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  • Exceptional Design: The XPR 3000e Series offers a compact and lightweight design, making it comfortable for users to carry during long work shifts. Controls are designed to optimize ease of use, including an innovative new connector design that allows accessories to be securely attached and detached in seconds, without the use of any tools. The radio is also rugged and durable, and is rated IP55 for dust and water protection.
  • Industry-leading Audio: When it comes to exceptional audio clarity, the quality of digital cant be denied. XPR 3000e Series portables deliver digital quality throughout your coverage area plus unique features to help your employees hear and speak clearly, wherever they work. With Intelligent Audio, the radio volume automatically adjusts to compensate for background noise so workers dont have to adjust their radio volume to avoid missing a call in loud situations or disturbing others when they move into quiet places.
  • Crystal-clear Monochrome Display: Easy-to-read and navigate 2-line display.Analog and Digital Interoperability: Operates in both analog and digital modes. Features such as the dynamic mixed mode repeater streamlines automatic switching between analog and digital calls meaning you only need one repeater to operate both modes.
Systems Supported
  • Capacity Plus .
Motorola XPR 3500e Models
  • AAH02JDH9VA1AN 136-174 MHz 5 Watts, 128 Channels
  • AAH02RDH9VA1AN 403-512 MHz 4 Watts, 128 Channels
All Motorola XPR 3500e models include:

Motorola Releases Xpr 7550 And Xpr 3500 Portable Radios



      • The new XPR 3000 Series is a mid-tier professional portable available in limited keypad-display and non-display models that offer customers a smart way to migrate to digital. With analog and digital interoperability, customers can make the transition to digital at their own pace and budget.
      • The XPR 3000 Series offers a compact and lightweight design, making it comfortable for users to carry during long work shifts. The two-line display and navigation menu make the radio intuitive and easy to use so workers can stay focused on the job at hand which is critical in industries such as manufacturing, education and services.
      • An innovative new connector design allows accessories to be securely attached and detached in seconds, without the use of any tools.
      • The radio software can be upgraded to add radio and system features for increased capacity and coverage.
      • The XPR 3000 Series delivers exceptional audio performance, with features such as noise suppression, Intelligent Audio, voice announcement and IMPRES smart audio accessories.

      Mototrbo Bluetooth Audio & Data

      Every day, you rely on your radio. Its your communications lifeline. It keeps you productive, connected and safe. With integrated Bluetooth, it can change the way you work, no matter where that work takes you.

      Keeping Students Safe Armed with a wireless Bluetooth RFID scanner, school administrators efficiently identify students boarding buses for a field trip by scanning the RFID tag on their IDs. The data is seamlessly sent back to the main office computer via their Bluetooth-enabled digital portable radios, compiling a real-time attendance list so the school and bus company can track those students â and ensure their safety â until they return to school.

      Delighting Hotel Guests As the head of hotel guest services, your job is to delight guests, a job made easier with a MOTOTRBO SL Series portable radio with integrated Bluetooth technology and a Motorola Operations-Critical Bluetooth wireless earpiece. Leaving the radio on your desk, you can walk up to 30 feet away, push a button on your earpiece, and instantly get a status update from employees in the ballroom setting up for todays event. No wires. Youre free to move comfortably throughout the day, connecting with staff discreetly and efficiently.

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      A Perfect Balance For The Everyday Worker Who Needs Effective Communications

      With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, youâre better connected, safer and more efficient. XPR 3000e Series radios connect you more efficiently and effectively wherever you work. Now you can tap into the right balance of features and functionality in a next-generation portable thatâs very affordable. With integrated Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity, amped-up audio, double the energy efficiency, a watertight body and intuitive accessories, the XPR 3000e Series is your productivity-boosting business tool.

      ConnectedThe MOTOTRBO XPR 3000e Series is a family of DMR-standard digital radios that delivers operations-critical voice communications. Bluetooth® audio lets you talk without wires and integrated Wi-Fi® enables remote software updates, giving you complete control of your radio fleet. With support for basic trunking as well as legacy analog technology, you can keep your organization connected as it grows.

