Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera

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Sena Prism – Bluetooth Action Helmet Camera : Unboxing & REVIEW

Any Bluetooth headset can work

With Senas Bluetooth® remote control, voice prompts and command features, or any Sena Bluetooth headsets with a built-in Jog Dial, you can start, stop, communicate, and share every second of your adventure. The Prisms sleep-mode feature can be activated and de-activated to extend battery life and maximize memory usage, so you can record longer. You can also use the Prism while charging and the firmware is upgradeableso as Bluetooth tech advances, your Prism gear keeps pace, extending the life and value of your purchase. Although any Bluetooth capable device can control the Prism, get full functionality with Sena Bluetooth devices.

Editing The Video Footage

If one plans to bring the captured video footage from this camera into their favorite desktop editor, a few extra steps might be required. Frankly, I feel the footage doesnt lend itself towards more processing in the first place.

Strongly processed footage like the type delivered by the Prism Tube WiFi may leave those who like to gradeand edit their videos disappointed. The camera offers no adjustment to settings like sharpness, exposure, or white balance. Everything is automatic and that is fine for many users but will leave professional and serious amateur videographers wanting.

I feel the footage looks overly processed as it shows a lot of compression artifacts. The bitrate of the 1080p 30fps videos runs around 12mbps and it should be able to present smoother tone transitions. One only needs to watch the road surface in some of the videos to see how these artifacts appear on the road surface.

Recording the footage at the higher resolution setting of 1440p does provide more overall resolution and it looks very good on my 4K monitor compared to the 1080p video. Im not sure there is really that much more detail, but it does provide some cropping room for doing some post work. Like the 1080p footage, I think the video would be more friendly to color grading if the in-camera processing wasnt so aggressive.

Sena Prism Tube Action Camera With Wifi




· With one-touch recording to make operation a breeze

· Capture your ride with the touch of a button, using the Prism Tube WiFi. Easily capture video in 2K Quad HD quality, 1440p: 30fps. Wind noise reduction ensures that ambient noise doesnt interfere with the audio captured from the dual external and internal microphones for crystal clear voice recording. Users may also hear voice feedback and prompts, which gives users instant device updates.


· Versatile Camera Mounting System & Lens Adjustment

· The Prism Tube Action Camera comes with two mounting options which attach quickly and easily. The Prism Tube boasts a 125° field of view and allows for spherical adjustment, providing 360° lens rotation along with 25° camera tilt to capture an even wider variety of shots.


· Preview your shot from a smartphone with the Sena Camera App

· The Sena Camera App allows users to preview their shot on their smartphone in order to ensure perfect camera setup. Easily download content straight to your smartphone with the convenient app for the Prism Tube WiFi.


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Your Adventure Fully Captured

Bluetooth audio and video recording

The Sena Prism isnt just an action sports camera. Its the wireless recording hub of your ADV motorcycling obsession. With 1080p FHD video recording with 5 MP still shot image capture and a variety of other video modes and photo modes its the only tool youll ever need to properly tell the story of how your mud-caked morning was washed clean by an unplanned river crossing in the afternoonon your way to that majestic vista now framed on your office wall. And dont worry if you get a little wetthe Prism is water resistant right out of the box and the waterproof housing keeps the Prism safe up to 40 meters of depth.

The Sena Prism Tube Wifi Action Camera

Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera

Looking at the device one would be hard pressed to see any difference between the original Prism Tube and the WiFi version. The shape and form are essentially identical to the previous camera.

It is a metal tube about 1 inch in diameter by 3.9 inches in length. There is a sliding switch collar that encircles the tube near the front that makes the diameter space 1.2 inches .

Despite the internal upgrades to the hardware, the camera is slightly lighter than its predecessor, coming in at a svelte 73 grams . The weight feels just right providing enough heft to give the camera a very sturdy feel. Towards the back of the camera on the top is an LED indicator that can light up red or blue to provide some simple feedback about the state of the camera.

Included with the Prism Tube WiFi is a plastic pivoting mount. The mount wraps around the central portion of the camera body holding it firmly in place. The camera can still be rotated when in the mount but it takes deliberate force to do so.

Out of the box, the camera doesnt appear to have any other controls besides the sliding switch collar but the rear cap unscrews from the body to reveal a format and reset button. Also located under this cap is a microSD card slot and a micro USB connector.

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Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera For Real

November 15, 2016 By DanThornton

Whether you want to get started with motovlogging or just capture a trip for posterity, the new SENA Prism Bluetooth Action Camera could be well worth checking out.

