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Motorola Solutions Upgrades Popular Commercial Tier

PRYMEBLU – How to pair with a Bluetooth headset

The most popular two-way radios for business now support DMR digital voice communications with advanced features. The CP200d, CM200d, and CM300d can be ordered with both analog/digital operation or analog-only with future upgrade capability. They are compatible with other MOTOTRBO radios but are limited to conventional voice features. They will also support dual-capacity direct mode meaning you can have two simultaneous conversations on a single channel without a repeater.

CP200d batteries and chargers are backward compatible but audio accessories have been optimized for use with digital. Motorolas new upgraded audio accessories are marked with a symbol on the 2 pin connector.

Great Features But Needs More Flexibility And Functions

1) In Shout all 4 predefined messages should be editable.2) In Shout My Tracks should be available.3) In Shout Offline Maps should be available.4) In Shout you should be able to change the ID Name to Profile Name.5) Inability to turn off Dual Watch in Radio Settings.6) In Maps when saving Pins, GPS coordinates should be automatically part of the label.7) In Shout you should be able to individual delete messages. Not just the whole conversation.

Designed For Mototrbo Dmr Bluetooth Enabled Radios

The RLN6500 is designed to be used with MOTOTRBO Bluetooth enabled radios including the SL 7550, XPR 5350, 5550, XPR 7350, 7550. It is also compatible with XPR 6100, 6300, and 6500 series radios using the PMLN5712 adapter.

It is easy to share among employees with extra PMLN6397 earpieces with in-line mic . The earpiece has a antimicrobial coating for healthcare applications.

Once paired, the headset will reconnect with the radio the next time it is turned on. It is not compatible with the PMLN5993 Bluetooth adapter with touch pairing so you will need to keep it paired with the same radio. The RLN6500 is not compatible with cell phones so you are less likely to lose them due to theft.

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Comparison Using Mototrbo Analog And Digital Radios

Spring & Associates, Inc an HDD contractor from Easton, Maryland relies on Motorola MOTOTRBO DMR digital radios on the jobsite.

Communications are challenging because noise levels can be 100db and often exceed 130dB close to where the drill operator sits. They compared the Motorola PMLN5275 heavy-duty, dual muff headset and the PMLN5101 temple transducer.

Tests were performed in digital and analog modes using their XPR 6550 UHF two-way radios. Digital mode audio quality was found to be superior to analog. Following are comments by Rodney Spring, President of Spring and Associates:

Zetron Zetron Model 6 26

Motorola XPR 3300e UHF UL Approved Intrinsically Safe Wi ...

Product Code: Zetron Model 6 26


The Model 26 status/control panel provides centralized control of remote fire stations. Up to 240 user-defined buttons with LED status indicators allow the operator to select targeted fire stations, send alerts, and control auxiliary equipment. Changes in the status of personnel and vehicles are reflected on the M6 and M26 status indicators. Visual indications help the operator select which stations should respond, as well as determine which vehicles are available, which have already been dispatched, which are out of service, etc.


  • Selectable alert tones, which ramp up in volume
  • Visual indications of vehicle status
  • Data interface to station printer

Model 26 Status/Control Panel:

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A Perfect Balance For The Everyday Worker Who Needs Effective Communications

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, youre better connected, safer, and more efficient. XPR 3000e Series radios connect you more efficiently and effectively wherever you work. Now you can tap into the right balance of features and functionality in a next-generation portable thats very affordable. With integrated Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity, amped-up audio, double the energy efficiency, a watertight body, and intuitive accessories, the XPR 3000e Series is your productivity-boosting business tool.

Connected The MOTOTRBO XPR 3000e Series is a family of DMR-standard digital radios that delivers operations-critical voice communications. Bluetooth® audio lets you talk without wires and integrated Wi-Fi® enables remote software updates, giving you complete control of your radio fleet. With support for basic trunking as well as legacy analog technology, you can keep your organization connected as it grows.

