Plantronics Bluetooth Hearing Aid Adapter

Hearing Aid Tips When Using Telephone Headsets

How to Connect your Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Devices?

As the Lead Consultant on the JAN Sensory Team, I receive many questions about hearing aids and telephone headsets. One common issue with these type of questions is that there are many different types of hearing aids, as well as numerous models of headsets. Some hearing aids can work with specialized types of headsets, but in many cases, it is necessary to think outside the box and find a solution when there isnt easy compatibility.

When seeking a hearing aid compatible headset, it may be necessary to clarify the features of the hearing aid that will be used, in relation to the type of headset features that provide the greatest compatibility. The assistance of an audiologist may be helpful in determining whether a specific type of equipment configuration will meet an individuals needs.

As an alternative accommodation example, a non-Bluetooth enabled phone can be adapted using a Bluetooth streamer such as the Plantronics MDA200 with a SSP-2714-01 Bluetooth Dongle to connect the streamer to a desk phone. Some users may also prefer to use a handset lifter, such as the Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter in order to answer the phone from a distance. These Plantronics products are but some of many examples of assistive technologies that may be beneficial in accommodating sensory impairments. JAN does not endorse or recommend products or vendors, but offers options that may facilitate an effective accommodation.

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Handset cable – Quick Disconnect – Quick Disconnect

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Plantronics/jabra Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets For Office Phone And Computer Soft Phone:

Almost 16% of adults suffer from hearing loss. In Europe about 71 million of the working population have a hearing loss greater than 25 dB. Heres how can help:

Many hearing aids today have EIA 504 standard telecoils . Telecoils are used in place of the microphone to pick up sound from magnetic source such as a telephone handset. Telecoils also eliminates feedback and reduces background noise. All landline phones are required by law to be Telecoil compatible.

Plantronics EncorePro headsets model HW510, HW520 are special headsets fitted with HAC Telecoil speakers and, therefore, they emit very high levels of magnetic energy. These headsets are compatible with BTE and ITE aids providing, of course, they have telecoils built in.

Bt300 Hac Bluetooth Usb Stick

Plantronics PL

Bluetooth Adapter for Hearing Aids with BT-interface

  • Compatible with Phonak, Oticon and Starkey Surflink Bluetooth enabled with hearing aids pendant system
  • Compatible with any system working with 56-bit security
  • Can be used together with the MDA220 for the landline phone

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Dear customers, we would like to draw your attention to the fact, thatnew goods can be delivered with delay.This concerns many headsets and accessories. We have put together immediately available products in a Goods marked with “Immediately available” do not affect these possible delays. For larger orders or inquiries, we ask you to

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Pairing Your Bluetooth Hearing Aid To The Mda220/ssp2714

For people who have hearing issues and are constantly on their phones there are a couple of solutions available that enable them to be able to have more control over the volume of the phone conversations.

If the employee has a corded headset it is advisable that they utilize an amplifier, which will enable them to have much more control over the volume of the phone calls.

For Jabra corded headsets there are two amplifiers currently on the market, the

and the GN Netcom 8210:

The Jabra Link 860 is powered through a usb port or one can purchase the optional AC adapter. The GN Netcom 8210 comes with an AC adapter. These are basically the only differences between the two aside from the look.

For a user of Plantronics corded headsets one can utilize either,

or the Plantronic MX10:

The Plantronics M22 is mainly for your desk phone while the MX10 can be used with both your deskphone and computer if needed.

For employees who have hearing aids which can utilize Bluetooth there is a different option. Plantronics have developed a special Bluetooth Adapter Dongle which allows certain hearing aids to attach to it wirelessly.

The Dongle is called the Plantronics SSP 2714-01:

In order to use the Dongle you must first get the Plantronics MDA220:

Once you have everything connected following these instructions in order to get everything setup:

1) Put the MiniTek into pairing mode

2) The SSP 2714-01 should discover the device and turn solid blue

How To Connect A Bluetooth Hearing Aid To An Office Telephone

A lot of people run into an issue when trying to connect their Bluetooth hearing aid to their office telephone. Their are two main reasons why people run into trouble when trying to adapt a hearing aid for office phones. The first is that ninety percent of the phones sold commercially are not Bluetooth enabled and cannot connect to a headset. The second reason is that wireless headsets use DECT 6.0 wireless technology, and the ones that are Bluetooth enabled use the Bluetooth as a Line-In, not to broadcast audio.

