Shower Ceiling Light With Bluetooth Speaker

Mode Led Ip44 Round Flush Bathroom Ceiling Light With Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Shower Speaker with LED Lights by B Gadget! IPX4 Water Resistant! Speakerphone & Radio!
  • CCT Colour tuneable LEDs offer a choice of colour temperature – warm, natural or cool white
  • Dimmable bulb functionality
  • Edge lit feature provides uniform light output
  • Includes remote control for turning light on/off, selecting colour temperature and brightness
  • Integrated bluetooth enabled speakers
  • IP44 rated suitable for use in bathroom zone 2

Can Waterproof Speakers Go Underwater

As you likely know, no one should intentionally submerge waterproof speakers in water. IPX67 rated shower speakers are protected from sprays, splashing water, and dust.

IPX7 can be dropped in water for a while. Its important to note that you should not drop them in water intentionally, as the risk of causing lasting damage to the device exists.

Lithonia Lighting 6sl Rd 07lm 3000k 90cri Mw 6

  • The rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to 6 hours when the light is off and charges when light is turned on .
  • High-efficiency driver mounted on the module
  • Retrofit into most standard 6 in. recessed housings or new construction and remodel applications
  • ETL certified to US and Canadian safety standards and wet location listed
  • Suitable for installation in standard rough-in sections

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Best Sounding Showers: Hydro Beat Shower Bluetooth Speaker

The Hydro Beat shower Bluetooth speaker can fill your shower with an impressive 10 LED light options, though its functionality extends far beyond the bathroom.

You can select one of the colors if you want to create a perfect ambiance. Moreover, given that it uses Bluetooth 4.0, you wont have issues trying to pair the speaker with other portable devices.

Its also fully submissive, meaning its great around water. Its battery is long-lasting and reliable. You charge it under for 3 hours and get up to 6 hours of playing time.


  • Waterproof and floats on water
  • Dustproof and shockproof
  • Comes with a highly durable suction cup
  • Excellent customer support

Upgrade Music Ceiling Light With Bluetooth Speaker For Bathroom

Home Netwerks Decorative White 100 CFM Bluetooth Stereo ...
  • Dual Control Mode-Compared with the past one, this upgrade ceiling light is equipped with a remote control, which allows you to use a variety of functions more conveniently, such as lighting effect and music switching.
  • IP65 Waterproof and Dustproof-Waterproof rating up to IP65.
  • Lamp Effect of Music- Long press the RGB button on the remote control to enter the music rhythm mode, and the light can change with the music rhythm and volume.
  • Adjustable Lighting EffectThe ceiling light can use the remote control to select the cold/ warm /cool white light or other color light, which provides you with more lighting options.
  • Dual use of one lamp: Two kinds of installation way, it can be used as ceiling lamp or socket pendant lamp .

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Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers With Lights 2022

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    The best Bluetooth shower speaker with lights allows users to shower while enjoying music and cool disco lights. Remember that shower time is a reflection time for many people, so you need a speaker thats not boring.

    Here are the top 5 shower light speaker combos that will enhance your shower with ease without fear of droplets damaging the device. We have also included answers to frequently asked questions.

    Other similar waterproof speakers:

    Best Overall: Motast Ip7 Shower Speaker

    Motast IPX7 is a water-resistant and portable Bluetooth speaker with LED lights. It comes with a battery that lasts for seven hours, more than enough for a day at a pool party or the beach. With a 99% five-star rating on Amazon, this speaker is among the best deals of value.

    Since this speaker has IPX7 waterproof rating, a tumble or copious water splashing in the bath cannot destroy it.


    • Seven-color light show with exceptional LED light


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    Horevo Ceiling Light With Bluetooth Speaker For Bathroom

    Next up is the HOREVO Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker for Bathroom. This is one of the most diverse offerings on our list. It features a dual control mode with remote control. This allows you to use a variety of functions conveniently. It still lets you use the wall switch as well.

