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Motorola Roadster Bluetooth Handsfree For Car

Motorola MOTOROKR T505

If you are willing to lose slight performance in order to stick to the big brands, the Motorola Bluetooth handsfree car kit is a great alternative. Its known as the Roadster and its packed full of the latest technology for improved usability.

When compared against the Jabra Freeway, it does lack the additional speakers and power but it does make up for it with clever functionality such as the automatic switch on and off.

Other features of the Motorola Roadster include:

  • Simple mounting to the sun visor
  • Automatically switches on as you enter the car
  • Powerful 2 watt speaker
  • Ability to output audio via FM transmitter
  • Crystal Talk technology and dual microphones
  • 20 hours battery life
  • 500 hours battery life in standby mode

If you are an Android user, there is even an added bonus of the MotoSpeak technology. This is a patented feature by Motorola that allows you to listen and dictate text messages.

The Motorola Roadster is a stylish handsfree Bluetooth speakerphone thats developed by a reputable brand for complete peace of mind. The only drawback is that its fairly expensive and requires your phones software to be up to date in order to use all the functionality.

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless Handsfree Voltmeter Car Kit Tf Card Aux Usb 144 Display

The updated Nulaxy KM19 is an inexpensive, hands-free, Bluetooth car audio adapter receiver. This KM19 version has more play-mode features and a voltmeter for your driving safety. You can play your music through the TF card, USB disk, Bluetooth, or AUX cable.

This quick-charging Bluetooth car adapter is an FM transmitter type that plugs into your cars cigarette lighter and connects your phone via Bluetooth with your radio signal and frequency. This adapter has a large 1.44-inch screen that displays incoming phone calls, music selections, and your cars battery voltage. If your voltmeter reads between 12.8V and 12.2V when your car is shut off, you can rest assured your battery is fine. If it reads below 12V, it is time to replace your battery! This FM transmitter is also compatible with most market devices including Apple, Xiaomi, Sony, Samsung, and Oppo.

The downside is that this Nulaxy KM19 Bluetooth car adapter must be plugged in and only supports one phone at a time. It has some sound distortion, which is common to FM transmitter car audio adapters. It may also be more difficult to get a strong FM signal/frequency in and around city areas, which is typical of FM transmitter adapters.


Nulaxy KM19: Check the current price

Best Car Bluetooth Speakers For Your Old Cars

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Do you have an old car without Bluetooth connectivity? Well, you can convert your car to a Bluetooth phone speaker system without any additional wiring. They come with handsfree calling, and a hell lotta features to buff up your old car. So whats the wait, hop on, and skim through our list of the best Bluetooth speakers for your old cars. Moving on to the Bluetooth speakers is the right initial step into transforming your old ride into something modern.

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Nulaxy Bluetooth Fm Transmitter For Car Qc30 & 7 Colors Led Backlit Car Radio Bluetooth Adapter Music Player

  • Quick Charge 3.0: Possibly the latest, fastest and most efficient USB charging technology in the world. Up to 4X faster than standard chargers, it is able to charge compatible devices to 80% within 35 minutes.
  • Crystal Clear Music Streaming: You can stream music on your car stereo via Bluetooth/ USB Flash Drive / microSD Card . Advanced noise reduction technology will ensure quality, crystal clear sound. Note: WMA MP3 WAV APE FLAC music formats in USB flash drive or microSD card are supported.
  • Enjoy Hands-free Calls: Nulaxy technology provides a stable connection and echo-cancellation can reduce background noises for better hands-free calls, so you can answer phone calls with a press of the button.
  • 7 Color LED Backlit Version: Supporting 7 colors led backlit light, including Red/ Green/ Blue/ Yellowish Green/ Purple/ Cyan, this Bluetooth fm transmitter will give you a visually stunning display of colors, which is a nice way to match the colors already in the car.
  • Safety Functions: Safety first. NX10 is equipped with a voltmeter to show you the condition of your car battery. Voltage should be between 13. 2V to 14. 7V when your car is on and moving. 12. 2V to 12. 8V when your car is parked and ignition is off. IC:26752-NX10. HVIN:NX10

Best Wireless Android Auto Adapters To Connect Your Android Phone With Your Car Wirelessly

Motorola Roadster 2 Bluetooth Car Kit Price and Features

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The Wireless Android Auto Adapter can convert your outdated wired Android Auto media systems into wireless media stations. These devices offer great connectivity and feature dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth.