The big selling point is that its apparently the first action cam to include Bluetooth connectivity. So you can easily record your voice via a built-in Ultra HD Voice Recording microphone, or connecting almost any Bluetooth helmet headset you may already own. That means you can avoid having to either buy extra kit, or accidentally wrenching your head and microphone with a tangle of wires attaching you to your camera or bike.

And although SENA might not be as widely known outside of motorcycling as brands like GoPro, theyve built Bluetooth motorcycle communication systems and action cams for years. So youd expect the audio to be pretty decent and theres a good chance that you may already have some suitable kit to work with the camera.

It also means you can save time editing your video and audio. Recording both separately is possible, but means you then have to sync everything back up again, which generally requires fiddling about with timelines in editing software. Thats fine if youre producing a pro quality video with multiple cameras etc, but a bit of a faff when you just want to upload something.

Unique Mount System For Motorcycle Riders

QRM System for Motorcycles

The Sena Prism also features its unique QRM system. The QRM allows users to quickly install and uninstall the camera as needed helping to reduce the time and complications spent setting up for adventures and rides. The QRM comes in various types that provide fast and secure ways to switch the camera mount system on motorcycles and helmets. Once users set up the system at a desired angle, the camera can then be mounted and released without using any screws or bolts or changing the camera angle allowing for quick and easy use.

There are several different QRM types: Helmet Clamp Mount allowing the camera to be mounted on the side of the helmet Helmet Surface Mount enabling the camera to be mounted to any surface on the helmet Goggle Mount to mount the camera on goggle bands Handlebar Mount allowing for easy mounting on a motorcycle’s handlebars Top Surface Mount for mounting on any flat or curved surface such as windshield, gas tank, or helmet Dual Suction Cup Mount for surfaces that require some height such as windshield, gas tank, or trunk and Single Suction Cup Mount for relatively flat surfaces such as on motorcycles. The Prism has the capabilities to provide users with everything that is needed for optimal recording to capture all of life’s adventures on the road.

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  • Video And Photo Comparison

    Sena Prism Bluetooth action camera Features Video

    In order to test the video quality of the Drift Ghost vs the SENA Prism I strapped both cameras to my LS2 MX453 helmet and went for a ride. It was clear after reviewing the footage that the Prism has much better clarity and color correctness. While I can achieve close to the same results on the Drift after editing, the Prism footage required no editing.

    1080 at 30fps screenshot Ghost on left and Prism on right.

    Drift Ghost on left, Sena Prism on right

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    Back To Basics And No Frills

    The Sena Prism is a basic camera in the sense that it doesnt have a lot of features. Its a click-and-go camera, and, for that, it does very well. The small screen to browse the settings menu is a bit like browsing through a Windows 3.1 computer, though. You only have two buttons to go through the settings, so operating the Sena Prism is a bit tricky at first until you get the hang of it.

    In the box and aside from the actual Sena Prism cam, there were four mounting supports and a USB port along with the cameras instructions. That was all. There is another model option for the Sena Prism camera that comes with more mounting options and is about 50 bucks more expensive, but the mounting options supplied with the bare-basics Sena Prism cam is more than enough for a motorcycle rider to get started with and go about his/her business.

    The Sena Prism is truly an example of a no-frills action cam, so, if what you want is to click a button and record video footage with your voice as you speak into your helmet , then you will be very satisfied with this camera.

    Sena’s Prism Action Camera Offers A Great Option For Those Looking To Record On Board Voice Audio Over Footage In An Easy Seamless Way While Still Providing Strong Video Quality And Battery Life

    If youve been following our review of the Shoei Neotec II modular helmet, as well as the Sena SRL Communication system designed specifically for it, then you may have also realised Ive added an additional piece of Sena gear to the setup the Sena Prism action camera.

    Testing out the Shoei Neotec II, with the Sena SRL and Prism in Italy on the Benelli TRK 502X

    While we normally run a GoPro Hero5 Session, or Contour cameras, the Sena Prism is capable of recording from Sena communication systems audio for your video, which means you can record your thoughts while riding, or in our case record high quality audio over on board footage, without having to do later voice-overs, and complicated audio mixing.

    The Sena Prism is a compact action camera with a twist Audio recording from a Bluetooth source

    This all works through the Sena SRL communication system which boasts wind canceling and ambient noise reduction technology for capturing quality audio, which is what is also required for phone calls and intercom duties.

    The Sena Prism Lite pack offer a smaller variety of mounts, but is good value

    I bought the Sena Prism Lite pack which comes with a few less fixtures, but to be honest theres good variety provided, especially for mounting to a helmet, while the camera features a traditional camera mounting thread, for use with a tripod or other generic mounting systems.