      SafeThe XPR 3000e Series is designed to enhanced safety in your organization, with the rapid response capability of instant push-to-talk communications. Even if a worker is unresponsive, you can remotely activate the radio to check status ensuring your worker is safe. Privacy options are available to protect your communications, and radios can be remotely disabled if they are misplaced. New HazLoc models are available for use in areas where flammable or explosive materials are present.

      Motorola Xpr 3500e Vhf Portable Radio

      XPR3300e Earpiece for Motorola Radio XPR3500 XPR3500e ...


      With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, youre better connected, safer and more efficient. The XPR 3000e Series is designed for the everyday worker who needs effective communications. With systems support and loud, clear audio, these next-generation radios deliver cost-effective connectivity to your organization.

      Heres whats new in these next-generation radios:

      • Integrated Wi-Fi
      • Better battery life
      • Better range
      • Better waterproofing

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      Motorola Xpr 3500e Accessories

      MOTOTRBO radios are already best in class, but to help you work at your best, you need enhancements targeted to your specific workplace. Motorola has developed a line of accessories with unique features designed to optimize the performance of your radio in your work environment, unleashing the full power of the industryâs most advanced digital radio platform. As you walk from the production line, across hotel grounds, or to the store stockroom, you can work more easily and efficiently wearing a comfortable, convenient accessory. Combine Motorolaâs best-in-class radios with accessories to achieve even greater productivity and cost-savings.

      Together, youâll rethink whatâs an accessory â and whatâs a necessity.

      Thatâs why itâs important to use Motorola tested and certified accessories with your MOTOTRBO radios. Theyâre the only ones designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize its performance.

      Hear Clearer And Work Smarter With Mototrbo Accessories

      Radio Accessories Extend PerformanceWhether youre working in harsh conditions, noisy environments, long -shifts or looking for discreet communication, MOTOTRBO accessories and batteries stand up to the task and stand out in the field. Time after time, in lab test after test, they outperform leading brands. Our complete portfolio, including wireless Bluetooth earpieces and industry-exclusive IMPRES technology, is designed to perform optimally with our MOTOTRBO radios.

      IMPRES Maximizes Battery Life For the utility crew working overtime to restore power, the job stops when the radio stops operating. IMPRES chargers evaluate battery usage and determine the best time to recondition it, ensuring you get the most out of every battery. IMPRES batteries can also be left in IMPRES chargers for extended periods without heat damage from the charger, so your batteries are ready to go when you need them.

      Exceptionally Clear Audio with IMPRES Accessories IMPRES audio accessories communicate with the radio to help suppress ambient noise, improve voice intelligibility and amplify loudness â even in noisy situations and harsh weather. So if youre a security officer with an IMPRES remote speaker microphone or a hospitality manager wearing an earpiece, you can carry on a conversation with clarity, simplicity and certainty.

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      Pairing With Android Devices

    • 1Power on your Motorola Bluetooth headset.
    • 2Wait for the indicator light on your Motorola Bluetooth to stop flashing and stay steadily lit in blue. The headset will be in pairing mode when the light remains solid blue.
    • 3Press the Menu button on your Android device and tap on Settings.
    • 4Tap on Wireless and networks.
    • 5Tap on Bluetooth to enable the Bluetooth feature. A checkmark will now display in the box next to Bluetooth.
    • 6
    • Get More Freedom And Flexibility With Bluetooth Designed For Business

      Motorola XPR 7550e BNC (female) Antenna Adapter

      This portfolio is a game changer, giving you the flexibility to remove the radio from your belt and stay connected within 30 feet. Your people rely on clear, continuous communication wherever their work takes them. And you rely on the Motorola radio system to keep them connected, current and collaborative. From the grounds crews on a golf course to security personnel at a sporting event to the receptionist at a resort, sharing information instantly and easily is absolutely critical â operations critical â to running business smoothly.

