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Interesting Facts On Decibels

Anker Soundcore Mini Review – The Best Small Bluetooth Speaker?

Something interesting to note is that a decibel in itself does not tell us anything unless you assign it to something such as SPL . We are so used to using decibels as a measurement of sound or music loudness, that we would assume that thats what dB stands for, but the decibel actually needs to be assigned to a unit to mean anything. Interesting, right?

The decibel itself is only a ratio which means that it compares the value of one number to the value of another

So among other things, decibels are used to measure voltage and power in your gear the intensity of a sound or the power level of an electrical signal, by comparing it with a given level on a logarithmic scale which we talked about earlier in this article.

The lowest threshold of human hearing, meaning the lowest sound level we as humans can hear translates to 0 SPL and is accepted as the reference point by which all other sounds are compared against.

For The Most Versatile Option Check Out The Bose Portable Smart Speaker

If you cant decide between getting a portable Bluetooth speaker and a smart home speaker, another great option is the Bose Portable Smart Speaker. This omnidirectional speaker operates over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so it can be used in the house or outside. Its IPX4 rating and 2 lb weight also make it suitable for the great outdoors.

Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator For Car Audio/home Stereo System With 35mm Audio Cable

The compact, lightweight, and portable mini Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolation adapter focuses on outputting hi-fi, crystal-clear, speech, music, and sound. All humming and buzzing from the audio source is eliminated. This inexpensive Bluetooth car adapter works with 3.5mm audio jacks and can turn any wired home or audio system, headphones, or speakers into hands-free, Bluetooth-enabled devices void of distortion or background noise.


The Mpow Ground Loop Isolator connects to any vehicles 3.5mm AUX jack. It effectively eliminates background noise and distortion and outputs good quality streaming music and clear voices and sounds from your car or home audio or stereo system.

Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator: Check the current price

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Jabra Freeway Speaker Phone

The Jabra Freeway is a bit expensive, but its a fantastic speakerphone. It has 3 high-quality speakers and creates a virtual surround sound environment. But music lovers dont have to stick with the Jabra Freeways speakers, because it has a built-in FM transmitter that your cars radio can dial into.

As you would expect from a premium speakerphone, the Jabra Freeway has buttons that are easy to use while driving, noise-cancellation technology, and support for your phones virtual assistant. Sadly, the Jabra Freeway only has a 14-hour in-call battery life, but it can do a lot in those 14 hours.

Mpow Mbr2 Bluetooth Car Kits For Hands

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Waterpoof Speaker ...

This Mpow adapter is a 3-in-1 Bluetooth receiver, dual USB car charger, and ground loop noise isolator. It attaches to your dash, console, or wherever it is convenient, with a magnetic base.

The upgraded Bluetooth enables this car adapter to turn any wired home or audio system, headphones, or speakers into hands-free, Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is able to achieve more stable transmission without using as much power, thus allowing you to stream audio through the 3.5mm stereo AUX input to listen to music, books, or podcast, or to follow GPS navigation.

The dual connection allows you to connect and use two devices at the same time. It has a high-speed charger and has 2 USB output ports, a 1A receiver output, and a 2.4A output for other devices. A built-in mic delivers hi-fi, CD-quality noise isolator clarity. Its range is up to 30 ft.

The Mpow 3-in-1 Bluetooth car adapter automatically turns on when you start your car. To ensure safety and proper performance, never charge in high temperatures or under pressure.


The 3-in-1 Bluetooth receiver / dual USB car charger / ground loop noise isolator is intended for those that want a quality, hands-free, conveniently-compact, multi-function adapter bundle without noise or distortion. It provides a solution for safely operating your phone and navigation system while driving.