Luckily, there is a solution for you! Plantronics has made it simple and easy to hook up your Bluetooth hearing aid to both your office telephone and your computer! The trick is in using a Plantronics MDA220 USB Switch!

This device is typically used to connect a USB Headset to an office phone. By using a special Plantronics SSP 2714-01 Bluetooth Adapter Dongle you can adapt this device to work with a Bluetooth Hearing Aid! NOTE: THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER DONGLE. This will even work in tandem with a lifter so that you dont have to take the phone of the hook when answering a call! Below you will see how the device is set-up to connect to all three items:

If your hearing does not include a pendant , you will need a Bluetooth hearing aid pendant , which can purchased from an audiologist

For remote answering you can add the Plantronics HL10 for remote answering, MDA200 power supply 86079-01 is needed if you want to add the HL10 lifter.

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Wireless Solution For Use For Softphone On A Computer:

To use the Bluetooth hearing aid on a PC for a soft phone application, you simply need the Plantronics SSP2714 and a Bluetooth hearing aid compatible pendant then youre all set to go.

Optional Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter or EHS cables are also compatible with with the MDA220. Fee free to call one of our headset experts at if you need further assistance.

*application Note: The customer must determine the security level of their Bluetooth Neck loop Pendant.

Plantronics Bluetooth System Compatible With Phonak And Oticon Hearing Aid Pendants

Phonak Bluetooth Pairing: How to Pair Your Bluetooth Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids to your iPhone

Plantronics Bluetooth system to use with Hearing Aid Pendants.

When a customer has a Phonak and Oticon Bluetooth enabled hearing aid pendant system, Plantronics recommends to use the following items that will work with their desk phones to make and receive calls.

  • Plantronics MDA200 switcher: P/N 83757-01
  • BT adapter P/N: 92714-01 Call to Order
  • HL10 P/N: 60961-35

or EHS Cable depending the model of the phone.

NOTE: Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 introduced new power management profiles. The new settings cause problems for the MDA200 and many other USB powered devices. When the MDA200 is connected for USB powered operation on a computer running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, it does not power on fully, which results in the attached headset not installing on the computer. Plantronics recommends Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 users power their MDA200 with the accessory power supply.

Plantronics MDA200 Switcher:

The Accessories are sold separetly, not included on the MDA200 switcher.

You can Purchase the HL10 and Power Adapter as Bundle Set P/N: 86008-01

The Bluetooth Adapter for hearing Aid pendants is:

P/N: Part number: 92714-01

Only works with Phonak & Oticon Hearing Aid Pendants, if customer has a different brand, may have connections issues

This device will be set up with the MDA200 switcher.

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Jabra/gn Corded Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets :

GN 2125 Noise Canceling Telecoil headset for Hearing Impaired This is the only Jabra Telecoil hearing aid compatible headset. It has a noise canceling microphone, where as the Plantronics models does not. This headset can be seen here for more details.

Note: Jabra headset require a GN Netcom 8000 amplifier . For telephones with built-in headset ports , an amplifier is not necessary, you only need the GN Netcom 1200 Smart Cord

Hearing Aid Compatible Computer/pc Usb Headsets

If you work on a computer and use a softphone, Plantronics also makes Hearing aid compatible PC headsets with USB jack.

Plantronics EncorePro HW515 USB Headset UC, HACPlantronics HW515 USB headset is also hearing aid telecoil compatible and it has composite material, making it very light and durable, only 52g. Digital wide-band audio, so your voice transmission sounds more natural. Comes within in-line controls for volume, mute, etc. Microsoft Skype for Business certified.. Full 2-year warranty, very high quality.

