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Eton Mini Pocket Radio

Pure Move T4 – Pocket DAB/FM Radio with Bluetooth

Usually, people on the hunt for the best pocket radios want a simple device that they can use to listen to AM/FM stations.

There are a handful of people who want a pocket radio with a Bluetooth connection too but thats less common.

Eton, one of the market leaders in radio technology, appeals to a whole different niche with its mini pocket radio.

This device comes with AM/FM and shortwave radio so that you can explore a wider range of channels on the move. The shortwave connection means that you can listen to channels from around the world.

At the same time, the Eton mini pocket radio also comes with a handy digital display where you can track your channels and frequencies carefully.

This durable and sophisticated radios is one of the more advanced options on the market today, simply thanks to its shortwave connection. It also features a fantastic sound quality.

For a price of around $30, features include:

  • Versatile display with clock
  • Lock button
  • Alarm settings

Aside from browsing channels from all over the globe, you can also use your Eton radio to keep track of your day.

There are clock and alarm buttons so you can set your schedule instantly. One slight issue is that you might have a bit of trouble with the shortwave functionality if youre a beginner.


  • AM, FM, and shortwave radio
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Lock button to avoid mistakes
  • Alarm and clock function

Things To Look For When Buying Portable Radio With Bluetooth

Buyingthe right portable radio with Bluetooth is essential if you want to enjoy yourlistening experience. Apart from the portability, here are some necessarythings that you should consider when looking for the best portable radio withBluetooth:

  • Speaker Size and Loudness

Youshould note that not all portable radios have the same size speaker. Besides,some Bluetooth radio features one speaker, while others have two speakers forstereo sound. If you are using your Bluetooth radio mostly outdoor, then werecommend opting for a larger speaker. However, you should also considerportability. It can be quite challenging to carry around for too substantialsize.

  • FM or FM/AM

You should remember that not all radios withBluetooth provide the facility to listen to AM stations. Some Bluetooth radioscome with built-in FM, while others feature both FM and AM. As such, you shouldpick according to your needs.

  • Connectivity

One of the benefits of portable radios is that itcomes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. It allows you to turn your radiointo a Bluetooth speaker. However, you should also consider whether yourBluetooth radio has other connectivity forms such as AUX and USB. It will allowyou to enjoy music and charge mobile devices.

  • Battery Life
  • Bluetooth Version
  • Antenna

Victure Mp3 Player And Pocket Radio

Speaking of pocket radios that have some extra functionality to offer, check out this Victure MP3 player and radio.

This unique pocket FM radio combines everything from an FM connection, to Bluetooth streaming and a clip-on pedometer.

You can track your movement throughout the day and keep an eye on your fitness goals.

The Victure pocket radio is also an MP3 player, so you can load your favorite albums onto the device to listen to wherever you like.

At the same time, when you switch to FM radio mode, the internal tech ensures that you get genuinely lossless sound quality.

For those who need extra space for storage, theres a slot for a memory card too.

Another bonus of the Victure is its exceptional battery life. With just 1.5 hours of charging, you can get up to 30 hours of playback time, or 8 hours in Bluetooth mode.

For a price of around $25, features include:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • FM radio with lossless sound
  • Storage and external storage for MP3
  • Long battery life of up to 30 hours
  • Headphone input
  • Color display for easy use

We love the color display on this product, which helps you to find stations and albums in a matter of seconds.

Having access to an MP3 player, pocket radio, and pedometer in one device is excellent.

There is some lag on the interface at times plus, you dont get any control over your EQ settings.


  • Excellent storage with expandable option
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life


  • Some lag on the screen
  • No control over EQ settings

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List Of The Best Portable Radios With Bluetooth

1. MUZEN Wood 5W Mini Vintage Portable Bluetooth Radion

This product features a traditional design withmodern wireless technology. It is significantly, compact, lightweight, andeasily portable, suitable for a bedside table or any workplace. Despite beingsmall, it offers a powerful sound strength over 70 decibels. The best thing Ilike about this product is that the sound does not get distorted even at the loudestvolume.

Another essential aspect of this portable radio with Bluetooth is that it comes with a radio chip of high quality and external antenna. As such, it has an outstanding receive sensitivity. Besides, it features an indicator dial and a turning knob, thereby enhancing the operating performance.

  • Great value forthe price.

2. Kaito Digital Solar Portable Bluetooth Emergency Radio Voyager Max KA900

This product is another best portable radio withBluetooth, designed for everyday usage and emergency preparedness. It features arechargeable 2000 mAh battery, 5V USB input, hand crank generator, 6V AC/DCwall power adapter, and adjustable solar power. I like the solar power featurebecause it allows the device to function even without installing the battery.

  • It does not comewith a USB charging cable and AD/CD power adapter.

3. Eton Elite Field AM FM Shortwave Desktop Radio with Bluetooth

  • Adjustment forbass, treble, shortwave radio frequency, and volume.
  • It deliversexcellent audio quality.
  • The displayindicates battery strength.


  • It does not comewith the battery.


Can You Get A Pocket Dab Radio With Bluetooth

Foldable Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headset Stereo ...