Safe The XPR 3000e Series is designed to enhanced safety in your organization, with the rapid response capability of instant push-to-talk communications. Even if a worker is unresponsive, you can remotely activate the radio to check status ensuring your worker is safe. Privacy options are available to protect your communications, and radios can be remotely disabled if they are misplaced. New HazLoc models are available for use in areas where flammable or explosive materials are present.

Lower Cost Alternative For Mototrbo Bluetooth Audio Accessories

The RLN6500 is priced lower than the Operations Critical NNTN8295 wireless earbud with pod and the NNTN8125, NNTN8126 earpieces.

For those who need a HK200 replacement with long battery life that will also pair with a cell phone, we recommend the Plantronics M50 85550-01.

It has standard Bluetooth 3.0, provides 9-11 hours of typical use, and uses a micro-USB charger connector.

For more Motorola Bluetooth accessories download the Operations Critical MOTOTRBO Wireless Accessory Catalog.

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Dmr Digital Radio Choices Slow Analog

The CP200d, CM200d, and CM300d are included in the Buy 6 August Promotion that ends this month. Receive $185 from Motorola when you purchase six radios on the same invoice.

CP200 analog-only sales slowed significantly since the introduction of the XPR 3300/3500 and Vertex Standard EVX-530 series. Now it appears there is an even easier migration for commercial customers requiring basic voice communications to migrate to DMR. The most rugged business radio for the past ten years just got a new life.

Not Great But Could Be

SURECOM High Quality Bluetooth Headset for Motorola XIR-P8668 Two Way Radio

First, the good: pairing is easy and the app is pretty self explanatory. I love that that settings for the radio can be configured from the app and then populated to other radios via the “leader/member” feature. I tested the messaging features using two iPhones and two radios and it works pretty well. Now the bad: the app will allow you to attach a selfie or chosen avatar to your profile just like any other chat/messaging app and you can choose your own profile name…but that data doesn’t seem to go anywhere. The natural assumption would be that your avatar and name would automatically propagate to other members in your group if your phone has data when you add them but none of that happens. You still have to manually enter their names when adding members to your group, and take photos . So what’s the point of adding your own photo to your profile? Nothing, it seems. Also, the downloading of offline maps is terribly slow, even when connected to wifi. I’ll concede that “beggars can’t be choosers,” and Motorola seems to be offering these maps for free where other apps might require a subscription fee. But it is surprisingly slow. I’ll say that the pros outweigh the cons but I hope Motorola will continue to support and develop this app because it still needs some work.

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New Completely Discreet Mission Critical Wireless Covert Kit

Users with the Motorola APX and enhanced Bluetooth option or XTS radios with the external PMLN5792 adapter have new options for covert surveillance. Motorolas new NNTN8434 Wireless Covert Kit includes the RLN4922 wireless earbud, NNTN8385 Y-adapter, and NTN2571 PTT pod.

Now the radio can be placed in a backpack, briefcase, or purse up to 30 feet away. The NTN2571 PTT pod uses easy touch pairing. All you need to do is place the pod within an inch or two from the radio and it will automatically connect. Now a user can select any radio available and be ready for covert two-way communications immediately. The enhanced Bluetooth is encrypted and cannot be monitored like standard Bluetooth devices.

Ensure Accountability To The Public

Transparency to the public has become a crucial part of your agencyâs responsibilities. Donât let it be a hindrance with a customizable, publicly facing FOIA portal to easily process citizen and media requests. Intelligent capabilities like automatic redaction of faces and objects in your videos, as well as mapping of video sources help you pull together associated content to expedite requests and save time.

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Motorola Vml750 Lte Vehicle Modem

Product Code: VML750 LTE Vehicle Modem


The VML750 LTE Vehicle Modem harnesses the power of Verizon or AT& T networks and Band 14 Public Safety LTE, providing high speed data with the priority, control, security and performance required by Government & Public Safety agencies. It is IP66 sealed and MIL-STD 810G rated to withstand heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and vibration. With flexible mounting options and optimized antenna system, the VML750 can be installed in any government or public safety vehicle. Providing a Wi-Fi hot spot for up to 30 clients, the LTE modem can turn the vehicle into a wireless hub while its built-in GPS can be used for location tracking and route optimization.


