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Masterbuilt 40 Inch Digital Charcoal Smoker Review | Initial Thoughts & First Light

If youre like me then youll agree that nothing tastes better than home smoked meats or fish, that wonderful smoky taste just adds something special to our food.

If you are looking for a range of quality mid-price smokers from a reputable company then this is a good place to start.

If you are a beginner to smoking foods you will be certainly impressed by the ease of use of these smokers, just check out some of the online recipes and you are good to go.

Setup Process: Save Time For Pre

The Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker arrives in a huge, heavy box , so youll probably need help moving itI know I did! The main body of the smoker is already assembled, and once I wrestled it out of the packaging , all that was left to do was attach the control panel, wheels, and handle and insert the racks and water tray into the unit. All these components were wrapped in a generous amount of packaging for safe transport, and overall, the whole setup process took around 30 minutes.

However, dont expect that youll be able to start smoking meat right awaythe smoker needs to be pre-seasoned before its first use, and this process took around three hours. Masterbuilt explains that pre-seasoning burns off any chemicals or oils leftover from the manufacturing process, and it simply entails running the smoker at 275 degrees for several hours without any food inside.

It only smoked a tiny bit during this process, though it smelled a bit like burning chemicals at first, and in the last 45 minutes, I put in 1/2 cup of wood chips per the manuals instructions. Once these burned off, I simply turned the unit off and let it cool down before emptying the ashes from the wood chip tray.

The Spruce Eats / Camryn Rabideau

Masterbuilt 20070115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker

At around a hundred dollars more expensive than the front controller version you really need to weigh up if the smart tech is a clincher for you. Otherwise, the functionality is pretty much the same as the other 40 inch smokers. It is a little less spacious with 721 sq. Inch of cooking space compared to 975 with the remote control models.

Integrated Bluetooth Technology This high-tech smoker is the most expensive version due to its smart Bluetooth technology which integrates with your phone or handheld device to turn it into a remote control unit.

This means that you can power on and off, keep an eye on and regulate your cooking temperature levels and also the time and even monitor the internal meat temperature all from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Reading through reviews the Bluetooth function seems to work better if you have line of sight between your Bluetooth device and your smoker.

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Easy & Automated Cooking

All that the user has to do here is to replenish the wood chips otherwise, the machine takes care of itself. The philosophy behind these kinds of devices is set it and forget it, as there is no need to tend the fire. As we already said, checking the internal meat temperature is extremely convenient thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology.

Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 40

SmokedBBQSource is supported by its readers. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you if you buy through a link on this page. Learn more.

Long before pellet smokers arrived on the barbecue scene and exploded in popularity, electric smokers were the go-to option for the backyard cook who wanted a more convenient option than the traditional offset smoker.

The largest manufacturer of electric smokers has been Masterbuilt, based out of Columbus, Georgia in the United States.

After weeks of testing and cooking, we are going to take a look at the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker and see how well this low-cost option performs.

  • Budget friendly and easy to use
  • Easy to reload wood chips
  • Minimal temperature swings

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Inch Analog Electric Smoker

With the Masterbuilt 30 inch Analog Electric Smoker, youll achieve competition-ready results in your own backyard, without the hassle of charcoal or propane. Simply plug this smoker in, set the analog controls, and it does the work! The three chrome-coated racks provide plenty of room to smoke up to 3 chickens, 2 turkeys, 3 racks or ribs, or 3 pork butts. Master the art of smoking with Masterbuilt.

How Does A Digital Charcoal Smoker Work

When it comes to digital charcoal smokers, they are a fairly new concept, and the Masterbuilt 40-inch Digital Charcoal Smoker is actually the first one created. As it is a new concept, it is understandable that many people have questions surrounding how it works.

While it may seem complicated, it is actually very easy to use. In fact, it is far easier in comparison to a traditional smoker because it does the majority of the work for you.

To use the digital charcoal smoker, you will need to set it up by adding the charcoal and beginning the fire. You then set the specific heat you want the smoker to reach using the digital thermostat. This is very easy to do, and all of the buttons are set out clearly.

Once the temperature is set, the smoker will then work in a similar way to a traditional smoker. However, there are some subtle differences. The fan and the thermostat helps to control the temperature of the smoker and release the air to the fire as and when it is needed.

The digital charcoal smoker is slightly different from its counterparts because it reaches higher temperatures fairly quickly, and the charcoal is not placed at the bottom of the smoker. Instead, it is placed on the end of the smoker in a hopper.

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Wrapping Up The Review

There is a lot to like about this nice little smoker. Its great that folks who might not otherwise have the ability to use a more traditional smoker can still get in on the fun and flavor.

And, unlike grilling with an electric barbecue, this is still real smoking, with wood smoke flavor. So this really could be a perfect solution for a would-be smoker with limited options.

While gas and especially charcoal smokers do have a bit more cachet and authenticity in the hobby, we do recommend this smoker for those consumers whose needs are best served by the convenience of electric smoking.

