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Xtreme Wireless Sound Bar Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

Our top all-round pick is the Yamaha YAS-209. With its excellent sound, bundled subwoofer, and built-in Alexa assistant, the YAS-209 is a superb deal that will happily serve most users.

If you want a more premium option, were also big fans of the Sonos Arc, though this Dolby Atmos-supporting soundbar is going through a stock shortage at the moment. Those on tighter budgets, meanwhile, should consider the Creative Stage V2: a simple yet very capable soundbar/subwoofer combo that wont take up too much space.

Here’s our full list of the best soundbars on sale right now.

Connecting A Bluetooth/nfc Device To The Ambeo Soundbar

Bluetooth standard 4.2 is supported by the Soundbar. Music is automatically played in high audio quality if your audio source supports one of the following high-resolution audio encoding methods: AAC. Otherwise, your music will be played in standard audio quality via the Soundbar . The Soundbar automatically tries to connect to the last used Bluetooth device when selecting the Bluetooth input or when switching on using the Bluetooth input.

Up to eight Bluetooth devices with which the Soundbar has been linked can have their connection profiles saved. If you associate the Soundbar with the ninth Bluetooth device, the least-used Bluetooth devices stored connection profile will be overwritten. You must pair the earbuds again to re-establish a connection with the overwritten Bluetooth device. If a device is already connected, you must first unplug it before connecting to a new one. The Near Field Communication capability may be used to quickly couple the devices.

Connecting Speakers To Tv Soundbar

You can connect additional speakers to your TV soundbar but only a few soundbars come with features of connecting additional sound speakers which are generally meant for subwoofers. Soundbars are built to replace your TV speakers and not play along with the TV speaker.

If your soundbar has an HDMI ARC port it will leave you with the option for TOSLINK optical connection in addition. You can use a 3.55 mm converter and connect the speakers with the converter and likewise connect the soundbar with it. Soundbars are a great way to connect external speakers to your TV.

Soundbars have a built-in amplifier that can connect speakers. Youll most definitely need a receiver while connecting speakers to a soundbar. Find out if Samsung R60M Soundbar suitable for your TV.

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How To Choose The Best Soundbar For You

There are a number of factors that play into deciding which soundbar you should buy. Size will likely be the most immediately prohibitive for most customers you obviously need a soundbar that will suit your TV and space constraints within your entertainment console. And, because a soundbar is one of the centerpieces of your home theater setup, it has to look good and fit stylistically.

Then you have to factor in the size of the room you’re dealing with, and the distance viewers would typically be sitting from the TV. If you’re dealing with a larger space, it’s probably best to target soundbars that come with a subwoofer you’ll surely appreciate the extra bass.

Ports and connectivity is crucial too, both in terms of wired and wireless access. Not every soundbar comes with an HDMI port some force you to make do with optical audio. That’s perfectly fine if you want to use your TV as a pass-through, but those who are in dire need of more HDMI ports because their capacity is limited between game consoles, streaming boxes and so on will need to prioritize options that offer those additional connections.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Wireless Bluetooth Sound Bar

Soundbar LP

Using a sound bar is one of the easiest way to improve the sound of your home entertainment. Wireless sound bars don’t take up any extra space, provides convenience and gives full and rich sound for your entertainment. Browse the top-ranked list of wireless Bluetooth sound bars below along with associated reviews and opinions.

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The Best Soundbars You Can Buy Today

Reasons to avoid

The Yamaha YAS-209 is an excellent package for the price, getting you great overall sound, a wireless subwoofer for beefy bass and Alexa support for handy voice controls. The soundbar itself is one of the sleeker models we’ve tested, with a 36-inch design that should look great under most TVs.

The soundbar’s four 1.75-inch drivers deliver immersive sound for movies and shows. What’s more, the built in Alexa functionality makes it easy to control any smart device in your home even when the soundbar is off. We wish there was more than just one HDMI port on the back, but even despite that nitpick, the YAS-209 offers a lot to like.

Reasons to avoid

The Sonos Arc is the best soundbar you can buy if youre willing to splurge. This $799 premium speaker stands out with its gorgeous curved design, which is designed to be a centerpiece of your living room as much as its meant to enhance your TVs sound. And it certainly doesnt skimp on sound performance, delivering deep bass and clear treble for your favorite movies and TV shows complete with Dolby Atmos support.

Thanks to Sonos TruePlay technology, the Arc can automatically tune itself to whatever room its in to deliver the crispest, most accurate audio possible. It also supports voice controls via Alexa and Google Assistant, making it one of the smartest soundbars you can buy. If you have a larger entertainment area and a large budget, the Sonos Arc is the top premium soundbar out there.

Reasons to avoid

Bose Soundlink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker comes in at $199.00. However, it would not have this cost if it could not justify it. It offers a wireless range of up to 30ft. It has a built-in microphone, giving it the capability to be paired with your smartphone to take calls and to operate it through voice commands with your smartphones virtual assistant. It has a battery life of approximately 12 hours.

The Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker has a size of 3.30 x 3.30 x 6.00 inches, which makes it easy to place anywhere.

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So Which One Should You Choose

In conclusion, Bluetooth speakers and soundbars try to fulfill the same role, to create an audio system that provides better quality than the TVs own built-in speakers. They both have different ways of fulfilling this role and cant be combined.

Bluetooth speakers shine when it comes to overall audio quality, especially when it comes to creating a surround-sound system. They are versatile, can work together with speakers from other brands, they are compact, and individual units actually tend to be cheaper than a soundbar.

However, the disadvantages of speakers are that to fully get their worth, you need to have multiple speakers, which are very often more expensive than a single soundbar, it can get complicated to set them up and operate them, and they also take little space in many areas.

When it comes to Bluetooth soundbars, they work as standalone units to replace the TVs inner speakers and provide a far better intensity, quality, and surround sound than the TV. However, its drawbacks are that they are big, making them difficult to place, and that speakers surpass them in just about any aspect.

In conclusion, if you want good sound quality that is a definite improvement to your TVs built-in speakers for an affordable price, then a soundbar is the right choice for you. However, if you want the best sound quality and surround-sound system and are willing to spend a lot of money on it, then you should go for the speakers.

Bose Tv Speaker Soundbar For Tv With Bluetooth And Hdmi

Seiki Bluetooth Sound Bar Review – SB102N


  • Hear your TV better: Designed with simplicity in mind, the Bose TV Speaker is a small soundbar that clarifies speech and is a simple fix for better TV sound.
  • Wide, natural sound: 2 angled full-range drivers deliver a more realistic, spatial audio experience for overall better TV sound from a small soundbar.
  • Enhanced dialogue: This TV speaker is designed to specifically focus on clarifying and elevating vocals and pronunciation.
  • Bluetooth TV speaker: Pair your device to this Bluetooth soundbar to wirelessly stream your favorite music and podcasts.
  • Simple setup: A single connection from this compact soundbar to the TV via an optical audio cable or an HDMI cable has you up and running in minutes.
  • Compact soundbar: This small soundbar is just over 2 tall for easy placement in front of your TV or mounted to a wall . Overall TV speaker dimensions are 2.21 H x 23.38 W x 4.02 D.
  • Remote control: Compact TV speaker comes with a remote control that enables a dialogue mode to further enhance speech or add a bass boost for more depth.
  • Build and expand: The Bose TV Speaker is compatible with the Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 and requires the Bose Bass Module Connection Cable or a standard 3.5 millimeter audio cable, sold separately.

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How Do I Connect A Soundbar To My Tv

We constantly update the list of Best bluetooth soundbar with subwoofer as new data becomes available. For the most up-to-date information, please visit our website regularly.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or concerns with Best bluetooth soundbar with subwoofer. If you ask, we’ll do our hardest to help you in any way we can!

Vizio Elevate: Best Soundbar Under $1000

The Vizio Elevate’s main draw may be its motorized-height speakers, but once you get over their novelty you’ll find that the speaker system also sounds great. The separate sub and height-enabled rear speakers really help pull this Vizio soundbar ahead of the Sonos Arc sonically. With Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Chromecast built in, multiple HDMI inputs and Bluetooth, the only thing the Vizio doesn’t provide is Apple AirPlay support.

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Turn Off The Television Speaker

First of all, turn off the speakers on your television. If both the speakers will start simultaneously, it can create distortion.

Moreover, the setup is for the better sound effects of the device, so focus on it. Deactivate the sound system of the television and activate the bar. It only plays the role of producing better audio.

What Is A Soundbar System

soundbar with subwoofer

A soundbar is a long, rectangularshaped device that contains multiple speakers. They offer powerful sound and a compact design that ensures audio output is not confined to one small space, as per a standard TV speaker. Instead, it’s dispersed along the length of the soundbar, to deliver simulated surround sound.

Upgrade and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Wireless streaming
  • Multiple channels

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Optimized Sound For Gaming

Game Mode

Plug in your console and get the amazing sound effects you expect, right away. The auto settings optimize your sound to the game youre playing while cross-talk cancellation technology removes distracting sounds so you hear clear audio from the right direction to help you gain the advantage.

#roku Streambar 4k/hd/hdr Streaming Soundbar

Roku soundbar is a high-quality best soundbar for 75 inch tv that offers a streaming feature that is not available on other soundbars. It has a massive collection of free, and Premium TV shows streaming which includes some of the Roku Originals. Also, its streaming is of the highest quality as it only streams in HD, 4K, and HDR pictures with stunning resolution.

Thanks to its 4 internal speakers, it has a big surround sound that is surprising for a system of its size. Also, it provides the option of connecting wirelessly with rear speakers for the perfect surround sound.

There is also the advanced audio engineering feature that produces clear and high-quality sound which is compatible with Dolby audio technology. This advanced audio engineering also boosts its volume and improves speech clarity and in turn, adds rich depth to your music.