Theres a large choice of pocket DAB radios on the market, but do any of them have Bluetooth?

Before getting into this topic, its important to point out that a radio can either have a Bluetooth transmitter or a Bluetooth receiver. If it has a Bluetooth transmitter this means you will be able to listen through wireless headphones. If it has a receiver this means you will be able to stream music from a phone or other device through the radios speakers.


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    Am/fm Radio Headphones Vs Regular Am/fm Radio

    Well, if youre looking for the best possible reception/sensitivity, those regular AM/FM radios are probably the better option. The thing is AM/FM radio headphones usually have small antennas while the old-school radios have much larger external antennas. AM/FM radio headphones dont necessarily have poor reception but the radios are, in most cases, better.

    On the other hand, radio headphones are much more convenient. So, if you dont want to skip a word of your favorite show or some weather/traffic report, radio headphones are a much better choice. Also, if you want something to help you with ambient noise attenuation, some AM/FM radio headphones might be the thing you need. Theres a variety of noise reduction headphones with AM/FM tuners and they are much more fun than regular noise reduction headphones without any additional features. So, if you need noise reduction headphones for lawn mowing or if you are constantly exposed to loud noises, buying a pair of noise reduction radio headphones is a viable option.

    M Worktunes Wired Connect Hearing Protector With Am/fm Tuner

    3M is a well-known manufacturer of all kinds of safety equipment . Their noise reduction headphones are probably the most popular choice when it comes to hearing protection equipment. Their headphones are quite affordable and offer great value for the price. 3M Worktunes Wired AM/FM radio headphones are our top choice under $40. The biggest upsides are great hearing protection, very good FM reception, and decent sound quality . The only downside we can think of is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity.

    Whats in the box?

    3M Worktunes wired headphones come in simple packaging along with a thin 3.5mm audio cable, user manual, and a warranty card.

    Things we like

    We cant say that we were impressed by the looks but thats pretty much the standard design of hearing protection headphones with bulky earcups, reinforced headband frame, and large buttons and dials. The comfort is satisfying. The headband is adjustable and the paddings are thick. The earpads are not extremely soft but they seal nicely around your ears.

    The noise reduction is rated at 24dB. They are not the most capable headphones when it comes to noise attenuation, but 24dB is more than enough to make lawn mowing more tolerable.

    AM and FM signal receptions are surprisingly good, especially considering the price. The headphones were able to find more than 25 FM stations and 10 relatively clear AM stations.

    Things we dont like

    Whats in the box?

    Things we like

    Things we like

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    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Fm Radio With Bluetooth

    An FM radio with Bluetooth can be used to listen to music, play games and even make phone calls. The best FM radios with Bluetooth is the one that is compatible with your devices and has a good range. It should also be portable and easy to carry around. Browse the top-ranked list of FM radios with Bluetooth below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 119 reviews

    Top comment

    Loving the lighting and bluetooth on this. Great purchase….Not loud ..hardly can hear the radio or bluetooth

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Wake up to your favorite tunes with this iHome Powerclock Glow alarm clock. The built-in dimmer lets you set a custom schedule and color scheme, while the backlit buttons allow for easy control in dark rooms. This iHome Powerclock Glow alarm clock uses Reson8 technology to deliver a crisp, rich sound.See all Alarm Clock RadiosTop comment

    Loving the lighting and bluetooth on this. Great purchase….Not loud ..hardly can hear the radio or bluetooth

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Wake up to your favorite tunes with this iHome Powerclock Glow alarm clock. The built-in dimmer lets you set a custom schedule and color scheme, while the backlit buttons allow for easy control in dark rooms. This iHome Powerclock Glow alarm clock uses Reson8 technology to deliver a crisp, rich sound.$52.99Your price for this item is $52.99Add to Cart

  • Pocket Radio Features To Consider

    Sades D802 Foldable Portable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset

    Youll find a wide range of features to consider. The following are some of the most important.

    Controls: In the past, most radios had analogue controls, meaning you turned a large dial to find your station. These days, digital controls are the most common, but youll still find analogue pocket radios, especially in the lowest price range.

    Presets: Just about every digital pocket radio lets you preset your favourite stations, but the number of available presets varies from a few to 15. For most people, 6 to 10 presets are sufficient.

    Power source: Pocket radios run off batteries, but some also have AC capabilities so you can plug the radio into an electrical outlet when desired. Youll also find pocket radios that use solar power these can be good for camping as well as some with USB ports that let you charge the battery using your computer.

    Weight and size: While all pocket radios are fairly light and small, some are lighter and smaller than others. If youll be carrying the radio while hiking or exercising, youll want one thats as small and light as possible.

    Bluetooth capabilities: Many pocket radios now have Bluetooth capabilities, meaning you can use the device to play music from your computer or cellphone music library, as well as listen to the radio.

    Auto seek: Youll find this handy function on digital pocket radios. It lets you automatically jump to the next station rather than slowly scroll through the dial manually.