Weve covered a lot of ground in our Masterbuilt 30 digital smoker review, but if you want more details and to check it out for yourself, you can follow this link for .

Since we believe that sharing is caring, show a friend or relation you care about the quality of their smoked meat and send them a link to this article. In fact, invite them to get to know the entire site! Admission is free, and theres a ton of great content to explore. Its like the Smithsonian of BBQ sites, only cooler.

We appreciate you taking the time to check with us on your quest for better barbecue.

Happy smoking!

Why Do People Choose Masterbuilt Products

Masterbuilt 40″ Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

There are many good reasons why people choose Masterbuilt. The price point is certainly a key reason.

While not the least expensive smokers on the market, they offer a range of smokers from inexpensive to moderately expensive, and all offer good performance for the price.

Buying an American-made product is important to some consumers, and others probably appreciate the fact its a family business.

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Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker Review Recommended Or Not

Is the Masterbuilt 30 worth buying? Do we recommend it? Find out in our helpful hands-on review that looks into this model in-depth, discussing its pros and cons, what we like and dont, plus its real-world cooking performance, to see if its right for you.

On this site we take a close look at many of the smokers out there to help you choose the right one for your specific needs. This time around, were looking at what you might call a plug n play model in our Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoker review.

Are you tired of coveting thy neighbors brisket? Do internet searches for smoked meat leave you dreaming of fall-off-the-bone ribs? Then youre probably ready to enter the wonderful world of backyard smoking.

It wont take long to realize the market is flooded with smokers, some good, and some not so good. Trying to find the right one for you can turn the dream into a nightmare in a hurry. Lucky for you, you found us before suffering through another restless night.

We pretty much always think of charcoal, wood, and gas when we imagine BBQ, so you may think smoking and electricity are mutually exclusive?

But in this review, we just might change your mind. There are many good electric smokers out there, and the Masterbuilt 30 is one of the most popular.

Though we already covered this model in our search for the best electric smoker, we felt it deserved a closer look.

OK, lets take a deep dive into the details


  • 7 Wrapping Up the Review
  • Performance: Great Flavorsonce You Get It Going

    While I did eventually get the Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker working and was ultimately pleased with the results, the process wasnt without its hiccups. The first few times I turned the smoker on, it displayed ERR1 on the display screen and wouldnt let me set the units temperature. The manufacturer recommends disconnecting and reconnecting the control panel wires to resolve this error code, but that didnt work. Dreading the prospect of boxing up the massive unit to return it, I turned to online forums to hopefully find a resolution to the issueand I did, but it wasnt necessarily good news.

    It turns out that the Masterbuilt Smoker doesnt like cold weather. While the manual says it should work in temperatures up to -10 degrees Farenheight, users report the unit will display an ERR1 code if the ambient temperature is below freezing. Given that I was testing the unit in the middle of the winter in New England, I suspect this was the root of the problem, as it was only in the 20s outside.

    If youre hoping to smoke year-round and live somewhere that temperatures are regularly below 32 degrees, this might not be the best option.

    The Spruce Eats / Camryn Rabideau

    I was disappointed that the units timer isnt connected to the controls, so it doesnt turn the smoker off when the timer finishes. Because of this, I had to use a timer on my phone to remind me to periodically check the meat.

    The Spruce Eats / Camryn Rabideau

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    Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker

    Masterbuilt has made smoking simpleâ¦and smart! Your handheld device becomes a remote control for your digital electric smoker with integrated Bluetooth Smart technology. You can power on/off, monitor and control cooking temperature and time, operate the food light and monitor the internal meat temperature â all from your smart device.

    • Digital panel controls on/off, temperature, time, and light monitors internal meat temperature
    • Blue LED digital control panel display with removable sun shade
    • Handheld device becomes a remote control for the smoker with integrated Bluetooth Smart technology
    • Four chrome-coated smoking racks

    4 Pork Butts.

    Wood Chip Tip

    Hickory chips are mild and pair well with most meats. Apple wood pairs well with chicken and pork. Mesquite has a stronger smoke flavor and is the perfect pairing for beef. When smoking fish, Alder is a good choice.

    Bluetooth Smart Technology

    Your handheld device becomes a remote control for your digital electric smoker with integrated Bluetooth Smart technology. You can power on/off, monitor and control cooking temperature and time, operate the food light and monitor the internal meat temperature â all from your smart device. Youâll achieve competition-ready results in your own backyard.

    Smoke On!

    Enjoy the delicious taste of slow-smoked food year-round with Masterbuilt. Go aheadâ¦break away from the grill. We promise youâll be in for a treat.

    4.2 out of 5 stars

    Gravity Series 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker

    Masterbuilt 40 inch Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker in ...

    With the Gravity Series® 1050 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker by Masterbuilt, you can smoke, grill, sear, bake, roast and so much more. Set the temperature on the digital control panel or your smart device and the DigitalFan maintains the desired cooking temperature. The GravityFed charcoal hopper holds up to 8 hours of charcoal and gravity ensures you have constant fuel to the fire. The reversible smoke + sear cast-iron grates and FoldAway warming + smoking racks add up to a total of 1050 square inches of cooking space. Master the art of charcoal grilling and smoking with Masterbuilt.

