Smart Vanity Mirror With Lights And Bluetooth Speakers

Whats The Right Smart Mirror For You

iHome Portable LED Vanity Mirror w/ Bluetooth Speaker on QVC

It all depends on your end-use.

If you want a smart mirror thats similar to a traditional mirror with a few fun features and still budget-friendly, you may want to go with the ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror or the Bonnlo bathroom mirror.

If youre looking for a mirror to specifically help with your workouts, you probably want to go with an option like the Echelon smart mirror or The Mirror.

If you want something for the bathroom that comes with all the bells and whistles, you might want to go with an option like QAIO.

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The main reason you may want a Bluetooth mirror in your bathroom is for streaming music and there are plenty of Bluetooth mirrors with speakers on the market. But are they any good?

With everything being digital, there is one room in the home that has been lacking in digital capabilities. I know, I can hear you shouting Is there not one place I can be without being connected to the internet?

However, dont be put off just yet. The bathroom can be a place of relaxation and to unwind. But if you have something on your mind then its hard to switch off. Using Alexa to set reminders while you are laying in the bath can clear your mind.

Alternatively, imagine being in a rush and have forgotten to call an uber. There are some great Bluetooth mirrors with Alexa built-in which will handle these requests with a simple voice command.

Bluetooth Makeup Mirror With Lights And Speaker Hollywood Vanity Mirror

  • Room: Bedroom, Dressing Room, Living Room
  • Mounting: Freestanding, Tabletop, Wall Mounted
  • Item Length: 23.7
  • Features: Backlit, Magnifying, Touch Sensor
  • Brand: Ridgeyard
  • Function: Can be placed flat or wall-mounted
  • Bulb specification: G35 1.3W/bulb
  • Number of LEDs: 12 bulbs
  • Mirror size: 45.5*57.5CM
  • LED bulb service life: about 50000 hours
  • Plug: two-pin beautiful plug
  • 3 color lights adjustable: cold light, warm light, natural light
  • color temperature: 2700K-6000K
  • Turn off the lights: switch the lights to off in turn
  • Sensing: touch sensing
  • Magnifying glass multiple: 5 times
  • Magnifier placement: can be attached to the large mirror
  • Packing: 3D pearl cotton package
  • Speaker power: 3W+3W
  • Overall size: 58*10*48.5CM
  • UPC: 723044276933

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Reigncharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror

For about double the price, you can go with this ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror, but do note that you wont get many more smart features for the cost. Instead, this mirror is all flash, with its 12 exposed LED bulbs and its built-in speakers. Stream your favorite music or podcasts to the mirror via your Bluetooth device, and enjoy a great sound as well as a great look.

The bottom of the mirrors screen features a row of buttons, as well as a small panel that shows you the temperature, time and other details. In addition, the buttons allow you to control the speaker volume.

Bonnlo Dimmable Led Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

Aduro Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror With Lights And ...

On the affordable side, at under $200, this Bonnlo Dimmable LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror is smart but just slightly so. Itll make for an excellent focal point in your bathroom or bedroom, but its not going to be the smartest device in your home.

It features a frameless touch screen on the front that allows you to adjust built-in lighting around the edge of the mirror then, the mirror will remember your preferred lighting settings for your subsequent use. It also automatically de-fogs, a great function for small bathrooms. It also features Bluetooth speakers and can stream music from your phone.

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Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Smart Mirror

Really! You can! With suitable materials and a little bit of hardware and tech know-how, you can build your own smart mirror at home. In fact, making your own smart mirror versus buying a high-priced smart mirror has become pretty popular, with tons of DIY guides available online.

This guide shows you how to quickly put one together in an afternoon. All you need is a monitor, two-way glass , a motherboard and some essential hardware items that you may already have in your home, like wood glue and painters tape.

How Do You Install An Led Mirror In Bathroom

How much work is it to install an LED Mirror? If youre a handy DIY homeowner, installing an LED mirror is fairly straightforward, and also a little time-consuming. However, If youre not experienced with basic electrical wiring or lighting installation, consult a local electrician for installation for help.

How to install an LED Mirror:

  • Locate Power Source Installing new light switch and electrical outlet box Or run power from your existing Vanity Light and fish electrical wiring from LED mirror behind the wall and connect to that power source.
  • Light Switch Install a separate light switch with a built-in dimmer
  • Use 50 Lb. Minimum Wire Wall Hooks Spaced evenly for width and height, and per manufacturers instructions.

