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JBL Charge Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Best Bluetooth Speaker With Wireless Charger 2020

    Want to let your iPhone or Samsung stay full charge while listening to music with a Bluetooth speaker? And Interested in wireless charging? Yes, you can get a Bluetooth speaker that can also wirelessly charge your phone. Today we will introduce you the best Bluetooth speaker with wireless charger 2020 to simplify your life, welcome to the wonderful world of wireless charging.

    1. Anker Soundcore Wakey Bluetooth Speakers with Qi Wireless Charger

    Anker is known as a popular and lead brand for its portable power bank, wireless chargers and other electronic gadgets. In June of 2019, they start to sells the Soundcore Wakey Bluetooth Speakers with Built-in Qi Wireless Charger which can offer 7.5W Charging for iPhone and 10W for Samsung, and Wakeys innovative design was awarded a 2018 Golden Pin Design Award. Besides, the Bluetooth Speakers can also act as Alarm Clock and FM Radio. So powerful, right? The Anker Soundcore Wakey can provide pretty much everything than you can imagine and is easy to use.

    With the Well-designed app, whatever your schedule, Wakeys app lets you set up to 15 unique alarms and choose from 10 custom tones to deliver a wake up call that wont ruin your morning. If you are going to pick a Bluetooth speaker with wireless charging or Alarm clock, the Soundcore Wakey Bluetooth Speaker is the best choice of the all-in-one solution you need

    Cons: the sound quality isnt as great as other Anker’s speakers, but not bad.

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    The Best Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy

    Reasons to avoid

    The Sonos Roam is our pick for the best Bluetooth speaker on the planet, with a powerful sound, rugged design, excellent connectivity features, and smart home control. A bass-heavy audio performance makes it ideal for use outdoors, while a clever Automatic Switching feature means it’s easily used indoors, too though audiophiles may dislike the overwhelming low frequencies and rhythmic handling.

    Following in the footsteps of the Sonos Move, the Sonos Roam comes with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which means it can work as a portable speaker as well as part of your wider multi-room Sonos system and with Google Assistant and Alexa onboard, it doubles up a smart speaker too.

    In spite of its low price youre getting a lot for your money here. Its slick design means the Sonos Roam wont look out of place in your home, while a rugged, waterproof and dustproof build and a decent battery life make it ideal for listening to music outdoors.

    Reasons to avoid

    Heres the thing about the Sonos Move its so good, you might want to consider it not only as your on-the-go party station, but also as your main in-the-home wireless speaker too.

    Its not perfect its heavy as a byproduct of its incredible sound, its expensive due to its rich feature set, and it sadly cant be used as rear channels for a home cinema set-up. But if youve got the money, its hard to fault the Sonos Move when it comes to hunting down the very best Bluetooth speaker in the world.

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    Its Lifespan Is Depleted

    Bluetooth speakers have an estimated lifespan, but depending on how well you maintain it, it may last longer or stop working early on. A JBL speaker, for instance, can work optimally for five plus years. Once your Bluetooth surpasses its lifespan and starts causing problems then it is time for a replacement.

    How Waterproof Is My Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Phone Charger

    There are so many waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market. I often read reviews and comments from people who have purchased a waterproof speaker complaining that the product bombed out after a few months because of water damage. Even though a speaker is rated IPX7 or IPX8, try to keep the water time to a minimum. Even with the best waterproof features, a speaker can get damaged from an extended time in the water. Splashes are one thing, but continuously submerging a speaker is not good.

    The weakest point in any waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is the input panel where the inch AUX and power inputs live. Always make sure the cover is sealed to its watertight fit properly before taking the speaker near water.

    Quick Guide to Waterproof Ratings

    Without going into the topic of waterproofing too much, here is a list of waterproof ratings relevant to portable Bluetooth speakers featured in this article. This is a good resource for an in-depth look at waterproof ratings.