Plantronics HW525 is the binaural version of the USB headset. If youre in a busy call center. this headset cover both ears, so you can focus on the call. It also has in-line controls to answer/end calls, volume, and mute. soft ear cushions for all day use. Fully adjustable for a perfect fit, regardless of your head size. Wideband stereo sound for your phone calls or even music when youre not on the phone.

Plantronics Blackwire 3220 is an affordable hearing aid HAC compatible USB Headset. Super light weight for all day use. Over the head stereo dual ear style. Wideband audio for best sound transmission. Soft foam ear cushions. Noise canceling microphone to block out unwanted background noise. If you have a Macbook or PC/laptop with a USB-C port, there is the USB-C version of this headset also available: Plantronics 3220 Blackwire USB-C

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Bluetooth Wireless Hearing Aid Pendant Desk Phone Compatible Systems:

You may use the Plantronics MDA220 with a SSP-2714-01 Bluetooth Dongle .The Plantronics SSP-2714 is a version of the BT300 that has a lower security level, compatible with almost all hearing aids. It used by many pendants/neck loops. Incoming audio from a desk phone is sent via Bluetooth to the Pendant. Incoming audio is then sent from the Pendant to the T-Coil hearing aid via induction. The Pendant typically has a built-in microphone. It captures the users voice which is then sent out to the desk phone or MDA220 via Bluetooth. Desk phones do not pair with the hearing aid itself, it pairs with the Bluetooth Pendant.

The Plantronics dongles are specially designed for Bluetooth Hearing Aids Pendant systems. Its known to be compatible with the following Bluetooth hearing aids: Phonak ComPilot, Oticon Streamer, Phonak iCom, Phonak Unitron uDirect, Rexton Remote, Mini Blu RCU and Blu RCU, Siemens Mini-Tek, ClearSounds Quatro, Starkey SurfLink, Widex M-Dex, Noizfree Beetle H-3ST Neckloop and ReSound Unite Phone Clip+

The Neck loop/pendant has a built-in microphone. It captures the users voice, then sent to the desk phone via the MDA220 via Bluetooth. No headsets are needed.

If your hearing aid does not include a Bluetooth Neckloop pendant , you will need to purchase a hearing aid pendant separately. Otherwise, you have no microphone to speak into.

Plantronics Corded Hearing Aid Compatible Headsets:

Plantronics Bluetooth Usb Adapter For Bluetooth Enabled ...

Plantronics H251H, H261H HAC headsets are being discontinued see new models below:

Plantronics HW510V EncorePro VoiceTubeBuilt with special hearing aid compatible magnetic speakers and, typically, will work better with tele-coil hearing aids. Its the direct replacement for Plantronics H251H. You can Order it HERE

Plantronics HW520V EncorePro Binaural VoiceTube Headset Engineered with special HAC speakers and dual speakers, typically, will work better with Telecoil hearing aids. HW520V is a direct replacement for the previous model Plantronics H261H. You can order it Here

Plantronics HW520 EncorePro Noise Canceling Binaural Headset

HW520 is the binaural version of the EncorePro Hearing aid compatible headset. I highly recommend the binaural model for anybody wearing hearing aids as it has two speakers for both ears and a noise canceling mic. Order it here

If youre in the noisy office, we recommend you add Plantronics Circumaural Leather Ear Cushions, so the headset surrounds your ears, the end results of the Plantronics HW520 looks something like this:

Note: These Plantronics headsets require the Plantronics M22 Vista amplifier to work .

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Plantronics Bluetooth Adapter For Hearing Aid

Plantronics Bluetooth Adapter for Hearing Aid is a communication tool considered as a special version of the Plantronics BT300 Bluetooth Adapter. This device is an adapter dongle that can easily be plugged in and out of the device depending on the preference of the users. It is used to connect hearing aids to desktop offices phones or computers in order for people with special needs to work effectively.

More Product Information

  • Phonak Bluetooth Hearing Aid Pendant SystemOticon Bluetooth Hearing Aid Pendant SystemStarkey SurfLink Bluetooth Hearing Aid Pendant System
  • Requirement: Bluetooth Hearing Aid Pendant for Voice Transmission

Access more details about the product through our company representatives. Call Australia wide 1300 131 133!

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