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Kuzon Creative Vanity Makeup Mirror With Led Lights And Bluetooth Speakersmart Touch Led Cosmetic Mirror Night Lightusb Cable Power Charging

  • No More Tedious:Creative LED lighted makeup mirror with bluetooth speaker,you can listen to the music while makeup.The bluetooth speaker supports three play mode,bluetooth,TF card play and AUX play.
  • More clear vision: Give up makeup because your room light is too dark?Unbelievable to answer, but as long as you have the mirror at any time you won’t have this trouble.The cosmetic LED light can change The light brightness for perfect makeup look, the outer ring light can simulate natural light,avoid the makeup color difference because of the environment change or indoor and outdoor light different.
  • USB Charging:You don’t need to buy batteries and connect the socket, computer, power bank, etc.Such convenient and practical.
  • The bluetooth speaker has perfect sound, super echo chamber,new rare earth speaker unit and long stage turbine diaphragm.
  • Portable: Cosmetic mirror is mini size of only 175 mm à 163 mm and carried easily. You can makeup youself anywhere and anytime such as during dating,travel or outdoor.

Best Smart Mirrors In 2022

IHome Vanity Speaker Mirror/ Lighted Bluetooth Mirror

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Will the marvels of modern technology never cease? In addition to your smart fridges, smart cars and, of course, smartphones, you can now make your lifestyle a little bit smarter with a smart mirror. Not your average sheet of glass, a smart mirror looks like a regular mirror at first glance but then wakes up to reveal a slew of smart options via a digital display hidden underneath.

Smart mirrors come in various options to fit a range of uses some provide you with your daily news and weather while you get ready for work, while others guide you in a strenuous workout. Some help out with your makeup routine. Others are simpler and provide you with built-in lighting, temperature readings or speakers.

Interested in adding a smart mirror to your space? Heres everything you need to know about these mirrors, as well as the 10 best smart mirrors to consider buying for any budget.

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Bhbl Led Lighted Bathroom Mirror

The BHBL LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror is up first on the list. Firstly, this is an LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror that combines many of the features we we talked about before.

Firstly, the touch button is an easy way to turn on/off the light. It is easy to recognize, and simple to use simply hold down the button for 3 seconds to change brightness . Next, the BHBL mirror has Bluetooth capabilities. It uses Bluetooth speakers so you can easily listen to your favorite music when getting ready. Additionally, they use a special anti-fog so you dont have to worry about your mirror fogging up .

You can do a vertical or horizontal mount . And, installation screws are in the box for you! The LEDs have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, and a color temperature of 6000K. Finally, BHBL includes a copper-free and silvered reflection layer for maximum light. The frame is made from aluminum, which means it is lightweight and strong.

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What Is The Difference Between Backlit And Led Mirrors

Backlit mirrors feature lights on their backs that project around the backside of the mirror, adding a framing of light. Backlit mirrors are considered more design than function in lighting applications.

LED mirrors, by contrast, project light forward through the front of the mirror glass, and into the bathroom, adding more direct illumination.

Are Bluetooth Mirrors Any Good

Aduro Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror with Lights and ...

There is no difference in the quality of the reflection from a Bluetooth mirror to a normal mirror. However, they do have many advantages over a standard mirror. Bluetooth mirrors are packed full of features that you wont even know are there.

All these features are cleverly designed to fit neatly into the micro-thin mirror frames. With many of the Bluetooth mirrors having touchless technology, it makes using a device in the bathroom a whole lot easier while your hands are full. Answering calls and skip, pause and play while streaming music, can all be handled by voice operation leaving you completely handsfree.

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Led Mirror With Bluetooth Speaker

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Why Choose A Smart Mirror

In fact, installing a smart mirror was exactly what we chose to do recently when renovating what looked more like a prison cell than a luxury bathroom before we moved in . Below right is the same bathroom as it is now with our new smart mirror installed.

As you can see, the lighting, provided by the smart mirror softens and enhances the overall look of our bathroom. We choose theARTFORMA in particular for how customizable it is and for the wide choice of sizes and shapes that it comes in. I personally love the anti-mist feature which keeps the surface of the mirror clear and steam-free so I can now use the bathroom mirror to put on my makeup in the morning.

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Best Free Standing Smart Vanity Mirror: Hansong Makeup Mirror With Lights And Bluetooth

Best Free Standing Smart Vanity Mirror

Simply connect the mirror to your phone through Bluetooth and you can listen to your favorite music while you are getting ready. And if your phone rings you can even take calls.

What we love about the mirror is the way it can so easily be swiveled 360 degrees so you can choose whether to position it in the horizontal or vertical position.

The addition of the included 3.5-inch detachable magnifying mirror with a magnification of 10X is great for make-up details or zooming in on those pores. Simply stick it to the mirrors surface with the suction cups when needed.