Roku soundbar has a simple sound setting that allows you to set your sound to precision and boost voice volume. And besides, it is easy and quick to set up as everything you need is already in the box.


  • Does not have an audio-in option
  • Rear speakers not included in price

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Bluetooth Speakers Vs Soundbars: Whats Better

So far, its been established that speakers and soundbars have the same purpose. The factors where the real difference lies are price, audio quality, and practicality. Practicality simply refers to whether having the devices is easy or troublesome.

When it comes to price, soundbars tend to be somewhat cheaper than their speaker counterpart. Even if a single soundbar is more expensive than a single speaker, the main advantage of speakers lies in having many of them, so in the end, speakers do tend to be more expensive. So soundbars at the definite winners when it comes to price.

Now when it comes to audio quality, speakers, although small, tend to have a considerably better sound quality than a soundbar. This is mostly because speakers can be arranged all over the room, while a soundbar can only be in one place, which is non-ideal for bass and pitch functions.

Also, Bluetooth speakers can be used to create a surround-sound system. Since they can be placed at all four corners of the room, the speakers will try to emulate the direction of each sound on the TV, making you feel as if you are part of the action this also allows speakers to fill the room with noise, giving off that rumble that you feel and hear in cinemas.

Finally, when it comes to practicality, which choice is better for you truly depends on your situation. Both speakers and soundbars are easy to set up and require no more than a power cable to plug them in or to charge them.

Why Use A Soundbar As A Bluetooth Speaker

TEWELL Mini Sound Bar Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review | Digital David

The soundbar as a Bluetooth speaker is an economical product. If you want to use loud and clear sound speakers for your living room or home theatre, then you have to buy them separately.

The gadget, in such cases, plays a very active role. You can use its speaker with the help of a wireless connection.

There is no need to spend money on other gadgets. Moreover, if you want to hear music in a room other than the home theater room, you can bring it there.

They are moveable with little effort. You can save money and can enjoy the best audio of your own choice anywhere in the room. You can use the 3D glasses from Cinemas at your home theater room.

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What Does A Soundbar Do

Soundbars create more than just surround sound. The technology works in synch to create an immersive sound field that engulfs anyone in the room. Different woofers and tweeters inside create a cinematic sound every time, bouncing if off walls and ceilings. Such powerful sound delivers some amazing features and results, including:

  • Tailored sound for your room
  • Deep bass and clear sound
  • 3D audio
  • Voices are amplified so you dont miss the dialogue

Q Soundbar And Tv The Perfect Harmony

This Soundbar syncs with your Samsung TV, together creating immersive sound. It combines and enhances sound through the soundbar’s front, side, and up-firing speakers as well as the TV’s speakers, giving you a new level of acoustic immersion so you can experience content like never before.

Two TV screens are comparing Q-Symphony audio technology. On the left side, Q-Symphony audio is turned OFF and the sound comes from only the soundbar. On the right side, Q-Symphony is turned ON and in addition to the soundbar, sound also plays from the top two corners of the QLED TV.

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What Is A Soundbar And How Do They Work

As modern flat screen TVs and Smart TVs get thinner and thinner it has become increasing difficult for manufacturers to build in decent quality sound. TV speakers tend to be small and point away from the viewer, resulting in poor quality sound. Apart from certain esoteric designs a loudspeaker needs to be mounted in an appropriately-sized enclosure facing the listener for it to operate well. TVs just don’t have the depth for that to occur and adding bulky, ugly enclosures defeats the whole purpose.

A soundbar is a dedicated enclosure, typically with multiple drivers arranged horizontally, and designed for easy installation in front of or below the TV. With separate tweeters and woofers which face the listener you get a significant upgrade in sound, particularly in the mid-range, making dialogue easier to understand. This can be further enhanced with the addition of a subwoofer to cover very low frequencies and surround speakers.

Connection is quick and easy via HDMI and wireless systems are available using Bluetooth.


Soundbars are typically available in several layouts 2 channel for stereo sound, 2.1 , 3.1 and 5.1 . They can also be active or passive .

H3: What is a wireless soundbar?

Why choose JBL?

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Bluetooth Speakers Vs Soundbars: In Summary

Salute 18

In summary, speakers are obviously smaller, easier to place, and are cheaper. However, this is talking about an individual speaker versus an individual soundbar. When it comes to the surround-sound system of speakers, which involves at least four speakers, then the soundbar seems to be the cheaper option.

Additionally, it is important to remember that a speaker surround-sound system tends to have more overall sound quality, intensity, and bass than a soundbar. However, this by no means indicates that a soundbar has a bad sound quality. They are good, but a speaker surround-sound system is somewhat better.

Hopefully, this brief list and summary helped you decide whether a Bluetooth speaker or a soundbar is best for you. However, if you are still undecided, then let us discuss the alternatives that exist for Bluetooth speakers and soundbars for your TV.

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