    The HOREVO Bluetooth Speaker is IP65 waterproof and dustproof. This means that it is completely sealed and protected from water, any splashes, and dust. In addition, it features RGB lighting that can be adjusted however you want! There is a button to sync the lighting to music, or you can use a solid color effect. It also has cold, warm, and cool white light options. Additionally, it can emit flicker-free light to help reduce any eye strain.

    Finally, you can use the HOREVO light as a bathroom socket light, or a pendant light in another room of the house. It is equipped with a detachable standard E27 socket. This allows fairly simple and versatile installation.

    How To Choose A Bathroom Ceiling Light With Music Player

    Review of a Shower Bluetooth LED Speaker Light Bulb

    To choose the best of these ceiling lights for your lavatory but they have a music player or Bluetooth speakers, consider the following factors


    Water is inevitable in the bathroom. It makes no sense to install a ceiling light that can be spoiled by water in the bathroom. Such ceiling lights should be covered by a waterproof material.


    Everybody in a family uses the bathroom at least twice a day. There is a lot of time spent in the bathroom. If the light installed consumes a lot of energy the electricity bill will be high. This is why you need an energy-saving light.

    Phone app control

    Bathroom ceiling lights are better with the phone app control rather than the remote control. It is easy setting the light using your phone before entering the bathroom. Using the remote in the bathroom is not efficient. It can spoil if it comes into contact with water.

    Jamming to your favorite tunes as you take your shower brings you joy and much energy. If you dont you are missing out on a very good mode of relaxing. Get a ceiling light with a Bluetooth speaker and take your bathroom experience to a new level. Check our other collection of related products as recommended below

    For the outside environment, check the best outdoor ceiling lights with a music player for you to make a wider choice.


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    Pyle Pair 8 Bluetooth Speaker System

    Our first speaker choice is the Pyle PDIC85 8 inch in-ceiling speaker system. It has a fine audio quality and also includes a Bluetooth connectivity function.

    Now you can connect your smartphone and listen to all the tracks you have on your phone. You can also enjoy live news through your smartphone in an early morning shower.

    The Pyle PDIC85 has a unique flush mount design that enables the user to install the speaker into the ceiling using the spring-loaded fixing clips.

    Its a hassle-free installation process as the power supply, Bluetooth controller, and speaker connection wire are included in the package.

    The design is seamless as its built with a round rust-resistant grille that would blend well with your ceiling.

    Moreover, the sound quality is outstanding due to its 0.5-inch-high compliance polymer tweeter and ABS construction.

    More pictures & price on


    • Bluetooth connectivity issues

    Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Technology

    Connects easily with Amazon Alexa devices

    Compatible with music streaming apps, the speaker light can be effortlessly paired with your smartphone, tablet, computer or other music-playing devices enabled with Bluetooth technology. An internal lithium-ion battery is included for up to six hours of play time without the light being on.

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    Lithonia Lighting Led Light With Bluetooth Speaker

    Next is the Lithonia Lighting Bluetooth Speaker. This is a bathroom Bluetooth speaker that features a 4000K 730 lumen built-in light. The most unique feature of this unit is that it can pair with up to 8 additional units. This allows for a lot of customization with the layout and usage of the speakers.

    You can easily sync your Bluetooth device up to the master device and then allow it to control the rest of the speakers. It also works with devices. Additionally, LIthonia designed the speaker for wet locations making it perfect to use for a bathroom.

    The light included is a 730 lumen dimmable LED. It provides a color temperature of 2000K-4000K and 13 watts of power. The speaker can play music for up to 6 hours when the light is off, and indefinitely with it on. It needs around 4 hours to charge up fully when the light is on.

    Finally, the kit includes an E26 adapter so you can install the module into pretty much any housing.

    Best For Outdoor Showers: Toproad Ipx7 Waterproof Speaker

    Decorative White 80 Cfm Ceiling Mount Bluetooth Stereo ...

    TOPROAD IPX7 waterproof wireless outdoor speaker comes with LED lights that are designed to help set the mood.

    This speaker features audio with a stronger bass characterized by a high-quality sound that makes it perfect for the outdoors. Remember, the speakers IPX7 rating means its protected against a low-pressure water stream and will stay safe in shower rain, on a boat, or by the pool.

