Phone Screen Magnifier With Bluetooth Speaker

Danielll 3d Hd Screen Magnifier

Phone Screen Magnifier w/ Built-In Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone & Android (Amazon & Tuesday Morning)

This screen amplifier is suitable for devices from 4.0 to 6.5-inch. The phone screen amplifier also has the construction of solid, grainy wood. Moreover, the model works best in low light conditions. The log compression material makes this slim-profile model ultra-light. This folding stand folds down to a seven-fold structure.

The flannel fit protection also prolongs the lifespan of this magnifier. Furthermore, the 3D screen comes with the construction of high-quality material. The eco-friendly screen magnifier produces no bad smells. This screen supports HD zoom optical technology. However, this model runs without any battery. The Fresnel threaded lens offers exceptional durability. You can magnify your phone screen up to two times.


  • HD zoom optical technology for superior performance.
  • Comes in an odorless design.
  • Long-lasting use due to high-quality construction.
  • Compatible with all types of phones.

Best For Larger Display: Wantu Anti

This screen magnifier from Wantu offers an enhanced viewing experience due to the curved design of its layout. The curve allows for a more comfortable view and complements the magnified nature of the presentation to support a larger display. It also creates a 3D effect which adds to the overall experience. The anti-blue light technology makes viewing easier on the eyes by canceling out glare and reducing visual fatigue. Despite its curved design, the screen magnifier is durable and lightweight to promote portability. This is a great option for watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

Pawaca Phone Screen Magnifier Premium Choice

We selected the Pawaca phone screen magnifier as our premium choice for its sturdy yet portable telescopic design. You can either compress this screen magnifier almost flat for storage or expand it fully for viewing.

Compatible with most mobile phones, the acrylic lens magnifies between two to four times the size of your phone screen. The high definition lens offers a tablet-sized viewing area with suitable clarity. You can adjust the angle of the lens for your comfort.

To use, place your phone into the phone slot on the back of the box-like structure. Accessing your phone may become a bit difficult and inconvenient. Youll need to reach in and remove your phone each time you need to operate it.

The Pawaca costs more than similar items on our list. We found that darkened conditions improved the viewing quality and reduced the occurrence of glare, however.

Youll not only get a screen magnifier but also a Bluetooth speaker with the Jteman phone screen magnifier. The speaker provides high-definition stereo sound, while the screen is made with high-definition acrylic for a 3D HD viewing experience.

The Bluetooth speaker offers hands-free operation of your phone. The speaker has control buttons for adjusting the volume, answering phone calls, and video operations. The Bluetooth speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery. Both the battery and USB cord are included with purchase. You can also use the power bank to charge your phone.

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Wilelva 3d Phone Screen Magnifier

This item appears with the most recent Bluetooth technology-enabled. It also comes with a 12-inch HD and 3D blue-light Fresnel lens with anti-UV and radiation protection enabled to keep your eyes safe.

The rechargeable battery is also huge and can go on for a longer period of time. The design makes it hands-free and portable.

The device comes attached with a detachable Bluetooth speaker with surround sound. The magnifier is compatible with a wide range of phones and the price is also above average.

Dizaul Screen Magnifier For Smartphone

AUTCARIBLE 8.5 inches Phone Screen Magnifier Bluetooth ...

This phone screen magnifier has a distinctive appearance. The wooden frame structure also makes this amplifier look beautiful. Moreover, this lightweight, travel-friendly screen enlarger comes with a simple folding structure. This 12-inch screen amplifier works with multiple smartphones. However, the model runs without any battery. You can use this model for 4.0 to 6.5-inch smartphones. This frame also easily collapses when not in use.

You can place a keyboard and play games by using this magnifier. Furthermore, this projector screen effectively lessens fatigue on your eyes. This lightweight model simply converts your smartphone into a PlayStation. You can hands-freely enjoy a theater-like movie watching experience at home. The lens of this model has an HD zoom optical technology. This system also works with iOS and Android-operated smartphones.