Like the CarPlay dongles, we thought its time to get on with some of the best wireless Android Auto Adapters to look out for in 2022. Heres what weve got in store for you this time.

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Avantree Ck11 Handsfree Bluetooth Speaker

The Avantree CK11 is the best Bluetooth speaker for your old vehicles and comes at a decent price tag. It features a 2W speaker thats loud and clear. There are all the necessary navigation buttons on the top including the volume knob and mute button. The CK11 has Google Assistant inbuilt to help in answering calls, navigation, and much more.

Avantree Bluetooth speaker features noise reduction and volume controls that make on the go communications much more clear. This car Bluetooth speaker offers up to 22 hours of battery life. The battery charges in under 3 hours and thats pretty cool. Being small and compact makes it user friendly and safe with children. There is also the motion sensor that allows you to turn your device to auto power on whenever you get into your car.


  • Speaker is loud and clear
  • Buttons are quite big for a quick response
  • Great battery life
  • The motion sensor is extremely accurate


Aawireless Android Auto Dongle

The AAWireless Dongle works quite well with almost all Android Auto-enabled cars. It is surprisingly smooth in transmission and exceptional in hardware. The Dongle works on WiFi and includes a USB C connector.

The WiFi connects with your Android smartphones. The USB C connector lets you plug itself into your cars media system. The QuadCore 1.3GHz processor on the Dongle is pretty much reliable. It offers better transmission rates and sees to it that no audio or video lag occurs. There is also the companion app that helps you update Dongles firmware. Updating the firmware is a must if you dont wish to experience lags and other issues.


  • Expensive
  • Occasional connection drops

Key Features: Wireless connectivity | WiFi and Bluetooth | Works on 5GHz WiFi band | USB A and Type C HUD input | Supports Android 9 and above | USB port charging

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Anker Roav Smartcharge F0 Bluetooth Fm Transmitter For Car Audio Adapter And Receiver Hands

  • Stable Transmission: Solid Bluetooth and FM connections stream music straight from your phone to your cars sound system.
  • Clear Sound: Just find an unoccupied station and the boosted FM signal and static-cancellation technology broadcast a great listening experience.
  • Rapid Charging: Dual USB ports with Ankers advanced technology deliver simultaneous high-speed charging to driver and passenger. Qualcomm Quick Charge not supported.
  • Better Hands-Free Calling: Bluetooth 4.2 provides a stable connection and echo-cancellation reduces background noise for clearer calls. What You Get: Roav SmartCharge F0, manual, happy card, 12-month worry-free warranty, and our friendly customer service.
  • Incompatible with 2007 VW Jetta, 2011 Nissan Rogue, 2002 Nissan Altima 2.5S, 2001 Audi A4, 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2011 Mazda Miata, 2005 Toyota Highlander, 2004 Saturn Ion, 2005 Honda Civic, 2008 Chrysler Town and Country, 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS.

Bluetooth Car Kit Prices

Motorola MOTO G: How to Pair With Other Bluetooth Devices

There are a lot of great values in the Bluetooth car kit market, and a lot of overpriced gear, too. You can expect to pay between $14 and $35 for a kit.

  • In the $14 to $19 range, youll find basic, serviceable Bluetooth car kits. At this price point, you can expect a dongle that will get the job done but not much else. Bluetooth car kits in this price range are perfect for frequent travellers who want to be able to stream music and phone calls no matter what car theyre in.