      With Motorola Operations Critical Wireless accessories, you’ll find flexible, cost-effective Bluetooth® solutions that give your people more freedom in their communications and more mobility in their work day. So they can move without wires, converse discreetly and even take their radio off their belt whenever the job requires it.

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      Pairing With All Other Devices

    • 1Power on your Motorola Bluetooth headset.
    • 2Wait for the indicator light on your Motorola Bluetooth to stop flashing and stay steadily lit in blue. The headset will be ready for pairing when the light remains solid blue.
    • 3Navigate to the Bluetooth settings menu on your device. The location of Bluetooth settings will vary depending on the device you’re attempting to pair with your Motorola Bluetooth. For example, if you are using a Motorola mobile phone that is not powered by Android, select Connection from the Settings menu to access Bluetooth settings.
    • 4Verify that your device’s Bluetooth setting is enabled and turned on.
    • 5Select the option to scan, or look for nearby Bluetooth devices.
    • 6Select your Motorola Bluetooth when it displays in the list of available devices.
    • 7Enter the passkey of 0000 into your device at the prompt. Your phone or wireless device will now be successfully paired with your Motorola Bluetooth headset.Advertisement
    • Comfort And Clarity You Can Count On

      Whether a maintenance crew wants to leave their radios by their toolbox and connect within easy reach or a security team wants to wear covert earbuds that look just like a consumer device, Motorola has an accessory that fits their activities and your operations perfectly.

      Ruggedly reliable and Bluetooth certified, our progressive portfolio ranges from lightweight, high-performing earbuds and earpieces to a wireless push-to-talk pod you can put in a pocket and link to any accessory. All without the inconvenience of wires that can get caught or tangled.

      Motorola’s earbuds and earpieces provide voice communication with exceptional clarity and the freedom to move even without the radio attached to your hip. Now the groundskeeper can conveniently leave his radio in the cart and still communicate while trimming bushes or the hotel receptionist can leave the radio on the desk and confer unobtrusively with staff while welcoming guests.

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      Pairing With Ios Devices

    • 1Power on your Motorola Bluetooth headset.
    • 2Wait for the indicator light on your Motorola Bluetooth to stop flashing and stay steadily lit in blue. The headset will be in pairing mode when the light remains solid blue.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
    • 3Tap on Settings from the Home screen of your iOS device.
    • 4Tap on Bluetooth. Your iOS device will automatically begin searching for nearby Bluetooth devices.
    • 5Tap on the name of the Motorola Bluetooth when it displays in the list of available devices.
    • 6Enter the passkey of 0000 into your iOS device at the prompt. Your iOS device will now be successfully paired with your Motorola Bluetooth headset.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
    • How It Works

      Electronics XPR3300e Earpiece for Motorola Radio XPR3500 ...

      Bluetooth technology relies on short-range radio frequencies to deliver wireless, hands-free connectivity. When integrated into a single device, it eliminates the cost and need for an external dongle. Our solutions support an open standard, including the latest Bluetooth protocol*. This makes it easy to deploy off-the-shelf Bluetooth devices.

      Motorolas next generation MOTOTRBO radios function as an access point between a Bluetooth-enabled enterprise device and a specific application, such as printer software or an inventory database. This allows a wireless barcode scanner, mobile computing device or printer to use our radio * Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR Specification, class 2, 10-meter range to send real-time data back to a PC or central operations center, so a delivery driver can confirm receipt of a package and a public works crew can track assets in the field. And unlike other Bluetooth data devices that have only an LED indicator to confirm transmission, data notifications from our system are easy to confirm with alerts and notifications clearly received on the MOTOTRBO radio display â even at night with our innovative day/night color display modes.

      The latest MOTOTRBO SL Series portables, XPR 7000 Series portables and XPR 5000 Series mobiles support four unique Bluetooth profiles:

      Serial Port Profile The radio provides pass-through serial data transport for connected Bluetooth devices to a remote IP destination or locally connected radio peripherals .

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