  • Helps to relieve visual discomfort and fatigue.
  • Suitable for different purposes.
  • Extended durability with high-quality construction.

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Best With Bluetooth Speakers: Jteman Screen Magnifier 3d For Smart Mobile Phone

If youre looking for a screen magnifier that comes complete with Bluetooth speaker technology, the Jteman Screen Magnifier 3D is for you. It includes a wireless Bluetooth portable speaker that is capable of four hours of playtime and offers pristine sound quality. The magnifier also comes with a lens visor that protects the device from scratches and other damage. The screen magnifier doubles as a photo frame, and the speaker can play music when the screen magnifier is not in use. You can even use the device to charge your phone as youre watching your favorite movies!

Curved Projector 3d Phone Screen Amplifier


  • Lightweight and curved display prone to damage
  • Adjustable glass may become loose in the long run
  • No additional buttons
  • This one from Amazon comes with 12 curved adjustable display which is an advantage for the users. You dont need to change your sitting posture instead you can change the angle of the magnifier glass to get the best view. You can enjoy mobile games and videos with theatre like feel. The entire setup is simple and easy and doesnt require any battery power. However, it lacks any additional buttons which can come handy while watching a movie.

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    Oretech Smartphone Screen Magnifier

    The OreTech Smartphone Screen Magnifier can magnify your phone screen up to four times. The phone magnifier can lit up your Netflix sessions and helps you stay away from eye fatigue. The screen magnifier is easy to carry thanks to its foldable design.

    This smartphone magnifier is pretty much suitable for people who look for entertainment on the go. The Orefech screen magnifier comes with Optical technology and uses the acrylic Fresnel lens. This reduces lens distortion and gives your sharper video outputs every time. There is no Bluetooth speaker or any add-on options.

    Key Features:

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    Dizaul 12 Phone Screen Magnifier

    12′ 3D Phone Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing | Unboxer Shorts Review

    The Dizaul phone screen magnifier is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. The phone magnifier can magnify your smartphone screen 2x times without any image distortion. With HD zoom optical technology, you get crisp and clear magnified images without any quality loss.

    This phone screen magnifier is of good quality material and is durable. You dont require any batteries. The smartphone magnifier amplifies your iPhone screen and relieves fatigue and eye strain. A thing to note is that you should keep the screen brightness at optimum to get the best clarity.

    Key Features:

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    Ar Hd Phone Magnifier

    This phone screen amplifier comes along with a minimalist footprint. Therefore, you can hassle-freely travel with this screen ex pander. Moreover, the 3D screen enlarger transforms your smartphone screen into an HD-quality screen. This model works with a smartphone up to a 7-inch screen. You can magnify a screen up to four times. You can carry this magnifier along with you almost everywhere.

    The top-notch Fresnel lens also delivers crystal-clear visual content. Furthermore, this lens has the construction of long-lasting ABS and acrylic materials. This screen magnifier runs without any battery. You can enjoy hands-free reading, gaming, watching content, and more. The humanized design makes this amplifier exceptionally practical. This magnifier consists of a fordable phone stand. This universal model is suitable for various smartphones.


    • Powerful performance with 3D compatibility.
    • Perfect for a wide range of applications.
    • Clear picture with a top Fresnel lens.
    • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

    Apad 12 Screen Magnifier

    This Screen magnifier is an upgraded 3D curved screen amplifier suitable for your smartphones. This one here can magnify your screen display up to 4 times, making it perfect for watching movies and for gaming. The smartphone magnifier reduces eye fatigue and lets you play games and other stuff without any fuss. The curved screen gives you the feel of 3D motion pictures.

    Apad phone screen magnifier makes the display, bigger, brighter, and is comfortable for your eyes. This screen magnifier is compact and easy to use. It doesnt need any batteries and takes minimal space for storage. The foldable lightweight design makes it easy to carry around when youre on the go.

