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MOTOTRBO Ion brings together renowned PTT performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, and access to the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem â including video security and analytics, and best-in-class network security.

Product Features:

1000 channels · LTE · Digital Mobile Radio Standards Compliant· Wi-Fi · Bluetooth

Models Available:

Adding Bluetooth Capability To Two

01.04.2017 11:06

  • Serial Port Profile The radio supports the SPP and provides pass-through serial data transport for the connected Bluetooth devices to remote IP destination or locally connected Radio peripherals .
  • Motorola Serial Port Profile The Motorola proprietary protocol over SPP supports the fast Push-to-Talk press/release detection over Bluetooth SPP for transmitting microphone audio.

With integrated Bluetooth, here are a few examples of how this solution can enhance efficiency and safety in a real working environment:

  • The head of guest services at a hotel uses her SL Series portable with integrated Bluetooth technology connected to her operations critical wireless earpiece to communicate with her employees in the ballroom who are setting up for an event. She can move comfortably throughout her day without wires and converse discreetly without disturbing her guests.
  • Armed with a wireless RFID scanner, school staff efficiently identifies students boarding buses for a field trip by scanning the bar code on their IDs. The data is sent back to the main office computer via their MOTOTRBO digital radios, compiling a real-time attendance list so the school and bus company can track those students until they return to school safely.

Comfort And Clarity You Can Count On

Whether a maintenance crew wants to leave their radios by their toolbox and connect within easy reach or a security team wants to wear covert earbuds that look just like a consumer device, Motorola has an accessory that fits their activities and your operations perfectly.

Ruggedly reliable and Bluetooth certified, our progressive portfolio ranges from lightweight, high-performing earbuds and earpieces to a wireless push-to-talk pod you can put in a pocket and link to any accessory. All without the inconvenience of wires that can get caught or tangled.

Motorola’s earbuds and earpieces provide voice communication with exceptional clarity and the freedom to move even without the radio attached to your hip. Now the groundskeeper can conveniently leave his radio in the cart and still communicate while trimming bushes or the hotel receptionist can leave the radio on the desk and confer unobtrusively with staff while welcoming guests.

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Speaker Mic Compatible With Motorola Apx4000 Apx6000 Apx7000 Xpr6350 Xpr6550 Xpr7350 Xpr7550 Apx

  • Deal for demanding covert security applications where sound clarity and earpiece durability are of paramount importance.
  • Clip this hands free earpiece onto your shirt and begin using your radio device to communicate discretely and easily, whether you’re in security, retail, or hospitality..
  • Compatible with motorola p25, motorola dmr mototrbo two way radios including but not limited to xpr 6000 series: gp328d gp338 gp328d+ gp338d+ xpr 6100, xpr 6350, xpr 6380, xpr 6550, xpr 6580, xpr 6500, xpr 6300, xpr 7000 series: xpr 7550, xpr 7580, xpr 7350 xpr 7000e series: xpr 7550e, xpr 7580e, xpr 7350e, xpr 7380e, apx 4000, apx 4000xh, apx 6000, apx 6000xe, apx 7000….
  • 3 foot kevlar reinforced cable.
  • Ideal for demanding covert security applications where sound clarity and earpiece durability are of paramount importance.

Mototrbo Bluetooth Audio & Data

Motorola XPR 3500e

Every day, you rely on your radio. Its your communications lifeline. It keeps you productive, connected and safe. With integrated Bluetooth, it can change the way you work, no matter where that work takes you.

Keeping Students Safe Armed with a wireless Bluetooth RFID scanner, school administrators efficiently identify students boarding buses for a field trip by scanning the RFID tag on their IDs. The data is seamlessly sent back to the main office computer via their Bluetooth-enabled digital portable radios, compiling a real-time attendance list so the school and bus company can track those students â and ensure their safety â until they return to school.

Delighting Hotel Guests As the head of hotel guest services, your job is to delight guests, a job made easier with a MOTOTRBO SL Series portable radio with integrated Bluetooth technology and a Motorola Operations-Critical Bluetooth wireless earpiece. Leaving the radio on your desk, you can walk up to 30 feet away, push a button on your earpiece, and instantly get a status update from employees in the ballroom setting up for todays event. No wires. Youre free to move comfortably throughout the day, connecting with staff discreetly and efficiently.

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Get More Freedom And Flexibility With Bluetooth Designed For Business

This portfolio is a game changer, giving you the flexibility to remove the radio from your belt and stay connected within 30 feet. Your people rely on clear, continuous communication wherever their work takes them. And you rely on the Motorola radio system to keep them connected, current and collaborative. From the grounds crews on a golf course to security personnel at a sporting event to the receptionist at a resort, sharing information instantly and easily is absolutely critical â operations critical â to running business smoothly.