Mpow Hands-Free Adapter 3 in 1: Check the current price

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How Many Watts Is Good For A Bluetooth Speaker

Many Bluetooth speakers we recommend for typical home use will come in at around 10 to 20 Watts. However, small speakers are getting better. Our top budget pick, the Tribit StormBox Micro , offers stellar sound and gets remarkably loud with just 9W. For a big sounda party speaker20W is the lower end youll want to go for, with many on the market party Bluetooth speakers surpassing 30W as well.

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For The Ultimate Party Speaker Get The Ue Hyperboom

Ultimate Ears has been in the Bluetooth speaker market for years now, and the one thing its product line-up was missing was a giant speaker that could power your parties. That ends with the UE HYPERBOOM, which is the new giant speaker from the company. This speaker has an IPX4 splash-resistant build along with a battery life that should last you about 24 hours of constant playback.

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Bluetooth Car Speaker For Cell Phone Aigital Wireless Speakerphone Motion Auto Power On Car Kit Receiver Sun

  • Auto Power On : Easy to set up, just clip this automobile bluetooth onto the visor. With Built-in motion sensor,it can be Auto Power On through sensing vehicle shocking when you get in car. You Won’t Regret for Getting this Mini Car Speaker Amplifier.
  • High-Quality Audio : Bluetooth V4.2+EDR, designed for great sound with HD Voice,noise cancellation technology and stereo speaker – You can have clear calls and wonderful music even in downtown.
  • Intelligent Connection : This upgraded speaker supports Apple Siri connection, can connect 2 bluetooth cell phones simultaneously on working.
  • Automated Modes : Automatic working method can save the battery life, save energy and protect environment.
  • Value for Money : A great replacement for your car built-in bluetooth to let you have hands-free callings and music.

Bluetooth Fm Transmitter Sumind Wireless Radio Adapter Hands

Small Bluetooth Speakers || Sony SRS X11B Review
  • Intelligent and fast charging: input 12-24 V Output 2 USB ports: smart 2.4 A charge port which can intelligently identify android or iPhone devices and QC3.0 fast charge port
  • Special design: large key for easy operation 1.7 Inch large LCD backlight display song name/ incoming phone number and shows your car’s battery level when car start Can rotate the LCD display screen in 270-degree gooseneck for optimal viewing comfort Turn off the FM transmitter: long pressing the next song key for 5 seconds, it will turn off the FM and functions keep charging function
  • Broad compatibility: this radio adapter works with compatible devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet, smartphones, you can transfer music in those devices to car audio via 3.5 mm audio cable Support TF/ Micro SD card in FAT format up to 32G Support A2DP Support MP3/ WMA format Also support AUX output
  • High clear sound and call quality: adopted advanced interference and noise cancellation technology – CVC technology creates full duplex sound and suppresses noise and wind Built-in microphone feature supports hands-free talking reduce interference
  • Features v4.2 and EDR: compared to earlier or older versions likeV2.0, V 2.1, or V3.0, V4.2 consumes much less energy and lasts much longer EDR, which ensures a faster data transmission rate and much more stable connection between a device and the audio receiver

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W Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Built

  • HIGH DEFINITION CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND: With this speaker, youll feel as if youre at a live concert, with clear high notes, deep bass and true HD sound. This advanced Bluetooth speaker has the latest state-of-the-art double 25 WATTS drivers and double passive bass radiators are located on the right and left side of the speaker producing deep, enhanced bass. Premium Bluetooth 5.0 technology effortlessly connects to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 66ft range.
  • CHARGE ALL YOUR PORTABLE DEVICES: Under the sleek yet rugged exterior, there is a massive 8000mAh built-in power bank that will charge your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, iPad or action camera.
  • CRISP & CRYSTAL CLEAR HD STEREO SOUND: Impeccable audio quality is our main priority. That is why the D8 speaker is equipped with 2 full-range speaker drivers, 2 passive subwoofers and 2 tweeters. It can connect to PC, TV and other non-Bluetooth devices with the included 3.5mm audio jacks. You can also use W-KING bluetooth speaker for hands-free calling.
  • DESIGNED TO ENDURE ANY ABUSE: Your loud portable speaker is not only sturdy and shockproof, but also waterproof, dustproof and sandproof. Take it with you on your next camping trip or beach party!
  • GET YOUR WIRELESS SPEAKER NOW 100% RISK-FREE: Please use a 5V 2.0A power adapter to charge your speaker. Your universally compatible portable Bluetooth mobile speaker comes with an exclusive 12-month warranty, so you can place your order with confidence.