  • In the $20 to $35 range, expect to see a mix of high-end, hands-free kits and models with buttons optimized for phone calls. If you take a lot of calls in the car, or if you want a basic unit that has a few extra features , look at kits at the top end of the price range.

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Pucasouai Android Auto Wireless Dongle

The Pucasouai Wireless Android Auto Adapter is a neat gadget to look out for. It supports easy wireless connectivity thanks to the inbuilt dual band WiFi. There is Bluetooth as well as GPS to enhance the link between your Android smartphones. This Wireless Android Auto Adaptor is stable when it comes to performance. The device comes with an Octa core processor to ensure smooth running every time you connect.

The Pucasouai Android Auto Wireless Dongle supports the 4G cellular network. If youre having a supported 4G Sim, you can use it to connect to the net without the need for WiFi. The device on the whole is pretty much reliable. With cross platform support, you could also connect it with the Apple CarPlay enabled systems.


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Type Of Handsfree Devices

Within this article, we have discussed four main different types of Bluetooth handsfree devices, which include:

  • Hard wired devices
  • FM transmitters
  • Headsets

Many people have a personal preference when it comes to choosing which best suits their requirements. For example, hard wired devices require a more involved installation and arent portable. Therefore, if you use multiple company cars, this option isnt viable.

With regards to Bluetooth speakerphones and headsets, they both require charging. This can be easily forgotten when in a rush and leave you without a device. FM transmitters are another type thats cost effective but you may find the call quality isnt up to your expectations.

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Motorola Ma1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

The MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter is one of the best Android Auto car dongles you can find right now. Its stylish, sleek, quite durable and has exceptional connectivity. The MA1 is Motorolas prime Wireless Android Dongle. It gives wireless capabilities to your outdated car media system.

The only thing that you should keep a check on is to see whether the existing system is Android Auto compatible. The operation is pretty simple. The Plug n Play, lets you connect it with your Media system via the USB type C input. Once connected, the seamless connection makes it exceptional in its class.

The MA1 comes with 5GHz WiFi. It lets you connect your Android Smartphones and sees to it that no transmission loss ever takes place. This makes navigation, setting up routes, media streaming, placing calls, and texting quite easy. The Motorola MA1 was just launched and if you wish to get one, youll have to head to the Motorola Online Store.


  • Uses the lower USB standard port
  • Works well with almost all wired Android Auto enabled vehicles


  • Expensive

Key Features: Wireless Connectivity | WiFi and Bluetooth | Compact and Stylish Design | Supports 5GHz WiFi | Easy to Use | LED Status | USB Charging

Buy From: Motorola Online

Handsfree Call Car Chargerwireless Bluetooth Fm Transmitter Radio Receivermp3 Audio Music Stereo Adapterdual

Motorola Roadster Bluetooth In
  • Dual USB car charger: 2 USB charging port to charge most USB Devices. Input 12V/24V, 1a port with USB reading and charge function smart 3. 1 A charge port which can intelligently identify Android or iOS devices and charging.
  • More compatibility: wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter adapter for car radio,transfer calling/MP3 music/Cellphone voices to car speaker.Compatible with iPad,iPhone,Samsung,Google,LG,HTC and Bluetooth Device.
  • Hands free function: built-in microphone, switch to hands-free mode automatically from music playing status when receiving calls. Answer/reject/hand up/recall all in One key.
  • Car battery voltage function: Show 3 seconds voltage when plug into the car outlet port. Always keep battery state of health. Then it turn to automatic play mode.
  • Music playing:support Bluetooth /USB disk/TF card/ MP3/wma player. With anti-interference performance and CVC technology.Listening to music while charging. Automatically connect memorized paired when power on. 12-Month worry-free.

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Motorola Ma1 Review: Design And Features

If you thought the Motorola MA1 looked a lot like , you wouldnt be alone in that assessment. What you have is a small puck the shape of a rounded square, complete with a 3-inch cable and USB-A plug.