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    The Importance Of Noise Reduction And The Meaning Of Nrr

    If you are constantly exposed to very loud noises, buying noise reduction headphones is highly recommended. If you are a construction/industrial worker or if you are visiting some extremely loud event, having noise reduction headphones could help you save your hearing. When buying those noise reduction headphones, you should check if they have AM and FM tuners but, more importantly, you should check their NRR . NRR describes the potential of noise reduction headphones to attenuate noise. The highest possible NRR for earmuffs is 30dB.

    Now that you know some basic things about AM/FM radio headphones, we can move onto our selection of 15 best AM/FM radio headphones in 2021. The list is divided into two parts best hearing protection AM/FM radio headphones and best Bluetooth headphones with AM/FM tuners.

    Jameson Electronics Pocket Am/fm Radio

    The Jameson pocket radio is a sleek and sophisticated device, offering easy access to all your favorite FM and AM channels.

    This small pocket radio is about the same size as a smartphone, and itll fit into your pocket just as easily.

    The simple tuner includes an LED tuning indicator, telescopic antenna, and powerful digital chip.

    Jameson makes dialing into suitable channels easy, with an extendable aerial for better connections, and an easy-to-use interface. Wed even recommend this product for elderly users.

    Ideal for sports, news, and music, the Jameson Electronic pocket AM/FM radio uses 2 AA batteries for power, so you dont have to worry about remembering to recharge .

    Compact, slim, and weighing just 5 ounces, this pocket radio has it all.

    Features include:

    • Battery power or rechargeable battery
    • Compact and lightweight construction
    • 12-month replacement warranty

    Compared to some of the pocket radios available today, the Jameson is a pretty simple product.

    If youre looking for something lightweight thats easy to use and tune this could be the ideal item for you.

    The Jameson weighs just under 5 ounces, and it comes with a 12-month guarantee.

    Just be aware that the speaker isnt very loud, so you might not be able to listen with friends.


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    Types Of Radio Headphones

    Common mediums for radio are standalone transistors or in-car receivers. However, neither of these options is handy nor discreet. Radio headphones, on the other hand, are portable and can be stored easily. Plus, you can listen to your favorite stations without disrupting others around you.

    AM/FM radio headphones come with a few other advantages depending on what type you purchase. Here are the different types of radio headphones available today:

    • Hearing protection devices: As the name suggests, hearing protection devices are designed to block out excessive noise to protect your ears. Many HPDs have built-in AM/FM radio tuners to eliminate the need to stay within range of an audio source for added safety. If you do a lot of lawn mowing, shooting sports, or work in industrial plants, having an HPD with a built-in radio is a great way to hit two birds with one stone.
    • Bluetooth headphones with radio tuners: Some headphones come with both Bluetooth connectivity and AM/FM tuners. These headphones are more versatile because you have the option of listening to music from your phone.
    • Regular radio headphones: These types are strictly for radio listening only and dont have any extra features.

    Best Am/fm Radio Headphones In 2021

    SOONHUA AB005 Foldable LED Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless ...

    Our article on 15 best AM/FM radio headphones in 2021 is here to help you make the right choice. We will discuss the reasons to buy radio headphones, talk about their characteristics, discuss different types of radio headphones, and give you our selection of 15 best AM/FM radio headphones in 2021.

    Radio broadcasting is maybe an old and a bit forgotten technology but its still alive and there are so many enthusiasts and old-schoolers all over the world who enjoy listening to the radio. There are quite a few questions that come to mind when thinking about buying radio headphones why would you buy radio headphones when you can buy a regular radio with better reception, what kind of radio headphones to buy, do you need both AM and FM tuners, etc. So, lets give you some answers.

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    Things To Look For When Buying Am/fm Radio Headphones In 2021

    Build quality and comfort

    Well, to be honest, most of the AM/FM headphones on this list are priced under $100 and, at this price point, you cant expect them to be incredibly rugged and durable. However, most of the noise reduction radio headphones are much more durable than the regular wired or wireless headphones. After all, they are designed to be used in specific conditions and they are supposed to withstand a few kicks.

    Recommended Reading :

    Comfort is always a tricky thing because there are so many factors that affect it. In general, you can expect those noise reduction headphones to be tighter than average . None of these headphones will win the best comfort award but most of them wont cause extreme pain or discomfort.

    Noise Reduction Rating

    NRR describes the potential of a certain headphone/earmuff model to attenuate the ambient noise. Its not a secret what to look for higher NRR means better isolation and better protection. The highest NRR when it comes to headphones is 30.

    Versatility Number of connections

    This one is also pretty simple you should look for more connections. Some AM/FM radio headphones are designed for radio listening only and dont have any inputs, but most of them have at least a standard 3.5mm audio input. Some even feature Bluetooth connectivity or a micro SD card slot.

    AM/FM reception


    Sound quality


    How To Choose The Best Pocket Radio

    Pocket radios are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes these days.

    You can get a mini pocket radio thats small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a radio that also doubles up as an MP3 player.

    Just like any audio purchase, finding the best pocket radio means thinking about what you need on a deeper level.

    Are you looking for a basic pocket FM radio that even your Grandpa would feel comfortable using? Or are you looking for something a little more advanced, like a pocket radio with Bluetooth streaming?

    Here are a few points to consider:

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