With Motorola Operations Critical Wireless accessories, you’ll find flexible, cost-effective Bluetooth® solutions that give your people more freedom in their communications and more mobility in their work day. So they can move without wires, converse discreetly and even take their radio off their belt whenever the job requires it.

Motorola Sl300 Portable Two

Whether you’re working in the field or at a black-tie event, the SL300 is boldly designed to keep you efficiently connected. Measuring under an inch thick, the SL300 is ultra-portable with a stubby antenna, curved edges and rugged frame. It features an Active View display with a matrix of LED lights behind the radio housing and “Range Max” technology, an advanced radio design and patented antenna for enhanced range. Designed for easy and intuitive use and outfitted with the latest technology, the SL300 is the perfect work partner.

Product Features:

Ultra-Slim Profile, Advanced Technology, Shatterproof Active View Display, Simple Operation, Rugged and Reliable .

Systems Supported:

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Hear Clearer And Work Smarter With Mototrbo Accessories

Radio Accessories Extend PerformanceWhether youre working in harsh conditions, noisy environments, long -shifts or looking for discreet communication, MOTOTRBO accessories and batteries stand up to the task and stand out in the field. Time after time, in lab test after test, they outperform leading brands. Our complete portfolio, including wireless Bluetooth earpieces and industry-exclusive IMPRES technology, is designed to perform optimally with our MOTOTRBO radios.

IMPRES Maximizes Battery Life For the utility crew working overtime to restore power, the job stops when the radio stops operating. IMPRES chargers evaluate battery usage and determine the best time to recondition it, ensuring you get the most out of every battery. IMPRES batteries can also be left in IMPRES chargers for extended periods without heat damage from the charger, so your batteries are ready to go when you need them.

Exceptionally Clear Audio with IMPRES Accessories IMPRES audio accessories communicate with the radio to help suppress ambient noise, improve voice intelligibility and amplify loudness â even in noisy situations and harsh weather. So if youre a security officer with an IMPRES remote speaker microphone or a hospitality manager wearing an earpiece, you can carry on a conversation with clarity, simplicity and certainty.

Xpr3300e Earpiece For Motorola Radio Xpr3500 Xpr3500e Xpr3000 Xpr3300 With Mic Ptt Xpr

Motorola MotoTRBO Bluetooth Programming
  • Widely usedstainless clips make it easy to fix your clothing and set your hand free to use your radio device communication.excellent for use in police, military, security, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, bars, paintball,bouncer, warehouses, and noisy environments..
  • Package includes1x leimaxte 2 way radio headset and 1 x replacement mushroom earbud..
  • Durabilitymade of strong pu cable material,leimaxte earpiece can achieve a long-term use..
  • Compatibilityexcellent use for motorola two way radio xpr3000 xpr3300 xpr3300e xpr3500 xpr3500e etc..
  • Excellent audio sounddelivers clear sound even in noisy places, showing a high-quality sound experience.

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Motorola Xpr 3500e Accessories

MOTOTRBO radios are already best in class, but to help you work at your best, you need enhancements targeted to your specific workplace. Motorola has developed a line of accessories with unique features designed to optimize the performance of your radio in your work environment, unleashing the full power of the industryâs most advanced digital radio platform. As you walk from the production line, across hotel grounds, or to the store stockroom, you can work more easily and efficiently wearing a comfortable, convenient accessory. Combine Motorolaâs best-in-class radios with accessories to achieve even greater productivity and cost-savings.

Together, youâll rethink whatâs an accessory â and whatâs a necessity.

Thatâs why itâs important to use Motorola tested and certified accessories with your MOTOTRBO radios. Theyâre the only ones designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize its performance.

Earpiece For Motorola Radio

Any recommendations for an earpiece/mic for a Motorola radio?Is there any difference in suggestions in terms of quality/intelligibility ? Model is XPR 3500e.

That radio should have Bluetooth enabled, if you are looking for a wireless solution. If you dont want to deal with interference theres plenty of wired solutions. I recommend checking out wiscomm, they have a great selection and decent prices. XPR 3300/3500 Audio Accessories

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Two Wire Earpiece With Reinforced Cable For Motorola Radios Apx4000 Apx6000 Apx7000 Apx8000

  • High quality noise reduction microphone, enabling sound to be transmitted clearly even in loud environment.
  • What you get: 1 earpiece, 2 mushroom ear tips, 1 pair of medium size ear mold-left & right, our friendly customer service, 12 month worry-free warranty.
  • Two wire surveillance earpiece with quick-disconnect acoustic tube.
  • Surgical grade uv resistant acoustic tube bring comfort & durability, pu cable reinforced by kevlar fiber bring high strength & durability.
  • Compatible with motorola radios: apx 900, apx 1000, apx 4000, apx 6000, apx 6000li, apx 6000xe, apx 7000, apx 7000xe, apx 8000, apx 8000xe, apx 8000h, apx 8000hxe, xpr 6100, xpr 6300, xpr 6350, xpr 6380, xpr 6500, xpr 6550, xpr 6580, xpr 7300, xpr 7350, xpr 7380, xpr 7500, xpr 7550, xpr 7580, xpr 7350e, xpr 7380e, xpr 7550e, xpr 7580e, srx 2200.