    Key Features:

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    Phone Screen Magnifier Enlarger 12 3d Screen By Ansharqwertyuiop

    • Anshar Smartphone Screen Amplifier Advantages: Curved surface design for clearer picture & larger viewing angle. Enlarge the screen 2-6 times Watching angle and distance can be adjusted and no slipping More helpful to protect eyes ROHS material is more high-grade and environmentally friendly.
    • Curved surface design: Anshar Phone screen magnifier is an upgraded item, we use curved surface design to improve customer feedback about the viewing picture is not clear, the angle is too small. Upgraded phone screen magnifier is more clearly viewed and the viewing angle can reach 120°.
    • Smartphone Magnifier 2-6 Times: Zooming in 2-6 times allows you to adjust the watching distance according to the size of the screen. It can be watched by one person or 2 or more. It is good for many people to watch together.

    Top Pick / Best Design: Dizaul Pro Mobile Phone 3d Magnifier Projector Screen

    3D Screen Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth ...

    The sleek wood design of this phone screen magnifier by Dizaul Pro gives it a luxury-feel that will make it a great addition to your home decor. Rather than invest in an expensive device with a larger screen, the screen magnifier can upgrade your view by acting as a projector to double the size of your screen, so you wont have to spend an arm and a leg to get the same results. This screen magnifier is designed to be used with most smartphones, so you wont have to worry about compatibility issues. More over, it doesnt require batteries or any other power source, which allows for easy and convenient use. Keep this screen magnifier as a statement piece in your home, or take advantage of its lightweight design by using it on-the-go.

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    Dizaul 12 Screen Magnifier: One Of The Best Mobile Phone Screen Magnifiers

    This wooden design holds the 12-inch screen properly and makes it easy to store anywhere. Its affordable, durable, and comes in a very attractive look. The size is that of a tablet, and the glass zooms the screen by two times.

    The functioning of the holder is a little different than the others. It does not come with a suction holder for your phone. Instead, your phone rests on the rolled back top layer of the magnifier.

    Although its a good buy, the screen does not come in HD or 3D compatibility and not a very good fit for reading.

    Gliston 3d Phone Screen Enlarger

    This phone screen magnifier has a 3D curve screen. Therefore, this model also gives you the best in class movie-watching experience. The phone screen enlarger simply magnifies a screen up to four times. Moreover, the gadget works with a wide variety of smartphones. You can use this model for a device up to 6.5-inch. The HD threaded lens reduces visual fatigue.

    The folding bracket lets you adjust the viewing angle up to 45-degree. Furthermore, the strong suction baffle keeps the phone stable. The skid-resistant groove does not let the smartphone wobble. The pressure-resistant magnifier offers exceptional toughness and durability. The magnifier has the construction of impact-resistant ABS plastic material.


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    Ar 10 Hd Phone Magnifier

    The Ar Phone magnifier comes with a glass display panel thats around 10. It is an easy-to-use phone screen magnifier that is compatible with most of the smartphones out there. The phone magnifier is capable of enlarging your screen to up to 4x time. In fact, you can toggle the zoom level from 2, 3, or 4 times as per your need.

    This phone screen magnifier does not require any batteries. You can adjust the docking area to get the best video clarities and projections. Being lightweight and compact makes it easy to carry around. It suits the gamers who need to be aware of their gaming arena all the time.

    Key Features:

    Goeco Phone Screen Magnifier Screen Amplifier With Bluetooth Speaker 12 ” Hd 3d Video Screen Magnifier With

    Best Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier with Blue Tooth Speaker
    • F12 Screen AmplifierF12 mobile phone screen amplifier is a 12-inch large screen mobile phone screen amplifier with Bluetooth audio. The lens adopts Fresnel optics and acrylic high-definition lens to make the viewing effect of the screen realistic and three-dimensional.
    • Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth speakerThe F12 mobile phone screen amplifier adds a Bluetooth speaker with diaphragm, which solves the problem of low phone sound. Whether watching TV or listening to music, you can experience the high and low sounds of the theater diaphragm sound at any time.
    • Phone ChargingUsers can purchase 18650 batteries and install them by themselves, and they can be taken out anytime and anywhere. When the battery is installed, it can also be used as an emergency mobile power source to charge the phone, or it can be used immediately after plugging in the power cord and turning on the power.
    • Easy to carry: Lightweight and portable mobile phone accessories. Foldable, suitable for indoor, camping, travel, leisure, anywhere, etc. The screen magnifier of this phone is very suitable for any smart phone.When using with the bracket, the fixing clip needs to be activated to prevent the phone from falling.
    • Perfect GiftMade of high-quality acrylic + ABS, not easy to break. 6D mobile phone screen magnifier is an ideal gift for the elderly, children and movie lovers. Suitable for indoor, camping, tourism, leisure and other places.

