Philips Hue White A19 Bluetooth Smart Led Bulb

Philips Hue A19 Bluetooth Smart Led Bulb 60w

Philips Hue Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb (Review)

Seller:mccorkl8194.2%, Location:Moreno Valley, California, US, Ships to: US, Item:353641392190Philips Hue A19 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb 60W – White and Color Ambiance . Philips Hue A19 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb 60W – White and Color Ambiance . Condition:Open box, Model:Philips Hue A19, UPC:0046677548483, Light Color:Multicolor, Color Temperature:1500 – 2000 K Candle Light, Number of Bulbs:1-4, MPN:548487, Year Manufactured:2000, Material:Glass, Brand:Philips, Connectors:Screw, Bulb Shape Code:A19, Lumens:800-999 lm, Voltage:120 V, Amperage:60 A, Features:Energy Saving, Dimmable, Sound Sensor, COB, RGB, Frosted, Motion Sensor, Sensor, Bulb Life Hours:25,000-29,999 hrs, Output Voltage:120 V, Finish:Color, Bulb Wattage:60 W, Bulb Shape:Standard, Lighting Technology:LED See More

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Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 Bluetooth Smart Led Bulb Adjustable White

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  • Get warm to cool white light in your home with two smart light bulbs. Use cool light to energize you in the morning and warm tones to unwind at night. Connect to the Hue Bridge to unlock the full smart lighting control and features.

    • Away-from-home smart light control
    • Smart lights to wake you up and help you sleep
    • Control lights with your voice
    • Enjoy the right smart lighting for daily tasks

    Best Color Led Smart Bulb

    No one does smart lighting better than Signifys Philips Hue, and adding Bluetooth while keeping Zigbee makes it cheaper and a whole lot easier to get started.

    Philips was one of the first players in this market, and the companys experience shows. Physically, its Hue Color and Ambiance bulbs havent changed much since their introduction in late 2012, but the latest generation lasts a lot longer and the company has added a Bluetooth radio that obviates the need for the Philips Hue Bridge . The Philips Hue ecosystem is the industrys deepest and broadest, including not only bulbs of every shape and size imaginable, but also indoor and outdoor fixtures as well, including the Philips Hue Calla pathway light and the Philips Hue Lily outdoor spotlight, both of which we like very much.

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    Unlock Full Suite Of Smart Light Features With Hue Bridge

    Add a Hue Bridge to your Bluetooth-controlled setup to make your smart lighting system even smarter.With the Hue Bridge, you can add up to 50 lights including your existing Bluetooth-enabled lights and smart accessories throughout your entire home, as well as unlock upgraded features such as away-from-home control.

    Are Smart Bulbs Really All Youll Ever Want

    Philips Hue White A19 Smart LED Bulb

    But before you conclude that Wi-Fi smart bulbs are the way to go, ask yourself if you think youll ever want to go farther in the pursuit of a smart home. The Philips Hue ecosystem is bigger and broader than any other smart lighting family on the market it includes not just the A19 bulbs youll install in lamps and pendants, but also the BR30 downlights youll install in ceiling cans, PAR bulbs, GU bulbs, and a host of other specialty shapes and sizes, including lights designed to complement your TV-viewing experience. TP-Link has LED strip lights and BR30 downlightsand thats it.

    Mentioned in this article

    Philips also offers Hue-based lighting fixtures for both indoor and outdoor installations, including landscape and path lighting. Theres also a whole collection of accessories, ranging from indoor and outdoor motion sensors to portable switchesand thats just the Philips Hue-branded product collection. Explore the Friends of Hue program and youll find dozens more third-party products. No competitor comes close.

    Michael Brown / IDG

    The A19 version of the Philips Hue smart bulb looks no different than the previous generations. The only difference is the addition of a Bluetooth radio.

    None of these options are inexpensive, but every device weve reviewed to date has been of very high quality.


    Trust me, you will want the Philips Hue Bridge sooner rather than later.

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    Indoor Hue Bulbs Should Be Fine But Use Caution

    One reason why Philips doesnt recommend using its indoor Hue bulbs outdoors is because of the heat during the summer. Philips Hue bulbs already run pretty hot when theyre used in your home, so using them outside where it can easily reach 90 degrees simply makes these bulbs run even hotter, and can shorten the lifespan of the bulb.

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    Of course, typical LED bulbs are rated to last around 25,000 hours, so even if you left a Hue bulb on for eight hours every day, it would take a little over eight-and-a-half years before the bulb finally dieda little less if theyre run in less-than-ideal conditions. By then, therell probably be newer versions of Hue bulbs available that youd want to upgrade to anyway.