Product Code: Ally


Spillman Ally is a web-based, Software-as-a-Service platform designed to provide private security organizations with effective, mobile, easy-to-use security guard software for incident management and dispatch.

Ally provides both in-house and contract security organizations with the cutting-edge tools required to manage their critical data such as incident reporting, name and vehicle records, premises information, and analytics capabilities, all at an affordable price that is flexible enough to fit your organizationâs specific needs. As a cloud-based security software platform, Ally also offers complete data mobility, and each of its fully integrated features are accessible from any device with an internet connection.


Store Content With Peace Of Mind


An end-to-end digital evidence management solution starts with storage. Store your content compliant to the Criminal Justice Information System Security Policy with full audit logging capabilities to ensure your evidence is protected. Our storage model is also designed with larger base, and incrementally scaling capacity to account for increasing amounts of retained content overtime so youâre never paying for overages.

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Full Featured Enhanced Tier Includes Color Displays For Data Integration

The XPR 7000 series is the recommended replacement for the XPR 6350 and XPR 6550. It can be ordered with an intrinsically-safe certification, color display, and Bluetooth data. The IP57 submersible rating makes it the best choice for use outdoors and near the water. At this time the XPR 7580 does not support Smartnet operation so the XPR 6580 will be available for awhile.

The SL 7000 is not much bigger than a smartphone and can fit in your pocket. The color display, short antenna, and Micro-USB charger are features designed for hospitality, security and the service industries. Enhanced tier MSRP prices range from $1,040 up to $1,165.

Comfort And Clarity You Can Count On

Whether a maintenance crew wants to leave their radios by their toolbox and connect within easy reach or a security team wants to wear covert earbuds that look just like a consumer device, Motorola has an accessory that fits their activities and your operations perfectly.

Ruggedly reliable and Bluetooth certified, our progressive portfolio ranges from lightweight, high-performing earbuds and earpieces to a wireless push-to-talk pod you can put in a pocket and link to any accessory. All without the inconvenience of wires that can get caught or tangled.

Motorola’s earbuds and earpieces provide voice communication with exceptional clarity and the freedom to move even without the radio attached to your hip. Now the groundskeeper can conveniently leave his radio in the cart and still communicate while trimming bushes or the hotel receptionist can leave the radio on the desk and confer unobtrusively with staff while welcoming guests.

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Improve Coverage With Cm200d And Cm300d With Display

Base, mobile, and control station operation is now possible in VHF with 25 and 45 watt versions. UHF band will be released later this year. Both the CM200d and the CM300d support 99 channels, repeater/talkaround, and voice announcement.

The CM300d has an alpha-numeric display and two additional programmable buttons.

New Active View Led Matrix Display Technology

Motorola Solutions’ INC Remote Speaker Microphone

The optional display radio includes 99 channels and a LED matrix behind the case. The LEDs turn on automatically and off to conserve battery life. Glare is minimized and displays will no longer scratch or crack. The radio will display channel number or alias, battery status, and other functions as shown below.

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Hear Clearer And Work Smarter With Mototrbo Accessories

Radio Accessories Extend PerformanceWhether youre working in harsh conditions, noisy environments, long -shifts or looking for discreet communication, MOTOTRBO accessories and batteries stand up to the task and stand out in the field. Time after time, in lab test after test, they outperform leading brands. Our complete portfolio, including wireless Bluetooth earpieces and industry-exclusive IMPRES technology, is designed to perform optimally with our MOTOTRBO radios.

IMPRES Maximizes Battery Life For the utility crew working overtime to restore power, the job stops when the radio stops operating. IMPRES chargers evaluate battery usage and determine the best time to recondition it, ensuring you get the most out of every battery. IMPRES batteries can also be left in IMPRES chargers for extended periods without heat damage from the charger, so your batteries are ready to go when you need them.