The cable is fairly rigid, but is long and flexible enough for you to position the MA1 to where it wont bother you.

Also in the box is a small foam sticker, which can be used to attach the puck to any number of surfaces in your car. However you may want to substitute it for something like mounting tape or adhesive putty, since it does have a tendency to unstick from the car.

Finally theres a single button on the side, which can toggle Bluetooth pairing mode or reset the adapter to factory settings. You only need to concern yourself with this the very first time you connect, though its worth mentioning that it can only pair with one phone at a time.

The MA1 uses a mix of Bluetooth and 5GHz Wi-Fi to connect to your phone, the same protocols as any other built-in wireless Android Auto setup. This means your phone registers the connection the same way, so youll need a compatible device one that supports 5GHz Wi-Fi and runs Android 11 or newer. Not that youll have any trouble finding phones that have both.

Motorola Ma1 Review: Verdict

The Motorola MA1 does exactly what it promises to do, offering wireless Android Auto support in cars that dont have that capability. And it does that job incredibly well, to the point where youll struggle to tell that its a wireless connection during use.

On top of that, the dongle design offers a bit of flexibility on where the adapter sits in your car, without losing any performance in the process. While the included sticky pad doesnt offer the greatest adhesion, that’s inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

I still feel like the MA1 could be a little bit cheaper, but considering the performance Ive experienced I wouldnt regret paying $90. If you want a wireless Android Auto connection, you cant go wrong here. Just be careful you dont accidentally let your phones battery die.

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    Bluetooth Fm Transmitter Sumind Wireless Radio Adapter Hands

    • Intelligent and fast charging: input 12-24 V Output 2 USB ports: smart 2.4 A charge port which can intelligently identify android or iPhone devices and QC3.0 fast charge port
    • Special design: large key for easy operation 1.7 Inch large LCD backlight display song name/ incoming phone number and shows your car’s battery level when car start Can rotate the LCD display screen in 270-degree gooseneck for optimal viewing comfort Turn off the FM transmitter: long pressing the next song key for 5 seconds, it will turn off the FM and functions keep charging function
    • Broad compatibility: this radio adapter works with compatible devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet, smartphones, you can transfer music in those devices to car audio via 3.5 mm audio cable Support TF/ Micro SD card in FAT format up to 32G Support A2DP Support MP3/ WMA format Also support AUX output
    • High clear sound and call quality: adopted advanced interference and noise cancellation technology – CVC technology creates full duplex sound and suppresses noise and wind Built-in microphone feature supports hands-free talking reduce interference
    • Features v4.2 and EDR: compared to earlier or older versions likeV2.0, V 2.1, or V3.0, V4.2 consumes much less energy and lasts much longer EDR, which ensures a faster data transmission rate and much more stable connection between a device and the audio receiver

    Pairing With Android Devices

    Motorola (OEM) T215 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone
  • 1Power on your Motorola Bluetooth headset.
  • 2Wait for the indicator light on your Motorola Bluetooth to stop flashing and stay steadily lit in blue. The headset will be in pairing mode when the light remains solid blue.
  • 3Press the Menu button on your Android device and tap on Settings.
  • 4Tap on Wireless and networks.
  • 5Tap on Bluetooth to enable the Bluetooth feature. A checkmark will now display in the box next to Bluetooth.
  • 6
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    Mgears Mstick Android Auto Dongle

    The MStick Wireless Android Auto Adapter isnt the normal wireless adaptor youve seen before. It is compact, quite compact that it looks exactly like a Pendrive. It adds simplicity to your drive by wirelessly connecting with your Android smartphone. The Device includes the dual channel WiFi as well as Bluetooth. The main unit has a USB A head that connects with your cars media system.

    The device offers pre installed apps that are accessible from your touch enabled media system. With the MStick connected with your phone, you could set up routes, place calls, attend important engagements, and many more with ease. Also, being one of the compact and user friendly nature makes it pretty good to consider if youre having a budget constraint.


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