    Overall, though, theres really not much to be worried about. Many users have indoor Hue bulbs mounted in various outdoor fixtures and havent run into any problems. I personally have a Hue bulb mounted in my front porch light that turns on at dusk and stays on all night until dawn. Even during big heat waves, the bulb still worked just fine.

    Just as long as the bulb is mounted in a moderately sheltered light fixture that protects it from rain, snow, hail, and other elements, then its fine to use a Philips Hue bulb outdoors. Just know that the bulb may not last as long as it could if it were used indoors in better conditions.

    White Led Bulbs Are Smart Too

    With their rainbow of hues and myriad party tricks, color LEDs get all the press in the world of smart lighting. Its fun stuff, but the reality is that most of us will rarely find much of a need to turn all the lights in the house blue or redunless its time to celebrate our team winning the World Series. Even then, youll probably want to turn them all back to white after the celebration.

    White light is also important in its own right, as today there is plenty of science to show how various shades of whitewith variations in color temperatureimpact our psychological state. Cool light thats closer to blue has an energizing effect, and is best in the morning. Warm light is relaxing, and is best after the sun goes down. Note, however, that not every white LED smart bulb is color-temperature-tunable. Check out the specs before you buy.

    White smart bulbs downplay the party features that are a staple of color-tunable bulbs. On the other hand, white smart bulbs are less expensive than color bulbs, making it more affordable to roll them out in multiple rooms.

    Weve tested just about every color and white LED smart bulb on the market. Youll find links to all our reviews at the bottom of the page, and well update this story as new models are introduced.

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    If Youre Really Worried Use An Actual Outdoor Hue Light

    If youre not comfortable using an indoor Hue bulb outside, then you might consider using a Hue light fixture thats actually made to be outdoors, and Philips makes a few different options, with a few more rumored to be available soon.

    They do sell a bulb thats specifically made for outdoor applications, although its a flood light and would only be suitable for those types of fixtures.

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    They also have a bulb aimed at recessed can light fixtures. While its not specifically design for outdoor use, its at least made to withstand a widee temperature range, from around -4 degrees Fahrenheit to about 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Philips also makes a few different outdoor light fixtures, including wall-mounted options like the Inara, Ludere, and Lucca. They also offer path lights of sorts, like the Lily and the , which can be linked together using a single power cable.

    And if thats not enough, its rumored that Philips will release some outdoor lights in the near future, thanks to the company leaking their own future products ahead of time.

    Keep in mind that you dont want to go too far out from your house with any kind of Hue bulb, whether its an outdoor one or not. If you do, it might not be able to communicate with your hub.

    Philips Hue White Ambiance Br30

    Philips Hue Bulb White A19 Smart Light with wifi Bluetooth

    Yes, you can control the latest Philips Hue smart bulbs with just your smartphone or smart speaker via Bluetooth, saving you the cost of buying the Hue Bridge. But not having the Bridge very much limits your options.

    Being a dyed-in-the-wool smart home enthusiast with smart lighting in every room of my home, I sometimes forget that not everyone is interested in diving straight into the deep end of the pool. So I have two distinct recommendations regarding the latest generation of Philips Hue smart bulbs: For enthusiasts like me, I say go for it! For folks who just want to dabble in smart lighting, I say there are less-expensive alternatives if youre convinced you dont want to wade deeper into the smart home waters.

    The quality of light these new Hue bulbs produce is every bit as good as the bulbs that came before, and they have one new feature the others didnt: support for Bluetooth in addition to the more robust mesh network protocol Zigbee. That change means you can control these new bulbs with your smart device without needing to also buy the Philips Hue Zigbee-to-Wi-Fi bridge.

    Michael Brown / IDG

    Signify is currently shipping its next-generation Philips Hue bulbs in BR30 and A19 form factors, but the entire line will eventually support Bluetooth in addition to Zigbee.

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    Transferring The Bulbs To The Hue Bridge

    Michael Brown / IDG

    It is push-button easy to transfer control of the Bluetooth/Zigbee bulbs from your smart device to the Philips Hue Bridge.

    Once you get a taste for what smart lighting can do for your home, youll want to add more of it, at which point youll quickly bump up against the 10-bulb limit that Bluetooth imposes . Fortunately, Signify makes it very easy to transfer previously installed bulbs from Bluetooth control to the Philips Hue Bridge. Once you have the Bridge hardwired to your router, simply open the Hue BT app, click the Transfer to Hue Bridge button, and then click the I Have a Bridge button on the next screen. Press the physical button on the Bridge itself, and the app will transfer the Bluetooth bulbs you select to the Bridge. The whole process took less than five minutes to transfer the four bulbs I tested.

