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  • Batteries :1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer :No
  • Product Dimensions :6.35 x 6.35 x 22.86 cm 453.59 Grams
  • Manufacturer :M& S Accessory Network Inc.
  • ASIN :B07CP23CHP

Portable Travel Speaker

Enhanced Stereo Sound

We’ve created the Bud Light Bottle with high quality sound so you can get the most out of your favorite playlist! You can raise & lower volume directly from your device. Leave your speaker in the middle of a pile of beers and try to guess which is playing the music! Yep, its that real!

What Type Of Beer Makes A Good Shower Beer

A good shower beer is a low abv pilsner. The purpose of boozing it up under the shower head is to pre-game the night. Strong pale ale’s, like DIPAs and Triple IPAs are not your friend when you’re getting lathered up. Pangpang and SNASK would have you believe that a six ounce, 10% strong pale ale is your waterfall wingman, but we assure you, it’s not. The reason is simple, we would all bring two. Mathematics, for the win!

The only time you’re allowed an 8%+ citrusy IPA shower beer is if you got out of work late, are playing super catch up, and your house is hosting the party. Exceptions to the rule include layoffs, firings, deaths in the family, and parenting, clearly.

To bring some levity to that last statement, there are two other scenarios where any beer is acceptable for a shower beer:

  • When you’re forced into a baby shower. Then shower beer away with Three Philosophers, Mad Elfs, and Mt. Greylock’s from the Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company.
  • When you try to clean up your dog. Dogs are not psyched by showers. So, you’re gonna need all the abv help you can get to wash that puppers.
  • Summary Of The Invention

    Shown is a beverage jar holder having means to be mounted onto a wall and having a beverage container. The device is comprised of a base. Rising from the base is a barrier that curves around the base, and depending on an embodiment, leaves a gap in the front uncovered. The curvature of the barrier conforms to the curvature of a standard metaling beverage can, such as the one used for beer and carbonated drinks.

    The gap in the barrier may contain a strap linking the two terminal ends of the barrier. This strap may be solid or flexible and adjustable. In embodiments having a solid curved barrier, the device may be used to preserve and prolong the chilled state of beverages held on the base, as the barrier may be refillable with water or imbued with a substance that freezes when exposed to low temperatures.

    The base of the beverage holder contains a speaker, an audio amplifier, a radio transceiver, an audio control panel and a power source. The power source may be rechargeable through a charging port within the audio control panel. The transceiver is preferably linked with a device using a radio signal, where the device would then transmit an audio signal to be amplified through the speaker of the disclosed device.

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    A Bath Bomb That Can Help You Unwind

    Spa treatments tend to be thought of as a special occasion event, complete with all the skin-softening and relaxation and eye cucumbers that money can buy. Bath bombs can bring parts of this experience right into your home and none seem to do it better than LifeAround2Angels, an environmentally friendly and USA-made operation based in California. They offer a 12 bomb gift box with one each of 12 experiences including soothing scents like black raspberry vanilla and lavender. With over 5000 reviews on Amazon the LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs provide a calming aroma and soften the skin, proving to be great party favors or gifts.

    Weird Sh*t Under $30 That So Many People Are Obsessed With

    The Best Gifts For Busy People

    We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

    Im obsessed! Its what we all say when we find a thing that does such an amazing job at solving a problem that we feel compelled to tell everyone about it. I have been mocked by non-believers for obsessing over everything from my coffee maker to my microwave popcorn maker. All you have to do is ask me for a brewing tip or the secret to my delicious popcorn and you will be treated to a lecture, offered a notebook in case you want to jot down pointers, and probably get a link texted to you so you can improve your own life with your own version of same.

    This is what obsessed means in the common vernacular. And obsessions arent always predictable. Sometimes people get obsessed over strange, obscure, and unpredictable items. For some people, its electronics or cars. But I know you are on a budget so this list is all the weird sh*t under $30 that so many people are obsessed with.

    Whether you are cooking, brewing, organizing, making cocktails, or just chilling on the couch, you are about to discover your next obsession. Just read on and enjoy.

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    Description Of The Preferred Embodiments

    The preferred embodiments of the present invention will now be described with reference to the drawings. Identical elements in the various figures are identified with the same reference numerals.

    Reference will now be made in detail to embodiment of the present invention. Such embodiments are provided by way of explanation of the present invention, which is not intended to be limited thereto. In fact, those of ordinary skill in the art may appreciate upon reading the present specification and viewing the present drawings that various modifications and variations can be made thereto.

    Turning now descriptively to the drawings, in which similar reference characters denote similar elements throughout the several views, FIGS. 1A and 1B illustrate a beverage holder 1, having a front panel 2, a holder strap 6 and two suction cups 16.

    The front panel 2 houses the base 12, which may be an insertable component covering the audio component 8. The base section 10 of the front panel 2 may contain a heating or cooling pad to preserve or maintain an ambient temperature for beverage jar 14. The beverage jar 14 may be an aluminum can or a single serve glass or plastic bottle. The base 12 is intended for use with containers ranging between ten to twenty ounces, with equivalent figure in metric terms.