    Sena Prism on my Shoei Neotec II modular helmet

    Sena Prism Action Camera features

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    Device Manager That Works

    Had no problems pairing the Sena Prism to its device manager on a smartphone. I was also able to download the Mac software to check for updates its a very-easy procedure to check and update any Sena farkles such as the Sena Prism or the Sena 10S intercom system.

    The Prisms device manager on a smartphone is basic in that it just allows you to tweak the cams settings instead of doing so by having to click the two buttons in the camera. You can easily adjust the video quality on the go, but you cannot preview the footage live on your phone as you can do with the GoPro 5 action cam. Once you set the Sena Prism in the right location on your helmet, then the lack of live previewing isnt much of a necessity anyway.

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    SENA Prism Bluetooth Action Camera Motorcycle Pack and Extra

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    Please allow 1-2 weeks for your return to be processed.

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    We aim to accept all returns. In the unlikely event that an item is returned to us in an unsuitable condition, we may have to send it back to you. All goods will be inspected on return.We warranty all of our products for 1 year unless otherwise stated in the description. Once use products are not eligible for return if the package is opened as we cannot verify if they have been used ornot.

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    Sena Prism Tube Wifi Action Camera For Motorcycle Helmet


    A low profile, helmet mounted 2K action camera with a 125° field of view and adjustable lens rotation, featuring built-in WiFi allowing for quick and easy previews and downloads through your smartphone.

    In stock

    • Operating Temperature: -10C 55C
    • Water resistant
    • Dimensions: 26 mm x 99 mm , 31 mm x 3.9 in , 1.2 in )
    • Weight: 73 g


    • Field of view: 125 degrees
    • 3.5 M pixel CMOS

    MicroSD card up to 64 GB


    There are no reviews yet.

    Lightweight Inconspicuous Action Camera

    I had seen the Sena Prism before, but I had never had a chance to have it in my hands. As soon as I unboxed the Sena Prism, I notice how light the camera is and how inconspicuous it is. For reference, the Sena Prism feels a tad lighter than the GoPro 5 camera we have and its about the same size.

    I fitted the Sena Prism to the side of my helmet using one of the stick-on mounts, and the camera is barely noticeable when moving my head this is mainly due to the location of the camera and how its shape cuts through the wind so much better than the GoPro 5 . The stick-on mount remained solidly mounted at highway speeds and my girlfriend said that at no times did the Sena Prism dangle or vibrate in its mount.

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    Capture Just What You Need

    The Sena Bluetooth Action Camera is made to compliment the users experience and allow for easy of use. Many users utilize action cameras to record their adventures, long and short, for both personal use and informational use.

    Sena created advanced technology to provide a better equipped action camera than what is on the market by providing meaningful improvements for real-world applications.

    The easy-to-use wireless remote control along with the voice prompt feature enables users to perform camera controls more quickly and frequently to help maximize the ease-of-use while in action.

    Users are able to maintain control over the camera every step of the way to ensure all the action and excitement is captured.

    Removing the difficulty of operating the camera and providing easy-to-use features offers control over every scene and adventure.

    The Sena Action Camera provides a new experience in capturing the users adventures by providing easy to control features, reducing the number of recorded scenes, reducing the file size of video clips, and extending the battery life for efficient camera control.

    Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera

    SENA Prism Bluetooth Action Camera – Unboxing

    Shown with an included waterproof case. MIKE804

    2014 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero ABS SEiPod Connector Kit, Kuryakyn Highway Pegs, Mustang Touring Seat, Marvella’s Hitch, Kuryakyn Trailer Wiring Kit, Haul-Master Tag-a-Long Cargo Trailer2011 Honda Shadow Aero 750 Memphis shades quick-release windshield, OEM Solo Seat, Mustang Fender Bib, Chrome Solo Luggage RackPast: 2006 Vulcan 900 Classic LT

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    Can You Hear Me

    When I first plugged the MicroSD card into my reader and copied it to my desktop I discovered the audio wasnt present using Windows Media Player. I initially thought something was wrong with the camera since I got no sound from Davinci Resolve either when playing back the video.

    A quick online chat with Sena support guided me to use VLC media player to hear the audio. I already have VLC and I was able to confirm that it will play the audio. I would be concerned that many users might not want to have to download a new app to play this with audio. This is another example of how I think this camera was designed to have YouTube as the central point for editing and distribution.

    Since the audio was absent from Resolve I also tried to open the video footage using Adobes newest Quick video editor, Premiere Rush but trying to import the video file resulted in a lockup of the application.

    Basically, the footage out of the camera is not friendly to some video editors. Since I wanted to cut some clips together to show examples for this review I had to re-encode* the video footage with Handbrake which allowed Resolve to read the audio.

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