Sena Momentum Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Simpson Speed Bandit Helmet

Road Tested Review- Sena Momentum INC-PRO Bluetooth Camera Motorcycle Helmet

The Speed Bandit Helmet combines Simpsons long tradition of drag racing design with moto-centric features, revised aerodynamics and a polycarbonate shell. The wide spread of available sizes are broken-down over three unique thermo-injected shells to cut weight and reduce the helmets overall profile. From an ostensibly spartan vent scheme, airflow to the rider is maximized by Simpsons Speed Brow venturi ridges at the helmets crown. Here, low pressure zones that build over always-open forehead vents pull fresh air up and over the riders face and into channels molded into the helmets EPS liner. Rear exhaust ports finally expel this air and moisture through the back of the helmet adding efficiency to an otherwise minimalist design.

Regardless of speed, a locking mechanism allows you to cruise with the face shield secured into one of four selectable positions. The distinct Simpson eye port provides an expanded field of vision and a comm-friendly design with cheek pads that accept speakers make for easy Bluetooth installation. For safety, the Speed Bandit achieves both DOT and ECE certifications. Packing John Force looks at an eighth-mile price, the Speed Bandit Helmet should really light-up your tree.

Sena Momentum Intelligent Noise Control Pro Bluetooth And Qhd Camera Integrated Helmet

Sena seemingly employed the brainpower of Tony Stark, Batmans Mr. and Bonds Q to create the jaw-dropping Momentum INC Pro Helmet. Intelligent noise canceling profiles your environment to significantly reduce unwanted road noise from hitting your ears. Toggling to Ambient Mode heightens your hearing when the situation calls for it. Integrated Bluetooth communication links up to your smartphone or other riders to deliver GPS navigation or funneling in background music like that classic Bond intro.

Sena has been at the forefront of Bluetooth innovation for the motorcycle industry and is breaking new ground with this complete helmet package that combines a Bluetooth communicator with active noise canceling and an integrated video camera. Sena engineered this helmet from the ground up with the ideal integration of Senas technology for creating an unrivaled audio experience. Momentum puts top of the line and proven 20S technology inside a sleek and safe fiberglass shell. This state of the art helmet features full Bluetooth integration, pre-installed and ready to ride straight out of the box. Optimal speaker position combined with Advanced Noise Control technology allows riders to effortlessly take and make calls, listen to music through their phone or the built in FM radio, enjoy audio multitasking, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions, and even chat through the built-in intercom with up to 7 other riders at a distance of up to 1.6 km .

Cardo Packtalk Slim Jbl Single Headset

Cardo partnered with JBL to deliver the best sound quality the market has ever heard. The JBL speakers included with the PackTalk Slim measure 40mm across for a full-range immersive listening experience. Youll hear balanced bass and crisp treble like never before.

Good technology should only compliment your riding experience. With Cardo PackTalk Slim, an advanced Natural Voice Operation platform keeps your hands on your bars where they belong. Hey Cardo, music on, Hey Cardo, next track, Hey Cardo, mute audio a full suite of menu navigation lies right within easy reach of your vocal fingertips.

The Cardo PackTalk Slim is high powered DMC technology with a slim, stylish design. DMC allows up to fifteen riders to maintain uninterrupted communications within a spontaneous and fluid virtual network. Unlike other devices, DMC allows each rider to randomly join, leave and re-join the group without compromising the multi-party conference conversation and without pressing any buttons.

When the weather gets tough, the PackTalk keeps going. The PackTalk carries an IP65 waterproof rating. Any rain, sleet, hail or snow will not have an impact on your PackTalks performance.

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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Bike riding is quite thrilling but you can lose this thrill if an accident happens. You cant take a risk of riding a bike in heavy traffic, so you need a helmet. Likewise, these helmets become more important for bumpy roads. There is a long list of helmets, but we will discuss Bluetooth helmets because you cant stay away from technology in this fast world.

Below, we will review the five best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets and compare them in terms of material, size, technology, color, etc. So, lets begin our reviews:

Why You Need Sena Bluetooth Headsets

Sena Momentum Lite Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet ...

When youre out on a ride with your motorcycle, you need both your hands on your handlebars, or youre risking a serious accident. But just because you are on your two wheels doesnt mean you have to cut off all communication with anyone. Sena Bluetooth Headsets are the perfect wireless accessory that takes off the danger of having to put your hands on your phone. Bluetooth communication systems have been a popular choice for motorcycles worldwide, and this technology has come a long way. These communication devices are no longer just used to receive calls. The Bluetooth connectivity can be used as wireless radio, or you can connect it to your phone to listen to your favourite tunes. Furthermore, they can now be activated using voice commands. If you are riding with your mates, you can also connect your devices so you can communicate on a short-range open radio.

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Choose Amx For Your Road Gears

AMX is your ultimate hub for motorcycle accessories. Our variety of gears and equipment is over 100,000. We have a range of Motorcycle gear at your disposal. There are Helmets and Bluetooth Helmets designed for your ease and contentment. Take pleasure in our free delivery and easy returns. We may have smart devices but we always think of whats in your wallet. Enjoy our latest road gears at a guaranteed price.