    A Waterproof Speaker That Wont Capsize At Your Amateur Kayakers Club Meeting

    As someone who likes to use his time efficiently, it’s always a bummer to have to neglect my auditory sense while showering. Sure, the sound of falling water is soothing. However, I listen to music or podcasts any time my attention isn’t needed elsewhere so the VicTsing SoundHot C6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect shower companion. Reviewers rave about its volume, its long battery life and most importantly, its ability to repel water and keep on working. Some even reported that they submerged the speaker completely in water and it still kept on working.

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    Gorilla Grip Bath Rugs From $14

    Time to put your old bath mat out to pasture? Consider grabbing a plush alternative like this one from Gorilla Grip to add an extra-luxe touch to your bathroom. The cushy microfiber material offers comfort and warmth while absorbing excess moisture and water. Itâs even machine-washable for easy cleaning. Choose from five sizes and 17 colors. You can also get a quick-drying, microfiber version from Gorilla Grip in 10 different sizes and over 40 color varieties.

    Does A Beer Taste Better In The Shower

    Upgraded, LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker with RGB Lights, IPX7 Waterproof Shower Speaker, Wireless Portabl

    Like Tom Brady and rings, our favorite beer is the next one. By that , yes, beers tastes better in the shower. Feel free to tweet that nugget of scientific wisdom on out on our behalf. Just nothing nsfw, ok?

    To conclude, remember, the purpose of the shower beer is to pre-game the evening. Don’t go overboard. Cans and 5% abv max. Also, no stouts, only all-day drinkers. Same applies for lawnmower beers. Actually, just look down our list of the light beers or low calorie beers and you will do just fine.

    And, if you find yourself in upstate New York, a Genesee Cream Ale wouldn’t be the worst thing you could drink in the tub …

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    Casafield Bamboo Bathtub Caddy $21

    Take bathtime to a whole new level with Casafieldâs bamboo bathtub caddy. The adjustable tray easily holds your favorite book, tablet, or magazineâalong with a handful of other essentials . The secure wine glass slot makes it easy to enjoy a glass of vino while you soak, while the non-slip silicone grips will prevent it from sliding out of place. Plus, the waterproof coating adds durability.

    Psa: You Need This Shower Beer Holder That Doubles As A Waterproof Speaker

    Picture this: you’ve just spent all day at the beach, soaking up the sun, and you finally step into a nice hot shower to wash off all of the sunscreen you sprayed on earlier today . You think you can’t possible need anything else, but you definitely do-and those things are some tunes and some booze. Luckily, you can get both of them together in one place with Urban Outfitters’ newest gadget.

    BUY NOWShower Beer Holder Bluetooth Speaker, Urban Outfitters

    The revolutionary, $30 piece of technology isn’t just a beer holder but also a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Now, the party doesn’t have to stop once you hop in the shower.

    Your device can be connected to the speaker from up to 30 feet away with four hours of playback time. And that’s not all this drink-holding speaker can do either-it also comes equipped with a microphone and speakerphone function so you can actually use it to call people, if you really want to multitask.

    The fun shower add-on can also be easily cleaned-it’s made from plastic so you can just wipe it down if anything out of the ordinary gets on it during your shower jam sesh.

    Urban Outfitters has tons of fun gadgets that tend to sell out quick, so make sure to get your hands on this summertime staple.

    Follow House Beautiful on .

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    Waycom Toothpaste Dispenser $10

    Preserve precious sink space by using this toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder from WAYCOM. The nifty gadget, which holds up to five toothbrushes, is designed to keep your dental essentials organized. The included double-sided stickers are suitable for use on smooth surfaces, making installation a breeze. Itâs also hands-free for added convenience, and with the toothpaste dispenser, not even a single dollop of toothpaste will go to waste.

    Brief Description Of The Drawings 30 Watt The Original Sudski

    FIGS. 1A and 1B demonstrate two perspective angles of the device and beverage jar shown in the present disclosure.

    FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the present invention with the view of the speaker.

    FIG. 3 shows an alternative embodiment featuring suction cups along the base.

    FIG. 4 shows another alternative embodiment, showing a full cupholder the shown cupholder preferably containing a refillable cavity.

    FIG. 5 is a cutaway diagram of an alternative embodiment featuring an unbroken barrier surrounding the base.

    FIGS. 5A and 5B are similar to 1A and 1B but demonstrate an alternative embodiment.

    FIG. 6 is a cutaway of a device shown in FIGS. 3 and 4, demonstrating the refillable wall.

    FIGS. 7 and 8 demonstrate the audio features of the disclosed device.

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    This Handy Sleeve For Hair Styling Tools

    The big downside to hot styling tools like hair irons and curlers is the time needed to let them cool off before stowing them away. Oftentimes, users resort to leaving them on the counter to cool down, creating clutter and the possibility of accidentally leaving it plugged in. Polder’s High Heat Silicone Hair Iron Sleeve rests on your bathroom counter and can withstand heats of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to let any flat iron or curling iron slide in and start cooling down. The sleeve is designed with an integrated cord holder to prevent loose and dangling cords and a rear hook to rest on towel racks. Polder even offers their sleeve in four colors if you’re looking to match it with your bathroom.