    • IPX4 splash proof
    • IPX5 resistant to water sprays from all angles
    • IPX6 resistant to jets of water from all angles
    • IPX7 waterproof up to 1m of water for 30m
    • IPX8 waterproof to a depth past 1m and time as specified by the manufacturer

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    Replace The Charging Port

    A faulty charging port is another reason that a Bluetooth speaker may fail to charge. Charging ports are easily compromised by debris and force when removing the USB port. Debris usually gets in the way, preventing the cable from fitting into the USB port as it should. A thin needle can work effectively in fishing out the debris.

    As for bent connector pins caused by force USB port removal, there is no other way around it other than replacing the port with a new one. For water damage, a hair dryer may help remove moisture.

    Replacing the charging port is quite difficult, but doable if the right tools and right steps are followed.

    What To Expect For Your Budget

    For most of us, the number one consideration when it comes to any electronics product is cost. As the competition among brands increases, portable speakers are getting cheaper with more features. Here is what you can expect from a portable Bluetooth speaker in your price range.

    Ive focused on audio quality and speakerphone quality which are essentially audio features and since this is an audio product, would be the reason you purchase a Bluetooth speaker. Another important factor is of course Bluetooth. Since portable speakers have upgraded to Bluetooth version 4, connectivity and range has improved significantly. Rule of thumb, if the manufacturer doesnt specify the Bluetooth version or, if its earlier than version 4, dont buy it.

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    Support Am Fm Wb Noaa Function

    Signal: powerful chips and antennas from the United States can better receive disaster forecasts from the Meteorological Bureau.

    7 NOAA Weather Stations :162.400/162.4251 162.450/ 162.475/ 162.50/ 162.525/162.55.

    FM: 87.5-108 MHZ.

    AM: 520-1710 KHZ.

    Auto-scan & Memoryï¼No longer need to use the knob to adjust the frequency slowly, our Smart emergency weather radio supports one-key automatic scanning and storage of channels.DigitalLCD screen show more specific frequencies at the same time.

    Cheapest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Shinngo 4 In 1 Bluetooth Speaker/Portable Charger/LED Flashlight Review

    If your choice is based on price, then the OontZ Angle 3 is the cheapest option we reviewed. The OontZ Angle 3 is also ultra-compact and lightweight weighing only 9oz. Even though its cheap, the OontZ Angle 3 comes with premium features like a speakerphone, bass radiator, and an IPX5 waterproof rating. For its size, the Angle 3 makes some serious noise. Cheap in price but by no means in quality.

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    What Bluetooth Speaker Should I Buy

    No matter what features you need or locations you frequent â whether you’re often outdoors or require multiple devices to connect to a speaker or want to link two speakers together, Harvey Norman offers an abundance of models perfect for you.

    Portable bluetooth speakers come in various sizes and colours and, if you enjoy the outdoors, a waterproof speaker is the perfect beach or camping companion.

    Still unsure about what Bluetooth wireless speaker to buy? Take time to browse our online collection – or visit your local Harvey Norman store and speak to our friendly specialists!

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  • Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus

    If you are looking for a speaker with speakerphone functionality that sounds great simultaneously, the SoundLink Revolve Plus is the one for you. When compared to the above, this speaker has a larger volume and is shaped like a lantern. However, let that not deter you from trying out this speaker because it boasts a premium look and is also lightweight. More importantly, it delivers excellent audio quality. The audio is balanced with a well-rounded bass.

    As you may have expected, the speakerphone also does its job as expected. The built-in mic picks up sound and cancels out the background noise, making it easy for you to carry out phone conversations.

    All the buttons are at the top of the speaker. Though the speaker doesn’t support voice assistants, you can activate the voice assistant on your phone via the multi-functional button at the top.