Sedici Strada Ii Parlare Bluetooth Helmet

The Sedici Strada 2 Parlare Helmet picks up where the previous generation left off to deliver performance and protection for any rider. A proprietary blend of fiberglass and aramid fiber creates a strong lightweight shell. Three distinct shell sizes are an upgrade from the previous generation and make sure that the helmet you pick fits like a low profile lid. The shells aerodynamics reduce lift and turbulence at speed so you can focus on the road ahead. The dual density EPS liner features cut out channels to help direct airflow through the helmet for excellent ventilation.

Deliberately designed features help the Strada 2 Parlare perform for the most demanding of motorcyclists. A dark smoke internal drop down sun visor deploys just by sliding a switch so the days of swapping face shields are over. Multiple intake vents direct fresh air into the helmet, while exhaust ports pull stale air out. The interior of the helmet is removable and washable so you can keep it fresh riding season after riding season. Small panels of padding at the forehead and temples allow you to adjust the fit with 5mm of customization. A removable chin skirt helps seal off the bottom of the helmet to manage wind noise.

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Sena Outrush R Bluetooth Helmet

Sena Momentum Bluetooth-Integrated Helmets Review at

The Sena Outrush R Modular Helmet is the perfect helmet for doing 9 to 5 Monday through Friday then going out on an adventure on the weekend. This helmet features Bluetooth 5.0 technology wrapped in a lightweight polycarbonate shell which eliminates the need for fussing around with speaker pads and wires. Simply grab the helmet, and hit the road.

Senas advanced sound processing filters out road and wind noise so that your conversations will be surprisingly clear. Using the on-board features youll be able to link up with other Sena riders or listen to you favorite tunes as youre tearing up the twisties. Pairing a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device to your Sena allows you to take advantage of your smartphones capabilities such as navigation, music or hands free calling.

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Video Overview Of Reevu Helmets

The ReeVU has developed a rearview motorcycle helmet after a long time of research. As safety is the top priority of any helmet so they also improve this point. Further, they offer you advanced safety precautions for sports and recreational fanatics around the globe by using rear vision technology which gives you help from accidents. Further, it is DOTcertified FMVSS 281 and ece 2205.

The rearview technology of the helmet makes a real shock on the number of accidents that take place on the roads every year. The Reevu brings a new development in motorsport helmets by creating the first patented rear view helmet. So it gives you all-around vision at a glimpse, so you can save from road accidents.


Further, the Reevu MSA motorcycle helmet with a rearview camera is a very helpful product in the product line of rear vision technology. The helmet has a bent light to avoid the helmet interior body so the rider can have a clear view of his behind.

This best rearview camera is made of aerospace filament reinforced polycarbonate shell and also has a MIPS brain protection system that saves the cap, ring, and rear of the helmet. Besides the built-in camera helmet coming with a quick-release retention adjustment system, there is a click wheel to adjust the band easily.

blue tooth integrated


Anti-fog insert lens

Why Choose Sena Bluetooth Headsets

We have a great selection of Sena Headsets here at AMX. Its best-selling Sena Bluetooth Parani M10 can be connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth so you can listen to tunes and take calls while on the road. The devices Sena Bluetooth for Helmets intercom system can connect up to three other Parani users, and it has an outstanding range of up to 800 meters. The M10 has an excellent audio experience, and it comes with a built-in LCD screen that shows battery capacity, volume level, FM radio frequency, and more. It can be installed by clamping it to the side of your helmet. The microphone and the speakers can comfortably fit in your helmets interior.

The other top-selling Sena device here at AMX is the Sena Bluetooth Srl Neotec 2. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology, and it has a unibody communicator that seamlessly fits in your helmets ear pockets. Neotec 2 can connect up to eight devices in intercom communication and has a range of one mile in open terrain using Group Intercom and Universal Intercom technology. The Neotec 2 has intuitive voice commands and prompts for safe and easy operation. This communication device also includes a wireless remote control and a three-button control pad for emergency control.

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The Electronics / Communications Package

As I mentioned above, Sena is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle Bluetooth enabled products for in helmet use many would argue that their products are the very best of their type. Introducing a helmet, with the electronics completely integrated and built-in, could be a game changer for the industry. Although other helmets are available with Bluetooth equipment attached, none are ground up designed and built the way the Momentum is.

The unit reviewed here is the middle of the range Momentum, which features Senas excellent 20S system, which WebBikeWorld has extensively reviewed take a look at that review here. Rather than fully rehash that review, Ill concentrate here on what is different and unique about its installation in this helmet, quickly touching on what this system is capable of.

Most obvious is its Bluetooth 4.1 capability. The Quick Start Guide included with the helmet instructs you visit your favorite app store, and download the Sena Utility program. Once that is done, pairing it with smartphones, whether iPhone or Android, is a snap. The app then makes programming of the unit to suit your individual tastes very easy, as commands issued through the phone are then carried out by the unit in the helmet.