    This shower and outdoor speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. So, you can pair it with other portable devices much faster. Besides, the speaker has a high-capacity battery that guarantees you up to 10 hours of unlimited music. You can charge it in two hours with the included Micro USB cable.


    • Charges in about 2 hours
    • Batter life is 10 hours
    • Includes built-in LED lighting options
    • Easy to install

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    Herdio Home Audio Ceiling Speakers

    Talk about a complete package, and Herdio has got you covered!

    Herdio in-ceiling speakers come with an in-wall amplifier receiver that gives you various options and complete control over your audio system.

    The powerful 300W speakers produce great sound output and amazing responsiveness.

    The best feature of these speakers is the wall plate receiver that allows users to control their speakers using USB, AUX, Mic-in, or Bluetooth.

    You can also charge your devices using the USB port. If you want an all-in-one device, the Herdio audio package should definitely be your choice.

    More pictures & price on


    • Not convenient to wire

    Top 10 Rated Bathroom Fan Bluetooth Speaker With Light In 2021 Comparison Table

    • FAN COMBO: Exhaust fan with built-in Bluetooth High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers is powerful for rooms
    • WIRELESS STEREO: Brilliant audio performance concealed behind your fan grille allows audio through most Bluetooth-enabled devices
    • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install fan fits 2″x 8″ ceiling construction and tapered, polymeric 4 in. round duct fitting for easy, positive duct connection and no metallic clatter
    • RELIABLE: Permanently lubricated AC motor is engineered for continuous operation at 2.5 Sones and 80 CFM for your convenience
    • THREE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Backed by a three year limited warranty for your convenience
    • FAN COMBO: Exhaust fan with built-in Bluetooth Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers is powerful enough for rooms up to 105 sq. ft.
    • WIRELESS STEREO: Brilliant audio performance concealed behind your fan grille allows audio through most Bluetooth-enabled devices
    • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and/or replace existing product for DIY’ers. Fan fits 2″x 8″ ceiling construction and includes unique spacer for easy I-joist mounting
    • RELIABLE: Motor engineered for continuous operation at 1.0 Sones and 110 CFM for your convenience
    • SAFE: This ENERGY STAR* qualified fan is UL listed for use over bathtub or shower when installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit. Type IC for use in direct contact with thermal insulation

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    Best Bathroom Ceiling Lights With Bluetooth Speakers

      Its a great feeling relaxing in your bathtub listen to your favorite music or program. It is everything you deserve after a long day of work. Now, imagine enjoying a shower while you are lit by a good ceiling light that has an in-built Bluetooth speaker for you to enjoy music.

      Ever heard of the singing in the bathroom jokes and had fantasies? Make them a reality by installing a ceiling light in your bathroom that has a Bluetooth speaker you can use to play music.

      Horevo Waterproof Ceiling Light Fixture LED Music Ceiling Lamp for BathroomGoldstoneokus
      LED Starlight Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth SpeakerGowin
      24W Bluetooth LED Ceiling Lamp with Bluetooth SpeakerNicetai-US
      54W Dimmable LED Music Flush Mount Ceiling Light FixtureHES store
      Olafus LED Ceiling Light Waterproof Round Bathroom LightOLAFUS

      Easy To Install In 4 Simple Steps

      Home NetWerks Bath Fan, Light & Bluetooth Speaker

      Pair first speaker light to your Bluetooth wireless technology enabled device prior to installation.

      Sync additional units to MASTER unit prior to installation.

      Disconnect power at the circuit breaker then install to recessed housing.

      Reconnect power at circuit breaker, use light as usual, and enjoy music from any streaming service you like.

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      Sengled Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

      Every bathroom should have a slot dedicated to a light bulb or two, so it should come across as no surprise that the Sengled Light Bulb is something everybody should see. Before a person decides to get it, they need to consider that it isnt ideal to be close to liquids or steam. As a result, its owner should keep their restroom well-ventilated before trying to utilize it safely. Like a regular light bulb, a person can attach it to any ceiling-slot or wall-slot where any other bulb may go. The sound quality is nice, but its main attraction is its superb lighting. As a specially-designed light bulb, its difficult to find another capable of producing the light and sounds it can provide.


