Obdii Elm327 Adapter With Bluetooth

Connecting Bluetooth Adapter Elm 327 To The Smarty Trend Head Unit

OBDII ELM327 Bluetooth – Chinese Adapter for Car Diagnostics review

We would like to introduce you to a very convenient and useful device – it is a great scanner ELM327 that works on the OBD-II protocol. What is it? Why will it be interesting to SMARTY Trend head unit owners? Let us start from the OBD-II protocol it is the real-time on-board diagnostic. This protocol is available in all modern cars. How do we identify it? It looks like sixteen-pin diagnostic connector with trapezoid shape. The location of this connector is unique to each vehicle. It could locate even under the hood. In such cases, you need to have additional adapters to connect ELM327. What is ELM327 scanner? How can it be useful to us? The ELM327 scanner is able to read information about the functioning of the engine, the vehicle systems and about errors that may occasionally arise during the exploitation of the car. With help of that device, on the display of the head unit you will see the values of the various sensors, including:

  • engine speed
  • the condition of a Fuel System
  • vehicle speed
  • the temperature of the intake air
  • the mass air flow Throttle Position
  • lambda probe
  • fuel pressure

Believe me this small adapter is able to save a lot of your time, nerves, and money. Now, we will show you how to connect this device to the SMARTY Trend head unit. We connect our scanner to the Opel Astra H. In our case, the OBD-II interface is in the area of the handbrake. Firstly we need to connect the adapter, while we doing that the engine needs to be off.

Bluetooth Adapter Elm: Instructions For Connecting To A Pc

In order to integrate the device with a laptop that runs on Windows OS, you must:

  • Turn on the ignition of the vehicle and plug the diagnostic device into the appropriate connector.
  • Install the ScanMaster program on your computer. Of course, you can find any other utility for working with the adapter, but this software is considered the best.
  • Go to the program control panel and select “Bluetooth devices”.
  • Add available devices and after their list is loaded, check the box next to “Ready to discover”.
  • Press the “Next” button again.
  • Enter the code for connecting devices in the window that appears .

Elm 327 Bluetooth Does Not Connect To The Phone Obd2 Bluetooth Adapter Instructions For Connecting The Bluetooth Obd2 Adapter Bluetooth Adapter Elm: Instructions For Connecting To A Pc

ELM327 Bluetooth diagnostic autoscanner is designed to be installed on all types passenger cars equipped with standard 16-pin OBD2 connectors. Please note that the ELM327 scanner comes with two types of firmware – 1.5 and 2.1. Devices with firmware 1.5 can work with low-speed ECUs, as well as with non-standard connectors, in addition to the obdii connector.

The ELM327 scanner is designed to find and eliminate problems in the electronic systems of the car, as well as to display various parameters of the engine and the car on the owner’s mobile device.

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Does It Have Any Drawback

ELM327 interfaces are generally cost-effective and easy to use. As a matter of fact they give fully-fledged scan tools a serious run for their money what with their ability to display handy data like codes, PIDs, live sensor data etc.

However, ELM327 interfaces dont always make the ideal choice. For example, they must be paired with a smartphone or PC to work. If you would rather have a stand-alone scan tool then ELM327-based tools wont be your favorite.

Besides, they only work with OBD2 vehicles. That locks out all car owners, enthusiasts and technicians who own or frequently work on OBD1-compliant cars.

So, weve walked through the basics of ELM327. Lets find out the best ELM327 adapter for your car.

faster than Bluetooth and Wifi

Its time to pick your adapter. Choose the type you want and go!!

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What Is The Pin Or Keycode For Elm327 Bluetooth Obdii Adapter

ELM327 Bluetooth Adapter Scanner Torque Android OBD2 OBDII Code Scan ...

The infamous ELM327 OBDII device came without any paper, just a crappy CD with no document related to the device .

I tried the following codes without being able to pair it with my HTC Desire HD:

  • 0000, …, 9999
  • 1234, 2345, 3456, 4567, 5678, 6789, 7890

What other PINs should I try?