    This Weird Stool That’ll Change Your Life

    In addition to appearing on the shortlist of greatest rhyming word pairs of the 21st century, Squatty Potty is revolutionizing the way people tackle Number Two. The developers of this Shark Tank-approved product aimed to help correct the biggest issue with the modern toiletits inability to provide the body its natural posture for evacuating its bowels. In steps this doctor recommended and FDA registered stool, which can relieve strain on the muscles that help us poop. Users rave about Squatty Potty’s ability to relieve symptoms such as constipation and hemorrhoids by allowing the colon to unkink itself after years of improper squat etiquette. Multiple height options and tuck-away design allow the Squatty Potty to adapt to any toilet so there’s no excuse for struggling in the bathroom the solution is right around the corner.

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    Love Lori Foot Scrubber From $12

    This fan-favorite foot scrubber has a 4.1-star rating and more than 17,000 Amazon reviews. Itâs comprised of hundreds of bristles to easily clean all the crevices of your feet, especially between your toes. The non-slip suction cups adhere to smooth, clean surfaces. The best part? You donât even need to bend down. Plus, it pulls double duty as a foot massager. Snag it in one of three sizes and choose from five available colors.

    Idesign Milo Steel Hanging Shower Organizer From $18

    Best Speaker for the Beach Aomais Ball 15W IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker

    If youâre tight on bathroom storage space, consider purchasing this hanging shower organizer to keep your shelves clutter-free. Itâs equipped with two shelves, a towel rack, and 14 hooks for all of your bath and shower accessories. The sturdy stainless steel construction is especially noteworthy, as it’s rust-resistant and many of the more than 1100 Amazon shoppers who have reviewed this 4.6-star-rated item say it’s easy to clean off with simple soap and water.

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    The Only Night Light Youll Ever Need

    I know what you’re thinking: A light in my toilet that can flash a rainbow of colors and detects my presence by simply sensing my motion? But that’s right, one exists. Vintar’s LED Toilet Night Light is the very definition of a product you didn’t know you needed until you heard about it. Forget flipping on the light switch in the middle of the night and straining your eyes, forget leaving that light off and crossing your fingers and toes hoping to hear a splash of toilet water to ensure that your aim was true. This night light is efficient as it is cool – the rechargeable battery is only in use when its dark and youre present, illuminating your toilet bowl and the rest of your bathroom for that wee hours party of one.

    An Ingenious Way To Keep Your Feet Clean

    Finally, a product specifically engineered for too-tall, back-pained, smelly-footed people like me. Soapy Soles attaches to your shower floor and stays put as you scrub your feet across its massaging bristled surface, cleaning that hard-to-reach area without bending or stretching. Obviously you don’t need to be terribly tall or unable to bend over to benefit from this miracle bathing tool. If you’ve ever wanted a spa-level foot cleanse without subjecting another person to those neglected toenails you can rest easy knowing Soapy Soles has you covered from the comfort of your own shower.

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    This Adorable Egg Cooker That Looks Like A Colony Of Penguins

    When you are chopping fresh herbs, nuts, garlic, or other things that tend to fly away and all over the kitchen, this concave cutting board with a curved mezzaluna blade to match makes it so much easier. Everything stays in the bowl so you can cut it easily without chasing it around. And the blade matches the curve of the bowl so chopping is easy. It is also a beautiful piece that will look great in your kitchen. You can buy just the blade, just the board, or the set.

    Sipcaddy Shower Beer And Bath Wine Holder From $14


    The SipCaddy conveniently holds beer cans, bottles, wine glasses, and certain-sized coffee mugs, allowing you to enjoy your desired drink straight from the comfort of your bath or shower. Because it utilizes suction cups, the SipCaddy is designed for use on smooth surfaces . When itâs time to clean, just pop it in the dishwasher, et voila.

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    Sinkshroom Drain Protector And Hair Catcher From $10

    Make clogged drains a thing of the past with the SinkShroom. This innovative drain protectorâwhich boasts over 14,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.1-star rating on the siteâis designed to catch each and every strand of hair. Simply pop it inside the shower or sink drain, clean it off once a week, and youâll be good to go.

    An Organizer To Help Declutter Your Bathroom Counter

    Staying organized isn’t my strong suit, especially with all the little containers and tools necessary to prepare for the day. If you’re as disorganized as me and your bathroom containers and tools are makeup and jewelry then perhaps it’s about time to look into an Ikee Design Jewelry and Cosmetics Storage Display Box. Great for vanities and bathroom counters, this translucent plastic organizer can be used to corral the dozens of little makeup containers around your bathroom and saves tons of space. This product comes with two stackable displays, and the top portions with slots to slide lipsticks and such, while the bottom has drawers to stow away palettes and other thinner containers.

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