Press and hold the touch button for 2-3 seconds and you can adjust the brightness of the light.

And what we particularly like is the flip power switch on the back to prevent the mirror lights from accidentally being turned on during travel or when in storage.

Key Features:

  • BluetoothConnection | This mirror lets you play your favorite music, while you get ready for the day.
  • 360 Degree Swivel | This means you can easily change the orientation of the mirror from vertical to horizontal.
  • Detachable Magnifying Mirror | The 3.5 inch, 10X magnification mirror is great for detailed make-up or checking out those pores.
  • Adjustable Brightness | Plus a flip power switch to prevent the lights from turning on accidentally.

Check the latest price and color options for the Hansong Makeup Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth on Amazon.

The Best Smart Mirror For May 2022

iHome Hollywood Vanity Mirror Pro Review With Bluetooth & Smart Assistant

April 30, 2022 by Comfy Zen

In this post, Im going to help you choose the best smart mirror for your bathroom. Now, choosing to install a smart mirror is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to update a bathroom and give it a more luxury hotel vibe but best of all, depending on what features you choose to include, a smart mirror can give you up-to-date information on the weather, the time, the indoor temperature, and more, or, you can choose to listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth whether you are getting ready to start your morning or relaxing in the tub at the end of a long day.

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A Smart Mirror Can Add Flair And Fun To Your Home

If you love new technology and are already making efforts to create a smart home, installing a smart mirror just makes sense. However, take your time with the shopping and make sure to choose the best option for your home. Smart mirrors range in features, price and more, and you dont want to make a purchasing decision you regret.

Qaio Smart Bathroom Mirror

The smartest bathroom mirror on our list, QAIO Smart Bathroom Mirror, is directly connected to Alexa or Google Assistant, whichever is your preference, and comes with a host of valuable features. You can watch the news or TV , read articles, view footage from your door camera, adjust your bathroom lighting just about anything youd need during your morning routine. In addition, the mirror is outfitted with two television screens, both of which vanish entirely after youre done using them.

QAIO also comes in various sizes and shapes, so you can pick the option thats right for your decor, whether thats a single sink mirror, double sink mirror, cabinet mirror or another option. They start at right under $1,500.

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Makeup Vanity Mirror With Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Hansong Mirror has compartments of various sizes and shapes to keep all types of jewelry separate, organized and neatly displayed. A sleek translucent open-concept compartment with lift-top slanted lid clearly defines your beauty collection.

Smart Touch Control

  • The LED lights directly focus on the face, highlighting all the details and making it easy to fix makeup â especially in rooms with poor lighting

Can be Unplugged and Still Light Up

  • Unlike other brands, you can charge a high-end mirror with a micro-USB charging cable, a mirror that can store electricity.
  • Move your living space, take it to the road, or take it to your hotel without a power outlet.


  • Detachable zoom lens with 10x magnification allows you to zoom in on the details you want to focus on to meet all your makeup needs. The image is clearer, more natural, and will not be deformed
  • 10x zoom lens lets you shape your eyebrows before you go out, color your lips or create a perfect hairstyle.


  • You can choose your own angle.
  • 180 degree up and down rotation to find you best applying makeup angle

What Is The Best Natural Light Makeup Mirror

Aduro Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror With Lights And ...

In our Best LED Mirror Reviews We found the Hauschen 36 wide x 24 high LED mirror to be the best Wide View natural light mirror for makeup, and the 24 wide x 36 high mirror from Bath Knot, to be the best Vertical orientation LED mirror available.

Both of the above mirrors offer industry-leading 5500-6000k illumination for expert makeup application.

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Petushouse Led Lighted Smart Bathroom Mirror

Next up is the PetusHouse LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror. This mirror can connect via Bluetooth to any of your devices and play whatever sounds you want. Why? Because it has 360 degree speakers to help provide sound for whatever youre doing.

Additionally, the PetusHouse smart mirror uses a 3x magnifier that is 5.5 inches large. It has an LED ring around it and allows you to easily shave, apply makeup or do whatever you need to do. The LED ring provides enough light to brighten up your face, and give you the lighting you need.

You can either hardwire the mirror, or use the built-in button. The button also adjusts the brightness level of the LEDs around the mirror. They also have built-in memory, so it will turn on with the same brightness that it had when turned off.

The anti-fog feature allows you to completely defog the mirror in around 5-10 minutes. It uses a heating pad behind the mirror to help prevent or remove any fog.

Finally, the PetusHouse smart LED mirror is made from TAIBO 5mm copper-free glass. The LEDs have a lifetime of around 50,000 hours, and are IP65 water resistant. Additionally, the lumen rating is 4600, and the LEDs have a color temperature of 6000K.

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