    One of the many advantages of using the Hue Bridge is the ability to assign Hue bulbs to rooms, so that you can control all the lights in one room simultaneouslyturning them all on or off with one button press, dimming them all with a single slider, or setting a lighting scene in the app. Having the Bridge also allows you to establish room-based routines set your lights to operate on a schedule or a timer control your lights while youre away from home and lots more.

    Smart Light Bulb Protocols And Features

    Three control technologies continue to vie for leadership in the smart bulb market .

    • Zigbee: Bulbs that use the popular smart-home networking protocol require a bridge to communicate with your home Wi-Fi network. This is the technology Philips has adopted for its Hue lineup, but its not the only one.
    • Wi-Fi: This class of bulb talks directly to your Wi-Fi router, no hub or bridge required. LIFX and TP-Link both manufacture excellent Wi-Fi smart bulbs, but neither company comes close to Signifys Philips Hue lineup in terms of the depth and breadth of the Hue ecosystem.
    • Bluetooth: These bulbs skip your home network altogether and pair directly with your smartphone or tablet. As such, they cant be controlled from outside your home. GE and a number of other manufacturers make Bluetooth bulbs, some of better quality than others. Signify has recently added Bluetooth radios to its Philips Hue line of smart bulbs, which eliminates the need to deploy the Philips Hue Bridge. Taking the bridge out of the equation reduces the overall cost of deployment, but adds some limitations. You can read more in our review of the new Philips Hue bulbs.

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    Philips Hue White A19 Led Smart Bulb

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    Smart Bulb Or Smart Switch


    Theres a significant argument about the best way to install smart lighting, and two approaches present themselves. You can either go with expensive smart bulbs and control them all individually, or you can use cheap dumb bulbs and install smart switches to control all the lights on that circuit. Both approaches make sense: With smart bulbs, the biggest issue is cost, but theres also complexity to deal with. While bulbs can usually be grouped based on location, this is only as intuitive to manage as the bulb control app.


    A smart dimmer switch on the wall, such as this Leviton model, makes more sense than smart light bulbs in some cases.

    Smart switches, on the other hand, are far more complicated to installto the point where some users might be uncomfortable dealing with exposed wiring and would prefer to hire an electrician. Smart switches, however, provide more flexibility in many installations.

    Habituated from years of flipping hard-wired switches, many users will instinctively use the wall switch to turn the lights out when they leave a room. Once that happens, all the apps in the world wont be able to turn the light back on until the switch is returned to the on position. While this wont be an issue if you install smart switches, they cant change a bulbs color or color temperature.

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    Philips Hue White A19 Bluetooth Smart Led Bulb 4 Pack


    Easy smart lighting in your home with these 4 fully dimmable smart light bulbs. Control them instantly via Bluetooth in one room, or connect to a Hue bridge to unlock the full set of smart lighting features.


    Set the right mood with soft white lightDimmable from bright daylight to low nightlights, these smart lights allow you to fill your home with just the right level of light when you need it.

    LED bulb technologyDesigned to provide longer, more energy-efficient illumination.

    Unlock full set of smart light features with Hue bridge Add a Hue bridge to your smart lights to experience the full set of Philips Hue features. With a Hue Bridge, you can add up to 50 smart lights to control throughout your home.

    Create timers and routines to automate your entire smart home lighting setup, use your lights to wake up and go to sleep. Control your lights while away from home, or add accessories, such as motion sensors and smart switches.

    Control lights with your voiceGet hands-free control of your lights and use your voice instead! Simple voice commands allow you to control multiple lights in a room or just a single lamp.*

    Control up to 10 lights with Bluetooth appWith the Hue Bluetooth app, you can control directly your Hue smart lights in a single room of your home. Add up to 10 smart lights, and control them all with just a touch of a button on your mobile device.

    Works with Alexa when used with a compatible Echo device.

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    A Worthy Successor In The Philips Hue Line

    Signifys Philips Hue bulbs are by far the most expensive smart bulbs you can buy, but they are also the most capable and no bulb weve tested produces higher-quality light. And it bears repeating that the Hue ecosystem is bigger and more complete than any other smart lighting system youll encounter.

    Adding Bluetooth makes it easier and cheaper to get started with Hue lighting, because it saves you the cost of the Bridge, and you can still control them with Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands . But the bulbs themselves are no less expensive than the previous generation. And most people will want the Bridge eventually anywayit just adds too many attractive benefits. Fortunately, Philips makes that transfer almost easier than setting up the bulbs on Bluetooth in the first place. So is the new generation worthy? Absolutely.

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