Marshall Speakers

Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker System (White) 1002487

Music wouldnt be what it is today without Marshall. The British manufacturer has played an integral role in shaping the tones of rock n roll, from Eddie Van Halens trademark brown sound to the legendary crunch of Jimi Hendrix, AC/DCs Angus Young, Sonic Youths Kim Gordon, and others.

And while the brand has been around since the 1960s, its portfolio has adapted to todays tech remarkably. WIreless Marshall speakers allow you to bring the companys exceptional audio engineering and classic good looks into your living room, office, or event venue. It gets even better if you own Marshall music gear, because you can tie your space together with a cohesive, stylish design.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Marshall Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for a speaker that’s easy to use and can fill a room with sound, a Bluetooth speaker is a great choice. It’s small enough to fit on a desk, but it still packs enough power to fill a room with music. Browse the top-ranked list of Marshall Bluetooth speakers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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    Product Description

    Get the party started with this Marshall Stockwell II portable Bluetooth speaker. A built-in subwoofer and powerful tweeters with Blumlein stereo sound construction get people dancing with rich multidirectional audio. This Marshall Stockwell II portable Bluetooth speaker keeps the good times rolling with up to 20 hours of use per charge.See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Get the party started with this Marshall Stockwell II portable Bluetooth speaker. A built-in subwoofer and powerful tweeters with Blumlein stereo sound construction get people dancing with rich multidirectional audio. This Marshall Stockwell II portable Bluetooth speaker keeps the good times rolling with up to 20 hours of use per charge.$219.99Your price for this item is $219.99Add to Cart

  • Glorious Stereo Sound With No Wires Required

    Customize your sound

    Fine-tune your music to meet your requirements. Just use the Marshall Bluetooth app or the analogue controls on your speakerâs top panel to perfect your sound according to the room youâre in.

    Wired connectivity

    There are more ways to connect than just Bluetooth 5.0. Plug in with the 3.5 mm input for an analogue listening experience.

    Multi-host functionality

    4.6 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars

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    Best Marshall Speakers: The Louder Choice

    Topping our best Marshall speakers Hot List is the mighty Emberton, a true portable speaker capable of a powerhouse performance. It looks cute but kicks serious ass. Were in awe of both its muscle and gutsy musicality. Even better, it comes in either stealthy black or vintage black and brass colourways.

    When it comes to a Marshall all-in-one for the home, you really cant get much better than the Stanmore II. A tantalising blend of Marshall style and muscle, its a brilliant buy.

    Finally, if you want something a little more transportable, take a listen to the Kilburn II. This retro-styled portable, with its stylised carry-handle, is road trip ready.

    The Emberton is the Sham 69 of portable speakers. Its where Bluetooth meets bootboy Oi, and we reckon it’s bloody brilliant. Barely a handful at 0.7kg, it generates so much energy, youll be left grinning as it stomps stomps through your playlists.

    It may be small, but the soundstage is impressively wide, thanks to Marshalls True Stereophonic multi-directional signal processing, and it rocks harder than its 2x 10W amplification might suggest. Behind the grille are two 50mm full range drivers, backed up by a couple of passive radiators. At 1m it generates 87dB SPL, which is frankly ridiculous – in a good way.

    Battery life is a generous 20 hours, and once depleted a fast 20 minute charge will see you good for at least five more. Bluetooth is v5.0.

    Our Pick: Klipsch The One Ii

    Marshall Stanmore 2 Wireless Home Bluetooth Speakers unboxing

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $171.

    In many ways, Klipschs The One II is the audio system most people wantone that sounds good and looks good, and thats super-simple to use. The One II plays loud enough to fill a medium-size room, and it sounds clear and natural both with voices and with musical instruments. Once youve mated it with a phone or tablet through Bluetooth, which takes only a few seconds, theres nothing to adjust but the volume. It also looks much more stylish and refined than any other Bluetooth speaker weve tried .

    In our blind listening tests, the One II emerged as the panelists overall favorite. This one made me sit up and take notice, panelist LeRena Major said. The voices sounded the clearest, and the bass sounded punchy and well-defined, not boomy. Dan Gonda agreed, describing the sound as crisp and balanced, and my listening notes said much the same. Lauren Dragan was less enthusiastic she thought the sound was good overall, but she wanted more bass. The One II has no tone controls, and Klipsch provides no app for adjusting the sound, but you can use the equalizer in your phone or tablet to get a little extra bass if you want it.