Another benefit Sena offers with this product is free, periodic update of the firmware in the helmet. This goes a long way toward assuring the potential new owner that he or she wont be facing what seems like instant obsolescence in modern electronics.

Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Sena Technologies Momentum Bluetooth Integrated Black Full ...

Its a modular helmet with Bluetooth and an intercom. A special visor prevents users from UV rays, whereas it is also FMVSS compliant. The strap is easy to fix and remove whenever you want.

The jog dial helps you manage volume while talking or while listening to music. Whereas the HD-type intercom provides smooth audio, but you can only communicate with another rider who has Out Rush helmet.

The user can talk for 15 hours through Bluetooth after charging the helmet once. You have to connect it to your Smartphone for navigation, calls, or music.

The helmet provides a strong grip through EPS, a secure strap, and an ABS shell. The noise control system prevents external noise, giving you smooth audio. You can smoothly talk to your fellow riders.

  • Helmet style: Modular

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Sena Momentum Evo Full

Momentum Evo – the Momentum helmet with Mesh Intercom technology in an advanced design.The evolution of the original smart helmet. The next generation. New thinking. Call it what you like, but the EVOlution of design, fit and function of the Momentum Evo determines the future of Sena’s smart helmet line.

The Momentum Evo is designed with an oval fibreglass shell to improve comfort and reduce wind noise. The speakers are better positioned. The oval shape makes it easier to put on the helmet and sits more comfortably on your head. The redesigned helmet cushion is softer than previous models and easier to remove. A highly effective ventilation system ensures that you always keep a cool head during your rides. The visor is scratch and UV resistant. In addition, the Momentum Evo is equipped with a Pinlock fastening system so that the included anti-fog lens ensures a clear view. An optional tinted visor is also available.The Momentum Evo also incorporates Bluetooth and Mesh intercom technologies. The slim helmet comes with built-in speakers, a built-in microphone and a powerful Bluetooth connection so you can make calls safely, listen to your favorite music and easily hear turn-by-turn GPS instructions. With Mesh Intercom, you can effortlessly connect to Open Mesh with a single click, so you can communicate with an unlimited number of drivers up to 1.6 km away. Or create a closed mesh with up to 16 riders with a possible range of up to 8 km.Full Face helmet:

Review Of The Sena Momentum Lite Pro Inc Inc Pro And Evo Bluetooth Helmets

South Korean bluetooth specialists, Sena, are best known by us lot for their motorcycle bluetooth headsets. And since they make a ton of different sets for motorcycles, I guess it was a natural evolution for them to start selling Sena kits already integrated into their own branded helmets.

Theres a good deal of online speculation about exactly who makes the helmets for Sena. My moneys on HJC given theyre another Korean brand who manufacture down the road. But Ive also read that a Malaysian company called MHR might make them no Id not heard of them either.

Either way, Senas keeping quiet.

I dont suppose it matters massively who makes them as long as they conform to standards and perform well. And it certainly makes sense for Sena to get into the helmet business to make sure their bluetooth tech is thoroughly and well integrated.

I guess most buyers are gonna buy a Sena helmet because theyre looking for that seamless bluetooth integration without all the fiddling we usually have adding bluetooth kits and getting them to work properly.

Of course, theres a heap of helmets that offer bluetooth headset integration these days , but Sena seem to have taken things a little further with their range of Sena Momentum full face helmets.

You can see the differences between the confusing range of Sena Momentums below.

Note: not all Momentums are ECE certified so at the time of writing, you can only buy the Lite, Momentum and Evo in the UK/Eu.

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Torc T 14b Bluetooth Make Full Face Helmet

This Bluetooth integrated helmet will help you connect with your fellow riders from a distance. If you have to go a long mile, listen to music instead of getting bored. You can also stay in touch with your destination through GPS.

The helmet has the DOT and ECE certificates so consider it highly safe. You wont have to pay any penalty as this helmet fulfills the laws. Moreover, it has durable speakers and an audio system.

You can remove the inner clothing g and wash it in normal water with your hands or in a machine. The visor is easy to drop and has UV protection for the rider, besides, it is easy to lock. The shell is made of thermal polymer alloy and fully protects you in heavy traffic and bumpy roads.

  • Helmet style: Full face

Sena Momentum Evo Bluetooth

Sena Momentum INC – Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet! (First Look)

The Sena Momentum EVO Bluetooth-Integrated Helmet features Mesh Intercom Bluetooth technology neatly tucked into a premium composite fiberglass shell. There is no need to futz with routing wires or positioning speakers. No more dealing with a microphone constantly brushing against your chin on long, otherwise glorious, rides. With the Sena Momentum EVO, its all baked right in.

Senas advanced sound processing filters out road and wind noise so that your conversations will be surprisingly clear. Mesh Intercom allows riders to connect effortlessly to a limitless amount of riders up to a mile away. Switch to Closed Mesh with up to 16 riders with a range of 5 miles. Pairing a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device to your Sena allows you to take advantage of your smartphones capabilities such as navigation, music or hands free calling.

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