  • so, which one was it? 1234 or 0000 or 1111 or maybe 6789? user2747Feb 11, 2013 at 18:40
  • My code was 6789 for standard ELM327 OBD 2 chinese bought on EBay. user2839Mar 6, 2013 at 2:01
  • none of the above worked for me, still searching user2859Mar 9, 2013 at 22:29
  • 2It seems that the correct code was already one of the listed ones, still there is a trick: it seems you are able to put the PIN code only one minute after the device was powered. Unplug it and try again, preferably with a computer. Don’t try iPhone as it will not work. sorinMar 11, 2013 at 9:44
  • I bought a iKKEGOL Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII Scanner and didn’t know the code. I did a google search and found your question. The passcode for the ikkegol scanner is “1234”. Cheers!

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Car Doctor Obd Program

This program is designed to read the current parameters and errors from the vehicle control unit and transfer them to the reader via the OBD2 standard. The program is completely Russified, and is suitable for diagnosing cars, both domestic and for models produced in other countries of the world. This program is fully compatible with the ELM327 autoscanner.

What the Auto Doctor OBD program can offer:

  • Reading error codes and recognizing them
  • The ability to reset errors in real time
  • Determination of the current state of the car by sensors
  • Accurate determination of the VIN number of the car body.

We can say that this application takes a solid second place after the previous one, you can see the mass positive feedback on Google Play about it.

You can also watch a detailed video with instructions for working with this program:

Bluetooth Obd Ii Adapter

Review Date: September 9th 2012


Summary: Elm327 Super Mini is the smallest and lightest Bluetooth OBD II adapter. It got almost a half size of the predecessor, V-gate mini adapter.

Its the smallest adapter on the market now! AGPtek® Super Mini ELM327 V1.5 Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter is almost half size of Vgate obd2 bluetooth adapter which used to be the smallest bluetooth dongle.

A benefit from using small adapter is that it wont interfere with your driving. obd port is located under the dash on most cars. Accidentally, you might kick it and break the adapter or obd port.

Another benefit of elm327 super mini is that there is less chance to make connection loose and fall down by itself. elm327 super mini adapter is not only smaller but also lighter. to read full reviews at amazon.com.

You can also find the adapters on eBay. Although the items are very affordable price, make sure the sellers reputation and return policy before bidding. Find Super Mini ELM327 on eBay.

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Top 3 Genuine Usb Elm327 Scanners For Pc Laptop

An ELM327 USB scanner connects to the vehicles onboard computer using a USB cable through the OBDII connector. The scanner can diagnose malfunctions, read performance indicators and show zeroing errors of an ECU.

However, its functionality varies by version, vehicles computer, and the software used to read the diagnostics.

A USB ELM327 can also read engine speed and car speed in real-time, depending on the paired app. It can display fluid temperature, current air and fuel consumption, throttle position, fuel pressure. Some adapters can help perform key programming and configuring and reconfigure dashboard data, folding mirrors, and gas pedal responsiveness.

Nonetheless, USB ELM327 adapters work only with computers. But they have the most reliable connection.

Ohp Forscan Elm327 Obd2 Wifi Adapter Editors Pick

How to use an ELM327 bluetooth OBD2 adapter

To kick things off, this OBDII ELM327 scanning tool can both read and troubleshoot fault codes , reset oil and most other electronic modules including ABS, airbag, instrument cluster and much more.

Moving further, the OHP WiFi ELM327 hardware device when connected with the Forscan ELM327 hardware renders allows you to apply several different modifications such as heated steering wheel, tire size correction, global windows, and Bambi mode.


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Elm327 Bluetooth Autoscanner Compatibility And Working Principle

The ELM327 autoscanner works by connecting the adapter to the ECU using a special OBD-II protocol . It is necessary to properly connect to the engine control unit.

Be sure to check the compatibility of your car’s ECU with this protocol. This standard is supported by all American cars since 1996, and European cars since 2001 for gasoline engines, and from 2004 for diesel engines… To use the autoscanner on a domestic car, clarify the model of the installed ECU .