      Olafus Led Ceiling Light Waterproof For Bathroom

      You can install this ceiling light in your bathroom yourself. The buckle design, trim ring, and the included rings make it easy for you to install. It is double insulated making it safe for use at home.

      The lighting of this ceiling light is something you cannot underrate. Its 1600 lumen light brightens up your bathroom.

      Its 18W compared to the 120W of the traditional incandescent light helps you save energy hence a drop in the electricity bill.

      If you need a bathroom with modern lights, this light is the best for you.

      First, it is waterproof. It is IP54 waterproof rated making it perfect for your bathroom where water and moisture are unpreventable.

      Secondly, this light is sleek and elegant design to fit your need for different decoration styles in your bathroom. Its simply a touch of modernity.

      The LED lighting in this lighting is natural. This protects you and your childrens eyes.


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      Can You Put Your Regular Speakers In The Bathroom

      Regular speakers are designed to be used in dry places. You can use them indoors or outdoors.

      In other words, the speakers can suffer damage if you use them in the bathroom regularly. So, it doesnt matter whether you know how to waterproof speakers. The safest option is to buy one of the best Bluetooth shower speakers with lights if you want to keep enjoying your favorite music in the bathroom for a long time.

      W Dimmable Led Music Ceiling Light Fixture

      HIB Rhythm Ceiling Light With Bluetooth Speaker

      You will need to purchase this light if durability is what you are looking for. It is efficient and emits low heat. It is energy-saving and therefore reduces your electricity bill. You can use it for over 50,000 hours in your bathroom.

      This ceiling light is one of the safest around. You are guaranteed no leakages or power failure.

      On top of this, this light is waterproof and dustproof.

      This gives you the confidence of installing it in the bathroom where there are water splashes and a lot of moisture emitted during hot showers.

      The remote control of this light is easy to use. You can control the color temperature and the dim light using the remote.#

      You can also change the light color to 4 different colors using the remote.

      You can connect the in-built Bluetooth speaker to audio devices to play your favorite music. This will make your shower time more enjoyable.

      This ceiling light has a stylish and slim design. This light will provide you with even and modern lighting through its smooth large shades. The design is perfect for your bathroom and makes it look modern.


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      Dfl 42 Ceiling Fan With Light

      • Bluetooh Ceiling Fan: Retractable ceiling fan has various functions through the remote control or APP, It is RGB color change, Timer function, Forward and Reverse, Use downdraft mode during the hot days to downdraft airflow, Use updraft circulate airflow mode during the cold days.
      • Music Bluetooth Speaker: Connect the phone to our APP Bluetooth, it is combination of new technology and entertainment, with Bluetooth audio player function and Smart phone light toning adjustment ,Great for Living Room/Bedroom.
      • Foldable Chandelier Fans: Fan Speed and light can work separatly or together, Remote control and quality copper motor make it silent and long life service, Provide super power air circulation.
      • Dimensions: The diameter is 42 when the fan blades extend, and it is 18.
      • FULL WARRANTY: Etway Lighting is a USA company, were proud to offer a vast selection of design-oriented ceiling lights, with perfect after-sales service guarantee.

      Hib Rhythm Led Bluetooth Speaker Ceiling Light

      SKU: HIB-0710

      • Usually delivered in 10-14 working days

        Estimated UK delivery cost –

      • Description

        Rhythm features a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that allows you to play your favourite music, podcast or audiobook straight from your device.

        A remote control means you can adjust the volume, skip a track and even change the dimmable LED light from cool white to warm white and though a spectrum of red, green and blue hues creating a whole new level of ambience.

        This groundbreaking light helps you personalise your bathroom experience, setting the tone for an energetic morning routine or an indulgent evening pamper.


        – Remote control operation lighting and music

        – Bluetooth connectivity with compatible devices

        – Hand blown glass shade

        – Colour temperature changing LED illumination

        – 1555lm max

        Dimensions: Width: 18cm – Depth: 18cm – Height: 23cm

        Guarantee: 2 Years

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