    Also on Guiding Tech

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    Jbl Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    • Rich JBL Original Pro Sound
    • Bold style and ultra-portable design
    • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
    • 510678-Product-6-I-637463113939353182.jpg

    Cool, portable, and waterproof. The vibrant fresh looking JBL Clip 4 delivers surprisingly rich JBL Original Pro Sound in a compact package. The unique oval shape fits easy in your hand. Fully wrapped in colourful fabrics with expressive details inspired by current street fashion, its easy to match your style. The fully integrated carabiner hooks instantly to bags, belts, or buckles, to bring your favourite tunes anywhere. Waterproof, dustproof, and up to 10 hours of playtime, its rugged enough to tag along wherever you explore.

    Key Features

    Rich JBL Original Pro SoundJBL Pro Sound delivers surprisingly rich audio and punchy bass from Clip 4s compact size.

    Bold style and ultra-portable designJBL Clip 4s ultra-portable design goes great with the latest styles, and its colourful fabrics and expressive details make it look as great as it sounds.

    Upgraded integrated carabinerWith a redesigned carabiner thats integrated into the speaker itself for extra protection, take your JBL Clip 4 anywhere and everywhere. Just clip on on a belt, strap, or buckle and go explore the world.

    IP67 waterproof and dustproofTo the pool. To the park. JBL Clip 4 is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, so you can bring your speaker anywhere.

    Wireless Bluetooth streaming

    How Do I Choose A Bluetooth Speaker

    Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Phone Charger

    There are so many new Bluetooth speakers on the market these days that it can be tricky to figure out which one you need. However, there are plenty of specific features to look out for, even if it does feel like the choice is endless.

    The first thing to consider is where you want to use your new Bluetooth speaker. Some portable speakers are built with durability in mind, and will feature rubberized builds to prevent damage from drops and lightweight designs to make them easy to carry around.

    To ramp up that durability, many Bluetooth speakers come with waterproof and dustproof designs look for an IPX4 rating or higher if you want to take your portable speaker outdoors.

    Of course, you can absolutely use your new portable Bluetooth speaker solely inside your home and that means you can choose from a wider range of designs that will look great with your decor.

    You should also consider how youre going to use your new portable speaker. If you’re a party person, you might want the ability to connect two speakers together or a speaker with multipoint pairing that allows multiple devices to connect at a time.

    With any Bluetooth speaker, battery life, sound quality, and connectivity are features you dont want to overlook. Sure, some concessions can be made for budget models, but weve done our best to take these in the utmost consideration when creating the list above.

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    Charging The Speaker From An Ac Outlet

    The speaker can be operated by connecting it to an AC outlet via USB AC adaptor or built-in battery .

    Before using the speaker for the first time, be sure to charge the battery by connecting the speaker to an AC outlet via the supplied USB AC adaptor.

    You can operate the speaker by battery instead of the USB AC adaptor by charging the speaker before use.

  • Make sure that the speaker is turned off.
  • Connect the USB AC adaptor to the micro-USB cable .
  • Connect the micro-USB cable to the DC IN 5V jack.
  • Plug the USB AC adaptor to an AC outlet.

    Do not use any USB AC adaptor or micro-USB cable other than the supplied ones.

    The CHARGE indicator lights up in orange while charging. Charging is completed in about four hours*1 and the indicator turns off.

    If the CHARGE indicator stays turned off when the speaker power is off and connected to an AC outlet, the built-in lithium ion battery is fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, it will not be charged furthermore even if the speaker is kept connected to an AC outlet.

    *1Time that is required to charge the empty battery to its full capacity.

  • Battery life

    About 12 hours*2*3.

    The time stated above may vary depending on the ambient temperature or conditions of use.

    *2The method of estimating the battery life has been changed since 2015.

    When the battery is running low

    For customers in Europe, Asia and Latin America



    How To Fix A Bluetooth Speaker That Wont Fully Charge

    For speakers that refuse to charge fully, the charging part could be the problem. It is common for metal connectors to bend over time, especially if force was applied to the USB cable.

    Loose connection between the cable and USB port charging contacts could also cause the speakers to restrict full charging. In this case, the connector easily detaches whilst inside the port, it loses contact to the charging port and disrupts charging.