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    Pologyase Phone Screen Magnifier 12/14inch Foldable Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier For Movies Videos Gaming 3x

    • Non-slip Phone Amplifier ScreenSilicone non-slip design, magnifying glass and mobile phone will not slip. It prevents fatigue and radiation, even if you watch movies all day, you won’t feel tired.When not in use,the foldable case can protect the screen from wear and tear
    • Better View ExperienceNew upgrade 3D screen magnifier, magnify the phone screen 3-4 times,View angle and distance can be adjusted HD mirror helps protect eyes and provide higher screen resolutionake HD zoom optical technology, Solid ABS 3D screen, 3D visual enjoyment.
    • Lightweight & PortableLight weight, easy to carry, using high-definition zoom optical technology, effectively preventing the radiation generated by the mobile phone from harming the human body. Our Mobile screen amplifier collapsible stand is compatible with all smartphones.
    • Great GiftSimple and Stylish design make this product your best choice of holiday gifts for your friends or loved ones. A Smart Gift For Family,Old man,Girl / Boy Friend. Any question or problems about the product, please don’t hesitate to contact us with just an email, our Responsive Customer Service Team would be more happy to help you within 24 hours.
    • 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeAny question or problems about the product, please don’t hesitate to contact us with just an email, our Responsive Customer Service Team would be more happy to help you within 24 hours.

    Prime Zoom Phone Screen Magnifier

    The casing of this magnifier is made up of environmentally friendly leather instead of plastic which gives it a more premium look.

    The non-HD display zooms the screen up to 2 3 times. It is easily portable but does not give proper grip to the mobile phone at the back. The foldable design makes it easily carriable and lightweight.

    The display tends to have a bit of glare.

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    Gliston 3d Phone Screen Enlarger Best Overall

    Our choice for the best overall phone screen magnifier goes to the GLISTON 3D Phone Screen Enlarger. Designed to be compatible with most mobile phones, the curved screen magnifier enlarges your screen by two to four times.

    Ideal for watching movies or for gaming, this phone screen magnifier creates a high-quality viewing experience without distortions. The magnifying screen is an HD threaded lens that enhances clarity and reduces eye strain. Supporting the screen is a folding bracket, which can adjust your viewing angle to reduce shoulder and neck fatigue.

    Made with sturdy acrylic material, this phone screen magnifiers lightweight, foldable design is durable and portable. The curved screen is made to sustain flattening and restore it to its shape. The phone stand is designed to securely hold your phone in place with thoughtful features such as a suction baffle and non-slip groove.

    This phone screen magnifier works well for most users, but the clarity of viewing experience varies.

    • Clarity of viewing experience may vary

    Baoxr 3d Screen Magnifier Best Value


    If youre looking for the best phone screenmagnifier for the money, you may want to consider the Baoxr 3D screen magnifier. At a great price, youll get an upgraded HD lens that provides a realistic and dynamic viewing experience with 3D effects. It magnifies your screen between three to five times.

    The viewing area size compares to the dimensions of a tablet and is set at a comfortable 60-degree angle. Your phone rests easily on a plastic support. When youre finished using it, you can fold it up easily for storage, and its lightweight enough to bring with you.

    Keep in mind that this phone screen magnifier is designed specifically for use with Samsung phones. Other brands of phones may work but you may lose quality. Also, the plastic construction may not be durable, and some components may break after several uses.

    • Only designed for Samsung phones
    • Plastic construction may not be durable

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