Exceptionally Clear Audio with IMPRES Accessories IMPRES audio accessories communicate with the radio to help suppress ambient noise, improve voice intelligibility and amplify loudness â even in noisy situations and harsh weather. So if youre a security officer with an IMPRES remote speaker microphone or a hospitality manager wearing an earpiece, you can carry on a conversation with clarity, simplicity and certainty.

Reduce Time Spent Managing Files

Upon collecting and storing content, your agency is faced with a need to efficiently manage videos. We provide four distinct modules to provide appropriate access to your content for those who need it. Searching for content is then made quicker as your records management system is integrated with CommandCentral Vault to correlate incidents to captured video. You can also search for and view content by other variables such as time, date or location.

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Wireless Rsm Bundle Kits Available For Mobile Or Base Use

The RLN6551 long range wireless kit includes the RSM, gateway microphone and 12V DC charger for a vehicle. Our base bundle includes the RSM, gateway mic, and AC desktop charger. The RLN6552 kit includes the RSM and gateway without a charger.

For more info download the Motorola Long Range Wireless User Manual

The long range wireless solutions are compatible with the Mission Critical Wireless Pod software version R01.05.00 or later. APX mobiles must use R13.01 firmware or later that was released in April 2015.

Motorola Xpr 3300e Series Accessories

Motorola XPR 3300e Portable

MOTOTRBO radios are already best in class, but to help you work at your best, you need enhancements targeted to your specific workplace. Motorola has developed a line of accessories with unique features designed to optimize the performance of your radio in your work environment, unleashing the full power of the industryâs most advanced digital radio platform. As you walk from the production line, across hotel grounds, or to the store stockroom, you can work more easily and efficiently wearing a comfortable, convenient accessory. Combine Motorolaâs best-in-class radios with accessories to achieve even greater productivity and cost-savings.

Together, youâll rethink whatâs an accessory â and whatâs a necessity.

Thatâs why itâs important to use Motorola tested and certified accessories with your MOTOTRBO radios. Theyâre the only ones designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize its performance.

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Motorola Xpr 3300e Radio Highlights

  • Digital and analog transmissions
  • UHF and VHF frequency bands
  • 4 watts and 5 watts power output
  • 21 hours of battery life and up to 28 with hi-cap battery
  • Bluetooth 4.0 up to 33 feet
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Intrinsically safe option available
  • 2 programmable buttons
  • IP site connect
  • Capacity plus
  • Linked capacity plus

Mototrbo Sl300 Is Lightweight And Provides Long Battery Life

Motorola announced the SL300, a new low cost digital 2-way radio compatible with MOTOTRBO DMR conventional communications systems. Available in UHF soon, there is a 2 channel model and 99 channel version with display. Both can be programmed with digital or analog frequencies allowing for easier migration.

The radio provides 3 watts output in digital mode and 2 watts if using analog. The 2300 mAh battery life is rated for up to 15 hours when using digital and uses a Micro-USB charger. A new patented stubby antenna design and Range Max Technology provide enough coverage for most facilities. The IP54 SL300 can also be used with a conventional repeater.

UHF models are now in stock and VHF is expected to start shipping at the end of November.

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Compatible With Mototrbo Digital Voice Features

SL300 is designed for commercial applications needing basic digital and analog voice features. It supports emergency using the one available programmable side button. With standard MOTOTRBO CPS, you can program channel announcement, lone worker, radio inhibit and remote monitor , MDC1200, VOX, and scan.

Works Up To 100 Meters From Your Apx Or Xpr 4000/5000 Series Base/mobile

PRYMEBLU – How to pair with a Bluetooth headset

Motorola Solutions introduced a new wireless remote speaker-microphone that will allow you to transmit and receive from your MOTOTRBO or APX mobile radio from up to 100 meters away.

The new RSM has a 3.5mm jack for receive-only audio accessories, a bright LED task light, and an 11 hour rechargeable battery. It can also transmit an emergency using the orange button on the top of the microphone.

Now you can use your high power APX, XPR 4000, or XPR 5000 series mobile radio when away from the vehicle or base.

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