    Because the One II has so few controlsjust an on/off switch, a volume knob, and a source selector knobits extremely simple to operate. Theres a 3.5 mm analog input jack on the back, so you can connect an outboard source device, such as a laptop, a TV, or an Amazon Echo Dot.

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    Should You Get A Smart Speaker Or A Bluetooth Speaker

    The choice between a smart speaker and a Bluetooth speaker depends on your lifestyle and your listening habits.

    Another option worth considering is a Bluetooth-equipped soundbar. Although soundbars are long and thin, designed to sit under TV sets, many of them sound good with music. Their internal speakers are spread farther apart, so the stereo effect is better than with a single tabletop Bluetooth speaker. And many soundbars include a subwoofer, which may deliver louder and deeper bass than most home Bluetooth speakers can produce.

    Sustainability And Environmental Impact Of Home Bluetooth Speakers

    Many readers are concerned about how the manufacturing, shipping, and normal use of the products we recommend impact the world we live in. We take that seriously too, which is why weve asked the manufacturers of all our picks to answer some basic questions about materials, life cycle, and other sustainability issues. While our product recommendations are based completely on the criteria outlined in How we picked and How we tested, we offer this information to supplement the decision of any reader who uses environmental impact as a deciding factor in their purchases. We also recognize that this may not paint a complete picture of a products supply chain and life cycle impact.

    For home Bluetooth speakers, we asked manufacturers whether the packaging and/or the products use recycled materials, and whether the packaging and the products are recyclable. The former is a big plus. The latter should be a plus, ideally, because most electronics contain many recyclable materials, but the methods of recycling these products may have their own adverse impacts. We asked whether the products firmware can be updated by the consumer updatable firmware also extends a products life because it can allow bugs to be fixed or new features to be added.

    Klipschs The One II is firmware-updatable via USB, but the product and packaging are not recyclable and do not use recycled materials.

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    How Do I Activate My 6

    The good news is you don’t need to follow any additional steps to activate your extended 6-year warranty. No paperwork is required as this process is done digitally.

    • Your warranty starts from the date your speaker is first activated
    • We will be able to obtain all your details from the serial number of your registered product.
    • All batteries will be covered by the standard manufactures warranty

    Please read the full terms & conditions on our 6-year warranty.

    How To Buy The Best Marshall Speaker For You

    Marshall Speaker Woburn II Wireless Home Bluetooth Speaker ...

    If youre buying a Marshall speaker, no matter the size, youll want to revel in the marques signature sound – that rough-edged tonality to guitars, the sense that youre teetering on distortion when you really push the volume – and perhaps equally important, youll want to own that classic Marshall look.

    Thankfully, you get all three, even on the smallest Marshall Bluetooth portable, the Emberton. Whichever speaker you go for, with such musicil heritage behind the name, you know it’s going to be the ideal companion for your tunes.

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    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    The One II has a few flaws that are worth noting. The most significant is that its volume control works independently of the volume control on the source device. As a result, if the One IIs volume control is turned way down, theres no way to get loud volume out of it, no matter how far the volume is turned up on your source device. If you leave the speakers volume set fairly loud, this will not be a concern.

    Weve gotten used to Bluetooth speakers with volume controls for which the maximum settings are conservative enough to prevent gross distortion. But if you crank the One IIs volume and your phones volume at full blast, the sound will distort, which makes the bass boomy and garbles the sound of voices. Fortunately, a moderate volume setting on the Klipsch will deliver clear sound with ample volume to fill a room and then some, although both the Morel Högtalare and the Marshall Woburn II will play a lot louder.

    One more minor complaint: Instead of having a built-in power supply with a direct power cord connection to a wall AC socket, the One II uses a wall-wart power supply, which could get lost and wouldnt be easy to replace because its an unusual voltage . However, most people who buy this speaker will likely plug it in and leave it in one place for a long time.