Motorola Xpr3500 Radio Accessories

Industrial Offload Plant Engineer Headset w PTT for ...

Motorola XPR3500 radio Earpieces, Headsets, and/or Accessories.

We offer many quality communication accessories compatible with the Motorola XPR3500 radio, which uses the M9 connector. All of the accessories listed below have an M9 connector and are 100% compatible with your Motorola XPR3500 radio. View a list of M9 radio models here.

Extras – spares

Signal Earpiece for Motorola XPR3500 – 2 wire clear tube Earpiece with PTT

  • Earpiece with in-line PTT button & microphone
  • Surveillance audio tube
  • Can be shared by changing the clear silicon ear tip
  • Clear audio coil tube Black tube optional
  • Clothing clip
  • M9 connector for Motorola XPR3500 radio

Our Price: $59

Extras – spares

Star Earpiece for Motorola XPR3500 – Single wire clear tube Earpiece with PTT

  • Earpiece with in-line PTT button & microphone
  • Surveillance audio tube
  • Can be shared by changing the clear silicon ear tip
  • M9 connector for Motorola XPR3500 radio

Our Price: $59.00

Extras – spares

Two-wire PALM MIC with PTT and Quick-Disconnect Audio Tube for Motorola XPR3500

  • Side-bar PTT
  • TRUE noise reduction microphone for loud areas
  • Kevlar reinforced cabling
  • M9 connector for Motorola XPR3500 radio

Our Price: $88

Extras – spares

SENTRY for Motorola XPR3500 – 2 Wire Earpiece – Motorola radios accessories

Our Price: $88

Replacement foam

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Motorola Xpr 3500e Earpiecexpr 3300e Xpr3500 Xpr3000 Xpr3300 Walkie Talkie Compatible With Motorola Xpr 3300 3500 3300e 3500e Two Way Radio Headset With Mic Ptt Surveillance Headphone

5-17 days

  • *****
  • *****CompatibilityCompatible for Motorola two way radios:XPR3000 XPR3300 XPR3300e XPR3500 XPR3500e DEP550 DEP500e etc.*****
  • *****Strong cableMade of Strong PU cable, provides a long-term use the length of the Acoustic Air-tube wire is aboout 120cm,the Mic wire is aboout 140cm.*****
  • *****What you get1X Walkie Talkie headset,1X Replacement mushroom earbud.*****
  • *****Excellent qualityHigh quality speaker & microphone enable the sound to be transmitted clearly even in noisy environment, showing a high-quality sound experience advanced design of the PTT provides a longer use of pressing times Mushroom earbud fits snugly in your ear and keeps your conversation private.*****
  • *****NoticeThis radio earpiece doesn’t work for Baofeng, Midland, Icom walkie talkies ,If your radio brand/mode is not listed, please contact us to confirm the compatibility.

Motorola Xpr 7000e Series Portable Two

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, youâre better connected, safer and more productive. Integrated Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® 4.0, Better battery life , Better range ,Better waterproofing , Enhanced audio quality, Improved expandability, Integrated accelerometer for optional Man Down, Indoor location tracking, and Over-the-air software updates.

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How It Works

Bluetooth technology relies on short-range radio frequencies to deliver wireless, hands-free connectivity. When integrated into a single device, it eliminates the cost and need for an external dongle. Our solutions support an open standard, including the latest Bluetooth protocol*. This makes it easy to deploy off-the-shelf Bluetooth devices.

Motorolas next generation MOTOTRBO radios function as an access point between a Bluetooth-enabled enterprise device and a specific application, such as printer software or an inventory database. This allows a wireless barcode scanner, mobile computing device or printer to use our radio * Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR Specification, class 2, 10-meter range to send real-time data back to a PC or central operations center, so a delivery driver can confirm receipt of a package and a public works crew can track assets in the field. And unlike other Bluetooth data devices that have only an LED indicator to confirm transmission, data notifications from our system are easy to confirm with alerts and notifications clearly received on the MOTOTRBO radio display â even at night with our innovative day/night color display modes.

The latest MOTOTRBO SL Series portables, XPR 7000 Series portables and XPR 5000 Series mobiles support four unique Bluetooth profiles:

Serial Port Profile The radio provides pass-through serial data transport for connected Bluetooth devices to a remote IP destination or locally connected radio peripherals .

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