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Soundlink Micro Speakers Battery

While not playing music, much of the SoundLink Micros battery charge can be recovered in approximately 4 hours when using a USB power source of 1 amp of current. With a 1.5 amp power source, charging time may be closer to 3 hours. Charging from alternate USB power sources, or when playing music, may take longer.

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How Do I Connect Bluetooth Speakers To My Car

Sometimes, people do not want to do change or alter the sound system of their car. The cars which have double-din stereo can also have an android interface.

When people do not want to listen to the sound system of their car, they buy a small Bluetooth speaker and connect it in their car and enjoy the low volume music.

Let us discuss both scenarios one by one so that we will be able to answer both questions.

Jabra Drive Car Bluetooth

Costech Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Speaker, Portable IP65 ...

The Jabra Drive is small and is a good choice to opt for your car that lacks Bluetooth connectivity. It features a pretty good 2W speaker and has the noise cancellation technology. It comes with Bluetooth 4. 2 and can connect a couple of smartphones at the same time. Set-up is very simple and after you clip it to your sun visor, it connects as you get in your vehicle.

This Bluetooth car speaker comes with 20 hours of battery backup. It can play music throughout your journey without the need to recharge. There is also the Google Assistant and Siri to make outgoing calls and other tasks for you. It can work well during navigation through wireless connectivity. There are easy to use buttons that help in quick navigation if youre phone is kept for charging.


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Our Fm Transmitter Pick: Gogroove Flexsmart X2

Although it works for voice calls, this FM transmitter is best suited to music streaming. You can see which station youre tuned to and easily find a new one.

Buying Options

May be out of stock

An FM transmitter takes your phones Bluetooth audio and transmits it over FM-radio frequencies to your cars radio tuner, so it works with any stereo. After going hands-on with seven of the highest-rated FM transmitters we found, were confident that GOgrooves FlexSmart X2 is the best because it sounds as good as or better than the competition when tuned to the same stations. In fact, the FlexSmart X2 sounded better than other FM transmitters, and it was comparable in sound quality to our aux-in pick.

The FlexSmarts FM transmitter performed relatively well in the strength and clarity of its signal when compared with an aux-in transmitter or a native Bluetooth system. It streamed music with practically no interference, providing the best audio fidelity of any of the FM units we testedalmost as good as a direct aux-in connection, with a slightly stronger midrange and slightly less focus on the highs. This surprised us, considering the usually poor quality of FM transmitters. As long as you find a good, clear frequency, youll be impressed with the results.

The FlexSmart X2 sounded better than other FM transmitters, and it was comparable in sound quality to our aux-in pick.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bluetooth Speaker For Car

Here are some aspects to check when buying a Bluetooth speaker for cars.

  • Battery: When buying a Bluetooth speaker, it is crucial to consider one with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. This is always the most critical issue for portable devices because a low battery can ruin the entire experience of hands-free calling and listen to your favorite music.
  • Enhanced features: To obtain a safe user experience, the Bluetooth speaker must be compatible with Google Assistant and Siri. It makes the drive easy and convenient.
  • Splash and water resistance: As the chance of children sprinkling water on the car fundamentally increases, it may damage the Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, wireless Bluetooth speakers should be waterproof.
  • With Bluetooth speakers installed in your old car, you will certainly not miss the technology that allows you to send emails and text messages, make hands-free calls and listen to music without getting distracted while on the drive. You can choose from our list of the ten best Bluetooth speakers for cars and make the most of your riding time.