    True Peace Of Mind With Our 6 Year Sonos Warranty

    We endeavour to provide the best service possible & go the extra mile. We are so impressed with the build quality of all Sonos products, we offer an automatic 6-year extended warranty on all Sonos products at no extra cost, giving you complete peace of mind.

    If your product becomes faulty in the first 6 years from purchase, we will repair or replace your unit with a brand new item. If the product is unrepairable and the model purchased is no longer available, you will be issued with a store credit for the full value paid of the failed product.

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    Upgrade Pick: Marshall Woburn Ii

    The is bigger and louder than our other picks, yet it still sounds as refined, and its easy and fun to use. Its more than three times larger by volume than Klipschs The One II, and its a lot pricier. The Woburn II plays about 10 decibels louder, roughly the difference between normal speech and talking with a raised voice, and it plays about 5 dB louder than the Morel Högtalare. Most people wont need so much volume, but if you have a large space to fill, or you really like playing your music loud, the Woburn II easily gets the job done.

    Our listening panel liked the sound of the Woburn II. Lauren Dragan praised its strong bass and clear midrange and treble. I found that no matter how loud I played the Woburn II, the bass sounded punchy and precise, and voices and instruments sounded clear. However, for most listening, turning the bass control down to the 9 oclock position makes the sound much more natural Dan Gonda, LeRena Major, and I all thought the bass was excessive at its standard settings.

    Besides its tone controls, the Woburn II doesnt offer a lot of special featuresjust the top-mounted 3.5 mm analog input and an extra RCA analog input around back. Thatll come in handy if you want to connect an Amazon Echo Dot. Marshall offers an app that lets you pair two speakers for stereo, and provides a five-band equalizer and several tone presets.

    Best Marshall Bluetooth Speaker For At

    Marshall – Portable Speakers – Full Overview

    Quick Take: The Woburn II produces truly room-filling sound and has a whopping 100 watts of power, making it ideal for anyone chasing that signature rock music loudness.

    What youll love: Although this speaker has a commanding physical presence, thanks to its large amplifier-esque look, it punches well above its weight class in terms of sound quality and loudness. The Woburn II has two 1 inch tweets and two individually powered 5.25 inch subwoofers, which are also supported by a full bass reflex system. Under the durable rubber exterior is a solid wood cabinet that lends the Woburn II an inviting sound.

    What you should consider: As Marshalls flagship speaker, the Woburn II is quite expensive. Another thing to consider is the fact that it isnt portable.

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    What Makes Marshall Bluetooth Speakers Unique

    With endorsements from musical legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Slash and Eric Clapton, Marshall is steeped in the history of rock. Founder Jim Marshall, colloquially known as the father of loud, began the company by developing amplifiers that delivered the volume and tone rock musicians were looking for. Marshalls first amplifier was an instant hit, and he was even awarded an Order of the British Empire award for his contributions to the arts.

    Today, Marshall continues to adhere to its rock music roots, and Marshall bluetooth speakers have an incredibly wide frequency range that allows for deep bass and twangy highs to shine through.

    Who Should Buy A Home Bluetooth Speaker

    A Bluetooth tabletop speaker is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy higher-quality audio in their home in the simplest way possible, and for someone who doesnt intend to move the speaker around often or use it outdoors. Since Bluetooth is included in all smartphones and tablets and in most newer laptops, you dont have to worry about compatibility issues between these sources and your chosen speaker, and you dont have to load any additional apps onto your phone, as you do with Sonos, Alexa, and other Wi-Fibased speakers. Because you dont need to connect the speaker to a Wi-Fi network, youll have no problem getting one of these speakers to work in places where network access is tightly controlled, such as in an office or a college dorm. Your guests can easily pair their phones with your speaker to play their favorite tunes, too.

    The pairing process is usually simple and intuitive Ive tested more than 500 Bluetooth devices, and Ive found only four or five for which I needed to consult the manual to pair them with my phone. This ease of use is why I do most of my home listening with Bluetooth speakers, even though I have many Wi-Fibased wireless speakers on hand.

    Because the speakers featured here are all-in-one designs, they dont deliver the big, enveloping sound of separate stereo bookshelf speakers or computer speakers . But they also dont require complicated, unsightly speaker cables or additional components.

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