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    Construction & Ease Of Assembly

    Masterbuilt knows that stainless steel has its own inherent selling power. So, they made a point to use it copiously. Though thats not the limit of their dedication to material build quality in the Masterbuilt MB20074719. The digital controls, meat probe, locking door, side access wood chip tray, tight door seals, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity all speak to a high-quality electric smoker that will deliver a strong return on your investment.

    When it comes to assembly, the Masterbuilt MB20074719 requires very little effort. You really just need to unbox it and put everything in place. It shouldnt take a single person more than half an hour to get it ready for the first break-in smoking session.

    Masterbuilt 40 Inch Electric Smoker Reviews

    I guess that you arrived on this page because you needed some clarification or had some unanswered questions on Masterbuilts range of 40-inch electric smokers. We have carried out extensive research on this range of smokers and have scoured the internet reading as many reviews and cross checking as much information as possible.

    There is three 40 inch electric models the Masterbuilt, 20070311, 20075315 and the newest 20070115. We will discuss each smoker in depth and go through the benefits, pros and cons of each one.

    Ill warn you now this is a very long and detailed article so if you have specific questions that you need answering feel free to use the Table of Content below to skip to the relevant section that interests you.

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    Best 40 Inch Electric Smoker Bluetooth

    Dyna-Glo DGU951SSE-D Two Door Digital Bluetooth Smoker

    40 Inch Smoker

    Dyna-Glo 40 electric smoker is probably one of the chunkiest models of 40-inch electric smoker since it is a little bit elevated thanks to the caster locking bottom. As a whole unit, Dyna-Glo electric smoker measures 23.3 x 20.7 x 44.2 inches and weighs 77 pounds once assembled.

    Four Smoking Grates

    Dyna Glo smoker, as most 40-inch electric smoker models, has four chrome-plated steel cooking racks. All together the inside has a total of almost 1000 square inches of cooking space. There is even more space for the removable water and grease trays.

    Integrated Meat Probe

    When you are using this 40 electric smoker, you dont have to worry about checking the temperature and opening up the electric smoker to do so. Dyna Glo has an integrated meat probe or thermometer that will track the internal temperature of the meat or other food.

    Bluetooth Compatible

    Dyna Glo is a model that is Bluetooth compatible. This means you can easily download the Dyna Glo app and connect the smoker to your phone. Now you can monitor and control the cooking process from a distance.

    Keeps The Heat Inside The Smoker

    This 40-inch electric smoker has a 1000 Watt burner that works well enough even in colder weather. To keep all of the heat inside the smoker, Dyna Glo has a high-temperature door seal and door latches.

    Why Buy This Smoker?

    Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker With Bluetooth Review 2022

    Masterbuilt 40″ Electric Smokehouse: Features and Pre-Seasoning

    Last updated: by Judith Fertig

    The ability to smoke foods with modern electric smokers is one of the best things about living in the current age. It allows one to take red meat, pork, poultry, or vegetables and give them a flavor that simply cant be copied by adding smoke seasonings.

    Whether youre an amateur or experienced when it comes to food smoking, Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker with Bluetooth is among the best devices of this type out there. The machine is accompanied by a number of highlights that put it above the competition, so its no wonder that its one of the companys bestsellers.

    For that matter, weve decided to take a closer look at this electric smoker and help our readers decide whether they should consider it for purchase. The device packs a heap of beneficial and innovative components lets analyze them together!

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    Best 40 Inch Electric Smoker Digital

    Smoke Hollow Smoke Tronix 40 Inch Electric Smoker

    4.5 Cubic Feet Cooking Area

    Smoke Hollow smoke tronix electric smoker is another model with similar dimensions to the previous models. It measures 22.44 x 21.46 x 40.16 inches and offers a large cooking area of 4.5 cubic feet inside the smoking cabinet.

    Multiple Smoking Settings

    Smoke Hollow Smoke Tronix electric smoker has an interesting and rare feature. Besides you being able to set the temperature, you can also choose between 3 main smoking options cold, hot or fast smoke.

    Fast Smoking Option

    A fast smoking setting is the perfect think Smoke Tronix can offer for anyone that is trying to smoke in a rush or just doesnt have the patience to wait long. This setting will prepare the wood chips in about 15 minutes, whereas with other options you need to wait longer for the wood chips to be ready and to smolder for best smoking results.

    Other Control Panel Settings

    Other than the three smoking settings found on the control panel, there is also the main power button, the temperature, and timer setting as well as the one for the meat probe. This Smoke Hollow 40 electric smoker also has an internal light you can switch on and off.

    Three Door Design

    Most electric smokers, especially the bigger vertical models have the main door that opens to the smoking chamber. Smoke Hollow Smoke Tronix has the main access door, as well as two draws on the bottom, one for the wood chips and the other one is the grease tray.

    Why Buy This Smoker?

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