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    Besign Bk01 Bluetooth Car Kit Wireless Receiver For Handsfree Talking And Music Streaming With Ground Loop Noise

    • BLUETOOTH V4.1: The latest Bluetooth 4.1+EDR technology provides lower power consumption and wider compatibility. You could enjoy your smart phone music or handsfree calling through your car stereo system.
    • AUTO-ON & AUTO-CONNECT: This Bluetooth car kit will power on automatically when you start the car, then auto sync with the last connected phone
    • THE GROUND LOOP NOISE ISOLATOR INCLUDED: In most cases, the sound quality is excellent. If you are bothered by the buzzing noise, you could use this noise isolator to avoid it.
    • Dual Port Car charger included: Comes with a 10 watt dual port 2.1A cigarette lighter power adapter, stand ready to charge additional devices at the same time.
    • CONNECT To 2 PHONES: With the multipoint technology, the Besign BK01 Bluetooth Car Kit can connect to 2 devices at the same time.

    Choose A Location And Mount:

    Mpow Streambot Mini BH129 Review – Bluetooth Receiver Adapter Car Kit

    When you are choosing a Bluetooth speaker, you are also thinking about the area and the shape too. You may have made your mind that you want to mount the speaker on the dash or the windscreen, etc. So, you will choose a speaker that will satisfy your plan and purpose.

    For example, if you choose a small and decent speaker for your car that has enough volume to listen to a call or radio during your drive, then you can mount it on the windscreen as well as on the dashboard. But some speakers are designed in such a way that they cannot be pasted or kept on something.

    They are only designed to mount on unusual places like steering, or dashboard, or the car stereo. So, you have to be selective about it and must install the speaker so that it does not play around in your car.

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    Yunjing Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit

    The Yujing Bluetooth Kit is a durable and compact device for your old vehicles. It is a combination of convenience that meets security. This car Bluetooth speaker comes with a 2W speaker that connects with up to two smartphones. It can let you answer calls, play music, and much more without getting distracted.

    With the inbuilt speakers and noise reduction feature, all your calls will be clear and dynamic. There is the motion sensor that switches the device on at every time you get into your vehicle. With the whole package, you get a smartphone charger to charge your phones while you drive. This Bluetooth car speakerphone offers up to 20 hours of talk time and 60 days of standby time.


    Best Bluetooth Car Adapter Features

    • 3.5mm Input / AUX-in The 3.5mm is a 3-pole jack that plugs into the AUX-in the AUX-in inputs sound from a media device
    • Built-In Charger A designated internal charging stem with a power source
    • Command Buttons – Control buttons on a pad that allows hands-free operation
    • aptX Enhances wireless sound quality
    • Hands-Free Protocol Used in the Bluetooth hands-free audio systems built into cars
    • Ambient Noise Reduction Reducing background noise

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    Mini Bluetooth Speaker Features

    Pairing with multiple sources: Some speakers can be paired with multiple sources like a phone and a tablet or with other speakers to create a fuller sound. Not all speakers have this feature, so if you think you want to have multiple speakers playing from the same source or create your own mini sound system, youre definitely going to want this feature.

    Aux inputs: Aux inputs allow you to directly connect the speaker to any device with an aux output, such as a television, sound system, or your other electronic devices. Mini speakers are pretty small, so aux inputs are usually only found on larger models.

    SD and micro SD card slot: SD and micro SD cards can store music. Pop one in your speaker and youve got music on the go. Its just another way to keep your favorite mix with you at all times.

    Built-in assistant: A few speakers come with a built-in assistant like Google Assistant, which lets you access apps and information hands-free. This is a premium feature, so if you dont think youll use it, you probably dont want to spend the extra money on it.

    Voice command: In the age of hands-free devices, voice command has become more commonplace. This feature lets you make volume adjustments, change songs, or answer the phone while going about your business.

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