    Micro-USB cables are particularly affected by this problem, which is why most speakers have shifted to the USB C, which is more durable, versatile, and can transfer data. If your speaker uses the USB C, check out for debris, which may be clogged into the USB port. Using a thin object such as a sewing needle, remove the debris.

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    What Is A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Portable Bluetooth speakers are compact and lightweight, most of which be held in the palm of your hand and easily fit in a backpack or laptop bag. These are not necessarily party speakers but more for some easy listening background music. Having said that, we have a couple options pushing the boundaries of what a typical portable Bluetooth speaker should look and sound like.

    Ezvalo Wireless Charging 4 In 1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Nyne Bass Bluetooth Speaker and Charger

    Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Newly designed speaker system, small diameter and large magnetic circuit design, EZVALO portable Bluetooth speaker brings you 360 degrees stereo sound.

    3 Levels of Brightness

    Touch activated and full control the light brightness from 30% -100%, soft lamp light can create a comfortable environment and take you into sweet dream.

    Wireless Fast Charger

    Fast charger mode for iPhone series is up to 7.5W, Android devices can support 10W fast wireless charging, such as: Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, xiaomi, etc.

    Ideal Gifts for Your Family

    Best gift for kids, teenagerd and adults at Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and etc.

    Portable & Foldable

    Elegant and beautiful surface offers a cosy vintage decoration for your room.

    You can also carry the light bar to any where you want to go, even for traveling.

    Adjustable Cell Phone Holder

    You can adjust the light bar to different angles according to your needs and place your cell phone horizontally or vertically to enjoy music, watch movies and live matches.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Bluetooth Speakers

    The primary benefit of Bluetooth speakers are their portability and, thanks to their durable design, these devices are incredibly versatile and practical.

    With some portable speakers offering up to 30 metres of wireless reach and some that are small enough to fit in your bag, Bluetooth speakers have very little spatial restrictions for amazing convenience.

    Most wireless and portable speakers are energy-efficient with battery life lasting more than 10 hours. Even better, you can set them up instantly!

    Anker Powerconf Bluetooth Speakerphone

    The Anker PowerConf is a dedicated speakerphone. Unlike the ones above, it does away with the single mic setup and replaces it with six microphones. Naturally, this setup brings an all-round 360-degree sound for calls. Plus, the built-in DSP means that the background noise is removed significantly, and your receivers will hear your voice clearly. Simultaneously, the speaker amplifies the voices on the other end, thus making it easy for you to listen to conversations.

    It has a small build, and the square shape makes it easily portable. All the essential buttons are at the top and can be controlled easily.

    The PowerConf comes with Bluetooth 5.0, meaning you get a better range. And that’s not the end of the story. Besides pairing the speaker to any smartphone or Bluetooth-device via Bluetooth, you can also use the USB port to hook it up with your laptop.

    Considering the feature-set, the PowerConf is affordable and costs less than $100. It has managed to attract a fair number of user reviews.

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    Boomtouch Wireless Portable Speaker

    This unit amplifies your devices sound without using any wires, connecting stand or Bluetooth. Just place your phone on top of this speaker and itll start playing the music from your device.

    Manufacturer BoomTouch, says the speakers use Near Field Audio technology to sense and boost sounds from external speakers nearby. Think of it as a loudspeaker for your phone or tablet.

    Bluetooth streaming is convenient, but sound can be spotty or distorted if you dont have a good connection. Plus: using Bluetooth will drain your phone battery. This portable speaker eliminates those problems.

    You can still use the speakers even if you have a larger device . Just use an AUX cable to plug your computer into the back of the BoomTouch.

    The BoomTouchs durable shell makes it a no-brainer to take to parties, barbecues, road trips and more. Its small enough to be used as a main speaker in bedrooms, dorms and offices too. Three colors available.

    PROS: Super lightweight and portable weighing just 13 ounces and measuring just 4 x 4 inches.

    CONS: Sound is decent but hollow wont be as clean or dynamic as other speakers on this list.

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