Programs For Working With The Elm327 Autoscanner

On the Internet you can find a lot of software – these are diagnostic programs that will be compatible with the ELM 327 BLURTOOTH 1.5 series autoscanner. There is how free programs and paid diagnostic programs. The most popular at the moment are programs developed for the Android OS, since they can be used via a tablet or smartphone. Such programs for elm327 support the ability to transfer data via Bluetooth.

In general, this kind of software can be installed from the disk that comes with the autoscanner, but you can also find it on Google Play and not bother connecting your smartphone or tablet to your computer to install these programs. Below you can read about the most popular elm327 programs, and how to use these programs.

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Attention Bad Bluetooth & Wifi Adapters With Low Quality Clones Of Elm327

  • Topic Is Sticky
  • Last Post 02 March 2022

Attention “bad” adapters!

We faced the problem, that some adapters , cant connect to the car’s ECU.

The reason is using of “bad made” clones of ELM327 instead of original chipset and firmware from Elmelectronics. You could notice potentially problematic adapters by: very low price, by MAC address .

If the MAC address of your adapter

  • starts with the numbers 66:35:56: … or 88:35:56:…
    • or 00:00:00:11:11:11
    • or some other “strange looking” addresses

    – be prepared that this adapter could fail to connect, support not all protocols, fail to read some data and what’s more, they can cause problems with your car.

    There are also some adapters that might be almost good while working with single ECU and short commands, but cold fail to get reliable results for cars with 2 and more ECUs and “long” commands like VIN or DTC readings. One of this could have followingg MACs:

    00:1D:A5:68:98:8A or 00:1D:A5:68:98:8C

    As well, there might be problems with other “no-name” Chinese adapters marked ELM327 v2.1.

    Please follow the discussion below to get idea about the issues, ask questions and share your observations.

    We ask to share with us the names, photos, links to these adapters to make a “black list” of such devices.

    Top 3 Genuine Wifi Elm327 Scanners

    Chip 25K80 Version 1.5 ELM327 HH OBD Advanced OBDII OBD2 bluetooth ...

    ELM327 Wi-Fi is the simplest to use interface for OBD2 scanning. Tools with this interface can diagnose fault codes and record them in the vehicles system and electrical sensors.

    ELM327 Wi-Fi can connect to any electronic device regardless of its operating system. There are minimal limits, whether its a smartphone, tablet, or PC on iOS, Android, or Windows. That is, you may not use the internet when the ELM327 unit is connected to OBD2 via an Android gadget.

    Wi-Fi does not require cables, so its best for communication. It transfers data superfast to the receiving gadget, and its compatible with lots of programs and software.

    However, it does come with some disadvantages.

    • It does not allow reprogramming of the ECU on a car.
    • Connection with some iOS devices may fail.
    • Data transmission can be interrupted if the wireless network connection is weak.

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    List Of Obd2 Compatible Cars

    For your convenience, we have prepared a list of supported cars, and protocols and car brands that are absolutely compatible with the OBD2 standard.

    ISO 15765-4 protocol

    • Lincoln
    • Mazda.

    To ensure the correct operation of the autoscanner for diagnostics, you need to have a device with installed and configured software . You can use it as the bundled software, or find a suitable program on the Internet . If elm327 does not connect to the ECU, it is necessary to clarify what the reason is – the defect of the autoscanner, or a simple incompatibility.

    The ELM327 autoscanner can work not only via bluetooth, but also via wi-fi networks or using a USB cable. Standard size the autoscanner is about 5×3 centimeters, but there are also smaller versions.

    Autoscanners working via bluetooth are the most popular, since they are much more reliable in their design, and work with them is the most simple, convenient and intuitive. Among other things, ELM327 series 1.5 scanners are suitable for most vehicles. By clicking on the link, you can buy an ELM327 autoscanner from a trusted supplier.

    Now on the market of autoscanners you can find models of the 1.6 and 2.1 series, but you should not buy them, since these devices have a number of limitations, in particular, they relate to compatibility with ECUs of many car brands. So be sure to specify when buying which adapter series. If the autoscanner does not connect to the ECU, be sure to contact technical support and find out the reason.

    Bluetooth Pairing Codes & Wifi Passwords

    Bluetooth scanners use a pairing code to pair the device to your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Different manufacturers use different codes and some even change them from time to time. Most commonly the adapters will use ‘0000’, ‘1234’, ‘6789’, ‘12345678’ or something similar. If the seller you purchased from did not give you with this try the numbers we provided. If they don’t work, email the seller for help, and if they aren’t any help just return the unit and buy one out of our store. We’re not going to skimp when it comes to supplying you this.

    WiFi adapters use a code to secure the connection between your smart phone, tablet or computer and your interface. If it asks you for a code, enter ‘12345678’ or another combination that would be easy to remember. If you are unable to figure out the code, contact the vendor who sold you the unit.

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    Review: Elm327 Bluetooth Obdii Inner Parts

    Im not into cars to such an extent that I have an OBD-II analyzer in my toolkit. But when I discovered Chinese sources for $9-$20 USB& Bluetooth adapters, I couldnt say no.

    Actually, my search for OBD capability was inspired by a persistent check-engine idiot light . I found that the usual Chinese sources carried many wired & wireless adapters, and I ended up getting this adapter from obdii365.com I knew it might not work, but it had good reviews, and I wasnt risking much.

    Sure enough, it did work well enough at least to report the misfire code and let me turn off the engine light. Then, curiosity got the better of me, and I had to see what was inside. Ill leave it to an enterprising reader to figure out the BOM cost. How can they make it so cheaply?

    Heres the dongle it doesnt know whats about to hit it. The LEDs do activate when the device is in use, but its not clear if they have specific meanings. LEDless dongles of about 1/3 the size are also available.

    I thought it might have one of those easy-to-snap-together, hard-to-unsnap cases, but no, I found the screws.

    A look at the guts the overall quality is surprisingly high:

    The quality of soldering and general manufacture is excellent. The only flux residue on this side of the board is from a 3-lead through-hole component, which brings us to the topside:

    If you already have a USB OBD-II dongle you like, yet find Bluetooth appealing, check out avrnoobs Bluetooth hack, and also his power booster!

    Reasons Why The Adapter Refuses To Connect To The Car’s Ecu

    How To Set Up A Budget OBDII ELM 327 Bluetooth Interface

    ELM327 diagnostic devices are equipped with a Bluetooth function, with the help of which the device can interact with the system using two out of six protocols. That is, it is not necessary for the car owner to use a wire to connect to the ECU, since a wireless connection can be provided.

    Often, car owners are faced with the problem of inability to connect a device with a control module, why does this happen:

  • You have purchased a poor quality adapter. In this case, we are not talking about the firmware, but about the inoperability of the hardware filling, this is typical for defective devices. If the board is out of order or initially inoperative, then it will be impossible to check the motor’s performance. Accordingly, how to connect to the control unit.
  • Damaged or defective cable preventing device communication. It is necessary to diagnose the wire for damage.
  • Another reason the connection might be missing is because of poor firmware. If the software version is too old, then it will be impossible to synchronize the work of the device with the car .
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    How To Connect And Work With The Device

    The ELM327 Bluetooth diagnostic autoscanner communicates with the car’s on-board computer via the OBD2 connector. After insertion into the connector, the device connects via Bluetooth with the mobile device of the car owner.

    Please note that your mobile device must run on Android OS, since it is for this operating system that a special program for transferring data from the scanner to the mobile device has been developed. The Torque software is supplied with the scanner on a separate disk. It is this program that will display all detected errors, highlight the sensor readings.

    When connecting the ELM327 to the car’s internal network, you need to unlock the phone and activate the Torque program. When you start the program for the first time, you need to establish a stable connection between the ELM327 Bluetooth scanner and the specified program. To do this, you need:

  • Enter the Bluetooth section and turn it on.
  • Then turn on “Search for new networks”. The phone should find “New Device”.
  • Tap on this line if you have a touchscreen mobile device, or hover over the activation cursor if you have a non-touchscreen phone.
  • The ELM327 mini diagnostic scanner is automatically authorized on your mobile device.
  • Please note that there are two types of scanner configuration – in a blue case and in a black case . The blue scanner authenticates without passwords, while the black scanner has three preset password options:

    • 1234
    • 6789.

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